Re-connecting the New Constitution to the Declaration of Independence. CLP News Network Episode for June 6, 2018. Laurie Thomas Vass The Citizens Liberty Party News Network Note to viewers. We believe that the ideological differences between socialists and conservatives are irreconcilable and that conservatives must prepare for what comesContinue Reading

Introduction: Do Not Resuscitate Madison’s constitution, of 1789, is a failure because it failed to prevent an unelected centralized elite tyranny from exercising dictatorial powers over citizens. The constitutional crisis in America of deep state agents who exercise illegitimate authority is a direct result of  the defective checks and balancesContinue Reading

March 18, 2018 The two economic theoretical premises that serve to support the case of the current free trade proponents, who oppose the Trump tariffs, are: 1. Sovereign nations have an identifiable national welfare function. 2. Sovereign nations have an identifiable set of factor endowments that establish a comparative advantageContinue Reading

Congressman Louie Gohmert has recently been appearing on national media outlets, expressing the hope that just one Democrat leader, somewhere, would come forward to support the truth content of the David Nunes memo. Representative Adam Schiff, speaking on behalf of all Democrats, has said that the Nunes memo is false.Continue Reading

Different institutional arrangements in the apparatus of government, and different configurations of constitutional rights, produce different rates of knowledge creation and knowledge diffusion. There is only one constitutional configuration that produces maximum economic growth, based upon maximum rates of knowledge creation and diffusion. James Buchanan suggested that different constitutional rulesContinue Reading

Paul Winfree, of the Heritage Foundation, responded to the Washington Post’s slur against President Trump, by offering the policy rebuttal that less of Trump’s economic nationalism, and more open borders, would be a better idea than Trump’s idea of “Make America Great Again.” Winfree was reacting to Elizabeth Bruenig’s slurContinue Reading