Politics Beyond Trump: Conservative Politics After Biden’s Illegitimate Transition of Power.
Our podcast today is titled, Politics Beyond Trump: Conservative Politics After Biden’s Illegitimate Transition of Power. I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a copyrighted production of the CLP News Network for January 26, 2021.
We begin our podcast about conservative politics, after Biden’s illegitimate transfer of power, with a review of Ann Coulter’s recent article about Trump, in order to make our argument that a new type of conservative politics is required that focuses on promoting liberty.
Our intent in using Coulter as the starting point is to make our argument that Trump voters must move beyond Trump in order to deal with the arrival of a Marxist totalitarian regime.
The new politics is not about electing Republicans.
The new politics is about conservatives adopting the tactics of the Marxists in order to take back the legitimate power that was stolen from them, and to vanquish the Marxists with their own petard.
Ordinary, normal, two-party politics ended November 3, 2020, and that part of American history is over. A new type of more aggressive, confrontational, and ideological class war politics is required to engage the Marxists on the field of battle.
Biden is not a legitimate President, but the propaganda media is intent on promoting the totalitarian fantasy that there was no election fraud.
The false narrative of the Marxists is intended to demonize Trump voters as domestic terrorists.
Just like Maduro in Venezuela, Biden was selected by the deep state, installed by the deep state, and the deep state will eliminate any opposition to the totalitarian regime.
The new politics in America calls for a different type of political strategy, and a different type of leader than Trump.
Coulter drives home the point that Trump did not have the right stuff to defend liberty from Marxism because of his personality defects.
We agree with Coulter that Trump bears responsibility for the way the FUSA ended in an inadequate defense of liberty. We extend Coulter’s analysis to argue that Trump does not have the right skills to confront the Marxist regime.
The mistake in judgment that Trump voters made about Trump, in 2016, is to equate his policies of MAGA, with the defense of the ideology of liberty.
Trump voters liked a political leader who counter-punched when he was hit, but waited in vain to see Trump offer a coherent strategy for defeating the Marxists.
Trump never invoked the western heritage of Locke, Jefferson, and J. S. Mill, in the defense of liberty because MAGA is a set of policy options, not a coherent ideology of liberty.
Trump failed to mobilize Federal agents to protect the voting process. His mental image of two-party political competition is stuck in the 1950s, frozen in time by the idea of the shared cultural value of American greatness.
After Trump, and because of the way Trump governed, Trump voters are now in a more vulnerable and precarious position to fight back against the Marxists, because Trump did not protect their right to vote.
We argue that Trump voters must disengage themselves from a cult of personality of Trump, and become a middle class political movement that promotes liberty.
We argue elsewhere that Trump voters must begin to develop a class consciousness as a lower class-middle class populist political movement. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Emerging Social Class Consciousness of American Working and Middle Class Citizens (November 6, 2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3726111).
The emergence of that class consciousness is thwarted by Trump’s continuing self-indulged presence on the public relations stage.
The new liberty political movement needs a new leader, like Sydney Powell, who has a better grasp of the strategy for defeating the ideological enemy that has seized illegitimate power.
In the absence of offering a coherent ideology of liberty, we agree with Coulter that Trump’s continuing public relations personae, after January 20, 2021, turns the Trump movement into a one-man cult of personality, with no coherent political principles of government.
As Coulter writes,
“Give up the cult of personality, Trumpsters, or at least find someone with a better personality.”
The Trump cult is a political movement that is devoid of ideology because it is all about Trump, the man, not about halting the transition of illegitimate power to an unelected Marxist regime.
As Coulter points out,
“The reason Trump was a lazy, feckless coward for the past four years was that, once it got him elected, he didn’t see how the MAGA agenda did anything for him. And the reason he became a whirling dervish of demagogic activity last week was that it was all about him.”
Trump can easily squander the political potential of 75 million voters on his self-indulged, narcissistic personality by continuing to hint at a future run, as a Republican, in 2024.
A majority of Republicans still support Trump, including 57% who said they believe he should be the party’s nominee in 2024.
Trump would do those voters, and the cause of liberty, a great service, if he would renounce his future electoral ambitions, especially as a member of a dead political party of Republicans who hate him.
The Trump voter database of 75 million contacts and donors is vital information for creating a new political movement, dedicated to preserving liberty and defeating the Marxists.
Trump can accept responsibility for his failure to defeat the deep state and make a lasting contribution to liberty by making a legitimate transfer of leadership of former Trump voters, to a new political party, in the context of an illegitimate transfer of power to a Marxist dictatorship.
Conservative politics, beyond Trump, is a more aggressive, confrontational defense of liberty, along 3 avenues. All of the defenses of liberty involve the deployment of Marxist class war, and Marxist strategies, to vanquish the Marxists.
First, the new politics correctly identifies the enemies of liberty as the entire American kleptocracy. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The American Left’s Emerging Social Class Consciousness of Envy In Collusion With the Existing American Ruling Class Consciousness of Greed. CLP News Network. https://bit.ly/3c2hvMN).
Second, politics, after Trump, is an aggressive defense of the American heritage of racial and economic equality of American capitalism, against the Marxist claim of American white supremacy.
Finally, the new politics, after Trump borrows from the Democrat Marxist playbook of the effective use of political violence to obtain political ends. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Democrat’s Rhetoric of Violence and the Collapse of the American Representative Republic. CLP News Network. https://bit.ly/3c1e9tx).
Trump’s political style was ineffective in promoting these three political values, while he was President, and nothing about Trump’s narcissism suggests that he would be a better leader in the future.
The 75 million Trump voters need to move beyond Trump, and begin seeing themselves as citizen patriots in the restoration of American liberty in a confrontation with Marxist Democrats.
Trump needs to begin seeing Trump voters as something other than his adoring fans.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is the introduction of a much longer written article, available for free, at the CLP News Network.

The sections of the longer article are:
Section 1. The Politics of the American Marxist Kleptocracy.
Section 2. The Politics of Class and Race Hatred.
Section 3. Replicating the Democrat’s Effective Political Use of Violence.
Conclusion: The Spirit of Liberty.

We believe that the federalist state sovereignty framework, and a shift from Madison’s representative republic to a Federal Democratic Republic, would empower citizens to eradicate the closed, special interest political system, commonly called “the swamp.”