Episode 43. March 27, 2020
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Who Is It In America That Is Responsible For Implementing the Trade Agreements With China?
Note to visitors: Our podcast today is the Introduction to a much longer document that explains who it is in America that was responsible for implementing the trade deals with China.
The other sections of the longer podcast are:
• The American Roots of Globalism
• The Link Between Globalism and American Crony Capitalism
• Civil Dissolution or Civil War?
• Irreconcilable Differences
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Our podcast today examines the argument made by Mike Slater, on the tv program, The First, that China is an enemy of the United States.
Slater explains that the most recent Wu Virus is only the latest of three epidemics, in 20 years, unleashed on the world by the militaristic, repressive Communist regime in Beijing.
The most charitable interpretation of this behavior by the Communists is that they are wildly incompetent to control the outbreaks of deadly diseases.
The more accurate interpretation of the behavior, explained by Slater, is that they are an enemy of the U. S., intent on destroying the fabric of American society.
Our podcast today adopts the second interpretation in order to examine what political and financial forces in America were responsible for forming the close ties between the two countries.
We agree with the analysis of Curtis Ellis, in his article, China’s Post-Virus Plan to Destroy America’s Economy, where he states that,
“The “respected voices” calling for America to lift the tariffs on China are simply swallowing Beijing’s sophisticated propaganda. China means to use this crisis to destroy us…Moreover, Beijing sees an opportunity in the pandemic to reverse President Trump’s call to move manufacturing out of China. China’s State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND), stated: “China will get more opportunities, including in the reduction of pressure for the international industrial chain to transfer away from China . . . The global epidemic has provided opportunities for improving China’s international position and countering anti-globalization.”
We argue that, in the late 1980s, the 1500 member companies of the Business Roundtable were effective in perpetrating a fraud that China was just like any other country in terms of global trade.
We argue that those same corporate actors continue, today, to coordinate their political strategy with special interest lobbying groups and crony capitalist elected representatives, who obtain personal financial benefits from passing legislation that have continued the re-authorization of the deals with China.
The lobbyists for the Business Roundtable and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wrote the draft legislation, in 1999, in order for the corporations to obtain huge profits from moving production to China, and then selling those cheap goods back to the American market.
The main political representatives who voted initially to implement the deals, and then voted to re-authorize the deals, are a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, who obtained vast financial benefits from “tribute” paid by the corporations.
The large corporations obtained an 80% cost saving in production of goods in China, and while a small portion of the savings showed up in cheaper goods, the vast majority went to the bottom line profits of the large corporations.
Most of the profits earned from overseas production were never taxed in the U. S., and were never repatriated, in the form of capital investments, back into the U. S. domestic economy
The U. S. corporate profits were reinvested in China, which empowered the successful Chinese economy, and allowed their national champion industries to become wildly profitable.
Elected representatives at the state and Federal level worked together to advocate the public benefits of trade with China.
For example, In North Carolina, Governor Hunt hosted an annual event, called the Emerging Issues Forum, to promote global trade.
Governor Hunt created the Forum in October 1985 to provide a catalyst for the discussion and action needed to move the United States forward in the world economy.
His political mantra was that North Carolina workers must be “competitive” with global workers.
The second conference, in February 1987, drew 1,500 people to the McKimmon Center on the NC State University campus and featured speakers that included Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Paul Krugman, Thomas Friedman, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton, Steve Forbes, Robert Rubin, Jay Rockefeller, Amory Lovins, Al Gore, and Paul Volcker.
While President Trump has correctly ranted incessantly about the unfair trade deals, he never identifies the political or corporate actors, listed above, who are responsible for allowing the trade deals to be enacted.
Citizens need to know who it was in America that engaged in a form of national economic sedition of collaborating with an enemy.
The Wu Virus is helping the citizens understand the extent of the danger caused by trade with China, but the virus has not clarified who is responsible for the economic damage.
Our podcast goes further to explain who these agents are that promoted the trade fraud with China.
We argue that the economic chaos inflicted by the Wu Virus is only the most immediate consequence of trade with China.
Less well known is the negative effect on U. S. labor markets that became overly dependent on service jobs.
In 2000, prior to the trade deals with China,, about 17,000 American workers were employed the production of goods, primarily in manufacturing firms.
In 2000, about 75,000 workers were employed in the service industries.
In 2018, only 12,688 workers were employed in manufacturing and 129,000 workers, or 80% of the U. S. labor force, was employed in services.
The services economy is commonly called the “gig” economy, that features low paying, unstable jobs, that offer no health benefits.
In Governor Hunt’s propaganda of the benefits of trade with China, required North Carolina workers to be “competitive” with China meant transferring North Carolina jobs from manufacturing to the gig economy.
North Carolina’s formerly diversified economy employed about 800,000 workers in manufacturing, before the trade deals.
After the trade deals with China, out of a total state workforce of 5 million, about 400,000 workers were employed in manufacturing, and over 1 million were employed in the service sectors.
The service industry is made up of restaurant workers and retail shops, and is the most vulnerable to mass layoffs from the Chinese disruption to the
U. S. economy.

After the trade deals were implemented, the U. S. labor market and economy lacked diversification, and its occupational job structure looked just like the third world economies in Latin America and Africa.
The relocation of medical supply chains by large global corporations also exposed another hidden consequence of trade with China.
When the entire inter-industry manufacturing supply chains moved to China, local towns that relied on manufacturing jobs were devastated. Those local economies became overly dependent on service jobs, and on increased government welfare payments.
More importantly, by moving the supply chains off shore, America’s single most important competitive initial factor endowment of technological innovation was lost.
Technological innovation, prior to the trade deals, used to occur in the metro regional manufacturing supply chains in 350 metro regions, as a result of tacit knowledge creation and diffusion among the small manufacturing firms.
After the trade deals, the citizens discovered that innovation and product commercialization does not occur in the gig economy. Innovation occurs in the industrial supply chains, now located in China.
We argue that the members of the Business Roundtable, and the establishment Republican Party knew, in advance, the economic damage that would be caused by moving the supply chains to China, but calculated that the benefits of their increased profits outweighed the social costs imposed upon American citizens.
Part of their propaganda, at the time, was that there would be high paying, stable jobs in services that replaced the high paid manufacturing jobs. This was a lie, and the elites knew it was a lie, at the time that they used it to change the laws on trade with China.
The dysfunctional American political system is accurately described by Angelo Codevilla, as the Ruling Class, who make decisions that are not connected to the will of the citizens.
Secret decisions by the Ruling Class are the primary cause for the trade agreements with China. The American citizens were never informed about the globalist intent of the elites, or the permanent economic damage caused by the deals, until it was too late.
We conclude that the problem of a dysfunctional crony capitalist system and the centralized Ruling Class elite tyranny in Washington cannot be fixed, under the existing Constitution.
The ideology of globalism, in both the socialist Democrat and crony corporate Republican Party is too entrenched, and the unelected power of the deep state agents are too deeply embedded in the government apparatus to be dislodged by common citizens, through periodic elections.
We conclude that nothing binds the globalist factions together in a common national mission with Trump’s national sovereignty ideology.
The global Democrat socialists will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.
The crony global corporate elites will never, willingly, give up their trans-national global trading privileges to share power with common citizens, in the current framework of the representative republic.
The establishment Republicans, like Senator Burr, of North Carolina, derive too many financial benefits from collaborating with the Democrats and global corporations, to change the status quo of power, or the distribution of tribute.
The solution for citizens is to follow the advice of Jefferson, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to the ends for which it was created, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government.
The best, non-violent, idea for dealing with the irreconcilable ideological differences is a civil dissolution of the nation and the implementation of a new government, based upon the framework of state sovereignty, under the provisions of Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, the state compact clause.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for March 27, 2020.
Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Vichy Republican Collaborators and is titled, Who Is It In America That Is Responsible For the Trade Agreements With China?
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