Episode 73. May 13, 2021.The Gigantic BLM White Supremacist Hoax: How the Black Marxists Exploit the White Race to Extract Surplus Labor Value.

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We explain how the entire repertoire of Black Marxist hoaxes about racism and white supremacy in the American founding fits into the Marxist paradigm of the Black Marxist exploitation of White people’s surplus labor value.

In other words, we apply Marxist theory to explain the strategy of Marxist Democrats to extract unearned income and wealth from White American citizens.

We provide an economic/political model of how the hoax of white supremacy works, when it is successful, in extracting surplus labor value from the White race.

In Marxian theory, surplus labor value is the value of production over and above the money value to keep workers alive, at subsistence level.

The surplus is equivalent to profit, because workers are forced, by the capitalist class, to produce profits through unpaid labor value. The unpaid value, in Marxist terminology, is the same as exploitation.

The math to calculate the rate of exploitation is that the higher the profits of the capitalist, the greater the level of exploitation, and the greater the rate of increasing immiseration of the working class.

The use of hoaxes by Black Marxists is a result of their psychological disability of projecting onto their enemies the mental defects that they themselves possess.

Part of their disability arises from their system of logic called “social construction of reality,” wherein they make up and imagine the hoaxes that serve their mental image that Black people cannot succeed in America because of white supremacy.

Another part of their disability is to project their own twisted Marxian class-based hate onto all White people, as if all White people possessed a class consciousness, like the Democrat Marxist identity groups.

In the past several years, Democrat Marxists have performed multiple ritual race-based hoaxes to perpetuate their imaginary world-reality that America is systemically racist.

In their paradigm, the failure of Black people to achieve success in America is due to this racism. Without the hoax, the Black Marxist would have to find some other explanation for the failure of Black people to succeed in American society.

The Center for American Progress, a communist front organization funded by Soros, provides the income gap between White people and Black people, and attributes the entire disparity to White supremacy.

In their 2018 analysis, “Systematic Inequality: How America’s Structural Racism Helped Create the Black-White Wealth Gap,” they begin with the standard Marxist interpretation of the American founding.

They write,

“The disparities that exist between       blacks and whites today can be traced        back to public policies both implicit     and explicit: From slavery to Jim           Crow, from redlining to school   segregation, and from mass incarceration to environmental racism, policies have consistently impeded or inhibited African Americans from having access to opportunities to realize the American dream.”

The gap in wealth between Blacks and Whites transcends economic class distinctions because poor White people are different than poor Black people. In other words, the gap is entirely due to the whiteness of skin.

“ Poor blacks and poor whites are not similarly situated because whites have   been and continue to be treated more   favorably than blacks by government institutions… The black-white wealth gap is a result of the institutionalized      obstacles      blacks face in building wealth…The black-          white wealth gap is a product of          intentional systematic policy choices. The           only way to correct this wrong is to make      intentional systematic changes in       response.”

In their social construction of reality, no part of the Black gap is due to issues in the Black social culture or Black family structure. The entire argument of the CAP report is that the failure of Black people to achieve the American Dream is due to systemic racism.

Their solution to the Black wealth gap is income and wealth distribution. The “direct action” they advocate is a communist state,

“African Americans own approximately        one-tenth of the wealth of white Americans. In 2016, the median wealth for   nonretired black households 25      years old      and older was less than one-tenth that of       similarly situated white         households. The    persistent racial wealth gap leaves African        Americans in an economically precarious      situation and creates a vicious cycle of      economic struggle. The lack of sufficient      wealth means blacks are less economically      mobile and therefore unable to grow their           wealth over time… Direct action          must   be taken to change an American system built     on suppression, oppression, and the    concentration of power and wealth.”

The BLM hoaxes are essential to the Marxist Democrats to confirm their view of reality because reality does not offer them real empirical examples of society-wide systemic white supremacy.

The entire set of wealth statistics of the CAP report could easily be turned into an explanation that Black culture and Black family structure prohibits Black people from achieving success in America.

Isolated episodes of police brutality are not a substitute for statistical empirical verification, that America, as founded in 1775, is a racist nation.

White people, in 1775, as an entire race, did not possess race or class-based consciousness, in the Marxian sense, the same way that Marxists embrace class warfare.

White people, as a race, in 2021, do not possess white class consciousness in the same way that Black Marxists see themselves as an oppressed social class.

When White people are confronted with the BLM race hoaxes, they do not have a class-based political response to the fake stories, the same way that aggrieved Blacks do.

Part of our argument that America cannot be resuscitated is that Democrat Marxism is now an enduring, permanent feature of American class-war politics that cannot be resolved, under Madison’s two-party system.

America died on the morning of November 4, 2020, killed in a bloodless Marxist coup that overthrew the representative republic.

The end goal for Democrat Marxists is the transformation of the Nation into a one-party communist state featuring race and class-based collectivism, ruled by an unelected elite.

Their desired system looks just like the society of Communist China.

The model of crony state capitalism of Communist China is the model desired by American crony capitalist corporations, who do business with China.

In our earlier article, we explained the budding political alliance between Democrat Marxists and large crony capitalist corporations, who embrace the hoax of white supremacy. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, BLM Marxism and the Emerging Alliance With Global Corporate Crony Capitalism. Episode 54. July 24, 2020. CLPnewsnetwork.com).

We cite the analysis of Richard D. Wolff, in his Salon article, “How racism became the essential tool for maintaining a capitalist order” by placing BLM Marxism within the conventional Marxist analytical methodology of its critique of capitalism.

In other words, we use Wolff’s standard Marxist class conflict theory to explain that the BLM alliance with crony capitalism is best understood as the capitalist class co-opting BLM with financial support for the hoax of racism, in order to perpetuate global crony state capitalism.

We argue that the recent crony corporate capitalist endorsement of the use of the term “systemic racism” enables the capitalist class to reproduce itself by continually pointing out to BLM that their conditions of oppression are caused by White racism, not global crony capitalism.

Wolff notes,

“Employers (capitalists) played on       racialized differences to keep   employees (workers) from unifying     against them. The   bitter   competition between Black and White          workers acts as a shock-absorber for cyclically      scarce jobs… capitalism   fostered and benefited from racism.”

To paraphrase Wolff, the crony capitalist class pits Black workers against White workers to act as a shock absorber for the lack of jobs and choice provided under the older form of monopoly capitalism.

Wolff’s Marxian methodology of the older form of monopoly capitalism must be updated to incorporate the newer concepts of global crony state capitalism.

Marxian theory predicted that the older forms of monopoly capitalism had internal contradictions that would, eventually, consign capitalism to the trash heap of history.

We argue that the monopoly capitalism of the 1950s has been replaced by crony corporate global capitalism of the 1990s.

In the newer version of crony capitalism, the Black Marxists replace the initial Marxist category of the capitalist class to include all White people, not simply the White owners of production capital.

The concept of exploitation and increasing misery of the oppressed groups must be updated to include the newer concept of the neo-slavery of global crony Chinese state capitalism.

In the neo-slavery of global corporatism, oppressed people, like Uighgurs, have no choice but to submit to the economic slavery, offered by American and Chinese corporations.

The concept of democracy as citizen participation in collective political decisions must be changed to mean equality of incomes and social outcomes between Blacks and Whites, as determined by the elites in the vanguard political party.

With these modifications to traditional Marxist theory, the dialectics of two seemingly incompatible world views, between BLM Marxists and crony capitalists, can be reconciled.

The synthesis between the two seemingly incompatible world views is through the joint understanding and agreement by both parties that the Chinese Crony State Communism model, in a globalist economy, represents the best economic model to replace the national sovereignty, free enterprise, American individualistic model.

Our argument today is that the only way forward for natural rights conservatives to defeat the communist threat to liberty is to adopt a class-based ideology of citizen liberty that is capable of vanquishing the Democrat Marxist ideology of communism.

In other words, we advocate the creation of a citizen liberty mass political movement to counter the Black Democrat Marxist social justice movement.

The creation of that mass social movement is entirely dependent on White citizens forming a class awareness that, as an entire race, they are under attack because of the color of their skin.

Section 1. The Historical Origins of The BLM White Supremacy Hoax.

The economic model we develop about the Marxist hoax is pretty simple:

Follow the Money.

The various components and motivation for the hoax are complex, and our intent is to weave the various strands of the Marxist hoax into a framework so that the entire system of Black exploitation of White people can be better understood.

When the hoax works well, Marxist Democrats benefit by obtaining unearned income and wealth from White people, crony corporations make progress on their goal of a seamless global economy, and the one-party tyranny in Washington tightens its police state grip on White citizens in order to extract income from the corrupt system for themselves.

The BLM Marxist hoax of white supremacy is one element of the Democrat’s bigger political strategy to convert the nation into a communist global one-world government.

We locate the origins of the hoax in the Obama campaign of 2008.

Throughout his tenure, Obama continually invoked the symbols of racism and slavery, in a three step political strategy, to transform America into a global socialist state.

The first part of his strategy was to create a heightened sense of race hatred in his Black followers, in order to attract converts who would have a heightened sense of grievance about the founding of the Nation.

The second part of Obama’s strategy was to promise the aggrieved and downtrodden citizens that he, and the Democrats, would remedy their grievances against the white right-wing forces that were oppressing them.

The final part of Obama’s strategy was to use tax-funded welfare payments to hook the downtrodden into a life of dependency on the socialist government.

In our economic model of the hoax, the government looks like a gigantic money laundering scheme that extracts surplus value income from White people in order to give the money to Black people.

Obama knew that once citizens give up their natural rights in exchange for government welfare, the socialists would be able control the citizens for life, by controlling the ideology of socialist class hatred.

Obama understood that citizens would become servile to the state, and that they would lose their capacity for rational decision-making, the bedrock citizen requirement in a natural rights republic.

Rational decision making had to be replaced with critical race theory and the social construction of reality, where the truth of a Marxist proposition depends on the intensity of social allegiance to the propaganda.

Obama knew that his hardest job in the conversion process is the very first part of making citizens hate America and making Black citizens hate White citizens.

He did this by personalizing the focus of hate on elected leaders of the Republican Party.

Obama’s rhetoric of hate created an environment of violence, and as the intensity of his ideological rhetoric went up, so did the violence caused by his followers.

The rhetoric of BLM hate first found its expression in the jury verdict, in 2013, when George Zimmerman was acquitted in the trial of Trayvon Martin.

For BLM Marxist leaders, the acquittal was the wrong decision for social justice.

The rhetorical technique used by Obama, and subsequently by the 3 leaders of BLM, was a powerful propaganda tool to promote global socialism, using the tool of racism as a political weapon.

The propaganda tool works well on liberal white Democrats because they are relieved of their guilt of white privilege, and subsequently vote for racist Democrats.

The propaganda tool works well for Black voters because it heightens their sense of grievance and rage that they cannot achieve success in the American society because of racism.

The propaganda tool works great for the crony globalist corporations because the Black Marxists political strategy promotes the corporate goal of globalism.

Obama’s job, as he defined it, was to use the power of government to redistribute the income from the faux White supremacist economy, in order to correct the unfair distribution of wealth in America, caused by White supremacy.

His allegiance to the American rule of law is subordinated to his higher allegiance to his religion of global Marxism.

The historical origins of the BLM hoax begins with Obama’s monolithic, unifying ideology of global Marxism, that communism is better than free enterprise.

We place the historical origin of the BLM White supremacist hoax in 2013, into the bigger picture off the Marxist ideological war against liberty, which began in 2008, with the election of Obama.

Section 2. White Supremacy As the Political Front for Income and Wealth Redistribution.

At the very pinnacle of the Marxist White Supremacist hoax is the allegation that White people in America are racists, and that, therefore, the entire nation is racist.

The allegation of racism, today, is bolstered by the prior allegation that America was founded as a racist nation, in 1619.

Very few Republicans have challenged the false allegation that America is a racist nation, and their silence tends to give credence to the false allegation.

As an example of the right’s tolerance of the allegation, Celina Durgin, in her National Review article, Finding Common Ground with Black Lives Matter, stated,

“Conservatives must organize to speak          directly to the black community, with      discernible unity, saying, “You as a     group have been disproportionately       oppressed by imperfect policing,   unaccountable bureaucrats, the sexual revolution, bad public schools, bad   housing, and other policy failures. I     mourn with you, my brothers and       sisters, and I will listen to you.” That   would be a start.”

Biden claims that America was a racist nation. Biden said,

“That systemic racism [in America] is not just in law enforcement, it’s       across the board. It’s in housing, it’s in         education, and it’s in everything we          do.”

Biden’s statement about “systemic racism” is a part of a Marxist cultural war about the permanency of White racism, under the current American culture.

According the Black Marxist social construction of reality, the only way to rid the nation of racism is to impose communism.

Jonah Goldberg, also of National Review, asks why Black Marxists perpetrate hoaxes.

Goldberg reviews the reaction of the left-wing propaganda media in response to the finding that Smollett staged a hoax.

He writes,

“The widespread shock in the media    that Smollett’s story was a fraud: Ana     Cabrera, CNN anchor, was equally      flummoxed Saturday night: “The big    question, then, is why?” she asked.   “Why he would make something like this     up? CNN’s senior entertainment           reporter Lisa France was comparably   engulfed by confusion. “If he actually        did this, why in the world would he   do this?” she asked. “Why? That’s       what everyone wants to know.” A bit later, Stelter chimed in again: “This is about why he might — and, so far, we    don’t know. But why he might have   made this up. It just boggles the mind.”

Andy Ngo, in his National Review article, Hate-Crime Hoaxes Reflect America’s Sickness, suggests that there is an obvious answer to why BLM Marxists perpetrate race hoaxes.

Ngo writes,

“There’s an obvious answer to the       question, “Why would Jussie Smollett         do something like that… The [Marxist]          strategy was clear: If you doubt the Smollet hoax, you are motivated by   racism.

The Marxist strategy is to freeze any opposition to the hoaxes by condemning the opposition as racist.

The branding of the Republican Party as racist, by the Democrat Marxists is permanent and irreversible, which provides an unopposed path for the Marxists to impose cultural Marxism on White people.

The BLM website states,

“[We] are committed to disrupting the           Western-prescribed nuclear family          structure requirement by supporting    each other as extended families and    “villages” that collectively care for one   another, and especially “our”     children to the degree that mothers,   parents and children are comfortable.”

According to Sean Illing, a leftist writer for Vox,

“By the time his book Capital is           released in 1867, more than two      decades after The Communist    Manifesto was published, he is already       imagining communism as a competitor          to capitalism rather than its inevitable        replacement. Marx says that capitalism,      unlike feudalism or slavery, isn’t a      product of conquest but rather the       result of the development of civil   society         itself. In other words,       human activity led naturally to         capitalism. But, over time, we became           chained to its progress and thus forgot    that we were the     creators and that   there is always the possibility of           creating something new or better or         more just… But Marx inverts Hegel    and says that it’s class struggle and the         productive forces that shape human   consciousness and therefore history.”

Illing reveals the motivation of Black Marxists to convert the nation to communism.

He writes,

“There are conversations about reparations and restructuring the economy to ensure not just equal opportunities but equal outcomes.”

Illing quotes Michael Kazin, a historian of American political movements, who describes the Black Marxist ideology, and where it is headed.

Kazin states,

“Any movement that goes to the root of        things is radical. An anti-capitalism          movement is radical. A movement       which calls for reparations for African   Americans is radical. There’s a radical ethics that diagnoses something           wrong about the basic organization of        society and seeks to undo that wrong, and conservative figures in power have        always viewed these efforts as         existential threats… the thread tying all          of it together has always been the        push for fundamental equality at every   level of society and in every major      institution.”

We agree with Kazin that the thread tying all of the hoaxes together is a systemic, universal ideological allegiance to the Marxist goal of equality of wealth.

We argue that the Marxist ideology unites all three branches of government, all educational institutions, all non-profits, and all cultural arts in America, under the ideological umbrella of “fair outcomes.”

It is a simple argument: Communism is better than capitalism because communist economic outcomes are fair.

There is no opposition to the conversion to communism because the White Supremacist hoax has neutered what should have been the Republican opposition. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Restoration of the American Natural Rights Republic: Correcting the Economic Consequences of the Republican Party Abdication of Natural Rights and Individual Liberty, Gabby Press, 2017.)

The universal mainstream opinion of the existence of white supremacy in the conservative population is provided by Robert P. Jones, the chief executive of PRRI, (Public Religion Research Institute), who explained,

“Overall, our survey confirms that       denying the existence of systemic         racism — both perceptions of    continued discrimination today and the        effect of past discrimination on the   present — has become part of the        identity of both Republicans in the   political arena and white evangelical    Protestants in the   religious       landscape.”

Kazin expresses amazement that the truth of the hoax has never faced opposition.

He states,

“Black Lives Matter has been enormously     successful in this respect. Any   movement    pushing for this level of change will be         opposed by people who don’t support         those changes — that’s just an axiom of           politics. What’s      astonishing about this      movement is that it’s not provoking more     backlash.”

The reason that there is no backlash is, that when BLM Marxists branded the Republican Party as racists, in 2008, the major corporate donors of the Republican Party agreed, because their trading partners in China agreed with the goals of the Black Marxists to convert America into the model of the Chinese society.

Since 2014, the crony corporations have given BLM Marxists about $100 million to pursue their mission, and Soros has provided about $1 billion in funding.

During that same 7-year period, corporate profits from global trade rose from around $800 billion per year to around $2.1 trillion in 2020. Global trade with China is too important to U. S. corporations not to support the Democrat Marxist ruling class, and is an important component of our economic model.

At the very top of our economic model of the Hoax of White Supremacy is the business model that funds BLM and Democrat Marxists.

When the hoax works well, Marxist Democrats benefit by obtaining unearned income and wealth from White people, crony corporations make progress on their goal of a seamless global economy, and the one-party tyranny in Washington tightens its police state grip on White citizens.

The first component of the BLM White Supremacist hoax is described below, as Diagram 1. Component 1.


 Section 3. When the Hoax Works Well Universities and Non-Profits Are Partners With Government in the Money Laundering Scheme to Distribute Surplus Labor Value.

Our economic model describes a flow of money obtained from the success of the BLM allegation. Sometimes, the flow of money is direct, as donations from crony corporations into the hands of BLM leaders, or race-baiters.

Sometimes, the flow of money is through state and federal welfare payments and free stuff, provided by the government to favored political identity groups.

One of bigger flows of money is through the money laundering scheme of government, which acts to extract the surplus labor value from White people in order to give it to Black people, through multiple distribution channels.

We cite two of the biggest distribution channels as U. S. universities and U. S. non-profits and charitable organizations who support the mission of communism to impose fair outcomes.

We agree with Matthew Peterson, in his American Mind article, The Racial Marxism of BLM, that part of the success of the money laundering scheme is the replacement of the initial Marxian economic model of capitalist class exploitation with the more palatable formulation of race-based Marxism.

The allegation of race-based Marxism is a better fit for the universities and non-profits to promote communism, than the initial economic class war based Marxism.

The money flow from government to the universities and non-profits has a dual mission. First, the money provides high salaries and organizational benefits to each entity, who then use the money to distribute it to the favored identity groups.

Part of the money laundering scheme is that the salaries paid to the staff of non-profits and the academic community allows them to serve as political volunteers and potential political candidates for the Democrat Marxist Party.

In 2019, nonprofits paid out $826 billion in salaries.

The same type of money laundering scam works well for money flows from the government to unions and teacher organizations.

As Peterson notes,

“[BLM]  is not an organic civil rights movement, but an elite-funded effort to destabilize the American way of life          as we’ve known it: the complete       overhaul of the principles of our justice   system to put group “identities”           above equal individual rights, the       erosion of private property and private          education, and the destruction of     traditional families and moral culture.”

Part of the success of the hoax is to make the Marxist promotion of communism to appear like it was an organic civil rights movement, which provides cover for the universities and non-profits from the charge that they are promoting the destruction of the American society.

Peterson continues,

“Besides switching out class for race and       other identities as the new framework   of the           Marxist revolution, they brought a new         concept with them: “white privilege.”… [As a result of the money          laundering scheme]They have           more power           and resources now than any insurrectionary       movement in American history. They will    not stop until they are stopped.”

The non-profit surplus labor value money laundering scheme is a Big Business, whose payrolls dwarf the industrial sectors of construction, transportation and finance sectors.

Nonprofits spend nearly $2 trillion annually, including $826 billion on salaries, benefits and payroll taxes. The $2 trillion in spending is about 10% of the U. S. GDP in 2019.

Overall, 80 cents of every dollar of nonprofit revenue in the United States comes from government grants or contracts and fees for services. The federal government pays $491 billion into the nonprofit economy, with the majority of that in the form of program services fees for Medicare and Medicaid. Hospitals and nursing homes receive 57% of the total amount of federal funds that go to nonprofits.

State governments provided $187 billion to nonprofits in 2018.

Universities and hospitals account for much of the 49 percent of nonprofit revenue derived specifically from private fees, mostly reports and research, for services. Only about 10 percent of overall nonprofit comes from individual donations and another 4 percent from foundations.

In contrast to the annual government funding for nonprofits, the university system obtains both annual government funding, and lives large on their endowments, which provide an independent source of support, divorced from any concept of the consent of the governed.

A recent study of 600 colleges and universities, in 2020, reported the total asset size of endowments was $650 billion. The endowment assets of the colleges are invested in the stock market and other assets, and generate an annual rate of return of around 8%.

The investment returns for college endowment funds works out roughly to an annual income of $52 billion, in self-sustaining, self-renewing revenues for the universities to support the advocacy of communism.

In 2018, higher education institutions received a total of $1.068 trillion in revenue from federal and non-federal funding sources. Investments from the federal government were $149 billion of the total, representing 3.6% of federal spending. This money flowed into colleges and universities through three main vehicles: federal student aid, grants, and contracts.

Of the total $1 trillion from all sources of revenue, in 2017, state and local governments spent $297 billion, or 10 percent of state and local direct general spending, on higher education. Higher education was the third-largest source of state and local direct general spending in 2017, roughly equal to spending on health and hospitals.

Diagram 2. Component 2 describes the money flows from government to nonprofits and the university system when the BLM White Supremacist hoax works well.


Section 4. When the Hoax Works Well, Crony Capitalism Makes Progress on Globalism and Anti-Populist Economics.

We offer the chart, below, of U. S. corporate profits, from the period of time from 2013, when the BLM hoax began, to 2020, when the Democrat Marxists succeeded in their coup to overthrow the representative republic.

The profits increased from around $1.8 trillion to around $2.1 trillion, most of which was due to trade with the Chinese Communist Party.

We present the second diagram of profits from 1999, when China entered the World Trade Agreement, to 2020.

From the time China entered the WTO, to 2020, when the Democrat Marxists staged their coup, profits rose from around $500 billion to around $2.1 trillion.

Our economic model argues that profits from trade with China are more important to U. S. corporations than protecting national sovereignty. Both state capitalist systems depend on promoting a seamless, global market, controlled by the global ruling class.

There is a second dimension to understanding the profits from trade with China. For every dollar in profits that U. S. corporations obtain from trade with China, the 9 Chinese national champion industrial sectors obtain $2 in profits.

In other words, profits from trade with U. S. corporations is vitally important to fund the Chinese military buildup. During that same 20 year period of time, profits for the Chinese Communist Party increased from around $1 trillion per year to around $4 trillion per year.

U.S. corporations are responsible for the destruction of the U. S. economy, through off-shoring production to slave labor in China, and also responsible for funding the military operations of an enemy nation.

The Chinese Communist Party is a partner with the BLM Black Marxists, and support their attempt to subvert America into a classless, communist state.

When the Chinese Communists tell their U. S. corporate trading partners to support the BLM white supremacy hoax, their intent is to subvert the American system with the Chinese system.

As we noted in our article about the alliance between BLM and crony corporations, there is a type of symbiotic relationship between the hoax and crony global corporatism.

Eric Lendrum, in his American Greatness article, The BLM-Big Business Alliance, also describes this relationship.

Lendrum writes,

“The first thing that must be made clear         about Black Lives Matter is that it is     perhaps one of the most pro-capitalist   movements in recent memory. It was   calculated that over two-thirds of         companies listed on the S&P 500        issued a   statement expressing some         level of agreement with Black Lives   Matter last    year. Black Lives Matter organization has received millions of     dollars in      donations, raking in over           $90 million in 2020. Although the      eaders of the          organization   claimed that this money would be put to “charitable” use on   behalf of      black people, it was soon uncovered    that the millionaire’s lifestyle          may    have been what they had on their mind    all along.”

When the BLM White Supremacist hoax works well, the rate of surplus labor value exploitation goes up, worldwide, both in the impoverishment of White American workers, and in the increasing police state brutality for Chinese slave workers.

Sean McElwee, in his Rolling Stone article,  Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014, explains that Marx predicted both increasing misery for workers, and increased globalization for corporations.

McElwee writes,

“Marx’s ideas about overproduction led him to predict what is now called globalization – the spread of [crony] capitalism across the planet in search of new markets. “The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the entire surface of the globe,” he wrote. “It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connections everywhere.” The relentless search for new markets and cheap labor, as well as the incessant demand for more natural resources, are beasts that demand constant feeding.”

In conjunction with globalism, Marx also predicted that wages for workers would decline.

McElwee writes,

“Marx believed that wages would be held      down by a “reserve army of labor,”         which           he explained simply using classical      economic techniques:   Capitalists wish to pay as little as possible for labor, and this is           easiest to do when there are too many workers floating around… workers are too      scared of unemployment to quit their   terrible, exploitative jobs.”

McElwee makes the same connection we do about profits from global trade and low wages for workers by citing the Wall Street Journal editorial,

“No less an authority than the Wall Street Journal   warns, “Lately, the U.S.   recovery has been displaying some Marxian traits. Corporate profits    are on a tear, and rising productivity has   allowed companies to grow without doing   much to reduce the vast ranks of the    unemployed.”

We offer the diagram below to document the relationship between the BLM hoax and the extraction of surplus labor value from White workers during the period of time after China entered the WTO.

From 2000 to 2016, wages stagnated for wage and salary workers in America. After Trump’s election, in 2016, weekly real earnings for workers went up from around $335 to around $400 per week.

After Biden’s installation, wages declined from $400 per week to about $380.

Holding worker wages down, while increasing profits from trade with China, is a component of our BLM economic model of the extraction of surplus labor value caused by the hoax, when it is successful.

The concept of Marxian surplus labor is described in the diagram below, showing job losses in the manufacturing sector of American economy, after China joined the WTO.

We argue that trade with China caused the loss of 6,000 manufacturing jobs. Those 6,000 workers are what Marx calls the reserve army of unemployed workers.

The alliance and collaboration between the BLM hoax and crony corporations deflects the anger of the unemployed away from the ruling class, and channels the anger towards the faux issue of “white supremacy.”

A second component of the hoax is that the relationship between crony corporations and BLM Marxists allows both groups to attack the idea of economic populism, in favor of elite class decision-making.

Julia Azari, a professor at Marquette University described the conflict between economic populism and the BLM social justice hoax.

Azari stated,

“Populism identifies elites [ruling class] who           are to blame for oppressing the       masses and   generally calls for majoritarian processes to           alleviate the problem. That’s why, for example, rolling back Citizens United is a   widespread populist demand and why           Sanders’s campaign puts so much         emphasis on his independence from    megadonors.”

We disagree slightly with Azari’s characterization of economic populism. Our term for the same concept is entrepreneurial capitalism, where all citizens have an equal opportunity to create their own business and achieve economic success.

Both the BLM Marxists and the crony capitalist ruling class united political forces to impeach Trump, because Trump is an economic populist. The BLM hoax is used to demonstrate that Black failure to succeed in the American economy is solely, and exclusively, due to white supremacy.

Trump posed a direct threat to the continued extraction of surplus labor value from White people by the BLM Marxists and the American crony corporate capitalists, who depend on trade with China to increase their rate of profit in a global seamless market.

We predict that the collusion between BLM Marxists and the ruling class will cause the White American middle class to develop a class consciousness consistent with the predictions of Marxian theory about the emergence of worker class consciousness.

We place the start of the BLM alliance with crony corporatism around 1985, with a new development in the globalist corporate behavior that shifted the traditional allegiance of large corporations from national sovereignty, to an allegiance of a one-world global government.

The shift in tactics by the crony capitalist class caused a change in the status quo arrangement of power, which caused the left to change its behavior.

Prior to 1985, the essence of the two party arrangement between Democrats and Republicans was special financial group interest negotiations over the distributing the spoils of plunder.

All of the political party special interest elites, what Codevilla calls the ruling class, shared a common cultural value that the end goal of the American political system was to grow the economic pie bigger in order to allow them to plunder the system by distributing the spoils to their voters, after an election.

After 1985, that national elite interest in growing the domestic economy changed, and the national special interest two party consensus about plunder, that held the political system together, eroded.

In response to the change in global capitalism, the Democrats shifted their ideology from being a political party whose mission was to extract plunder for the working class to a political movement of global socialism, in collusion with global crony capitalists.

The left’s growing class consciousness of envy is in the process of replacing the former allegiance of the Democrats from the party of the working class, to the party of the oppressed, within the existing two party framework of American politics.

Our argument today is that the only way forward for natural rights conservatives to defeat the communist threat to liberty is to adopt a class-based ideology of citizen liberty that is capable of vanquishing the Democrat Marxist ideology of communism.

In other words, we advocate the creation of a citizen liberty mass political movement to counter the Black Democrat Marxist social justice movement.

The creation of that mass social movement is entirely dependent on White citizens forming a class awareness that, as an entire race, they are under attack by both BLM Marxists and crony capitalists because of the color of their skin.

We provide Diagram 3. Component 3, to show our economic model’s relationships between global corporate capitalism and the BLM hoax.



Section 5. When the Hoax Works Well, The Washington Ruling Class Police State Kleptocracy Makes Progress on Stealing Money From Taxpayers.                                                           

The Democrat Marxists embrace globalism because they sense an opportunity to gain unelected power to extract profits from the seamless global corporate economy, in a global socialist administrative state.

In their conception of the future, the Marxists would control the administrative state, and the crony corporations would control the global economy, in a one-party communist tyranny.

As William Domhoff explains,

“This (BLM) dogma asserts that it is more     damaging to progressive interest to     challenge the two-party system than to           accept the need to stay within it. The         more the evidence demonstrates that their own           dogmatism has produced           only bleak    disasters, the more they ascribe those          disasters to those who rejected their     groundless faith-based strategy of “working        within the     Democratic Party.”

As Angelo Codevilla explains,

“The black-clad burners and looters were the          very opposite of a proletariat    and that,       Marxist rhetoric aside, they never attacked     the wealthy or the        powerful—not Wall         Street, nor major corporations, certainly not           any     government, never mind Google,        Facebook, or Twitter, America’s most powerful monopolies, or corporate officials.           Instead, they received financial contributions from these sources.”

That uniparty, anti-democratic authority system would not disrupt the ruling class’ ability to use the agencies of government to direct the flow of global financial benefits to themselves.

The new tyranny would only require that the ruling class share profits with its new junior partner, eliminating the need for any further BLM political resistance to Trump’s economic populism and nationalism.

Codevilla’s term for the uniparty anti-democratic authority system is “the ruling class.”

Our term for the same idea is Police State Kleptocracy, which functions in a closed-loop system to extract surplus labor value from White people, in the form of taxes.

The police state kleptocracy is based in Washington, and is characterized by a strong class awareness and common belief in exploiting the system for their own benefit.

Joseph Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, accurately described the American ruling class as an “oligarchy.”

The class consciousness that Schumpeter described was based upon a shared set of cultural and social values, or as Schumpeter stated, “sharing the right socio-political opinions.”

Membership in the ruling class is tightly controlled by self-enforced social rules. Citizens from the middle class and underclass are rarely, if ever, admitted into the ruling oligarchy.

In his book, Who rules America? Power and Politics in the Year 2006, William Domhoff describes his research in documenting the elements of the American ruling class.

Domhoff states that his research shows,

“First, it shows there is a nationwide social    upper class in the United States           that has its    own exclusive social institutions and is          based in the ownership of great     wealth.         Second, it demonstrates that this upper class   is closely      intertwined with the corporate   community. Third, it argues that the social         cohesion that develops among members’ of   the upper class is another basis      for the          creation of policy agreements within the           policy-formation network. The demonstration of an upper class that is           tightly interconnected with the   corporate     community is relevant because it contradicts       the idea that there has been a separation         between corporate ownership and control in     the United States.”

Domhoff cites the importance of social class awareness among members of the ruling class in maintaining social and political control. His term for their power is “class dominance.”

He writes,

“Involvement in these institutions usually      instills a class consciousness that    includes feelings of superiority, pride, and    justified privilege. Deep down,          most   members of the upper class think they are     better than other people and therefore         fully   deserving of their station in life—an           attitude that is very useful in managing          employees, even though it is sometimes    psychologically debilitating. This class          consciousness is ultimately based in the     society-wide categories of owners and           nonowners, but it is reinforced by the shared           social identities and interpersonal ties    created by participation in social institutions of the upper class.”

Domhoff cites the linkage between political power and corporate power in the ruling class.

He writes,

“Without a doubt, then, the .5 to 1 percent of          the population that makes up the upper          class is also the .5 to 1 percent who owned    45.6 percent of the financial wealth in         1992. In terms of the “Who benefits?”           indicator of power, the upper class is   far      and away the most powerful group in       society.”


Our term to describe this linkage between political and corporate power is crony corporate global capitalism.

In our article, BLM Marxism and the Emerging Alliance With Global Corporate Crony Capitalism, we write,

“The American crony corporate global          capitalist system can best be           understood   as a rent-seeking economy where elites use   the power of government to obtain       unearned profits from non-elites. The three   main           components of both the American       global crony national economic structure       and the Chinese communist economic           structure are:

  1. The global firms in the military-industrial complex.
  2. The global manufacturing industrial firms with a financial interest in obtaining         foreign trade benefits, especially with China.
  3. The global banking and investment firms who coordinate global financial transactions in conjunction with global          central banks.

The common characteristics of global cronyism, in both the American and Chinese economies, is a preference for collectivist globalism, as opposed to promotion of a sovereign national economic interest.

We argue that the existing, strong ruling class social class consciousness acts as a reference point for BLM Democrats in the development of their own emerging Black Marxist class consciousness.

We argue that the intensity of exploitation of White people by the Police State Kleptocracy increased after the successful Marxist coup in November of 2020.

After the coup, the increased Marxist exploitation cannot be accomplished without the application of police state repression of White Trump voters, deemed enemies of the Marxist state.

When the White Supremacist Hoax works well, the Washington ruling class police state kleptocracy makes progress on stealing money from taxpayers.

Our economic model describes a flow of tax revenues into the geographical region of Washington. Much of the tax money never leaves the geographical region because it is obtained by the ruling class elite to fund insider lobbying and political manipulation of elected representatives.

Some of the tax revenues flow outside of Washington to the network of universities and nonprofits, which channel the money to favored political groups.

Some of the tax revenues flow to global corporations to fund the military industrial complex.

The appearance of Trump, in 2016, disrupted the flow of tax revenues to the Washington ruling class police state kleptocracy. At that point, the threat to the kleptocracy from Trump voters was too great for the ruling class, who turned to police state repression to maintain their privileged positions.

The BLM White Supremacist hoax acts as a political and social control strategy to provide justification for eliminating the threat of White Trump voters.




Conclusion: Antonio Francesco Gramsci Was Right That the First Step to Impose Communism Requires Taking Over the American Educational System.

In his recent American Greatness article, The Revolutionary Road, Pedro Gonzalez cites the blueprint for the Marxist takeover of America, prepared by an Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci.

Gonzalez writes,

“The political skirmishes against          critical race theory are noble and      laudable, but ultimately they will be     swallowed up in the cultural gullet of      the regime unless a different grand      strategy comes into view. Gramsci himself acknowledged a circular   interaction between culture and political power; the two reinforce one another.”

Gramsci proposed that communists take over the public education system in order to have teachers inculcate Marxist ideology in the children.

As we have noted above, the Marxist idea of creating a Marxist class consciousness, based upon the White Supremacist hoax, has been very effective in extracting surplus labor value to fund the BLM Marxist movement, called social justice.

We also noted that the promotion of the Black Marxist ideology is likely to have the unintended consequence of fermenting a White class consciousness, based upon our insight that if you continually call non-racist White people “White Supremacists,” long enough, that White people may begin to see themselves as a social class.

For example, we suspect that Biden’s effort to rid the U. S. military of White racist soldiers, who are not really racists, will cause the White soldiers to begin seeing themselves as an oppressed group that has common moral values, just like BLM has common values.

In the Center for Progress report, titled, “4 First Steps for Congress To Address White Supremacist Terrorism,” the report cites the unverified and undocumented racism in the U. S. military.

They write,

“White supremacist activity among U.S.        military and law enforcement           personnel     has long been a systemic problem. In July,    40 lawmakers signed a bipartisan letter     urging the U.S. Department of Defense           (DOD) to clarify    active-duty personnel       policy on white supremacist ideology and          activity after extremist incidents raised           concerns. A previous House hearing on        “Alarming Incidents of White Supremacy in the Military” confirmed that   this problem           has presented itself not just in recent years but throughout U.S. history… [The     incidents include] U.S. Immigration and    Customs Enforcement officials, U.S.   Border Patrol agents, and National Guard         members, among others, have been linked to           white supremacist beliefs and    organizations in recent years.”

The CAP report does not present empirical evidence of racism in the military because the BLM hoax does not require that evidence to be presented in order to justify a purge of White soldiers.

The entire BLM logical justification for imposing Marxism on White citizens is based upon the Marxist moral conclusion that communist collectivism is a better social system than free enterprise individualism.

In the logic of BLM, communism is better than free enterprise because the social and economic outcomes are fair, in the sense that everyone obtains the same reward for their work.

In other words, equal outcomes are more fair under communism than under free enterprise based upon individual merit and achievement.

An application of the social justice logic of equal outcomes is seen in the assassination of the White protestor, Ashli Babbitt, by the Black BLM cop in the Capitol.

In the social justice logic of the White Supremacist hoax, if White cops kill Black people, then a fair, equal outcome is that Black BLM cops can kill White people, without legal consequences.

Charlotte Klein explains the moral equivalency between the killing of Jacob Blake and the killing of Ashli Babbitt, in her Vanity Fair article, Tucker Carlson Claims BLM Is a “Hoax”

Klein cites the logic and reasoning of the father of Jacob Blake, the unarmed Black man who was shot seven times in the back in front of his children.

Klein writes,

“Blake Sr. said. “But my son has not been     afforded the rights of a human.        He’s not       been treated like a human. He’s a father.       He’s not a deadbeat dad,      he’s a father that’s with his children every day…There’s two           justice systems, Blake Sr. said,   referencing Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-  old     shooter who faces murder charges in   the     killing of two protesters. “Because that 17-year-old Caucasian shot and killed two    people and blew another   man’s arm off on   his way back to Antioch, Illinois. He           got to           go home. He got water—they    gave   that    guy water and a high-five. My son got ICU        and paralyzed from the waist down. Those    are the two justice systems right in front of you.”

We agree with Blake Sr. There are two systems of justice in America. One system prosecutes, and finds guilty the White cop who killed Floyd, and the other system of justice for the Black BLM cop who killed Ashli Babbitt, who goes scot free, because the BLM hoax is effective in obtaining equal social justice outcomes.

The Black Marxist logic of equal social outcomes extends its influence into the public schools, where “equal” means that the outcomes between White students and Black students must be equal.

In the perverse logic of the BLM hoax, because Black children are deemed by communist school boards not to be able to do math, then equal outcomes means that White children should not do math, either, because math is racist.

As Breitbart News reported in April, the California education department’s teachers’ workbook titled “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction,” asserts,

“White supremacy culture infiltrates math     classrooms in everyday teacher act… The   system of providing only some students        pathways to calculus, or statistics, data          science or other high-level courses has           resulted in the denial of opportunities too      [sic] many potential STEAM [Science,      Technology, Engineering, Arts, and    Mathematics] students—especially Latinx    and African American students,” The workbook states evidence of “white           supremacy culture” in [math class] includes:

  • The focus is on getting the “right”       answer.
  • Independent practice is valued over     teamwork or collaboration.
  • “Real-world math” is valued over        math in the real world.
  • Students are tracked (into          courses/pathways and within the classroom).
  • Participation structures reinforce          dominant ways of being.

We argue that nothing could be more profoundly racist than White Marxist school administrators asserting that Black kids cannot do math.

The racist assertion about Black children in California is based upon the successful use of the BLM White Supremacy hoax, based upon the logic of critical race theory.

The California school administrators write,

“The concept of mathematics being purely    objective is unequivocally false, and     teaching it is even much less so,” the   workbook adds. “Upholding the idea         that    there are always right and wrong         answers perpetuate objectivity [sic] as      well    as fear of open conflict [sic].”

The San Diego media reported on the critical race training provided to hospital workers in the city.

The report stated,

“More than 400 healthcare workers     participated in a three-day online critical          race theory class that depicted the United       States as a racist nation with “white supremacy codified into our nation.” The      Washington Examiner reviewed the 82-        slide PowerPoint presentation along with the           contract that paid $25,050 to instructor          Reginald Caldwell,..Critical race    theorists argue that what many   Americans   think of as the “white race” does not       describe a     distinct group of people   but     rather a social construct that serves to     benefit some groups and marginalize   others.”

The ultimate goal of the BLM White Supremacist Hoax is to deem all White people, but especially White Trump voters as terrorists, in order to use the police power of the state to continue to extract surplus labor value from White people.

In other words, force the White people to continue to toil under Marxism, in order for their value of production to be exploited and expropriated by Black Marxists.

The idea of White Supremacy as terrorism is part of the hoax of Black Marxists projecting onto White people their own mental defect that White people have a class consciousness.

FBI Director Christopher Wray states that violent white supremacists are the nation’s biggest domestic terrorist threat, based upon a common ideology of racism.

Wray makes the equivalency between the Black Marxist ideology, and the fake White racist ideology. He states that both groups are an ideology.

“BLM is an ideology, not an organization.     It’s not a group or an organization. It’s a           movement or an ideology..People ascribing   to some kind of white supremacist-type ideologies is certainly the biggest chunk        of that [threat of domestic terrorism].”

We disagree with Wray, but understand the logic of his assertion. White people are not terrorists, and do not have a race-based ideology like the Black Marxists.

We also disagree with Gonzalez about the importance of critical race theory being taught in public schools and colleges.

Critical race theory is an essential component of Gramsci’s master plan of using the educational system to inculcate communist ideology into school children.

Critical race theory teaches white kids to hate themselves, and hate their country, and teaches Black kids to hate white kids and hate their country.

The future success of the BLM White Supremacist Hoax depends on the successful implementation of CRT into the White culture.

Our economic model, described in the final diagram 5, combines all of the main components below, to show the ultimate future goal of the Black Marxists, if the hoax is to be successful in the future.

From our Marxian interpretation of the gigantic White Supremacist hoax, it will work well in the future, because it will justify the police state repression to force White people to do the work of creating value for Black people, just as if White people were slaves to the Marxist state.

In order to get to that future Marxian state, it is absolutely essential for critical race theory to be implemented in the public schools.

The only hope White people that have from escaping their future slavery is to form a social class consciousness, not based upon the whiteness of their skin, but upon the principles of natural rights liberty that defeats the social class awareness of Black Marxists, based upon their hoax.