Natural rights conservatives know that something has gone terribly wrong in America. What started out as a nation full of potential and opportunity for individuals to achieve economic prosperity has turned into a nightmare of a centralized Marxist tyranny.


Rather than continuing to fight with the Democrat Marxists over a hopelessly dysfunctional government and a permanently divided society, we believe that a better idea, for conservatives, is to start over at the point in history of Jefferson’s document of 1776.

We call that political movement the middle class revolt to restore liberty.

The Citizen Liberty Party News Network believes that the original American patriots, in 1775, had the best idea for creating a natural rights republic for the new nation.

Their radical idea was to create a democratic republic of equal economic opportunity and equal political rights for all citizens.

Their philosophy of individual liberty was derived from the writings of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, actualized by the writing of Thomas Jefferson, and adopted by Lincoln as the moral justification of the Civil War to end slavery.

In the Nation’s first constitution, The Articles of Confederation, written by Thomas Burke of North Carolina, and ratified by the 13 states, in 1781, the patriots created a decentralized form of government that granted authority to each state to manage its own internal affairs, with delegated power to the central government to manage national defense and foreign affairs.

We advocate the restoration of the philosophy of a natural rights republic of individual liberty, built upon the state sovereignty framework of the original American patriots.

The original patriots adopted the motto “Spirit of ‘76,” to describe their goal in the war with England, and we adopted this motto with the modification “Spirit of Liberty” to emphasize our belief in the virtue of a society built upon individual freedom and individual initiative.

We place our motto in our Bennington Battle Flag, to commemorate the first patriot victory with the British.

We advocate a national economic policy of economic sovereignty, based upon the concept of  entrepreneurial capitalism. We believe that the Nation’s initial factor endowment of individual creativity created an unassailable global comparative advantage in technological innovation and new venture creation.

The primary national domestic economic goal is a high annual rate of private capital investment in technology and new small entrepreneurial firms, decentralized to the major metropolitan regions of the states.

We believe that the Republican Party is a worthless adversary to the Democrat Marxist juggernaut, and that a new permanent political party that protects the political and financial interests of working and middle class American citizens is needed to vanquish the Marxist threat to liberty.

We think President Trump made a mistake after the stolen election of 2020 by trying to resurrect the Republican Party into a conservative political movement.

A better idea to Make America Great Again would have been for Trump to lead his 75 million voters in an American middle class political revolt.

The name of that new political party is The Citizens Liberty Party.



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