The Futility of The Republican Party In Confronting China’s New World Order.


Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

July 11, 2022.

A recent news story in The Federalist, an internet news website, reported that the Biden Administration was shipping the nation’s strategic oil reserves to China. [Biden Sold Oil From Emergency Reserves To Chinese Gas Giant Tied To His Scandal-Plagued Son, Tristan Justice, The Federalist, July 8, 2022].

A second news story in RealClearPolitics describes the Biden family’s business dealings with China, as a possible explanation of why Biden is shipping oil to China. [Biden Family Business In Russia, Ukraine, China Has To Be Part Of The Conversation, Tim Hains, RealClear Politics, March 22, 2022].

In the RealClearPolitics article, Peter Schweitzer states,

“We’re talking about the millions that the Biden family has received (from 3 countries), that needs to be part of the conversation and discussion. You can’t separate their personal financial interests that the decisions that he [Biden] has to make in this situation.”

Absent from the recent news about Biden’s oil shipments to China is any mention of the Republican Party’s efforts to oppose or resist the apparent corruption of the Biden family’s global business operations.

The official media relations of the Republican Party institutional organization offers no coherent or unified political opposition to the on-going, relentless, Marxist Democrat assault on American culture or political system.

In other words, the national Republican Party fails to confront the loss of national sovereignty under the New World Order’s initiative, that replaces the American state sovereignty model of government with a one-world authoritarian Marxist government, administered by global corporations and the United Nations.

The absence of news about the Republican Party policies on the New World Order is not an oversight by the nation’s corporate-controlled media. The absence of news about globalism is a part of the cancel culture that prohibits discussion of topics that do not support the agenda of the New World Order to eradicate national sovereignty.

Topics such as Alex Berenson’s articles about the dangers of the Covid vaccines are cancelled from Twitter. Articles that do not support the global climate change narrative, such as Mark Steyn’s hockey stick articles are censored. Articles and news about the stolen election of 2020 are censored and cancelled by the corporate-controlled media.

The explanation of the media cancel culture is that the future New World Order can only exist in a totalitarian society where there is only one version of the truth.

And, the major truth that must not be spoken about the institutional Republican Party is that the RINO-Republican Party colludes with the Marxist Democrats to promote globalism, based upon trade with China.

We argue in one of our CLP News Network articles that there are not two varieties of the Republican Party. There is not some shadowy mysterious political party of Non-Rino conservatives, and a second dominant party of RINO Republicans. [The Establishment Republican “Election Integrity” Scam: The Absurdity of Fixing the Voting System of a Failed Nation. February 2021].

There is only one Republican Party, comprised of leaders like Mitch McConnell, Mittens Romney, Lindsey Graham, and North Carolina’s own favorite Senate RINO of 18 years, Richard Burr.

The one, and only true Republican Party obtains its major funding from large global corporations, who are members of the U. S. China Business Council, and the Business Roundtable, both responsible for implementing the trade deals with China, in 1999. [Who Is It In America That Is Responsible For Implementing the Trade Agreements With China? CLP News Network. March 2022.]

The large corporations support the agenda of the New World Order, they control the global political policies of the RINO-Republicans, they provide millions of dollars to the Marxist Black Lives Matter, and control the news reporting on the global corporate media outlets.

Michael Washburn,  in his article, American Business Elites Have Become Lobbyists for China, (The Epoch Times, June 15, 2022), explains that the close connection between large corporations and the promotion of the Chinese New World Order is based upon profits obtained from producing products in slave labor camps in China, and selling the goods at higher prices in the Western societies, at huge profits.

Washburn cites the threat from China’s New World Order by citing the testimony of Representative Darin LaHood (R-Il.), who issued a stark warning about what he sees as the danger China poses to the world.

LaHood is quoted,

“They [China] continue to steal our intellectual property, they continue to not abide by the same rules and standards that every industrialized country in the world does…China has a plan to replace us, [United States] economically, militarily, you can go down the list there.”

Ryan Lovelace, writing in The Washington Times,(Wednesday, June 29, 2022), cites research conducted by the Quincy Institute, a foreign policy think tank, that demonstrates the profits from corporate-sponsored corruption in lobbying on behalf of Chinese interests.

Lovelace writes,

“At least 90 lawmakers became foreign agents after exiting Congress since 2000…Of the 90 former lawmakers, 49 are Republicans and 41 are Democrats… China had spent more on foreign agent registrants than any other country since 2016…As spending has accelerated, so has China’s practice of hiring former lawmakers, with seven former members representing their interests in the past four years alone.”

It should be noted, that the research cited by Lovelace only covers paid, registered, professional lobbyists for China. The research does not cover unregistered lobbyists, like the Biden family.

As we note in our new book, Updating Schumpeter’s Gales of Creative Destruction, (Gabby Press, 2022), the CEO of Honeywell boasted during the Congressional Normal Trade Relation hearings in 2000,

“The corporate logic of admitting China into the World Trade Organization [WTO], was summarized, in 2000, by Michael Bonsignore, CEO of Honeywell, in his testimony to Congress, in favor of Normal Trade Relations, with China. Bonsignore, was the lead corporate lobbyist for the Business Roundtable, and he stated that Honeywell was doing over half a billion dollars, annually, in supply chain trade with China.

Bonsignore stated,

“On virtually every Boeing aircraft shipped to China, Honeywell’s avionics, auxillary power units, wheels, and brakes are on board. We ship industrial instruments and systems to help modernize a wide range of Chinese industries, from pulp and paper to petrochemicals.”

After China was admitted to the WTO, the Chinese government used Honeywell’s technology to create nuclear missile guidance systems that can land a nuclear bomb within 80 yards of its intended target.”

The stealing of IP by Chinese entities has cost the United States an estimated $225 billion to $600 billion per year in recent years, according to the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property.

James Palmer, the deputy editor of Foreign Policy, a Washington-based magazine, stated,

“We’ve seen an unwillingness to cooperate with theft, but none of that really dissuades businesses from wanting to get into [the Chinese] market, to get the benefits of cheap labor, and cheap labor unencumbered by unions, because if there’s one thing the CCP hates, it’s unions,”

It is ridiculous for 80 million Trump supporters to believe that Trump can change the Republican Party into a legitimate, authentic opposition to the Marxist Democrats, or change the Republican Party into a fighting machine to confront China.

Trump’s efforts to recreate the Republican Party in the MAGA image are as futile as hoping that the corporate Republicans will confront the New World Order.

J.B. Shurk writes in his article, 6 Ways McConnell Betrays the Republican Base, (American Thinker, June 24, 2022),

“McConnell is what most Republicans have come to despise: a politician who does the bidding of corporate lobbyists, not his constituents.  He’s a globalist in an America First party. And nobody trusts McConnell’s obsession with Russia when he turns a blind eye to China’s genocide, market manipulation, and aggression.  As Peter Schweizer has well documented, McConnell’s family has made too much money from the Chinese Communist Party to know who his real friends are.  Should war with China become inevitable, McConnell is a liability.”

We argue in our new book about globalism that the RINO Republican Party treats natural rights conservatives with greater disdain than the Democrats treat Black and Latino citizens.[Updating Schumpeter’s Creative Gales of Destruction: Exploiting the Vulnerability of New World Order Corporate Globalism With Regional Blockchain Entrepreneurial Economic Growth. Gabby Press, 2022].

We argue that President Trump made a strategic mistake, after the election of 2020 was stolen, by trying to re-create the RINO-Republican Party into a fresh-faced MAGA Republican Party.

A better idea for natural rights conservatives is to support Georgetown University Law School Professor Rosa Brooks’ initiative to create a new constitution, for their own new socialist nation, so that the Marxists can peacefully migrate to their new Socialist States of America.

Appearing as an MSNBC guest on the program ReidOut,, Brooks stated, “We [Black people] be ‘Slaves’to [United States] ancient’ constitution causing tragedies.” (Pam Key, Breitbart News July 5, 2022).

Brooks is quoted,

“The U.S. Constitution was written by a tiny group of white slave-owning men…we are essentially slaves to a document that was written more than 230 years ago by a tiny group of white slave-owning men. And we [Black peoples] cannot break out of the bondage that we have imposed on ourselves from feeling like we have to– everything by our Supreme Court is decided in reference to this ancient document which is just not serving us well. It is causing enormous problems and enormous tragedies at this point.”

The Democrat Marxist solution for the division in America is more centralized Marxist power in the hands of Marxists, like Professor Brooks, in a New World Order, and less citizen participatory democratic power in the hands of citizens in the states.

The cultural and ideological differences between natural rights conservatives and large global corporations, and Democrat Marxists in support of the New World Order, are too great to overcome.

The differences are irreconcilable, under the current Constitution.

Nothing will get better hoping that the RINO-Republican Party will soon adopt an America First agenda.

Trump would have done a better job promoting liberty, and protecting national sovereignty from the New World Order, after the successful Democrat Marxist coup of 2020, if he had led his 80 million voters into a new conservative party.

The mission of that new conservative party is to lead an American middle class revolt against the New World Order.

About Gabby Press: GABBY is short for The Great American Business & Economics Press. The political ideology of Gabby books is natural rights conservative. Rather than dwell upon the daily news of “he-said, she-said,” between Democrats and Republicans, our mission is to describe a pathway to the future for natural rights conservatives. We believe there is only one path back to liberty.

Our new book describes a vulnerability in the New World Order, based upon the concept of replacing global crony corporate capitalism with a new American entrepreneurial capitalist economy, under a new Democratic Republic constitution that states that the mission of government is to protect individual liberty.