Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party News Network, July 18, 2022. In his recent series of articles about the dangers of globalism and the New World Order, Victor Davis Hanson suggests that, after conservative citizens vanquish the Marxist threat, the conservatives can “just go back to whatContinue Reading

Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction: Exploiting the Vulnerability of New World Order Corporate Globalism With Regional Blockchain Entrepreneurial Economic Growth.  Laurie Thomas Vass Read full introduction at Social Science Research Network Buy book at Gabby Press. $21.99. Introduction. Excerpt In Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter described capitalism asContinue Reading

Our book offers a historical analysis of when, and how, Jefferson’s version of the American Dream went so wrong. Available in print at Aerio. $21.99 Available in ebook at Books to Read. $5.99. We argue that the differences between conservatives and Marxist Democrats are irreconcilable because the two visions ofContinue Reading

Chapter 3. The Failure of New World Order Globalism in Promoting National Economic Growth and Shared Prosperity. Harvard economist George Borjas estimated that open borders and global trade reduced the wages of American citizens by an estimated $118 billion a year. [Immigration Economics, Harvard University Press, 2014.]. At the sameContinue Reading

Buy Now at Gabby Press Book: America’s Final Revolution To summarize our arguments, Madison’s constitution was immoral because it perpetuated slavery, because it disenfranchised the sovereignty of the consent of the governed of common citizens, and was implemented in a fraudulent ratification process. The only shred of legitimacy ofContinue Reading