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Replacing the Democrat’s Economic Hoax of Marxism With Jefferson’s Model of American Entrepreneurial Capitalism.


In addition to the 1619 White supremacy hoax, the Russia hoax, the climate change hoax, the January 6, 2021 insurrection hoax etc., we argue that the Democrat Marxists are perpetuating a gigantic economic hoax about the purported moral goodness of the Marxist economic system.

The entire Democrat Marxist justification for getting rid of the capitalist system lies in the false argument that communism would be a more fair and inclusive economic system than capitalism.

The main tenet of the Marxist hoax is to replace the current American corporate crony capitalist system with the state communist crony corporatism of China, which would, supposedly, end the White supremacist reign of terror.

In other words, the Marxist hoax seeks to replace one version of elite corporate rule with another version, of a more tyrannical elite corporate rule, with the promise that the new tyranny would eradicate White supremacy.

The hoax is given substance and credibility because the Democrat Marxist argument combines the principles of Jefferson’s founding documents of 1775 and 1776, with the systemic racism of Madison’s document of 1787, which sanctioned slavery.

As long as conservative groups, like Trump’s 1776 Commission, agree with the Marxists to conflate the “American Founding” with the two distinct events in history, the Marxist hoax will continue to have intellectual credibility to undermine the economic system, and the American society.

We agree with the Marxist allegation that Madison’s Constitution perpetuated the sin of slavery. Jefferson’s two documents, 12 years earlier, did not.

The Marxist logic in combining the two events is to allege that the sin of slavery consigns Black people to perpetual lives of economic misery. In their telling of the American historical narrative, the original sin of slavery can never be overcome.

A better strategy for natural rights conservatives to protect liberty is to jettison the argument that Madison’s constitution is a founding document, and claim that the legitimate American founding documents are exclusively the natural rights principles of Jefferson’s 1776 Declaration, and his 1775 document, The Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms.

That natural rights philosophical allegation about the defects in Madison’s document is necessary to form the framework of a new American entrepreneurial capitalist system, which replaces the current crony capitalist version of capitalism.

Marxist Democrats modify the original Marxist analysis by replacing the Marxist economic concept of capitalist class exploitation, with the concept of White supremacy exploitation.

In the modified Marxian analysis, the entire White population is reconceived as the oppressor class, who exploit the labor of Black workers.

The only way for Marxists to rid America of institutional racism is to get rid of capitalism, coincidentally, subjugating the White population to perpetual government-sanctioned repression.

For example, by reinterpreting Marxist theory that the White population is the new capitalist class, the Marxists provide the justification for eliminating White Trump supporters as racist terrorists, in the January 6, 2021, capitol protest.

In their reinterpretation of Marxist economic theory, the Democrats never provide the details of how the Chinese communist economic system would function in America, if consumer choice in a market is replaced by a non-market system of material balances, dictated by unelected Marxist elites.

In other words, the Marxist Democrats never describe how American working class citizens earn a daily living, if a market system of prices is replaced by a central command economy of shadow prices that reflect the elite’s opinions about social justice and fairness in income distribution.

A second part of the Marxist economic hoax is that capitalism is unfair to Black people because systematic, institutional racism prohibits Black people from obtaining financial success in the current economy of America.

Black people would never achieve economic prosperity under communism, either, because all oppressed people will be paid the same income, no matter how hard they work, the color of their skin, or the market value of their labor.

We have noted elsewhere the peculiar symbiosis between the Democrat Marxist economic hoax of the goodness of communism, and the global corporations, who desire a seamless, borderless world economy. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, BLM Marxism and the Emerging Alliance With Global Corporate Crony Capitalism. CLP News Network, Episode 54, July 24, 2020).

The globalist economic model promoted by American Democrat Marxists is the state crony corporatism of China, where the Communist Party enforces the coercion of forced slave labor, while the global corporations produce goods in China’s slave labor market.

In the Chinese model, the CCP government taxes the profits of the global corporations and then uses the revenue to build the Chinese military power, while the corporations benefit from the coerced slave labor to produce cheap goods in China, for exchange in the global market.

The rationale of the symbiosis is that the American Marxist economic system cannot produce goods without the collaboration of global corporations, as partners.

The symbiosis between Democrat Marxists and large corporations is that the Marxist government would tax the profits of the large corporations to obtain the revenue needed to implement the fair and just income distribution, without the burden of Madison’s constitutionally-sanctioned White supremacy.

As is the case of the Chinese economic model, the American partnership is based upon an agreement that the Democrat Marxist rule the agencies of government, in a one-party tyranny, while the crony corporations produce the goods, and benefit from government crony largess.

In the American crony system, what was left, after 1992, was an American labor market where 70% of all jobs were in the service sectors, in low wage, dead-end jobs in restaurants and hair salons.

The other 30% of the labor force was employed by the global corporations in high wage jobs, with benefits and internal career paths.

This bifurcated social system is the economic promise of the Democrat Marxists.

In other words, the American Marxist economic hoax is that the Marxist economic theory uses racism as a political tool to continue a ruling class economic theory similar in many ways with the original Marxist 2-class theory of capitalist exploitation.

Marx argued that capitalism consistently benefits the ruling class, who rig the system to obtain unearned income. Marx stated that the capitalist system allowed the rich to get richer, at the expense of the working and middle classes.

However, as James Buchanan pointed out, in the Reason of Rules, the welfare decisions the ruling class make, whether under American crony corporations or Chinese elites, is to maximize their own personal welfare, not social welfare.

Rather than social welfare maximization in a consumer choice economic model, Marx advocated central government power over all economic decisions, in order to allow political elites to make the society more fair and inclusive.

The gigantic Marxist hoax is that voting for Democrats will improve the lives of Black people by eliminating White supremacy.

In reality, the Democrat Marxists seek to improve their own lives, as the example of Patrisse Cullors buying four houses with BLM donations, vividly demonstrates.

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Section 1. The Chinese State Communist Crony Corporate Economic Model.

Section 2. The Marxist Solution of Civil War to Eradicate White Supremacy.

Section 3. Jefferson’s Promise of Liberty Through Revolution.

Conclusion: Jefferson’s Revolutionary Theory of Entrepreneurial Capitalism.

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