Episode 73. Coming May 8 2021. The Gigantic BLM White Supremacist Hoax

Episode 73. May Day 2021

The Gigantic BLM White Supremacist Hoax



We begin by describing the endearing psychological disability of Democrat Marxists of projecting onto their enemies the mental defects that they themselves possess.

Part of their disability arises from their system of logic called “social construction of reality,” wherein they make up and imagine the reality that serves their disability.

Another part of their disability is to project their own twisted Marxian class-based hate onto all White people, as if all White people possessed a class consciousness, like the Democrat Marxists.

In the past several years, Democrat Marxists have performed ritual race-based hoaxes to perpetuate their world-reality that America is systemically racists.

The hoaxes are essential to the Marxists to confirm their view of reality because reality does not offer them real examples of systemic white supremacy.

America, as founded in 1775, is not a racist nation.

White people, in 1775, as an entire race, did not possess race or class-based consciousness, in the Marxian sense, the same way that Marxists embrace class warfare.

White people, as a race, in 2021, do not possess white class consciousness. When White people are confronted with the BLM race hoaxes, they do not have a class-based political response to the fake stories.

Part of our argument that America died on the early morning of November 4, 2020, and cannot be resuscitated, is that Democrat Marxism is an enduring, permanent feature of American politics that cannot be resolved, under Madison’s two-party system.

The end goal for Marxists is the transformation of the Nation into a communist state featuring race and class-based collectivism, ruled by an unelected elite.

Their desired system looks just like the society of Communist China.

Our argument today is that the only way forward to vanquish the communist threat to liberty is to adopt a class-based consciousness that is capable of confronting the Democrat Marxists.