Excerpt from Ch 9 Re-constructing Jefferson’s American Dream of an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society.

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To summarize our arguments, Madison’s constitution was immoral because it perpetuated slavery, because it disenfranchised the sovereignty of the consent of the governed of common citizens, and was implemented in a fraudulent ratification process.

The only shred of legitimacy of consent of the governed in Madison’s rules was the ability of the common citizens to vote, periodically, on the elites who would rule them.

And, that last shred of legitimacy was violated on November 3, 2020, when the Democrat Marxists overthrew the representative republic to install their version of a more perfect Marxist union.

We disagree both with the historical analysis of Democrat Marxists that America was founded upon the sin of slavery, in 1619, and their solution of a collectivist communist tyranny.

America was founded in 1775, under Jefferson’s promise of liberty, and codified under the Articles of Confederation, of 1781.

In contrast, the United States Government was founded in 1787, under Madison’s constitution that empowered the elite over the common citizens.

The Democrat Marxists are correct that Madison’s constitution protected slavery, not because slavery was the essential value that held national elites together, but because protecting slavery in the South was essential to maintaining elite rule in the North.

Madison said that the Senate needed to be a “check on the democracy. It can not be made too strong.”

That “check on democracy” is now in the hands of Marxist Democrats, who staged America’s second coup, in November 2020, overthrowing Madison’s representative republic.

It was the flaws in Madison’s rules for creating the British social class system in America that allowed the Marxists to gain their illegitimate power. In their ascendancy to illegitimate power, they simply replaced the Ruling Class, to gain unchecked control over Madison’s Leviathan.

There is no force in Madison’s framework to compel the elected representatives, of either political party, to represent the common good, or the public purpose.

Once the elected representatives arrive in DC, they collaborate with the special financial interests to enrich themselves.

We argue that, during the Gilded Age, there was no logical or moral justification, for common citizens to have been mistreated by the Plutocrats. Under a different constitutional configuration, that promoted Jefferson’s concept of the American Dream, they would not have suffered.

We argue that there is no macro-economic marginal price theoretical reason for the economy to collapse every ten years. The economic instability is caused by Madison’s constitutional rules, not by a failure in the price system of the competitive free market.

We revise Sumner’s phrase “the forgotten man” to mean, today, that the financial and economic interests of working and middle class citizens are not represented in the centralized, deep-state, Marxist tyranny.

We argue that the Ruling Class, from 1787, on, had a coherent, unified social class consciousness that allowed them to pursue their social class preferences, under Madison’s constitution.

The middle class and working class citizens never developed a social class awareness of their financial interests, and have never pursued their social class preferences, except for the brief moment in history of the Agrarian Revolt.

Our argument concludes that natural rights conservatives and patriots, today, who are trying to resurrect, or reconstruct Madison’s constitution, in order to defeat the Marxist Democrats, are on a fool’s errand.

Madison and Hamilton created a ruling class plutocracy, and going back to their “founding” would not resolve the conflict in the two visions of the American dream.

And, restoring Madison’s centralized government would not eradicate the grip that the Democrat Marxists have on the deep state Leviathan.

Our argument about the fallacy of going back to Madison’s constitution to eradicate Marxism echoes Lincoln’s argument about the Slaveocracy going back to Madison’s constitution, instead of seceding.

As noted by Feldman, Lincoln stated,

“The only solution Lincoln offered to the crisis was to “go back to [the] old policy. If you would have the peace of the old times, readopt the precepts and policy of the old times.”

That advice to the Southern states was as false then for dealing with the issue of slavery, as the strategy of resurrecting Madison’s constitution today for dealing with the issue of Marxist Democrats.

We offer a better strategy for common citizens to both eradicate the Marxist threat to liberty, and to eradicate the power of the global corporate state that undermines national sovereignty.

A better idea is to start over at the point of history of Jefferson’s Declaration, and reconstruct Jefferson’s American Dream of an entrepreneurial capitalist society.