Vimeo Video of Introduction to Episode 60 Episode 60. November 6, 2020. CLP topic: The Crony Capitalist Republican Party. Trump’s 4 Year Window of Opportunity to Replace the Crony Capitalist Republican Party With a Conservative National Sovereignty Party. Introduction: Our podcast today is titled Trump’s 4 Year Window of OpportunityContinue Reading

Introduction: Our podcast today examines the argument made by Mike Slater, on the tv program, The First, that China is an enemy of the United States. Slater explains that the most recent Wu Virus is only the latest of three epidemics, in 20 years, unleashed on the world by theContinue Reading

Episode 44. March 22, 2020 CLP Topic Category: Vichy Republican Collaborators  Burr’s Betrayals   Introduction, Our podcast today places the actions of NC Senator Richard Burr’s insider trading of his $1.5 million stock portfolio into the larger context of  his 18 year tenure as a Washington crony capitalist. We argueContinue Reading

Introduction. Our podcast today extends Angelo Codevilla’s recent analysis about the future of America, after the 2020 election. We use Codevilla’s analysis to examine the future of America from the perspective of what happens to the establishment Republican Party, what happens to the Trump conservative movement, and what happens toContinue Reading