The 1776 Death of Private John Grady and the Restoration of the American Spirit of Individual Liberty.


Laurie Thomas Vass, The CLP News Network

In recent weeks, a number of conservative writers have been claiming that the ideological divide in the United States is leading to a permanent dissolution, or, as Wayne Root calls it, an “American Divorce.”

The news website, Just the News, is reporting that about 28% of American voters are so alienated with government that they think “it will soon be necessary to take up arms,” against the government.

The fundamental ideological division is between a society based upon the concept of individual liberty versus the concept of a society based upon social group identity.

For example, Frank Liberato, writing in American Thinker, (June 14, 2022), suggests that the Democrat Marxists seek to eliminate the concept of American Individualism, and replace it with the concept of social group justice.

Liberato writes,

“Their [Marxist] war on the middle class and the Bill of Rights is so thoroughly immoral that it’s difficult for most people to believe it’s happening…in an increasingly violent and lawless nation, there are very few ways left for Americans to defend themselves from thugs of all varieties.”

While Liberato is accurate in his analysis of the dysfunction in the government, he offers a weak solution to the irreconcilable conflict between Marxism and individual liberty.

His solution is that more and better elections, or voting harder, will solve the conflict.

He writes,

“We must not only win fair and square but also overcome all the fraud that is surely going to play a part in this election. We must turn out in numbers that will leave no doubt. Only then will we be able to once again “breathe the free air” and begin the long process of renewal.”

Elections between Democrats and Republicans, and voting harder, will not solve the American divide. The Marxists will still be here, after any future election victory, and will continue to undermine the cultural and economic institutions of the nation.

Steve McCann, writing in American Thinker, ( June 16, 2022), gets a little bit closer to the solution to the conflict by placing it in the context of the conflict between the Ruling Class and the middle and working classes of American society.

McCann writes,

“Ominous societal conditions have been created that risk national dissolution or a civil war…Unless and until the ruling elites/radical left are bludgeoned into waking up to the stark reality facing this nation and abandon their ideologically driven authoritarian mindset, this nation will, in due course, risk either dissolution or a potential civil war.”

McCann fails to state what type of society comes after the Marxist Ruling Class is bludgeoned into submission.

And, he gets the terminology wrong in the distinction between a civil war and a revolution. Patriots do not seek a civil war with Marxists, where the winners rule over the losers after the War ends, in a continuing government.

Patriots seek a total revolutionary break with the Marxists, so that after the Final American revolution, the Marxists rule themselves, in their own new nation.

This break in societal continuity is very similar to the advice that General Winfred Scott gave to Lincoln to avoid the Civil War.

According to Noah Feldman, in The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of America, (November 2, 2021), Scott advised Lincoln to just “let them go.”

Feldman writes,

“That left Scott with his fourth option to let the South go. The general expressed himself poetically: “Say to the seceded States — wayward sisters, depart in peace!”

The phrase “Go in peace,” had also been used by anti-Federalists, in 1787, because letting the slave states go in peace would have allowed Jefferson’s version of the American Dream, under the Articles of Confederation, to be realized in the non-slave states, and the Northwest Territories.

The “Go in Peace,” strategy for resolving the conflict is promoted by Wayne Root, in his recent column, The Perfect Roe vs Wade Ruling by Supreme Court Will Lead to Perfect Solution for America’s Divide: DIVORCE, American-Style. (June 24, 2022).

Root states,

“Now red states & blue states can go their separate ways- just as the Founding Fathers envisioned…The peaceful solution is to separate. It’s time to go our separate ways. We can’t live together. There is no longer compromise possible- the divide is too wide.”

We agree with Root’s solution to the Marxist coup that overthrew Madison’s representative republic.

We cite the heroic death of Private John Grady, in January of 1776, in Currie, North Carolina, who fought and died for liberty, against King George.

As we describe in our video about John Grady, he did not die shouting “We fight for Marxism and slavery!”

Nor, did the soldiers who died on the beaches of Normandy die with their last breath, uttering, “We die for Marxism.”

The soldiers died in the cause of individual liberty.

Like the three writers cited above, all natural rights conservatives know that something has gone terribly wrong in America.

What started out as a nation full of potential and opportunity for individuals to achieve economic prosperity has turned into a nightmare of a centralized Marxist tyranny.

Our book offers a historical analysis of when, and how, Jefferson’s version of the American Dream went so wrong.

We argue that the differences between conservatives and Marxist Democrats are irreconcilable because the two visions of the American Dream are incompatible.

No cultural or ideological values bind the two sides into a shared common understanding on the mission of the nation.

Rather than continuing to fight with the Democrat Marxists over a hopelessly dysfunctional government, or hoping that the fraudulent election system can be fixed, we believe that a better idea, for conservatives, is to start over at the point in history of Jefferson’s document of 1776.

Our book is intended to begin the debate on how best to reconstruct Jefferson’s Dream of an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society.


About Laurie Thomas Vass: Vass is the author of 12 books at Gabby Press.  She is a regional economist and a constitutional economist. Her political ideology is natural rights conservative.