For immediate release. December 20, 2022. North Carolina Economist Article Accepted For Distribution by Social Science Research Network. (


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North Carolina Economist Article Accepted For Distribution by Social Science Research Network. (

Preface to Upcoming Book About George Mason’s Vision of America.

The Social Science Research Network, a division of Elsevier, a Dutch academic publishing company specializing in scientific, technical, and medical content, announced distribution of an article by Laurie Thomas Vass, a North Carolina economist, located in Brunswick County, N. C.

In their announcement, SSRN Management  said, “We are happy to have received your submission, GEORGE MASON’S AMERICA: THE STATE SOVEREIGNTY ALTERNATIVE TO MADISON’S CENTRALIZED AMERICAN RULING CLASS ARISTOCRACY (PREFACE), for inclusion on SSRN, an open platform for the sharing of early stage research. The following URL links to your abstract page on SSRN:

“Our book is about why George Mason’s vision of America would have been a better path, in 1787, for ordinary common American citizens than Madison’s constitutional rules,” said Vass.

“We argue that Mason’s vision, supplemented by the constitutional philosophy of James Buchanan and Joseph Schumpeter’s theory of entrepreneurial capitalism, would be a better path for middle class citizens to follow, in 2023, than trying to rehabilitate Madison’s failed representative republic.” Vass added.

The forthcoming book by Vass will be her 14th book, published at The Great American Business & Economics Press (Gabby Press dot com).

The recent  article on SSRN is her 130th scholarly article on their global platform. She is currently rated in the top .006 of over 1 million scholars who publish on the SSRN platform. (7429 out of 1,097,460).

About SSRN. SSRN is a global internet platform that distributes research articles by over 1 million scholars.

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