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Our schedule of articles and columns is arranged by topic category. Our topic categories are:

  • Economic Nationalism
  • Entrepreneurial Capitalism
  • The Politics of U. S. National Civil Disunion and Divorce
  • The Democrat Party
  • President Obama
  • The Republican Party
  • President Trump
  • North Carolina Politics
  • The World Economic Forum and New World Order
  • The Natural Rights Democratic Republic

Economic Nationalism

Does the Fed’s 110 Year Job Performance Merit Its Continued Grant of Congressional Authority to Act as the Government’s Banker? September 4, 2022.

Episode 51 June 12, 2020  Chinese Covid Lockdowns, Black Economic Dysphoria, Global Crony Capitalism, and the Killing of George Floyd.

Episode 49. May 20, 2020 US Economic Growth Policy The U. S. Covid Economic Recovery Plan.

U.S. National COVID Economic Collapse and the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Available at SSRN.

Episode 45 April 13, 2020. Economic Collapse. U. S. National Covid Economic Collapse and the Collapse of the U. S. Dollar.

Episode 33. October 26, 2019 The Republican’s 3 Big Chinese Lies: “No, Really, the Chinese Are Just Like You and Me.”

Episode 27 September 12, 2019 Does the Fed’s Job Performance Justify Its Independence?

Episode 21 July 22, 2019 Fixing the American Labor Markets

Individual Rights and the Promotion of the Sovereign National Economic Interest

The Constitutional Economics of A Natural Rights Republic

Episode 67. The Sovereign National Economic Interest of the Democratic Republic of America.

Entrepreneurial Capitalism

Excerpt from Ch 9 Re-constructing Jefferson’s American Dream of an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society.

Episode 42 The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism

 Episode 42. March 12, 2020. The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism: Comparing the Economies of Chinese Communism, Crony Corporate Capitalism, European Crony Socialism, and the American Free Enterprise Entrepreneurial Economy.

Episode 76. June 30, 2021. Replacing the Democrat’s Economic Hoax of Marxism With Jefferson’s Model of American Entrepreneurial Capitalism.

Episode 69. February 8, 2021. Reclaiming The Spirit of 1776: Jettisoning Madison’s Constitution in Order to Connect the Declaration to a Nation of Independent Producers in an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Economy.

Excerpt from Chapter 8. The Creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Buy Now. The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh: The National Sovereignty/Populist Foundation of a New Entrepreneurial Capitalist Economy.

The Politics of U. S. National Civil Disunion and Divorce

What Type of Event Starts the SHTF Conflagration?

What Kind of Government Comes Next After SHTF and the Collapse of America?

What Will Replace Madison’s Flawed Constitution?

The 1776 Death of Private John Grady and the Restoration of the American Spirit of Individual Liberty

Episode 73. May 13, 2021.The Gigantic BLM White Supremacist Hoax: How the Black Marxists Exploit the White Race to Extract Surplus Labor Value.

Episode 72 April 13, 2021. The Precarious Natural Right of Liberty in the Failed Nation State of America: Applying the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.

Episode 65. Just Secession. Trump Voters Seek A Revolution, Not A Civil War.

Episode 64. Slavery, Racism and Secession.

Episode 63. Confronting Evil: The Trump Voter’s Moral Duty to Defend Liberty.

Episode 61. The Moral Justification for the Second American Revolution.

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of forthcoming GabbyPress Book: America’s Final Revolution.

The End of the American Representative Republic.

Citizens Liberty Party News Network Response to Anton and Braddock on the Issue Of Civil Dissolution.

Episode 62. The Last American Thanksgiving.

Episode 59. The American Left’s Emerging Social Class Consciousness of Envy In Collusion With the Existing American Ruling Class Consciousness of Greed.

Episode 58. The Unintended Consequence of the BLM Marxist Allegation of “White Supremacy.”

Episode 56. August 21, 2020 CLP What Happens to the Nation if Judge Sullivan is Successful In His Prosecution of General Flynn? Marxist Critical Legal Theory as The Judge, The Jury, and The Prosecution.

Episode 55. August 10, 2020 CLP Topic Category. Police State Socialism Justice Delayed: What Happens to the Nation if Durham Fails to Prosecute?

Episode 50. May 31, 2020 Counting the Constitution as a COVID Death

Remember Kent State. May 4, 1970. 50 years ago

Episode 46. April 10, 2020.  Crossing the American Rubicon to Divorce the Democrat Socialists.

Episode 41. February 1, 2020. An American Conservative Revolution In the Midst of A Socialist Civil War

Episode 39 January 3, 2020 Polarization and the Inevitable Disunion of America.

Episode 26 August 30, 2019 What Political Party Defends Individual Freedom In America Against the Democrat Socialists?

Episode 25 August 23, 2019 Methodist Church Civil Dissolution a Model For National Dissolution

Episode 23 August 7, 2019 If This Was a Coup, Then This Be Treason.

Episode 19 July 5, 2019 Portland Kristallnacht Beyond Reconciliation

Episode 13.  May 30, 2019. Abortion Rights, Property Rights and the Social Costs of Abortion.

Episode 10 May 1, 2019. Hate Is All It Takes For Democrats to Collapse America.

Episode 8. April 21, 2019. Driving a Stake Through the Heart of Democracy: Meathead’s Social Justice View of American Democracy.

Episode 2. April 3, 2019: Jussie Smollett: No Justice. No Peace. No Racist Police.

Episode 1. April 3, 2019. The Democrat’s Police State Coup D’Etat.         

The Democrat Socialist Threat to American Individual Liberty

The Democrat’s Rhetoric of Violence and the Collapse of the American Representative Republic.

The U. S. Constitution and the Voting Rights of Democrats

California Secession

The Democrat Party

How Democrats Killed American Prosperity

How The Democrats Killed America

Episode 47 April 24, 2020 Shutting Up The Democrat Socialists Shut Down Nazis.

Episode 57. September 11, 2020 Marxist Legal Theory and the Revenge Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Sensible Restrictions on a Democrat’s Right to Vote

Episode 31. October 11, 2019. Biden Running for President In Order to Run From the Law.

Episode 36. November 22, 2019. What Pelosi Means When She Says “No One Is Above the Law.”

Episode 34. November 5, 2019 The Democrat’s Moral Arrogance of Power to What End?

Episode 14. June 4, 2019. The Democrat’s Electoral College Nullification Strategy.

Episode  6. April 11, 2019. Booker’s Reparations: Economic Justice as Socialist Fairness

Episode 22 July 31 2019 The Democrat’s White Working Class Economic Hoax

Episode 16 June 17, 2019. Top 10 Rules for Dealing With Democrat Socialists

Episode 11. May 9. 2019 Understanding the Democrat’s Projection Psychosis.

Episode 32. October 18, 2019. Schiff’s Nullification and Disenfranchisement of Republican Voting Rights.

Maxine’s Plan to Take Trump Out

Democrat Political Values. Kate Steinle Found Guilty by San Francisco Jury

Episode 4. April 5, 2019. Adam Schiff’s Resistance To the 2016 Election is Sedition

Understanding Adam Schiff’s Concept of Truth

President Obama

Episode 48. May 4, 2020  Obama’s Motive For Framing General Flynn.

Episode 40. January 18, 2020  Obama’s IRMAA Stealth Tax to Punish Retired Americans. Introduction.

Obama’s Marxist Adaptation of Marbury.              

Episode 15. June 10, 2019. Obama Did It

Obama’s Act of Treason After Trump Won the Election

Episode 7.  April 15, 2019. Obama’s On-Going Democrat Party Coup

Obama’s Promise of Social Justice and The Florida School Murders

Obama’s Deployment of the FBI As A Political Weapon

The Republican Party

Episode 70 The Establishment Republican “Election Integrity” Scam: The Absurdity of Fixing the Voting System of a Failed Nation.

Damning Jeff Sessions

Episode 52. June 30, 2020  The Republican Party After Gorsuch.

Episode 24 August 16 2020 Understanding Karl Rove’s Crony Capitalist Attack on President Trump

Episode 35. November 15, 2019. The Virginia GOP’s Message.

Episode 38 December 13, 2019 Vichy Republican Collaborators America After Trump?

Episode 30.  October 4, 2019 What Happens If the Republicans in the US Senate Fail To Defend Trump?

Episode 29. September 27 2019  When Does William Barr Strike Back Against the Democrat’s Lynching of Trump?

Episode 28. September 20, 2019 In The War For the Soul of America, Conservatives Are In A Foxhole With Unreliable Republicans.

Episode 12. May 22, 2019. Understanding NC Senator Burr’s Betrayal of Trump

Episode 44. March 22, 2020 CLP Topic Category: Vichy Republican Collaborators:  Burr’s Betrayals

Episode 9. April 26, 2019: Mitt Romney Is A Vichy Republican Collaborator

Episode 3. April 4, 2019. Is Chief Justice Roberts A Closet Democrat?

Vichy Republican Collaboration With Democrat Socialists

In Reply to Justice Roberts on the Existence of Socialist Obama Judges.

Eliminating Republican Party Corporate Corruption

President Trump

Episode 68. Politics Beyond Trump: Conservative Politics After Biden’s Illegitimate Transition of Power.

The Constitutional Economics of Trump’s Tariffs

Episode 75. Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil: The Case Against Trump in 2024.

Episode 60. Trump’s 4 Year Window of Opportunity to Replace the Crony Capitalist Republican Party With a Conservative National Sovereignty Party.

Episode 20. July 12, 2019 New York’s Bill of Attainder Targets President Trump’s Liberty.

Episode 5. April 8, 2019. The Left’s Destruction of President Trump’s Civil Liberties

Episode 18 June 28, 2019 CLP Topic: Economic Growth Policy: Trump’s Fed Dilemma

North Carolina Politics

Episode 53. July 13, 2020 The N. C. Right to Work Constitutional Amendment to Reign In North Carolina’s Rogue Lockdown Governor.

Tyranny Slips Quietly Into the Tar Heel State

Open Letter to the Honorable Tim Moore, Speaker of the NC House and the Honorable Phil Berger, NC Senate President Pro Tempore, Re: Allegation of Unlawful Restraint of Liberty In Sunset Beach, N. C.

Episode 37. December 6, 2019. UNC Silent Sam and the Democrat’s Effective Political Use of Violence.

The World Economic Forum and New World Order

For Whom the Globalist Bell Tolls: The Fed’s Management of the Economic Transition to the American Gig Labor Market. August 10, 2022.

The Deadly Economics of the New World Order Economy

The Futility of The Republican Party In Confronting China’s New World Order

Chapter 3. The Failure of New World Order Globalism in Promoting National Economic Growth and Shared Prosperity. Excerpt from upcoming GabbyPress book.

Introduction to: Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction To Explain the Failure of the New World Order of Corporate Globalism.

Who Is It In America That Is Responsible For Implementing the Trade Agreements With China?

Episode 54. July 24, 2020. CLP Topic Category: Crony Capitalism. BLM Marxism and the Emerging Alliance With Global Corporate Crony Capitalism.

Episode 17 June 21, 2019 CLP Topic Democrat Party Socialism 2020: Free Markets vs. Globalism

Understanding Globalist Totalitarian Socialism

The Tyranny of Republican Global Corporatism          

Global Climate Change and the Murder of Justice Scalia         

The Natural Rights Democratic Republic

The Natural Rights Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America

The President’s Responsibilities in Defending National Sovereignty          

State Sovereignty In the Democratic Republic of America

The Political Party and Election Rules of the Democratic Republic of America.

The National Judiciary of the Democratic Republic of America

Re-connecting the New Constitution to the Declaration of Independence

The Natural Right Of U.S. Citizens to Start Over With A New Constitution

Natural Rights Populism

Episode 66 The Political Rules of the Democratic Republic of America.

Episode 74. May 24, 2021: The Principles of Government, The Declaration of Citizen Rights, and the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America.