Introduction to the Citizens Liberty Party News Network

Welcome to the Citizens Liberty Party News Network. I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the manager of this website.

The CLP News Network is the mutli-media marketing website for Gabby Press.

We publish our articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts on this website, and we connect that content to other social media networking sites. We hope that if you like our content that you find on the outside websites that you will follow us and give us a thumbsup.

The political ideology of this website is natural rights conservatism.

We believe that the new nation was based upon the natural rights lineage of Locke-Jefferson-Lincoln, which argues that the government’s mission is to protect individual liberty.

The new nation was built upon the state sovereignty framework of the Articles of Confederation, where individual states had the authority to limit the power of the central government to the areas “expressly delegated” by the states to the national government.

We believe that the government of the United States eventually devolved into a centralized Marxist tyranny, which has become destructive of the ends for which it was created.

We believe that the solution to the current constitutional crisis between natural rights conservatives and Marxist Democrats is a civil dissolution, or civil divorce. into two new nations.

We advocate a state constitutional referendum of citizens to allow them to choose what new nation their state will join.

We argue that the solution to global crony corporate capitalism is the creation of a new national economy, based upon the concept of entrepreneurial capitalism that aims at a high rate of private capital investment that promotes technological innovation and new product commercialization in each of the metro regions of the nation.