What Kind of Government Comes Next After SHTF and the Collapse of America? Laurie Thomas Vass, CLP News Network, August 15, 2022.

What Kind of Government Comes Next After SHTF and the Collapse of America?

Note to FBI agents and Merrick Garland: Our flag is the Battle of Bennington Flag, the first victory in the American War for Independence. It is not the Betsy Ross Flag.

Laurie Thomas Vass, CLP News Network, August 15, 2022.


In her recent article on the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, Inez Stepman speculates that the events of the week may be marked as the “end of the American republic.”

She thinks that the next phase of politics will be a period of partisan tit for tat between Democrats and Republicans. [The Mar-A-Lago Raid Could Mark The End Of The Republic, The Federalist, August 11, 2022].

After the tit for tat phase is over, Stepman thinks citizens may be in for a civil war.

She writes,

“It’s hard to see any other way forward from here that doesn’t end in civil war, street violence, or the rise of an American Caesar.” [SHTF].

We disagree with Stepman on all three counts. First, Madison’s representative republic ended on the night of November 3, 2020, not on August 8, 2022. The Mar-a-Lago raid is just the Marxist police state flexing its muscles over the political opposition.

Second, there is not going to be any tit for tat because the Republicans do not have any balls to engage in tit for tat. Tim Scott thinks the best idea is to let the FBI raid play out.

We began warning about the feckless, cowardly Republicans back in 2017, after gaining our impression of how Establishment Republican leaders treated Trump. [The Restoration of the American Natural Rights Republic: Correcting the Economic Consequences of the Republican Party Abdication of Natural Rights and Individual Liberty, Laurie Thomas Vass, Gabby Press, 2017].

We wrote then,

“With the advent of a global socialist ideology in the Democrat Party, the nation has entered into new unchartered territory. Madison’s constitutional arrangement was designed to pit the elite special financial interests in one political social class against the non-elites in the other party. He made the constitutional rules unbalanced and unfair, to benefit the financial elites. The socialists are poised and positioned to obtain the levers of power that had been reserved for the financial elites. At the same moment in history that the Democrats abandoned their allegiance to the middle class, the Republicans morphed into a global corporatist party, which no longer defends American sovereignty.”

There is nothing incompatible between the Marxist goal of a one-world Marxist tyranny, and the Republican mission of a corporatist New World Order. Both are held together by a totalitarian military spy apparatus, much like the model of citizen control in China.

The Republicans are not coming to the rescue of individual liberty. President Trump would have done a better job for MAGA if he had led his 80 million followers out of the Republican Party, and into a new MAGA Party, after the stolen election.

On Stepman’s third point about the impending civil war, many other writers have also been speculating that a civil war is a likely outcome between two irreconcilable visions of the American nation. [Is It Time for a National Divorce? Kurt  Schlichter, TownHall, July 14, 2022].

But, Stepman’s language that characterizes the era of violence after SHTF as civil war is inaccurate. The term civil war implies that the winners impose their government on the losers, in a continuing government, that combines both winners and losers.

If, [a very big IF] MAGA happened to be successful in winning a “civil war,” the Marxists would still be a part of the nation, and would still be undermining the principles of liberty.

After a civil war, the Marxists are not going to suddenly change into American patriots, and they are not going to voluntarily migrate to Canada, after SHTF.

There are not two authentic competing political parties in America, the Democrats and the Republicans. There are two competing ideologies, the individual liberty of MAGA and the slavery of Marxism.

MAGA does not seek a civil war with the Marxist Democrats because MAGA does not want anything to do with Democrats, ever again, after SHTF.

MAGA seeks a revolution and a clean historical break with the Marxists.

This idea that the United States has ended is hard for MAGA followers to accept, but the Former United States of America [FUSA] is over. The Democrats killed FUSA in their successful silent coup of 2020. [How The Democrats Killed America, CLP News Network, February 2018].

If, [a very big IF] MAGA wins the revolution, then the defects in Madison’s constitutional framework must be corrected to give common citizens more direct power to control the new national government.

Currently, We the people are milling around, aimlessly, watching an unelected, illegitimate imbecile Marxist tyrant destroy civil liberties, with no mechanism to get rid of him, or the Marxist deep state political machine that props up the imbecile.

We describe the features and outlines of this new democratic constitutional form of government as “state sovereignty,” and we argue that George Mason, and the original form of decentralized government, in the Articles of Confederation, [1781], would have been a better path than Madison’s centralized aristocracy of the Ruling Class [1787].

We argue, in our book, After the Collapse of America, [Gabby Press, 2019] that Madison’s constitution is defective because Madison envisioned the main political issue as social class conflict between the natural aristocracy and common citizens [deporables].

We wrote,

“Madison substituted class competition between the elites and common citizens for Jefferson’s Res Publica. As a historical outcome of Madison’s flaw, the Democrat socialists today share no common cultural values with other American citizens. Translating the citizen’s consent of the governed into a public purpose of liberty was not relevant to Madison. Consequently, Madison’s system of elected representation left out a political party that defended and protected the natural rights of citizens…As President John Adams wrote in a letter to Benjamin Stoddert, the two political parties that had come into existence had defined financial ends, not the Res Publica of America…“The reason,” noted Adams, is that we have no Americans in America. The Federalistists have been no more Americans than the anties…Jefferson had a party. Hamilton had a party, but the commonwealth had none. In other words, under Madison’s class conflict model of government, liberty would have required its own political party. Liberty would be seen as just another special interest, like the financial interests of the natural aristocracy.”

Madison feared “the people,” and his constitution removed the agencies of the central government from their control. The agencies of government are permanently in the hands of the deep state spy apparatus, all of them united in the common cause and common ideology of global Marxism.

We argue that after SHTF, a better form of government is a constitutional democratic republic, which defines the mission of government as the protection and preservation of individual liberty.

The new Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America must be ratified by the citizens in the states that choose to join the new Union.

The purpose of the convention of states is to manage the citizen’s referendum in each state that provides citizens with a choice of 3 constitutional options:

  1. Allow the citizens of a state to vote to maintain its membership in the current U. S. constitutional framework, to be called the Former United States. [FUSA].
  2. Allow the citizens to vote to join the Socialist States of America, in confederation with California.
  3. Allow the citizens to join the Democratic Republic of America, the new natural rights republic.

We describe the features of the proposed new constitution in our book, The Principles of Government, The Declaration of Citizen Rights, and the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America. [Gabby Press, 2021].

We wrote this document to provide natural rights conservatives with a first draft of our thoughts about What Kind of Government Comes Next After SHTF and the Collapse of America?

We consider our contribution as a first step in developing an ideology of individual liberty that vanquishes the ideology of Marxist collectivism.

The rule of law, and the rules of the free market are being violated every day, and it is silly propaganda for RINOs to suggest that “we can go back.”

That part of American history ended on November 3, 2020.

The better path for middle and working class citizens is to embrace a new entrepreneurial capitalist future, in a new constitutional democratic republic, where the mission of government is the protection of individual liberty.

There is only one path back to liberty.

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