Excerpt from Chapter 4 of forthcoming GabbyPress Book: America’s Final Revolution.

January 22, 2022

Chapter 4. George Mason’s Anti-Federalist Arguments Against Ratification.

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From Chapter 4:

“George Mason, and the other anti-federalists, relied upon this new shared national identity of individual liberty, when they argued against ratification of Madison’s document.

The mistake in judgment of George Mason was that he falsely assumed that the Federalists also shared this cultural value of individual freedom.

There was not, in 1787, any commonly-shared cultural values between George Mason and James Madison, similar in concept to today, when there are no shared cultural value held between Democrat Marxists and natural rights conservatives.

Jefferson’s concept of equal liberty leads to one version of the American Dream of equal economic opportunity. The shared cultural values of economic and political equality are essential for the operation of a democratic republic because the values establish the condition for voluntary allegiance to obey the rule of law.”