For immediate release: November 23, 2022. British Book Marketing Platform Reedsy Promotes New Book by North Carolina Economist, Laurie Thomas Vass.

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British Book Marketing Platform Reedsy Promotes New Book by North Carolina Economist, Laurie Thomas Vass.

Reedsy Discovery Launches “Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction.”

Reedsy Discovery, a London-based internet book platform launched a promotion for a new book by Laurie Thomas Vass, of GabbyPress, titled,

“Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction: Exploiting the Vulnerability of New World Order Corporate Globalism With Regional Blockchain Entrepreneurial Economic Growth.”

“Our thesis is that Clayton Christensen’s  blockchain computer algorithm can be easily applied to the regional entrepreneurial new venture creation process,” said Vass.

“Christensen’s  blockchain algorithm is beyond the ability of the New World Order corporations  to control or manipulate,” she added. [Clayton Christensen, The Third Answer: How Market-Creating Innovation Drives Economic Growth and Development, 2019.].

Vass explained that the New World Order is vulnerable to continuous technology innovation, and continuous regional economic growth. The economic and financial power of the corporations depends upon a static world economy that allows corporations to use global political power to direct the economic benefits of limited growth to themselves and their crony capitalist partners.

“Our book is intended for citizens who would like some economic  and political strategy to stop the encroachment of unelected and illegitimate power from disrupting national economic sovereignty,” Vass explained.

The book is available for purchase, in both printed ($21.99) and e-book, ($5.99), versions at all internet book platforms and at

About Reedsy Discovery: Reedsy is a global internet  community of over 1 million authors and 2,500 freelance professionals . Reedsy offers a comprehensive set of publishing services for authors and publishers to print and promote their books.

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