Episode 75. Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil: The Case Against Trump in 2024.

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Episode 75. The Citizens Liberty Party News Network
Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil: The Case Against Trump in 2024.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is the introduction to a copyrighted production of the CLP News Network. Our podcast is titled Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil: The Case Against Trump in 2024.
We begin our argument against Trump in 2024 with a citation to Sebastian Gorka’s recent article that Trump would do things differently, after Trump wins the 2024 election.
Gorka’s unstated premise is that Trump has learned valuable lessons about American politics that would cause him to modify his policies to correct the mistakes he made in his first term.
The flaw in Gorka’s unstated premise is that the American political reality has changed, permanently, and the characteristics of Trump’s leadership style have not changed to fit the emergence of the changed reality of Marxist Democrats.
The MAGA policies that worked in 2017 are not relevant for confronting the evils of the Marxist tyranny. Marxism is an evil, coherent, dangerous ideology that requires something more than ephemeral MAGA policies to vanquish.

MAGA is a set of superficial, temporary policy options. Trump is a pragmatist. His 2017 MAGA policies were aimed at fixing the American economy and limiting illegal immigration. His ephemeral policy victories were undone in the first 10 days of Biden’s illegitimate regime.
Gorka identifies 3 policy areas that Trump would do differently, after 2024:
• Trump would confront the deep state bureaucracy by firing leftist federal employees,
• he would confront the left-wing media, and
• he would confront the RINO Republican Party’s collaboration with Marxist Democrats.
Gorka states,
“We must take no prisoners. That means be a conservative in the face of an utterly radicalized and anti-American Left. ..We have to destroy the deep state once and for all. The idea that unelected bureaucrats like Alexander Vindman or Miles Taylor …With regard to the lying legacy media and the fascist masters of social media, there are only a few options…As for the RINOs and the perverse educational system we have allowed the radicals to build, and the paucity of the MAGA bench, I hope you will allow me to dedicate a whole piece to those topics.”
The first part of our argument against Trump in 2024 is hidden in Gorka’s emphasis on reinstating “MAGA policy,” not on fighting a revolutionary ideological war with Democrat Marxists.
The changed reality when Gorka speaks of the perverse educational critical race theory, is that the Marxists are now in control of the federal government, with support and collusion with RINOs.
Critical race theory is an essential component of the Democrat Marxist ideology that is left unchallenged by MAGA policies. The Marxist critical race theory is a moral ideology that must be defeated by a moral ideology of liberty.
Trump is not well-schooled in the American liberty ideological lineage of Locke-Jefferson-Lincoln, and he was inept at defending that lineage of American liberty because he refuses to confront the premeditated Marxist evil in a revolutionary war scenario.
Trump’s entire 2024 strategy hinges on first taking over the establishment Republican Party, in order for him to win election, after which, he hopes to implement his revised MAGA agenda.
Part of our argument against Trump is that the immediate, urgent, crisis is to vanquish Marxism, yet Trump is focused on a quixotic venture to remold the Republican Party in the MAGA image.
His conception of politics is to work within the existing Republican Party to gain his own election victory. His own election victory, in 2024, comes too late to recover liberty, lost by the delay of Trump’s prevarication.
Recovering liberty requires a revolutionary leader, along the lines of Jefferson or Washington, who leads a mass social movement of 75 million patriots to restore liberty.
Recovering liberty does not depend on re-shaping the Republican Party so that Trump can be elected.
The revolutionary leader needed now to restore liberty is one who confronts the evil of Marxism, not one who called both Xi Jinping and Anthony Fauci “great guys,” prior to them unleashing their bio weapons against American citizens.
A revolutionary leader would have discerned the threat to liberty, long before the 2020 election fraud, and placed Federal Marshalls at the polling places to stop the Marxist coup.
After the successful Marxist coup, a revolutionary leader would have created an alternative political party to lead the mass social movement to dislodge the Marxists.
Gorka’s first false assumption is that that there will be something of institutional and cultural value left in American society, in 2024, after Biden’s illegal usurpation of unelected power to impose Marxism.
A more realistic appraisal of the changed reality of American politics is that the Marxist Democrats were successful in their coup. Americans are living in a changed reality, and that reality is that the Marxists will never relinquish, voluntarily, their power.
We agree with Rudy Giuliani that Americans are living under an illegitimate Marxist tyranny.
Giuliani said,
“ Democrats want a country where their dictates are the law, and they’ve already accomplished core socialist tenets, like demolishing the rule of law and raising taxes to confiscatory levels to seize property…We’re really being ruled from the top, we’re a dictatorship.”
Even if so-called “election integrity” is restored, and even if, Democrats are defeated in 2022 and 2024, the Marxist threat is a permanent feature of the changed American reality.
The evil of Democrat Marxist race hatred is a permanent feature of American politics because it is an essential component of Marxist ideology.
The designation of Trump voters as terrorists is a permanent feature of Marxist ideology.
The branding of the Republican Party as racist is a permanent feature of American politics.
The weaponization of the legal system to punish innocent citizens who are judged guilty for political wrong-think is essential to the Marxist ideology of purging the society of opposition.
They will never stop undermining the system of justice and natural rights of citizens. They will never stop their false narratives that Russia intervened to help Trump, that the Covid did not originate in the Wuhan lab, that January 6 was an armed insurrection, and that Biden won the election.
The new political reality is that the older form of two-party partisan politics is over, replaced by a permanent race war between Marxists and natural rights conservatives.
The new American political reality is that the evil of Marxism is a permanent strategy to destroy the liberty of individuals. The emergence of that Marxist reality requires an immediate response, not a 4-year delayed response, that may or may not materialize, given the unlikely prospect of Trump displacing the RINOs.
Gorka’s second false assumption is that the Republican Party is a credible, legitimate opponent of Marxism.
The problem of restoring liberty will not be undertaken by Republicans, who long ago abdicated their responsibility to defend liberty.
It is laughable that Trump seeks to first create a conservative mass movement within the Republican Party, before he confronts Marxism. (The Restoration of the American Natural Rights Republic: Correcting the Consequences of the Republican Party Abdication of Natural Rights and Individual Freedom, Vass, Laurie Thomas, Gabby Press, 2017).
Republicans are collaborators with the crony capitalist ruling class who use government agencies to direct financial benefits to themselves. The Republican Party does not have an ideology of liberty, it has a set of limited public relations talking points, used to attract conservative voters every 4 years.
The Republicans raised no opposition to the stolen election because they wanted to preserve their system of privileges by keeping the gravy train on track.
The Republicans did not come to the defense of Trump supporters held in federal prison, without due process, because they did not want to oppose the Democrat Marxist narrative of an insurrection of Trump voters on January 6, 2021.
The Republican response to Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure program is to offer a slim-downed $1 trillion plan, that would direct government spending to their own set of special interests.
We agree with the North Carolina Daily Haymaker blog that RINOs are the permanent, authentic Republican Party, who praise Trump as a matter of political convenience.
There are not two Republican Parties, one for the RINOs, and the other, a mythical conservative shadow group, who operate independent of the RINOs.
Haymaker states,
“RINOs have learned a lot about how to keep the Trump folks calm. Just pepper your campaign rhetoric with mentions of Trump’s name and how great he is. At the same time, you meet privately with your fellow RINOs — the ones with deep pockets — to explain that you’re saying all that pro-Trump stuff just to keep the unwashed Trumpists off your back. These RINO candidates then hit the trail painting themselves as “outsiders” ready to “drain the swamp” in DC.”
Trump suggests in his North Carolina address to the GOP convention that “the Republicans will take back the House in 2022.” We respond, “To what end?”
Trump offers no end goal to taking back the House because he has no coherent ideology to vanquish the Marxist Democrats. He states to the NC GOP convention to support candidates who share “our values”, carefully avoiding the description of what those values are.
For example, if Trump were to say, “We are going to take back the House in order to impeach the imbecile imposter Biden,” then his idea of taking back the House would have an ideological end goal.
Up until last month, “sharing our values,” meant sharing values with Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell.
In contrast to Gorka’s rosy scenario about a new, improved version of Trump, we offer a different view of the reality of America, which calls for a different type of leader that leads conservatives in the ideological, revolutionary war to restore liberty.
Trump did not get the job done, and he is not the right guy to lead a natural rights revolution in the future.
Voting harder, taking over your local Republican Party precinct, hoping for a Trump resurrection in August, or writing to your Congress woman is not a solution to the evil of Marxist tyranny.
The solution to ending the Marxist tyranny is national civil dissolution, and starting over with a new nation, and new constitution. (The Principles of Government, The Declaration of Citizen Rights, and the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America, Vass, Laurie Thomas, CLP News Network. Episode 74. May 24, 2021).
Trump would do more good by creating a liberty-focused 501(c) 4 to do the research and education on the evils of Marxism, and creating the institutional framework for the mass social movement to restore liberty.
MAGA is a set of policy options. It is not a moral theory of liberty that confronts Marx’s moral theory of the goodness of communism.
Neither Trump, nor the Republican Party, offers Trump voters the moral theory of liberty that can vanquish the Marxist Democrats.
Our podcast today is the introduction to a much longer written article, available for free, for one week at the CLP News Network. The entire archive of CLP articles are available for an annual subscription of $30, which includes the access to the conservative discussion forum for natural rights conservatives.
The other sections of the longer article are:
Section 1. The Urgency of Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil.
Section 2. Trump Voters Are A Cult of Liberty, Not a Cult of Personality.
Conclusion: Does a National Civil Dissolution Entail Violence?
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a copyrighted production of the CLP News Network.
Section 1. The Urgency of Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil.
We allege that the Marxist coup, in 2020, constitutes a premeditated evil act to deprive Trump voters of their God-given natural rights of liberty and self-government.
We argue that the pursuit of Marxist victory was so important to the Democrats that they did not care about the extent of the damage that they inflicted on Trump voters because they were morally certain that their vision of socialism was better than individualistic capitalism.
We cite Leonard Berkowitz, (1999), who concluded that the evil person calculates her gains from the evil act and weighs those gains against the losses suffered by the victims, knowing in advance that the evil act will cause harm.
Berkowitz states that, in making the calculation of gain against loss, that the evil person acknowledges moral responsibility for inflicting the harm.
Eliminating the liberty of Trump voters was worth the gain by Democrats in imposing Obama’s socialist vision of the good society.
Today, the Democrats are aware of their evil act, and seek to stop any investigation of the vote fraud, because they know they are guilty of a coup.
We define the institutional evil of the Marxist Democrats in the same way Hannah Arendt defines it in Origins of Totalitarianism (1951).
Arendt was explaining the origins and operation of the evil of the Nazi regime as a way of deriving a general theory of totalitarianism. Her theory encompasses both the rulers of the Third Reich, and those bystanders in German society, like the RINOs today, who failed to confront the evil of the stolen election.
In her concept of radical evil, the Nazi regime viewed Jews as lesser human beings, similar in concept to how Marxists view Trump voters as terrorists.
The Nazis thought that the humanity of Jews could be denied in order to claim the higher social value of the Third Reich’s collective society.
This is like the Marxist moral authority that the humanity, and civil liberties of Trump voters can be denied in order to reach the higher social value of communism.
Arendt explains that the radical evil of the Nazis was not grounded in human reason or rationality.
The motive for the evil was to make the German society function as a consolidated, uniform entity, in order to enforce totalitarian control over the population.
The same idea animates the Marxists that free enterprise individualism must be replaced by a totalitarian Marxist regime that is enforced by police state repression.
We agree with C. Bradley Thompson about the historical evidence of Marxist evil.
Thompson wrote, in 2012.
“Marxism has led to rivers of blood and an ocean of tears wherever it has been tried. The best scholarship now tells us that between 1917 and 1989 approximately 100 million people were murdered by various Marxist regimes, and millions more were tortured, starved, exiled, enslaved, and sent to concentration camps. Collectivization, one-party rule, man-made famine, secret police, arrests, propaganda, censorship, ethnic cleansing, purges, show trials, reeducation camps, gulags, firing squads, and killing fields—all these defined life under communism. Nothing in the long span of human history comes close to the tyranny, terror, and mass genocide caused by Marxism in power—nothing.”
This is the history of evil that Marxist Democrats seek to impose on Trump voters.
The jack-booted FBI thugs that stormed Roger Stone’s house, or ravaged the private records of Rudy Giuliani, or hold the Trump supporters in prison without due process, are a precursor of that police state repression.
The Marxist moral authority that Marxism is a superior form of social organization is not grounded in reason or historical evidence.
Arendt explains that a totalitarian regime seeks to eliminate all dissent and all resistance as illegal acts of enemies of the State. In a totalitarian society, Arendt claims, there is only one version of the truth, and all the functions of that society must conform to the totalitarian truth.
For Marxists, there is only one version of the truth, and that truth is a historical lie that communism is a better form of social organization than free enterprise.
American crony corporations, who seek a one-world government, are enforcing the Marxist version of truth by punishing any politician who denies that Biden won.
Breitbart’s Joshua Caplan’s article “JPMorgan Halts Donations to Republicans Who Objected to 2020 Election Certification,” explains how crony corporations work in collaboration with RINOs to impose the official truth the Marxist totalitarian regime
Caplan writes,
“JP Morgan Chase isn’t the only corporation to freeze donations to Republicans. The financial giant was joined by American Airlines, Boston Scientific,Blue Cross Blue Shield BP, Coca Cola, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Hallmark, Hilton Hotels, Kroger, Marriott International Microsoft and Visa.”
The official truth is that Biden won the election, and any version of the truth that contradicts that official truth is banished.
The financial donations from crony corporations reinforce the totalitarian internet media’s strategy of limiting news to the narrative that supports communism.
We argue that the nature of evil of the Democrat Marxists is that they knowingly and willingly, and with premeditated intent, inflicted harm on Trump voters, knowing in advance the harm their evil act would permanent injury.
We claim that the Democrat’s destruction of natural rights obligates natural rights conservatives to confront the evil in order to restore their natural rights.
In other words, the Trump voter’s moral duty to confront Democrat evil because the confrontation is obedience to God’s natural law and God-given natural rights.
Part of our argument against Trump in 2024 is that his continued public relations agenda about his own future detracts resources and attention from confronting the greater threat posed by Marxist evil.
Trump was morally obligated, both before the coup, and in the interim period, after the coup, to defend liberty. He was advised by General Flynn, Sydney Powell, and Patrick Byrne, of the threat to liberty, and the urgent need to act against the Marxists.
Yet, Trump failed to act like a revolutionary leader, and the way that he acted in the interim, left Trump voters is a more vulnerable position, by leaving both Barr and Wray in power to pursue repression against Trump voters.
Democrats are evil, vile, and morally-depraved humans who are embarked on a one-way path of totalitarianism, and the only method of confronting the Democrats is to dislodge them from their path.
Placing this principle in moral language, Marxist Democrats are beyond moral redemption. The direction of their evil is to continue torturing the liberty of Trump voters with ever-increasing violence.
The increased Black on White violence is a direct result of the Marxist white supremacist hate that promotes random acts of violence against innocent White citizens.
For Marxist Democrats, their morality insists that the dominant wealthy, White Americans inflict oppression on minorities. The justification for voter fraud, for Marxists, is to eliminate the oppressors from power in society.
The ultimate end state for Marxists is to eliminate the citizens who are responsible for the oppression to victims, in the same way that the ultimate solution for the Nazis was to eliminate Jews.
We return to Arendt’s theory of the guilt of the bystander in Nazi German, who watched the atrocities against Jews, without acting. In our historical analogy, the establishment Republicans, and the Never-Trumpers, are bystanders who did not act to protect liberty.
We cite Keith Tester’s thesis that the line between perpetrator of evil and bystander becomes blurred when a bystander has knowledge of the atrocities and some capability of intervening, yet declines to do so.
In the case of resisting Marxist evil, there are two types of bystanders. The first is the Democrat voter, who believes the ideological propaganda of the Marxists, and approves of the evil, when the Democrat experts tell them that the atrocities are necessary to vanquish white supremacy.
The other bystanders are Republican Party officials and elected representatives, like Liz Cheney, who do not want to get their clothes dirty by confronting the evil.
In our historical analogy of the Nazi regime, the Republicans have demonstrated their willingness to abet Democrat evil by failing to defend liberty, knowing in advance the evil that their inaction inflicts on Trump voters.
The Republicans are morally compromised agents, who can never again be trusted to defend the liberty of Trump voters.
No amount of tinkering with election integrity laws or hoping that Trump will run in 2024, confronts the reality of the immediate presence of a hostile, evil, enemy that seeks one-party, perpetual rule.

We argue that what should have happened, in November 2020 is that the Locke-Jefferson-Lincoln ideology of natural rights should have been defended by Trump.
In the Locke-Jefferson-Lincoln philosophy of government, God’s moral law came first, and after the moral law, the citizens created the civil law.
The patriots of 1775 believed that the moral law made the people, in contrast to the Marxists, who hold that the people make the moral law.
Natural rights conservatives, today, are in exactly the same historical circumstances as the Patriots in 1775, who drafted the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.
Both sets of citizens faced the threat of totalitarian oppression, and the solution to that threat, today, is the same as it was in 1775.
We agree with Ann Coulter that Trump bears responsibility for the way the the coup ended in an inadequate defense of liberty. We extend Coulter’s analysis to argue that Trump does not have the right skills to confront the Marxist regime.
The mistake in judgment that Trump voters made about Trump, in 2016, is to equate his policies of MAGA, with the defense of the ideology of liberty.
Trump voters liked a political leader who counter-punched when he was hit, but waited in vain to see Trump offer a coherent strategy for defeating the Marxists.
By overthrowing the government, the Marxists imposed an immoral, illegitimate government, where the majority rights of common citizens are run roughshod by the unelected minority of Marxist elites.
The end goal of American Marxists is to eliminate the concept of the individual, and the natural right of individual liberty.
In our earlier article, we argued that Trump voters are morally justified in engaging in revolution. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Moral Justification for the Second American Revolution. The Citizens Liberty Party, November 17, 2020, https://bit.ly/2VSn07k)..
In order to vanquish the Marxist evil, Trump voters need a revolutionary leader, today, to lead them in a mass social movement of liberty, and that leader is not Trump, in 2024.
The emergence of the mass social class liberty movement is thwarted by Trump’s continuing self-indulged presence on the public relations stage.
Section 2. Trump Voters Are A Cult of Liberty, Not a Cult of Personality.
Critics of Trump are fond of using the term “cult of personality” to degrade and belittle, not primarily Trump, the man, but Trump voters.
In the Democrat Marxist perspective, the cult consists of 75 million mind-numbed White supremacists, who blindly follow Trump.
From the natural rights conservative perspective, the cult consists of 75 million Trump voters, who are not driven by white supremacy, but rather their allegiance to a concept of American history that revolves around the founding principles of 1775, and 1776.
The MAGA policies of national sovereignty and common citizen populism attracted Trump voters because it was a surrogate, unstated cult of the ideology of liberty.
The MAGA policies could have been molded into a coherent philosophy of liberty that defended the principles of the Continental Congress, in their July 6, 1775, “Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.”
One of the reasons that we wrote the recent book, “The Natural Rights Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh: The National Sovereignty/Populist Foundation of a New Entrepreneurial Capitalist Economy,” (Gabby Press, 2021), is to describe a method of placing 31 years of Rush’s opinions into a natural rights ideology that combines an economic theory of entrepreneurial capitalism with a political theory of liberty.
The same method could have been used by Trump, beginning in 2017, not in September of 2020, with the creation of his slap-dash 1776 Commission.
A revolutionary leader would have discerned the nature of the Marxist resistance in 2017, and adopted a more coherent strategy for defending himself from the Russia hoax.
David Marcus, writing in the Federalist, identifies the main elements of Trump’s MAGA policies that could be placed into the natural rights liberty ideology.
He writes,
“But it’s actually very simple. Trump echoes almost exactly the 1990s politics of Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and the Reform Party. From Perot, he takes his skepticism on global trade, immigration, and foreign wars. From Buchanan, he borrows a unique and fearless willingness to fight against political correctness. These issues have always had a big constituency, just not previously one big enough to compete with the Democrats and Republicans.”
We disagree with Trump’s 1776 Commission that the founding principles of liberty were established in Madison’s constitution of 1787, because that document is riddled with support of slavery, and allows an open, frontal attack for the Marxists to allege that the founding of America is steeped in the sin of slavery.
It is that line of attack about slavery, today, that allows the Marxists to claim that Trump is a racist, and that Trump’s cult is based upon white supremacy.
We argue that the founding principles in the 1775 Document on the Causes of Taking Up Arms must be disconnected from Madison’s document.
The two documents are not connected in history or in ideology.
Natural rights conservatives, today, face the same choice between freedom and slavery, as the Patriots in 1775, who wrote the Document on Taking Up Arms.
As they wrote,
“We are reduced to the alternative of choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated Ministers, or resistance by force. The latter is our choice. We have counted the cost of this contest, and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us, tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us.”
As early as 2016, the Marxists were honing their talking point that Trump was a racist, and that his voters were a cult.
The Marxist, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, writing in her HuffPost, article, “Donald Trump’s Cult of Personality,” stated,
“Yet cults of personality go beyond private money and public influence. They are about an emotional tie that is forged between the leader and his followers. For this reason, they can be hard to grasp for those not making the connection. Here’s the trick to cults of personality: the leader has to embody the people but also stand above them. He must appear ordinary, to allow people to relate to him. And yet he must also be seen as extraordinary, so that people will grant him permission to be the arbiter of their individual and national destiny.”
Bill Schneider, writing in The Hill, “The Troubling Persistence of Trumpism, describes how the usage of the term cult is linked to the MAGA policies, which he calls Trumpism.
Schneider cites the case of Republican leaders who embrace the left’s talking point of a cult.
He writes,
“Over 100 former Republican officials have signed a letter threatening to form a third party if the Republican Party does not break with Trump. They describe themselves as forming a “resistance of the rational” against Trump and his followers of [who are] creating a cult of the irrational… Trump supporters are trying to change the electorate and the electoral system. They are resorting to voter suppression, charges of voter fraud, threats to recall or replace uncooperative election officials and absurd audits of legally verified ballots like the one in Maricopa County, Ariz., that local officials claim is turning their state into “a laughingstock.”
These are RINO Republicans making this cult of personality charge against Trump, not Marxists.
Paul Ryan parrots the Marxist talking point that January 6 was an insurrection promoted by Trump.
Ryan stated,
“It was “horrifying to see a presidency come to such a dishonorable and disgraceful end. So once again, we conservatives find ourselves at a crossroads…If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality, or of second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere,”

Liz Cheney, speaking on behalf of all RINOs said
“Republicans need to stand for genuinely conservative principles, and steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality…Trump summoned this mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. This is immensely harmful, especially as we now compete on the world stage against Communist China and its claims that democracy is a failed system.”
The Republican establishment gives aid and comfort to the twin Marxist allegations against Trump voters.
The first allegation of the Marxist is that Trump is a racist, and that that Trump voters are racist terrorists. The second allegation supported by establishment Republicans is that Biden was elected in a legitimate vote.
Chauncey DeVega, in his Salon article, Yes, Trump will leave office — but his seditious secession movement isn’t going away, suggests that a Marxist civil war is necessary to purge racism from the nation.
DeVega writes,
“Today’s Republican Party is the country’s largest white supremacist and white identity organization. Donald Trump is its leader and champion. Despite all of the polite talk of how Trump’s and 74 million votes in the 2020 election are the result of “economic anxiety” or “status anxiety,” social scientists have repeatedly shown that racism, racial resentment and white supremacist views are the key determinants driving Donald Trump’s support…Their psychological, emotional and financial investment in white supremacy is too great to give up. To maintain it, Republicans and Trumpists are willing to risk destroying the nation. Their desperate allegiance to the lost cause of Donald Trump’s presidency is proof.”
We appreciate DeVega’s candid analysis of how Marxists view Trump voters, and recommend his analysis to 75 million Trump voters as a model of how Trump voters should confront the Marxists.

Paraphrasing DeVega’s hatred to fit into the new class war model,
“The Marxist psychological, emotional and financial investment in Marxism is too great to give up. To maintain it, Marxist Democrats are willing to destroy the nation. Their desperate allegiance to the lost cause of Marxism in overthrowing the republic is proof.”
DeVega continues, in his second article, What Donald Trump taught America: Democracy can die slowly, or all at once
“As a practical matter, it means the Trump-controlled Republican Party endorses right-wing terrorism and other crimes as a way of seizing and holding power. It also means that the Republican Party can be reasonably described as a white supremacist terrorist organization and crime syndicate.”
The Brookings Institute echoes DeVega,
“Last month the Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism advisory stating that “violent domestic extremists” pose a threat to the United States and are motivated by government restrictions in response to COVID-19 as well as false narratives about the election. Supporters of violent ideology see Trump as both their leader and their muse.”
The Marxists are projecting their lust for violence against their enemies, in order to impose their totalitarian regime.
Angelo Codevilla correctly identifies the Marxist intent.
Codevilla writes,
[After November 3, 2020], the Marxists redefined the people who do not show them due deference as “white supremacists,” “insurrectionists,” and Nazis—in short, as some kind of criminals—to exclude them from common platforms of communication, from the banking system…the several parts of America’s economic, cultural, and political establishment are waging this war, uncoordinated but well-nigh unanimously. The FBI and some elements in the Army and the Justice Department have concluded that they (Trump voters) are somehow criminal, and that preparations should be made to treat them as such. The official position of the administration taking power after the 2020 election is that domestic terrorism from legions of “white supremacists” is the primary threat facing America.”
The second Marxist allegation about the cult of personality supported by establishment Republicans is that Biden was elected in a legitimate vote.
As an example, Charles C. W. Cooke, writing in National Review, (June 3, 2021), Maggie Haberman Is Right, stated the RINO talking point,
“The election has been certified, Joe Biden is the president, and, until 2024, that is all there is to it. It does not matter what one’s view of Trump is. It does not matter whether one voted for or against Trump. It does not matter whether one views Trump’s role within the Republican Party favorably or unfavorably…even if it were true that the 2020 election had been stolen — which it is absolutely not — his belief would still be absurd.”
Trump voters are a cult of liberty, without a leader, without a political party to lead them, and without a coherent ideology of liberty to inform them of the evil of their enemies.
We argue that a revolutionary leader would have had the courage to confront the twin Marxist allegations of terrorism and white supremacy, after the coup, with a cogent theory of liberty.
That defense of liberty is not solved by re-tooling Gorka’s 3 MAGA policy modifications, or by the tepid, slap-dash scholarly contribution of the 1776 Commission.
Trump is not the right revolutionary leader, the Republican Party is not the right political vehicle, and more MAGA policies do not translate into a coherent ideology of liberty.
We argue that Trump would do more good for the cause of liberty to file the legal organizational documents to form a new 527 political organization, rather than wasting time on running in 2024.

Conclusion: Does a National Civil Dissolution Entail Violence?
In Marxism, there is good violence, that supports their agenda of repression, and there is bad violence that supports their idea that political protests of Trump voters are conducted by political enemies.
For example, the Marxist riots in the summer of 2020, were good violence because the rioters alleged that white supremacy fueled their rage.
The propaganda of the violence is that white supremacy justifies violence, and that the idea of property destruction is justified as reparations for white supremacy.
Brian Leiter explains that the purpose of law in a Marxist regime is to impose the violence of ideology of Marxist correct behavior on the entire society.
In other words, the “good violence” is legally sanctioned Marxist violence.
He writes in his article, Marx, Law, Ideology, Legal Positivism, (2014),
“Marx’s idea is that law is part of the ideological superstructure of society. “Law” is the ideological method to correct the capitalist system. The laws in Marxian theory are designed to enforce:
• the laws that constitute the relations of production, i.e., the scheme of property,
• rights in communist production.
• the laws that are super structural and ideological to enforce communist behavior.
• the laws that characterize the legal relations of a non-class-based, i.e., a communist society.”
For Marxists, the concept of good violence is the use of violence against their enemies to allow the Marxist government to enforce obedience to the Marxist state.
The reason that we call for a revolution, and not a civil war, is that natural rights conservatives must have a clean historical break with the Marxist Democrats.
We argue that a civil war will lead to violence.
The Marxist lust for violence is the precursor of a civil war, where the winners dominate the losers, as slaves. In other words, in a civil war, the two warring side continue in a national union.
We argue that a revolutionary break with Marxist Democrats can be achieved in a peaceful, non-violent national dissolution.
C. Bradley Thompson describes why the Marxist lust for violence must conclude in the creation of a new nation.
He writes,
“But Marxism is not only a call to action: It is a call to particular kind of action—to armed action—to violent revolution—to permanent revolution. It summons men to join a crusade to destroy the evil that is capitalism and to create the good that is communism…the Marxist ideal gives the communist revolutionary a reason to live and a reason to die—and a reason to kill. By philosophic design, Marxism in power must always use force to achieve its ends”
Part of our argument against Trump, in 2024, is explained by Thompson, who writes,
“In the end, all decent people must see that Marxism is evil—absolutely evil. It is the wellspring of communist mass murder. The Marxist regimes responsible for genocide are not aberrations from “true Marxism” but are its fulfillment and living embodiment. They represent what Marxism is and must be. Violence and terror are necessary instruments of the communist ideal.”
Trump, the man, is not capable of defining, or confronting the evil of Marxism, which leaves 75 million Trump voters in a defenseless, vulnerable, weak position against the coming Marxist violence.
In his book, The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc, Jack Posobiec describes why Trump left Barr and Wray in power, even though Trump knew that both were a part of the deep state.
Posobiec writes,
“What you see again and again is Trump asking…and the bureaucrats…essentially worked together with the cornucopia of corruption of these left wing cells, to allow these things to continue to evolve and eventually metastasize this republic. Attorney General Barr threatened to resign if Wray was fired, as both stonewalled prosecutions of left-wing domestic terrorists.”
A president too weak to confront his own deep state agents, in 2018, is too weak to confront the monstrosity of Democrat Marxism.
We disagree with Steve Bannon’s optimistic assessment of Trump in 2024.
Bannon writes,
“Donald Trump is the 2024 GOP nominee…Trump has told his inner circle, ‘I am the presumptive nominee in 2024. I am the head of the Republican Party. I am going to take the Republican Party in a direction that is not only going to take the country back from the Democratic Party, but also save the Republic,”
Prevaricating on the public stage until 2024 will be too late to save the Republic.
We conclude that Madison’s Republic is already dead. It died on November 3, 2020. It died on Trump’s watch, and the Republic died because of his leadership style.
Trump is not a revolutionary leader who can lead natural rights conservatives to the new nation, because he is stuck in the past, fighting a battle that is already lost.
The case against Trump in 2024 is that he is the wrong guy to vanquish the Democrat Marxist evil.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this article is a copyrighted production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.