Introduction to the Citizens Liberty Party News Network

Welcome to the Citizens Liberty Party News Network. I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the manager of this website.

We cover the economic and political news surrounding the viability of the current national government, and offer our insight to explain what citizens should be prepared for after a national dissolution.

In contrast to most conservative pundits, we try to go beyond just the analysis of the left vs. right dichotomy between socialists and conservatives to describe why the original Patriots  of 1775 had the best idea for the government of the new nation.

In their first Constitution of the new nation, called the Articles of Confederation, they adopted a state sovereignty framework, which limited the power of the central government.

The first Constitution was connected to the principles of liberty declared by Jefferson, in 1776, which we adopted as our logo, The Spirit of Liberty.

That first Constitution was usurped by Madison’s Constitution, which implemented a centralized representative republic.

We argue that the current divisions in America reflect the fact that Madison’s Constitution ended in the failure of a centralized elite tyranny, disconnected from the consent of the citizens.

We believe that the ideological differences between socialists and conservatives are irreconcilable. We argue that there are no common values between the two ideologies about the mission of the Nation.

Each week, we prepare the text and audio of a podcast that argues why the transition to a new nation is unavoidable.

The most recent text and audio is available for free, for one week. The entire archive of all podcasts is available for a subscription of $30 per year at

You can see our thoughts on the principles of government for a new democratic state sovereignty republic at our second website,

You can read our books about the philosophy of natural rights conservatism at

I am Laurie Thomas Vass. Thank you for visiting our website today.

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