Excerpt from Chapter 11 of forthcoming book, After the Collapse of the American Representative Republic: The Democratic Republic of America. Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Libertt Party. The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to undermine a legitimate constitutional government, inContinue Reading

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of forthcoming book, After the Collapse: The Democratic Republic of America, by Laurie Thomas Vass. Socialism, by definition consists of the centralized direction of the economy, with government control over  the means of production. The centralized decisions of a socialist political elite determine both what willContinue Reading

The Roman Republic was based upon allegiance of citizens to obey the unwritten rule of law. The allegiance to the rule of law was voluntary. The allegiance was sustained because Roman citizens shared a widespread cultural value of personal honor that compelled voluntary allegiance to obey the rule of law.Continue Reading

Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party Part 1. Madison’s Inverted Balance of Power. Madison’s American version of the British Constitution was influenced by the legal philosophy of Sir William Blackstone, who wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England. Because the United Kingdom was a monarchy, Blackstone spent a greatContinue Reading