Episode 70 The Establishment Republican “Election Integrity” Scam: The Absurdity of Fixing the Voting System of a Failed Nation.

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Episode 70. February 19, 2021.
The Citizens Liberty Party News Network
The Establishment Republican “Election Integrity” Scam: The Absurdity of Fixing the Voting System of a Failed Nation.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network, for February 19, 2021. Our podcast is titled “The Establishment Republican “Election Integrity” Scam: The Absurdity of Fixing the Voting System of a Failed Nation.”
We use the recent series of articles by Patrick Byrne, on Deep Capture, (How DJT Lost the White House), as a way of describing a fake Republican Party narrative, called restoring “election integrity,” to make our argument that fixing the voting system of the Former United States of America, (FUSA) is an absurd idea for Trump voters. (RNC Chair McDaniel announces group’s new Election Integrity committee, Just The News, https://bit.ly/3qvj6Pr).
This idea of election integrity means reverting to the former two-party status quo, where the establishment Republican Party acts as collaborators with the Marxist Democrats to promote one-world globalism. Restoring the former political system does nothing to change the behavior of Marxist Democrats. It does nothing to change the behavior of establishment Republicans.
Election integrity does nothing to address the war-mongering military industrial kleptocracy. It does nothing to eradicate the deep state police spy apparatus of citizens, and it does nothing to promote the ideology of liberty as the founding principle of the Nation, in 1776. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, Principles of Liberty of the Democratic Republic of America, https://bit.ly/3cFQnnf).
Our podcast today intends to convince 75 million Trump voters that the path forward, from November 3, 2020, lies in creating a new nation of sovereign states, whose citizens will have an opportunity to vote in a constitutional referendum, where the principle of liberty replaces the race-based, class war ideology of the Marxist Democrats.
We begin our argument that the Former United States of America (FUSA), ended on November 3, 2020, in a successful coup of Marxist Democrats that overthrew the Constitution’s principles of majority rule and the voluntary allegiance to the rule of law.
In that coup, Madison’s written constitution, of 1787, was replaced by an unwritten constitution, whose rules benefit the ruling class elites of the Washington kleptocracy.
The kleptocracy in Washington is a part of the global kleptocracy of tyrants and corporations who use the agencies of government to direct financial benefits to themselves.
The global kleptocracy has three main components:
1. The military-industrial complex of corporations who promote global war in order to enrich themselves.
2. The deep state intelligence agencies who spy on citizens as a political weapon to enforce the unwritten rules of the kleptocracy.
3. The global financial and banking system that launders flows of capital to avoid legitimate, legal business transactions between nations.
The role of the Democrat Marxist and Republican Party is to offer the veneer of legitimacy to manage and administer government agencies to direct benefits to this corrupt system of elite rule.
Biden is an unelected, illegitimate Marxist kleptocrat, who used the agencies of government, for 50 years, to enrich himself by selling access to U. S. military and trade secrets.
Reverting to the former two party system, by restoring election integrity, allows an unelected tyrant, like Biden, to continue his charade, as if he was a legitimate president.
We argue that “fixing” the election system would allow globalist Republicans, like Romney, Mitch McConnell, or any other RINO, to win fake elections in the future, without addressing the fundamental dysfunction of the broader American society.
The fundamental dysfunction in American society is that the working class, and middle class citizens have been subjugated to the financial needs of the elite.
The election integrity scam is pushed by both establishment Republicans and Marxist Democrats, in a type of collaboration to extend their grip of elite rule over ordinary, common working class citizens.
We cite the work of Patrick Byrne, as an example of the misleading advice to Trump voters that “election integrity” will solve their problems, in the future.
After an exhaustive 5-part series of articles describing his role in working with Sidney Powell and General Flynn to convince President Trump to have a more focused, coherent strategy to overcome the vote fraud of November 3, 2020, Byrne ends his series by unveiling his election integrity scam.
He begins Series 6 with a false concession that Biden “won” the election..
Byrne writes:
“Our Founding Fathers designed a Constitutional process for selecting our President. I recognize that the Constitutional process ran its course and selected Joe Biden as President. So Biden is President. That Constitutional process decided the presidency. On January 6-7 that process ran its course, and selected Joe Biden. So Biden is our president…the Senate looked at the facts (as much as they wished to, anyway), they voted, and so the outcome they generated is the outcome. Thus, Biden is indeed President. End of story.”
Just like FaceBook and Twitter, Byrne censors and deletes comments from his readers that contradict his concession on Biden’s victory, so it is impossible to gauge what his readers think of his concession.
Below are examples from a selection of comments that did not get deleted by Byrne:
• “Great work, [in series 1 – 5] until it wasnt. Nice bail Patrick. Sorry you’re otherwise great, but I have to say it Sir. Fake challenge. Fake bravery.”
• We are being censored now and it is getting worse by the day. By just sitting back and allowing the fraudulent election results to pass on by, our Country and our Freedom as we know it is no more. Once our election is allowed to be violated, it will continue to be decided for us.
• Patrick, You’ve burdened us with truth, and no solution. Perhaps ignorance would have been better.
• We all know what happened and why. What we don’t know is what to do about it. Voting will no doubt yield the same results, with the same bad actors and machines.
• Imho there is no political solution. We are in the denial phase where people are still hopelessly flailing about talking about election integrity and getting the “right candidates ” in office.
• The government is totally compromised ( to say nothing of the media, entertainment, sports, big tech and big pharma) its way too late to think you are gonna vote your way out of this mess.
Just like Barr made all the right sounds and noises on the threat of the “oligarchy to the rule of law” all the while undermining Trump, Byrne makes the right noises about the oligarchy, while promoting the absurd idea that the solution to the American oligarchy is “election integrity.”
Byrne writes,
“We have become an oligarchy, the State is corrupted, and things are not being run for the benefit of the people… a well-thought out and crisply executed organization hijacked our national election in 2020, by hijacking 6 key swing states, by hijacking the anchor city in each of those states, via election fraud that began with simultaneous and unprecedented shutting down of vote-counting, and continuing through countless forms that have been documented in videos and affidavits and with what forensics have been allowed.”
Byrne concludes with this wet-noodle advice to Trump voters,
“Focus your political attention, ire, and efforts on election integrity. No matter what else you want, you want this first and more.”
A partial motive for Byrne’s, and the RNC’s, Republican election integrity scam is to promote the idea that President Trump may run again, in 2024, if the current election system can be cleaned up with so-called election integrity.
As we have noted elsewhere, Trump does not possess the right skills to confront the kleptocracy, and seems stuck in the image of two party politics that existed in the 1950s. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, Just Secession. Trump Voters Seek A Revolution, Not A Civil War. The CLP News Network.com https://bit.ly/3jUM34T).
Trump’s attempt to launch a bid to reclaim the Presidency in 2024, within the institutional framework of the establishment Republican Party is not based upon a realistic appraisal of the power of the kleptocracy within the Republican Party, under Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network, for February 19, 2021.
This podcast is the introduction to a much longer written article, available for free at clpnewsnetwork.com
The other sections of the longer article are:
• Section 1. Confronting the Kleptocracy.
• Section 2. Republican Election Integrity in Collusion With Marxist Democrats.
• Conclusion: Lincoln’s Interpretation of the Declaration of Independence As the Foundation of the Democratic Republic of America.
Section 1. Confronting the Kleptocracy.
Angelo Codevilla explains the complex relationships between global corporations and government agencies that act as the administrative agents to direct the flow of benefits to the kleptocracy.
Codevilla writes,
“This increased power and lax attitude conserving it posed a temptation to use these tools for the convenience of the administration in power, which was made much more likely by the increasing identification of the senior ranks of the intelligence community with your ruling class. To the point that these people, being ordinary sentient human beings, believe what the people at the top of their class are saying about the opposition.”
In other words, fixing the voting system does not address the kleptocracy because private corporations, and deep state spy agents, are not part of the election system. Their power lies outside of politics, but they need the partnership with the agencies of government to administer the flow of benefits.
Codevilla points out that the dysfunction in America is beyond hatred of Trump. Trump is only a small part of the ruling class hatred of common citizens.
Codevilla writes,
“But you have to go beyond Donald Trump, to Republican power holders in general. These people far more than Donald Trump would be inclined to forbear for the sake of comity with the ruling class. And what kind of comity are we talking about? We’re talking about social comity. Because if you follow the law in this case, you end up putting former directors of CIA, FBI etcetera behind bars.”
Part of our argument of the inadequacy of Trump as a possible 2024 candidate in the Republican Party is that he lacks the courage to put the bad actors behind bars. He had 4 years to move against the deep state agents and military brass, yet failed to act.
Hoping that Trump will gain the courage he needs to deal with the kleptocracy, in the future, as a part of the establishment Republican Party, is absurd.
Codevilla spends much of his analysis of the kleptocracy on the first component, the military-industrial complex.
The military and deep state spy agents are deeply intertwined with the payoff corruption system of the deep state, in the same type of public–private partnership that characterized Mussolini’s system of big business tyranny in Italy.
In their article in Nation, Want to Know Who Influences US Foreign Policy? Follow the Money, Cassandra Stimpson and Holly Zhang outline the complex relationships between lobbyists, defense contractors, and government agencies.

They write,
“Much less well known are the financial incentives that lurk behind so many of the voices clamoring for an ever-more-militarized response to China in the Pacific. We’re talking about groups that carefully avoid the problems such an approach will provoke when it comes to the real security of the United States or the planet. Pentagon contractors, and Washington’s many influential think tanks, a “rising China” means only one thing: rising profits. Not surprisingly, many of the top think tank recipients of foreign funding are also top recipients of funding from this country’s major weapons makers. The result: an ecosystem in which those giant outfits and some of the countries that will use their weaponry now play major roles in bankrolling the creation of the very rationales for those future sales.”
They explain the Washington “revolving-door” relationship between university research centers, so-called think tanks, foreign governments, and defense contractors, all of whom obtain money from the way the military-industrial component of the kleptocracy functions.
They write,
“The top 50 think tanks have received more than $1 billion from the US government and defense contractors over those same six years. Such contractors alone lobby Congress to the tune of more than $20 million each election cycle… Projects like the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s “China Risk and China Opportunity for the U.S.- Japan Alliance,” funded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are now the norm inside the Beltway… Between 2014 and 2019, CSIS received at least $5 million from the US government and Pentagon contractors, including at least $400,000 from Lockheed Martin and more than $200,000 from Boeing. In this fashion, a privileged think-tank elite has cajoled its way into the inner circles of policy formation.”
According to Casey Michel, writing in The New Republic,
“As one Securities and Exchange Commission investigation discovered, over 20 percent of America’s largest companies were deeply enmeshed in the webs of foreign bribery. These American companies revealed that they’d paid over $1 billion, in modern dollars, to bribe a range of clientele: from foreign government officials to international oligarchs and endless shady entities in between, all promising fealty to American manufacturers and businesses in exchange for a bit of the lucre.”
Codevilla explains the example of the complex relationships in the military-industrial corruption scheme by citing the example of William McRaven, a United States Navy four-star admiral who served as the ninth commander of the United States Special Operations Command from August 8, 2011 to August 28, 2014.
McRaven had written a NYT op-ed calling for the impeachment of Trump.
Codevilla writes,
“With William McRaven’s call to oust President Trump ( in a maybe through impeachment, maybe through a coup), the military officer class joins the establishment in claiming a right to rule, regardless of the outcome of elections. McRaven’s essay merely, and dishonestly, adds to the united ruling class’s effort to attack Donald Trump outside of constitutional procedures by feeding the media’s production of innuendos. But senior officers have prospered. Intertwined with the ruling class, they end their careers on defense contractors’ corporate boards and in villas on the golf course. Now, as part of the ruling class, they join in claiming a right to rule us deplorables regardless of elections. We can thank McRaven for making that clear.”
The major conclusion Codevilla draws in his analysis of the military-industrial component of the kleptocracy is that the financial and economic interests of common working class, and middle class citizens, has been subordinated to the interests of the ruling class whose members benefit from war-mongering.
He writes,
“The foremost thing to keep in mind about what is happening in Washington is that it is, above all, an attempt to subordinate the will of the people, expressed in elections, to the will of the ruling class, expressed through its control of social and political institutions.”
That subordination of common citizens is beyond the ability of election integrity to correct, after November 3, 2021, when citizens lost the right of self-government through voting. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, Politics Beyond Trump: Conservative Politics After Biden’s Illegitimate Transition of Power. The Citizens Liberty Party News Network, https://bit.ly/2Zms31L).
Confronting the unelected power of the kleptocracy requires the application of a coherent, systematic ideology that places all 3 components of the ruling class in a revolutionary context of confrontation.
The second component of the kleptocracy that will not be “fixed” by election reform is the deep state spy apparatus that spies on citizens, as a strategy to punish dissent from the globalist vision.
In his article, Deep State, Dark Intentions, Lucja Cannon reviews the book by Barton Gellman “Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State,” and details why the American intelligence agencies spy on American citizens.
The global surveillance “leviathan” is a mirror image of the global military-industrial complex, and both components feed information into the global kleptocracy of corporations and governments in order for the governments to function effectively to benefit the elites, across national borders.
The surveillance leviathan operates a mass-surveillance program global in scope, that obtains the location and content of all cellphone users, the account information from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple, Paltalk, phone companies, and other social network platforms.
The metadata obtained by the espionage leviathan consists of the content of the calls, a listing of calls and emails, their destination, time, and duration.
Cannon explains that the metadata is used by the spy agencies to create social network analysis to link callers to each other in social-political networks.
According to Cannon,
“The intelligence is used to find patterns to build up profiles on everyone in their database. They could conduct contact chaining to draw a map of social networks for all their contacts, an analysis of links among friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and so on. They could track individuals in fine detail by extracting a timeline from the index of individual calls. This info is enriched by metadata and content drawn from other NSA repositories like intercepted emails. Patterns gleaned from call records would identify targets in email and location databases.”
The intelligence agencies used this data to spy on President Trump, and to disrupt his Presidency, primarily because Trump was not a proponent of the global kleptocracy.
Cannon writes,
“But why did they [intelligence agencies] take this attitude towards Trump? …the Obama Administration unleashed the surveillance state against Trump’s campaign and was doing everything possible to cover its tracks and prevent its efforts from becoming public… Whether it was spying on his political campaign, unfounded claims of Russian collusion, or leaking the Russian intelligence-derived Steele dossier, the surveillance state tried to destroy the duly elected president of the United States.”
Under the Biden/Pelosi Marxist regime, the intent of the Marxist Democrats is to use the metadata to identify and punish Republicans and conservatives by prosecuting them as “domestic terrorists.”
The label of domestic terrorists is combined with the additional epithet that the domestic terrorists are white supremacists and racists.
The entire episode of Trumps’ speech on January 6, 2021, and the ensuing impeachment, is simply a pretext for the Marxist Democrats to call the riot an “insurrection,” in order to unleash the deep state spy apparatus on 75 million Trump voters, deemed political enemies of the state.
Nothing about “election integrity” dismantles the global spy network, because the intelligence community operates beyond the constitution, and way beyond the concept of “consent of the governed.”
Section 2. Republican Election Integrity in Collusion With Marxist Democrats.
Marxists appropriate terms of the English language, and redefine words to fit their agenda of promoting a one-world global socialist state.
For example, the term “our democracy” when used by Obama or Pelosi, is redefined to mean racial equity and financial equality, as determined by the Marxist elites.
The Marxists also have redefined the term “election integrity” to mean something different than what Republicans mean when they use the term.
For Marxists, election integrity means obtaining the desired political outcome, not adherence to the integrity of the vote. For example, the outcome of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania was legitimate for Marxists because Biden is deemed to have won the fraudulent vote.
For Marxists, the term “election integrity,” is linked to the deep state spy apparatus to punish any citizen who questions the legitimacy of the outcome of the election. The 2017 Obama coup against Trump, for example, constitutes election integrity because Hillary was supposed to win, not Trump.
As Robert Lopez explains in his article, Doubling Down on Dumb, the term election integrity is used by Marxist Democrats to criminalize First Amendment, and Fourth Amendment rights against government tyranny.
Lopez writes,
“The central paradox here is that our government is criminalizing activity—debate and redress of grievances—that is not only a cherished tradition in America, but also, protected by the Constitution. The United States has long valued the ritual of assembling to show political strength and of gathering in front of symbolic sites (monuments, courthouses, capital buildings, etc.) in order to express discontent to the government (part of the “redress of grievances”).”
In his article, Redefining “Protecting Election Integrity” to Mean Post-Election Censorship, Daniel Greenfield explains how the Marxists intend to silence their enemies.
Greenfield writes,
“Election integrity traditionally meant verifying the integrity of the process, but is now being used to mean silencing anyone who questions the integrity of the election. In both cases a term that meant protecting the integrity of an internal process has been turned inside out to mean covering up for the corruption of the internal process by censoring its outside critics… Election integrity now means a stasi-like focus on identifying and punishing public speech. The threat, as in most totalitarian societies, was never really rom outside: it was from Americans… Only unfree societies protect the integrity of public officials from the outrage of the public. And only a corrupt oligarchy selectively intervenes to protect its officials in the name of “integrity.” The oligarchy has spent every minute since the election crying that contesting an election is illegitimate, a threat to what it calls “democracy”, and must be stopped to save our country.”
The Marxists are telegraphing their intent to impose police state repression on Trump voters, using January 6, 2021, as the justification for repression.
Emerson T. Brooking and Jacob Shapiro, in their Atlantic article, Americans Were Worried About the Wrong Threat, identify Trump, and Trump voters as the correct target of repression.
They write,
“The far-right extremists who forced their way into the building had consumed viral conspiracy theories about “stolen” elections and a “deep state” cabal—theories that President Donald Trump himself amplified… Years of domestically driven disinformation and a months long campaign to deny the validity of the 2020 election— in both cases furthered by politically motivated actors, profit-seeking media entities driving traffic by peddling falsehoods, and grifters promoting conspiracy theories created a tinderbox of rage and delusion. And at his rally Wednesday, Trump struck the match.”
John Nichols, writing in The Nation, states,
“Christopher Krebs, the ousted head of cybersecurity for the United States, has called the 2020 election the most secure election in the nation’s history…Making it easier to vote in the face of a pandemic does not weaken ballot integrity. Nor does it, as Paxton suggests, “dilute” the influence of votes cast in states that fail make it remove barriers to voting…Trump, Paxton, and other Republicans are seeking to overturn the results of an election by promoting the lie that making it easier to vote encourages fraudulent behavior, and that states that encourage higher turnout are somehow harming states that fail to do so.”
Steve Coll, in his New Yorker article, Republican Leaders Are Rushing to Exploit Trump’s Big Lie, justifies his advocacy of police state repression against Trump voters because they continue to claim that the election was stolen, and that Biden is an illegitimate president.
Coll writes,
“approximately half of Republicans who continue to believe that Biden stole the Presidency reside, Trump’s followers are advancing the antidemocratic radicalism of his last months in office without comparable accountability. They are directly attacking voting laws and systems, which are generally administered at the state and local level, by normalizing the Big Lie as a justification for extraordinary, if not extralegal, resistance.”
The first-strike justification for repression against Trump voters by Marxists, according to Coll, is that Trump voters refuse (resist) the Marxist propaganda that Biden is a legitimate tyrant.

He wites,
“to embrace Trumpian vandalism against election administration and law, while refining litigation strategies to appeal more effectively to Trump sympathizers in the courts…local Trumpians across the country slowly acquire power not by staging provocative dramas, like the one on January 6th, but by bending elections, intimidating civil servants, and winning over judges, without ever abandoning a pretense of faith in democracy. Trump may have improvised his Big Lie while in an unhinged state of rage, but many of his followers remain determined to forge from it a potent plan of action.”
In the article, “The Real Threat of Trump’s Ridiculous Coup Attempt,” Dahlia Lithwick projects her hatred of Trump and Trump voters onto her enemies, as if her enemies will use repression against Marxist Democrats.
Her justification for the first-strike violence against Trump voters is that they may launch a pre-emptive strike on the Marxists. The threat posed by Trump voters to “our democracy” is so great as to warrant the first strike, in addition to using the military to occupy Washington to kill potential white nationalists.
She writes,
“Republicans are extending their position that Democrats in power are illegitimate to suggest that Democrats voting shouldn’t count either…the abiding harm here isn’t to Donald Trump, his campaign, or his fortunes, but rather to the country, its integrity, and the continued functioning of its institutions…But the reason the days since the election have been so unsettling is that this one fixed and robust pillar of democratic rule—that the people cast votes and the votes count—is the very thing now under attack, not just with the careless words of a wounded president, but with the concerted alignment of a party that cannot now seem to accept anything short of a total vanquishing of its opponents.”
In her use of psychological projection onto her enemies, she reveals the Marxist Democrat goal of their version of election integrity:
“a total vanquishing of its opponents.”
Conclusion: Lincoln’s Interpretation of the Declaration of Independence As the Foundation of the Democratic Republic of America.
We conclude in agreement with the call by the Claremont Institute for the formation of a new, more radical, confrontational, political ideology for Trump voters. (Arthur Milikh, Claremont Institute, Statement: A New Conservatism Must Emerge. February 16, 2021).
Reverting to the former two-party status quo, where the establishment Republican Party acts as collaborators with the Marxist Democrats to promote one-world globalism is absurd because that former government ended on November 3, 2020.
Restoring the former political system does nothing to change the behavior of Marxist Democrats. It does nothing to change the behavior of establishment Republicans. It does nothing to restore America to its former glory.
In his call for a new conservative radicalism, Milikh writes,
“Mainstream conservatism [Republicans] today cannot reverse these potentially fatal trends and cannot conserve the American way of life because it lacks clear understanding of its own purpose…A new Right is needed, one that understands itself as rooted in the noble cause of the American Revolution — unabashed and zealous in its determination to restore political liberty and politics itself…And it must ground its efforts firmly in America’s central principle: equal protection under the law, without exception.”
We slightly disagree with Milikh on the timing of the death of the former United States (FUSA). We claim that the nation died on November 3, 2020.
Milikh suggests that the nation is not dead yet, but lies in the constitutional ICU, in terminal condition.
He writes,
“the Right [needs to] reinvent its political party. Unless it does so, there will be no future political victories — and no country left to defend. Ultimately, this is much more than the cause of conservatism. It is the cause of America itself.”
He is mistaken. The “cause of liberty” for him does not connect at any point with the “cause of communism” for Democrat Marxists. The ideological differences are irreconcilable and unsolvable, under the current constitution.
Attempting to restore the election system to allow establishment Republicans to win fake elections does nothing to address the war-mongering military industrial kleptocracy.
It does nothing to eradicate the deep state police spy apparatus of citizens, and it does nothing to promote the ideology of liberty as the founding principle of the Nation, in 1776.
We have written elsewhere that the end-goal of the new, more confrontational conservative movement is a civil divorce from the Democrat Marxists, leading to the creation of a new democratic republic. (Vass. Laurie Thomas, Reclaiming The Spirit of 1776: Jettisoning Madison’s Constitution in Order to Connect the Declaration to a Nation of Independent Producers in an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Economy. https://bit.ly/37rarWW).
In that earlier article, we made the claim that Lincoln’s interpretation of the Declaration of Independence is the truthful heritage of American liberty. We argue that the Declaration, and not Madison’s constitution, reveals the true ideological intent of the Founders of 1776.
Lincoln sought moral justification for the Civil War in the Declaration because he realized that Madison’s document promoted slavery. Lincoln’s dilemma was that he could not justify a war to end slavery on a document that promoted slavery.
Like Lincoln, then, we believe, today, that Trump voters must make a clean break with Madison’s constitution, in order to divorce the Democrats, and erect a new nation on the principles of liberty in the Declaration.
In citing the Declaration as the moral justification of the Civil War, Lincoln tirelessly repeated his phrase that self-government must be based on principles of justice and right: “the laws of nature and of nature’s God,” as he stated.
Every time Lincoln invoked the Declaration as justification for the War, he would also repeat his dictum that self-government required that citizens give their permission for the rules and laws passed by their representatives.
On November 3, 2020, the citizens did not give their permission to the elected representatives because the principle of “consent of the governed” had been eradicated by the Democrat Marxists.
A majority of citizens, and all Trump voters, did not give Biden permission to impose his Marxist dictatorship, or unleash his police state repression, on citizens.
The lessons of history that Marxism teaches us, is that once the Marxists gain power illegally, they never, voluntarily relinquish power, peacefully.
We conclude that it makes more sense to seek a civil dissolution with the Marxists, rather than a civil war, although Lincoln’s justification for the first Civil War remains applicable as the moral justification for a potential second civil war with the Marxist Democrats.