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Episode 52. July 4, 2020
CLP Topic: Republican Vichy Collaborators
The Republican Party After Gorsuch.

This podcast is the introduction to a much longer article titled, The Republican Party After Gorsuch. The full article is available at
Since 2008, anxious listeners have been calling into the Rush Limbaugh show asking him if it is time to panic about socialism. Rush always assures his listeners that he will tell them when it is time to panic.
Rush generally combines the issue of time to panic with another issue that there is no “pushback,” without ever identifying who or what organization is supposed to be “pushing back.”
Rush notes,
“There has yet to be any pushback on this…When there’s no pushback, you’re gonna feel alone. Not only is there not pushback, the few who do push back don’t get defended by very many people. You never see any pushback. You never see anybody responding, so you think that you must be in the minority.”
Tucker Carlson made the same statement about pushing back with regard to the riots,
“No one attempted to stop the Democratic power grab. Where are the protectors of the American Heritage.”
We use the recent Gorsuch decision to explain why the Republicans never confronted the Democrat socialists. (The Restoration of the American Natural Rights Republic: Correcting the Consequences of the Republican Party Abdication of Natural Rights and Individualism, Laurie Thomas Vass. GabbyPress, 2017).
The Republicans never pushed back against Black Lives Matter because the Democrats had effectively branded the Republican Party as racist, and the branding by the Democrats was permanently debilitating with a majority of voters on any issue related to social justice.
In 2008, the Republicans never pushed back against Obama when he branded them as a racist party, and in 2020, they never pushed back against the rioters. They never attempted to defend themselves or offer their own public relations brand.
Being branded as a racist political party did not detract them from the main mission of the National Republican Party to promote corporate cronyism, which they pursue as collaborators with the Democrats.
The Establishment Republican Party never pushed back against their branding, because that is not their job, as they see it. Their job is to preserve and protect their heritage of economic advantage.
We do not dwell on the legal intricacies of texturalism and originalism in the Gorsuch decision in Bostock, other than to note in passing that “because of” sex redefines the concept of individual natural rights.
Prior to Gorsuch, natural rights inured to individual citizens, because they were citizen members of the United States.
After Gorsuch, rights inure to gays and trans people because they are members of collectivist identity group, defined by Marxist theology as “oppressed” by the capitalist system.
Madison’s Constitution can be interpreted from any texturalist reading, because Madison’s Constitution does not contain the legal maximand of individual freedom in the Preamble.
As the Gorsuch ruling demonstrates, texturalism applied to the Preamble can mean anything. “A more perfect union” depends on whether a more perfect union means more centralized socialism or more state sovereignty freedom.
Sandra Sperino, a law professor at the University of Cincinnati, makes this point about texturalism in one of her articles.

She notes that the same text which is used by conservatives to,
“dismiss the statutory discrimination claims of all groups—black and brown workers, religious minorities, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ employees was used by Gorsuch to extend rights to these same groups.”
In other words, in one simple stroke, Gorsuch used texturalism to embrace the left’s Marxist ideology of group identity politics, and extended rights to oppressed groups, because of their sex.
Our podcast today examines the significance and political implications of the Gorsuch decision on the future of the Republican Party as a repository for natural rights conservatives.
We make the point that if the Constitution can mean anything, at anytime, whenever the Court’s majority says it, that it is essential to understand why certain types of Republican appointees are placed on the Court.
We disagree with other conservatives who suggest that Gorsuch is a RINO. The only type of Republican that constitutes the Establishment Republican Party are RINOS.
We argue that there is no such mythical beast, other than RINOs, that constitute the National Republican Establishment.
Gorsuch reflects the ideology of the National Republicans perfectly, and his decision in Bostock was widely acclaimed by the RINO global corporate crony capitalists who run the National Republican Party.
We argue that if there is any mythical political beast in America, it is the so-called conservative legal movement, that Gorsuch was rumored to be a member of, during his confirmation hearing.
We argue that Trump, the man, is a pragmatist, who wakes up every day trying to figure out how to make America great.
We argue that Trump, the man, is not a Republican RINO, but rather a populist, who loves the American people, and a nationalist, who loves the Nation.
Trump, the man, does not have a coherent ideology of individualism. When he counterpunches against Pelosi or Schumer, he never places his counterpunch into a coherent ideology of individual freedom, in contrast to the Democrat’s socialism.
But, Trump voters have extended to Trump their own natural rights ideology, and those followers are bewildered by the Gorsuch decision, and bewildered by why the Republicans never confronted the Democrat rioters.
The Trump followers have been advised by Limbaugh, to continue to vote for Republicans, but, after 30 years of broadcasting the same message, Limbaugh’s political strategy of voting for Republicans is not working to preserve the national culture of individual liberty.
In answer to a caller’s question, after Gorsuch, who asks “Why Keep Voting Republican?” Limbaugh answers,
“Here’s the answer: “Because even now, there is no reasonable alternative. There isn’t anybody else to vote for.”
This is the same advice Jared Kushner gives to Trump about going easy on the rioters. Kushner assures Trump that Trump voters have nowhere else to go.
It is the same answer the Democrats have given to Black voters since 1964. Black voters have nowhere else to go, other than continue to vote for the Democrats.
The Gorsuch decision lays bare the irreconcilable conflict between a culture based upon individualism and a culture based upon collectivist group identity.
There is nothing in the Republican ideology of crony global corporatism about individualism.
On the other hand, there is nothing incompatible between a globalist corporate seamless economy and a globalist, collectivist, socialist dictatorship.
The Republican Party, and the elite donor class of corporations, after Gorsuch, will increase the intensity of their efforts to destroy Trump’s Make America Great because national sovereignty is incompatible with corporate globalism.
We argue that a more accurate description of the National Republican Establishment is Vichy Republican Collaborators with the socialist Democrats.
In her recent article, History Will Judge the Complicit, on the origins of the French elite class Vichy collaboration with the Nazis, Anne Applebaum asks, “Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles?”
Her article is mostly an anti-Trump screed, but it contains a valuable nugget of history about wealthy Vichy collaborators, in France, that describes the Republican Party after Gorsuch.
She explains, that in the historical context of French Nazi collaboration, a collaborator is,
“Someone who works with the enemy, with the occupying power, with the dictatorial regime. In this negative sense, collaborator is closely related to another set of words: collusion, complicity, connivance…collaborator carries an implication of treason: betrayal of one’s nation, of one’s ideology, of one’s morality, of one’s values.”
Applied to the Republican Establishment today, she notes,
“the (historical) analogy makes sense. The point is not to compare Trump to Hitler or Stalin; the point is to compare the experiences of high- ranking members of the American Republican Party, especially those who work most closely with the White House, to the experiences of Frenchmen in 1940, or of East Germans in 194. These are experiences of people who are forced to accept an alien ideology or a set of values that are in sharp conflict with their own.”
Applied to Republicans Vichy Collaborators, they tolerate Trump, but collaborate with Democrats to extend the globalist ideology of a one-world government.

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The other sections of the longer article include:
Section 1. After Gorsuch, The Death of the Republican Crony Capitalist Party.
Section 2. Trumpicans and the Right’s Political Bargain With Republicans.
Conclusion: Divided We Stand: The Country Is Hopelessly Split.
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