Congressman Louie Gohmert has recently been appearing on national media outlets, expressing the hope that just one Democrat leader, somewhere, would come forward to support the truth content of the David Nunes memo. Representative Adam Schiff, speaking on behalf of all Democrats, has said that the Nunes memo is false.Continue Reading

Different institutional arrangements in the apparatus of government, and different configurations of constitutional rights, produce different rates of knowledge creation and knowledge diffusion. There is only one constitutional configuration that produces maximum economic growth, based upon maximum rates of knowledge creation and diffusion. James Buchanan suggested that different constitutional rulesContinue Reading

Paul Winfree, of the Heritage Foundation, responded to the Washington Post’s slur against President Trump, by offering the policy rebuttal that less of Trump’s economic nationalism, and more open borders, would be a better idea than Trump’s idea of “Make America Great Again.” Winfree was reacting to Elizabeth Bruenig’s slurContinue Reading

In his recent article about Steve Bannon, Does Conservative Populism Exist?, the eminent academic, Paul Gottfried, offers the standard academic misinterpretation of populist philosophy. Gottfried states, “Populism assumes a high degree of homogeneity, cultural, historic, and ethnic, among the “majority” to whom a populist leader appeals. The white working classContinue Reading

In his excellent article titled, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution,” Angelo M. Codevilla explains how the elites in the swamp operate their tyranny, outside the rule of law. Codevilla used the example of how the elites used tax money to bail themselves out of the globalContinue Reading

Ken Klukowski recently wrote in his column titled, “Jeff Sessions Focused in 2017 on Restoring Rule of Law and Constitutional Rights,” that Sessions has taken concrete steps to restore the rule of law, after 8 years of Obama’s lawless regime. “No presidential aide is perfect,” noted Klukowski. “But 2017 showedContinue Reading