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North Carolina Economist Obtains 4-Star Review Fro…
July, 2022 @
North Carolina Economist Obtains 4-Star Review From British Book Reviewer for America’s Final Revolution.


For Immediate Release: Brunswick County, North Carolina. July 19, 2022

Contact Laurie Thomas Vass.

Alice Bennett, a reviewer on the British book review website, Reedsy, has given the new book, America’s Final Revolution, [GabbyPrss, 2022], by Laurie Thomas Vass, a 4-star review, with the emoji “Loved It!”

Bennet has been reviewing books on Reedsy since 2014, She has won numerous achievement badges, from Reedsy, for her work.

In her review of Vass’ book, Bennett writes:

“In her work, Vass argues that Thomas Jefferson’s vision of the American Dream was undermined by James Madison version of the Constitution. A document that closely mimicked the British structure of power, Madison’s provided a framework for the elite classes to maintain control and wealth whilst suppressing the working and middle class populous of America.”

Vass responded by stating,

“Bennett got my argument exactly right about the two versions of the American Dream. Jefferson’s American Dream embraces individual liberty and entrepreneurial capitalism that empowers prosperity for common citizens.”

Bennett concludes her review with both praise and a criticism that Vass over uses the term “Marxist Democrat.” She states:

“I found Vass’ work a thought-provoking read, offering a differing perspective on one of the founding pillars of American society. It is well researched and utilises a significant amount of primary and secondary sources to support the argument, alongside reputable economic and social Historians. The author’s personal views could be veiled better, for example the repeated and broad use of the term “Marxist Democrats” to describe the political left is a tad overplayed.”

About Reedsy: Reedsy was founded in the summer of 2014 by Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Vincent Durand and Matt Cobb. Reedsy is comprised of a community of over 1 million authors and 2,500 freelance professionals, and has assisted bringing more than 15,000 books to market each year.

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