Contact GabbyPress, British Book Marketing Platform Reedsy Promotes New Book by North Carolina Economist, Laurie Thomas Vass. Reedsy Discovery Launches “Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction.” Reedsy Discovery, a London-based internet book platform launched a promotion for a new book by Laurie Thomas Vass, of GabbyPress, titled, “Updating Schumpeter’sContinue Reading

From forthcoming GabbyPress book: George Mason’s America: The State Sovereignty Alternative to Madison’s Centralized American Ruling Class Aristocracy. Conclusion to chapter 1 Mason has been overlooked and underappreciated by academic scholars of American political history because the academic community has a cowardly blind spot about describing social class conflict inContinue Reading

Chapter 4. Shay’s Rebellion and The American Ruling Class Constitutional War on State-Issued Paper Currency. Many scholarly accounts of the history surrounding the events leading up to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 emphasize a common set of factors related to the inadequacy of the Articles of Confederation. For example, JeffContinue Reading

Laurie Thomas Vass, CLP News Network The Fed has been in existence since 1913, when the U. S. Congress issued a charter for the private bank to act as the government’s banker for managing the nation’s supply of money and buying and selling government debt. The Fed operates asContinue Reading

Laurie Thomas Vass, The CLP News Network “None of this is being done accidentally.  All of this is being done with forethought and implicit intention.” Sundance, The Last Refuge, July 21, 2022. In one of his recent columns on the New World Order, Sundance asks what the Biden administrationContinue Reading

July25, 2022 Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party News Network. David Sokol, the CEO of Teton Capital, and Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks, have written a curious book, at an odd moment in American history. [America in Perspective: Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation.] The bookContinue Reading

  For Immediate Release: Brunswick County, North Carolina. July 19, 2022 Contact Laurie Thomas Vass. Alice Bennett, a reviewer on the British book review website, Reedsy, has given the new book, America’s Final Revolution, [GabbyPrss, 2022], by Laurie Thomas Vass, a 4-star review, with the emoji “Loved It!”Continue Reading