Citizens Liberty Party News Network Response to Anton and Braddock on the Issue Of Civil Dissolution.

January 5, 2022: Notes on the American Civil Dissolution.

Citizens Liberty Party News Network Response to Anton and Braddock on the Issue Of Civil Dissolution.

Both writers, (see their excerpts below), offer opinions on what to do about the Marxist Democrat Party political coup, that overthrew Madison’s representative republic.

Braddock suggests that conservatives just try harder to get along with the Marxists. He writes

“The American population has always been divided. That is not a particularly new phenomenon, nor is it unique to America…They will never leave us alone. And they will never let us go. Why would they?”

We agree that the nation has been divided since 1787 when Madison implemented a British social class system between the virtuous natural aristocracy, and common citizens.

Braddock correctly notes that the Marxists will never leave us alone.

Even if conservatives manage to win elections, the Marxists are not suddenly agree to obey the rule of law, and they are not going to stop their efforts to subvert liberty.

The differences between Marxists and conservatives are irreconcilable.

The bigger flaw in Braddock’s logic concerns his concept of sovereignty. When King George transferred the Crown’s sovereignty to the American citizens, the citizens became the sovereign power.

The sovereignty of the citizens means that citizens have the right to alter or abolish the current government.

When Madison used the term, “We, the people” he transferred sovereignty to the political elites, who possessed virtue. We, the people, for Madison, meant the 38 elites who drafted the rules of constitutional civil procedure, for the benefit of the natural aristocracy.

“We, the people”, for Madison, did not mean a citizen participatory democracy of majority rule.

Anton asks, “from the Blues perspective: why not just let the baddies go?”

His answer reveals the truth of the Marxist Democrat economic dilemma. The Marxist have no coherent theory of economic growth, and they must subjugate the conservatives in order to continue obtaining tax revenues from the conservatives who make the American economy work.

The CLP response to the issue of civil disunion is to start over, at the point of history of Jefferson’s Declaration, and reconstruct his American dream of an entrepreneurial capitalist society. See the new book we are writing: America’s Final Revolution: Reconstructing Jefferson’s American Dream of An Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society.

Excerpts from Blue America’s Messaging Problem. Michael Anton

Fighting the impulse for national divorce with spousal abuse.

from the Blues perspective: why not just let the baddies go? If not in a “national divorce,” then at least through “radical federalism”?

But elite Blues are seeking something from Reds. acquiescence. Acceptance. Quietude. Compliance. Obedience. Fealty. Even gratitude. Blue America makes very clear to Red: There will be no compromise. You are evil merely for wanting it, much less voting for it. Should you manage, against our every effort and precaution, to elect people who threaten to enact these things, we will be justified in “resisting”—i.e., blocking implementation by any means necessary—to protect “our democracy.”

“Democracy” now means not the rule or sovereignty of the people but the fiat of elites and “experts.” When the people can be persuaded, duped, or bullied into ratifying expert insistence, so much the better.

We must rule you, punitively, forever.

Excerpts from “The Ridiculous Fantasy of a National Divorce,” By Benjamin Braddock.

The solution is not some sort of secession or civil war. The solution is for the Right to stop being rank amateurs when it comes to politics and governance. We have to learn from the Left in order to defeat it.

The American population has always been divided. They will never leave us alone.

And once in power, [the conservatives] must actually use that power to purge or destroy the institutions responsible for brainwashing so many of our countrymen.

There is only one path back to liberty