Episode 37. December 6, 2019.
CLP topic category: Democrat Police State Socialism.
Title: UNC Silent Sam and the Democrat’s Effective Political Use of Violence.
Our podcast today re-examines the destruction, in August of 2018, of the UNC Confederate monument, known as Silent Sam,
Our podcast places the criminal act of destroying the monument into the larger historical context of the Democrat’s effective use of violence to obtain their goal of a one-party political regime.
Our podcast argues that there is an unbroken historical continuity, from 1898 to 2019, in the violence of the Democrat Party, using the cover of “white supremacy” as the justification of the violence to obtain political goals.
The argument made in this podcast is that there never was a “New South.”
As C. Wright Mills correctly describes, the history of North Carolina is an unbroken continuity of the Democrats using violence to obtain political goals.
In the era of Julian Carr, the Democrats used the war cry “Negro Rule,” to erect the racial apartheid system that lasted 80 years. The violence of the Democrats created a one-party, totalitarian white supremacist society,
In the modern era, the Democrat Party uses the war cry, “white supremacy,” to justify their acts of violence to eliminate opposition. In their telling of history, the Republicans are a racist party, and Trump is a white supremacist.
In other words, the term “white supremacist,” is a useful political term, that has no legitimate meaning, other than as a propaganda tool for the Democrats to legitimize their violence.
Our podcast argues that the destruction of Silent Sam was a carefully coordinated attack, led by Carol Folt, a Democrat, whose text messages on August 20, 2018, show her collaboration with antifa and the police to “stand down,” four minutes before the statute came down.
The main conclusion of the podcast is that violence works as an effective tactic for Democrats, and that the destruction of Silent Sam was a huge political success for the Democrats.
But, the victory over Silent Sam will never be enough for Democrats.
The Democrat’s goal is to use violence to create a totalitarian society, where only politically correct socialist ideas are allowed, under the penalty of death.

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Our podcasts advocate a return to the original federalist framework of state sovereignty of the Articles of Confederation, written by Thomas Burke, of North Carolina.

We believe that the federalist state sovereignty framework, and a shift from Madison’s representative republic to a Federal Democratic Republic, would empower citizens to eradicate the closed, special interest political system, commonly called “the swamp.”