What Type of Event Starts the SHTF Conflagration?

What Type of Event Starts the SHTF Conflagration?

Who’s going to stop them? If we are going to survive the current regime then we must stand together. I’ve got your back. Do you have mine? Emerald Robinson, The Right Way.

Laurie Thomas Vass, CLP News Network, August 22, 2022.


In her recent Substack article, “The Biden Regime Goes Rogue,” Emerald Robinson begins to answer the burning question in the minds of 80 million Trump supporters.

In every casual conversation at the gas pump, with total strangers, or standing in the checkout line at Walmart, or at the bar for the Friday afternoon beer drinking session, the same question always pops up:

How is the conflagration going to start?

Everyone is prepping. Everyone is buying ammo and guns. Everyone is watching YouTube videos on what to do if the FBI knocks on your door at 3am, and how to survive the first 90 days, after SHTF.

Everyone knows the SHTF is coming, but no one can figure out how it will start.

Robinson points out in her article that,

“Consider the possibility that Democrats are seizing power permanently. They have the secret police and the corporate media and the federal government and the universities and Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Big Pharma and Wall Street on their side. They’ve already crossed the line — as the raid on Trump’s mansion made clear to most Americans — so why [should Merrick Garland] stop now?”

The clue that Robinson provides about the event that starts the conflagration is in her last sentence:

I’ve got your back. Do you have mine?

In order to understand her point, it is necessary to review the training videos for the new 88,000 IRS police agents who are required to use lethal force against innocent citizens.

In one training video, the agents are shown breaking into a middle class suburban home, in swat team formation, with AR-15s drawn and aimed at an imaginary citizen.

From that point in the video, imagine that the IRS agents are successful in killing the innocent citizen. The citizen is innocent, because in the Former United States of America, [FUSA] a citizen is innocent, until proven guilty.

Except in this video, the citizen was killed by the IRS agents.

In the psychology of Marxism, the citizen is guilty, before the fact, of being a  terrorist threat, and the IRS agents are justified in the use of lethal force in eliminating a non-Marxist.

Cristina Laila, in her August 16, 2022 Gateway Pundit article on the FBI report “Domestic Violent Extremists,” notes that,

“The DHS told its agents that Americans who discuss topics such as “government overreach” and “election fraud” are a threat.”

Laila could have added that the citizens who question the government are a threat to the promotion of Marxism, not a threat to public health and safety.

Just like in Merrick Garland’s depiction of Trump, who is judged guilty as a domestic terrorist, because he represents a threat to the Marxist New World Order.

What type of person is drawn to the IRS job description where the required skill is the willingness to kill innocent citizens?

A dedicated brain-dead Marxist, who despises non-Marxist, and who will follow orders to shoot-to-kill innocent citizens. They are commonly called “Democrats.”

Who will give the order to shoot-to-kill?

Merrick Garland, a dedicated Marxist tyrant, who seeks what Marx called “sanctification through revolution.”

For Marxist true believers, the overthrow of the capitalist system must be sanctified, or morally justified, in order to believe in the moral righteousness of killing non-believers.

The Marxists deeply believe in the moral righteousness of their cause.

Garland contemplated the approval of the raid on Trump’s residence for 3 weeks, before giving the order to assault the premise. He believes his decision is morally sanctified.

Garland will not wait that long to issue his order to shoot-to-kill citizens.

Who is going to stop him? Not the dead citizen, killed by the IRS agents. who was denied her 6th Amendment right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury,

Her constitutional rights died on the night of November 3, 2020, the same night the Democrats killed the American constitution.

Robinson is correct. The Democrat Marxists have gone rogue. And, they are not going to give up their illegitimate power.

Robinson states, “Consider the possibility that Democrats are seizing power permanently.”

The awesome, awful, centralized power of Leviathan, created by Madison, is now in the hands of the Marxist Democrats, permanently.

It will be the Marxist Democrats who start the SHTF, not Trump MAGA conservatives. The Marxists will use lethal force to hang onto their illegitimate power, just like all Marxist tyrants, throughout history, who have killed their enemies.

The 88,000 brain-dead IRS Marxists have been well trained to fire the first shots in their secret, deliberate, cowardly, 3am IRS raids on citizens.

Patrick Henry predicted that this would be the outcome for common, middle class citizens in Madison’s centralized Leviathan. In his June 5, 1788, speech against ratification, Henry stated,

“It [Madison’s constitution] is otherwise most clearly a consolidated government… the principles of this system are extremely pernicious, impolitic, and dangerous…The rights of conscience, trial by jury, liberty of the press, all your immunities and franchises, all pretensions to human rights and privileges, are rendered insecure…Did you ever read of any revolution in a nation, brought about by the punishment of those in power, inflicted by those who had no power at all? where a few neighbors cannot assemble without the risk of being shot by a hired soldiery, [IRS agents] the engines of despotism…I dread the operation of it on the middling and lower classes of people. It is for them I fear the adoption of this [Madison’s] system.”

At the end of his speech in the Virginia legislature, against ratification, Henry quoted the passage in Virginia’s constitution, written by George Mason, which describes a natural, God-given right of citizens:

Henry states,

“Let me read that clause of the Bill of Rights of Virginia which relates to this: third clause. “That Government is or ought to be instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community: Of all the various modes and forms of Government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured against the danger of mal-administration, and that whenever any Government shall be found inadequate, or contrary to those purposes, a majority of the community hath, an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.” This, Sir, is the language of democracy; that a majority of the community have a right to alter their Government when found to be oppressive.”

The Marxist government of Merrick Garland is an oppressive tyranny, led by an unelected, illegitimate, imbecile Marxist tyrant, and Madison’s constitution left the citizens with no way to get rid of the imbecile, or the deep state spy apparatus, which props up the imbecile.

Trump supporters have a God-given natural right to abolish this oppressive tyranny.

Robinson asks at the end of her article: “Do you have my back?”

And, that is how the conflagration begins:

When each of the 80 million Trump supporters make a moral decision to defend Robinson, to defend their neighbors, at the 3 am knock on the door, to defend each other against tyranny.

The conflagration begins when 80 million individual Trump supporters reply, “Yes, Emerald, we have your back. And, we are willing to die to protect your liberty.”

How will the SHTF violence end? When the Marxists and the Patriots agree on a cease fire, and agree to a civil dissolution of the FUSA into two separate nations:

  • The Socialist States of America
  • The Democratic Republic of America.

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” There is only one path back to liberty.

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