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Episode 62 November 25, 2020

CLP Topic: The Destruction of America

Title: The Last American Thanksgiving.

Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for November 25, 2020. Our podcast today is titled The Last American Thanksgiving.

We begin our podcast at the point where Angelo Codevilla ends his recent article, From Ruling Class to Oligarchy.

Codevilla explains the difference in government regimes, between a ruling class, that operates within a representative republic, and an oligarchy, that rules in a totalitarian kleptocracy.

Codevilla argues that,

“Half the country (Trump voters) is living under an alien regime   (oligarchy) that means to harm us socially, politically, and   economically… the (oligarchy) set about compelling obedience to an openly manipulated election.”

He ends his article by stating,

“Plainly, we find ourselves in a (mostly not yet violent) state of war.”

We agree with Codevilla that we are in a war, but it is not a civil war, it is a revolutionary war, where the end goal is to separate the two warring factions into two new nations.

We echo the words of Patrick Henry, just prior to the start of the first American Revolution, that we are already in a war..



Henry said,

“The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north           will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are           already in the field! Why stand we here idle?”

We would add to Codevilla’s list of American values that are under attack by Marxist Democrats, the cultural values that held this nation together, specifically, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving began in 1621, and ended in 2020, a 400-year American cultural tradition of giving thanks to God for the miracle of self-government, by sharing food with friends and family.

Codevilla argues that the election of Trump, in 2016, was the last American legitimate election.

Codevilla writes,

“But by November 2016 this oligarchy had yet to articulate itself into           something capable of acting for a common purpose. That is why the           2016 election may prove to have been the last more-or-less bona fide           free election in America’s history.”

Having gained illegitimate power in the 2020 election, the oligarchy will never voluntarily relinquish power, and the old political adage of “voting the bastards out of office” does not apply anymore, because the oligarchs control the Dominion voting machines.

We argue that 75 million Trump voters were disenfranchised in 2020, and lost their natural God-given right to self-government.

We disagree with Codevilla that the name of the new form of rule, where citizens have no right of voting for elected representatives, is oligarchy.

It is Marxist tyranny, whose intent is to destroy all vestiges of American history and culture, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and replace it with the totalitarian ideology of Marxist collectivism.

We extend Codevilla’s analysis to claim that 2020 will be the last national American Thanksgiving celebration.

The intent of the Marxists is to cancel the traditions of Thanksgiving because those traditions celebrate the beginning of American self-government, under the Mayflower Compact.

The goal of the Marxist Democrats is to eradicate American individualism, and replace it with a social structure that mirrors the Chinese communist society.

The two classes at war in the second American Revolution are the elite oligarchy, and the plebeians.

Our term for oligarchy is crony corporate globalist capitalism, which is comprised of 3 American components in society, which function just like the society controlled by the Chinese Communist Party:

The three main components of both the American global crony national economic structure and the Chinese communist economic structure are:

  1. The global firms in the military-industrial complex.
  2. The global manufacturing industrial firms with a financial interest in obtaining foreign trade benefits, especially with China.
  3. The global banking and investment firms who coordinate global financial transactions in conjunction with global central banks.


Like the top-down, one party political system in China, the American global corporate crony political system is a one party top down system, based in Washington, which functions entirely independent of the consent of the governed.

The American oligarchy operates through the political apparatus of the Marxist Democrats, in collusion with the Republicans.

The common characteristics of government of global cronyism, in both China and America, is a preference for one-world collectivist globalism, as opposed to promotion of a sovereign national economic interest.

In an earlier article, we argued that there was a slight window of opportunity for Trump to replace the crony capitalist Republican Party with a new national sovereignty party that represents the interests of working and middle class citizens. (Trump’s 4 Year Window of Opportunity to Replace the Crony Capitalist Republican Party With a Conservative National Sovereignty Party.) https://bit.ly/33id3UV

That window of opportunity no longer exists. As Codevilla correctly notes, after the election of 2020, the oligarchy entrenched and will not give up power voluntarily.

We advise Trump voters to embrace this last American Thanksgiving, and give thanks to God for the blessing of the 400 years of the American cultural tradition of self-government.

And, we advise Trump voters to ask for God’s blessing in delivering us from the evil of Marxist tyranny, in what will likely be a protracted, violent encounter with the oligarchs, to regain our freedom of self-government and liberty from government oppression.

This podcast is the introduction to a much longer article, available for free at the CLP News Network.

The other sections of the longer article are:

  • Section 1. The Lessons of History the Indians Taught About the Meaning of Thanksgiving.
  • Section 2. The Marxist Covid Cancel Culture.
  • Conclusion: The Last National Celebration of Thanksgiving.


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Section 1. The Lessons of History the Indians Taught About the Meaning of Thanksgiving.

Christopher Caldwell, in his article in the Claremont Review of Books, Plymouth Rock Landed on Them: The immigration crisis of 1620, explains that there are two contrasting views of the first Thanksgiving.

The Indians, who shared the first Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims, have their view of history, and the colonists, and later, Lincoln, had an alternative interpretation of the event.

In his summary of those two contrasting views, Caldwell writes,

“We are left with a tale of increasing tensions between two ethnic           communities that eventually exploded into war.”

We use Caldwell’s interpretation of the Indian view to argue that the conditions in America today are a historical metaphor. In this metaphor, the Trump voters, who had their rights stolen by the Marxists, are the Indians.

The Marxists are the European invaders who stole the Trump voter’s rights and land.

For 70 years, after the first Thanksgiving, the Indians lived in peace with the invaders.

In those 70 years, the Indians, (Trump voters) were lied to continuously by the European invaders, (Marxist Democrats), until the Indians finally realized that the invaders did not believe in enforcing the rule of contract law, and could not be trusted to keep their promises.

Finally, the Indians banded together, and fought a war with the Europeans to regain their rights and land.

Caldwell explains that during the 70 years of peace, the Indians had two internal competing ideas of how to deal with the invaders.

One group, led by the Indian King Philip, had originally believed that some of the Europeans (RINO Republicans) could be trusted, and advocated detente.

After 70 years of being lied to by the invaders, King Philip came to the conclusion that the Indians (Trump voters) had been “Fast talked out of their birthright.”

Caldwell calls this version of the Indian strategy, the populist version of history, where the populist Indian leader (Trump), fought a war to make the Indian nation great again, like it was before the arrival of the Europeans (Marxist Democrats).

The other version of the Indian strategy for dealing with the European invaders was the progressive, inclusive, strategy of just getting along with whatever the Europeans dished out.

Caldwell describes Massasoit, the competitor to King Phillip, as a progressive.

Like the socialists today, the progressive Indians then, valued diversity. Caldwell writes,

“The Indians had diversity. That meant some fought with Philip and           others fought against him. The Christians among them were an           important source of intelligence to the English. War split up not just           families but, among the tribal leaders, marriages. King Philip was           driven eastward, back across Massachusetts, to his homeland (red           states) and his fate (enslavement by the Europeans).”

The application of the historical metaphor to Trump voters is valid. Having anything to do with the Marxist Democrats, at this point, as Caldwell points out from the populist Indian perspective, is “playing with fire.”

Part of the metaphor’s end goal for Trump voters, is just like the goal of the Pilgrims, who had “separated” from England, to find religious freedom.

Wilfred M. McClay, in his Federalist article, How The Mayflower Compact Changed History Forever 400 Years Ago, describes that part of the American cultural tradition that is being destroyed by the Marxist Democrats is the principle of self-government.


He writes,

“The Plymouth colonists in particular were not only Calvinists but           also Separatists, which meant that they had separated themselves from the Church of England as a hopelessly corrupted body and preferred         to worship in independent congregational (meaning self-governing)           churches. This would turn out to be one of the most primal           constitutional moments in history. It established the foundational           principle of self-rule that would become the heartbeat of the American           republic and its free institutions.  They established a government           based on civil agreement, not on compulsory divine or biblical           authority, (or communist dictatorship).”

The Marxists intend to destroy the Trump voter’s birthright of American freedom, and the 2020 American Thanksgiving will be the last free national celebration of Thanksgiving in the Former United States (FUSA).

The end goal of the Second American Revolution, for Trump voters, is to separate the two warring factions into two new nations.

Section 2. The Marxist Covid Cancel Culture.

The Marxist Democrats were very effective at using the Covid public relations panic to implement fraudulent voting procedures in order to gain unchecked political power to implement socialism.

We agree with Codevilla that the socialist voter disenfranchisement Covid hoax was never exclusively about getting rid of Trump.

Codevilla writes,

“The Left was not actually after Trump, rather the left set about           crushing them (the Trump voters) and killing the American regime.”

As was the case about using Covid to steal the 2020 election, the Marxist Covid hoax about canceling Thanksgiving is not exclusively about public health safety.

The bigger Marxist goal is to use the Covid hoax to get rid of the concept of self-government, because socialist tyranny cannot function under citizen participatory democracy.

The Marxist goal is to use Covid as an excuse to implement citizen control, much like the Chinese Communist Party controls Chinese citizens.

The techniques of control are mask mandates, lockdowns, and curfews, enforced by the police power of the state. The Marxist goal is to replace voluntary citizen compliance, and allegiance to the rule of law, with compulsory obedience to Marxist ideology.

Enforcing compliance with Thanksgiving Covid mandates is simply the opening salvo of implementing the Marxist tyranny. Part of the Marxist strategy is to place Thanksgiving within the Marxist class war interpretation of history that the founding of America was based upon capitalist class exploitation and slavery.

Joshua Keating, in his Slate article, The People’s Republic of Plymouth, explains that the American Thanksgiving celebration is a capitalist historical hoax perpetrated by capitalists about the benefit of capitalism over socialism.

He writes,

“Thanksgiving is the strange and persistent right-wing myth that           Thanksgiving celebrates the pilgrims’triumph over socialism.”

His point is that it was not socialism that the Pilgrims overcame with the Mayflower Compact, it was English tenant farming.

Keating continues,

“Communal farming arrangements were common in the pilgrims’ day.           Many of the towns they came from in England were run according to   the “open-field” system, in which the land holdings of a manor are divided into strips to be harvested by tenant farmers. As Nick Bunker writes in 2010’s Making Haste From Babylon: The Mayflower         Pilgrims and Their World, “Open field farming was not some kind of    communism. All the villagers were tenants of the landlord.”

Belen Fernandez writes that:

“Thanksgiving is the annual genocide whitewash that Americans           continue to celebrate that whitewashes the mass killing of millions of           Native Americans…the historical context of Thanksgiving reveals a           thoroughly nauseating affair… it celebrates a nation built on           predatory capitalism – where material excess is rendered sacred,           obscene inequality is the name of the game, and communal bonds are           systematically obliterated along with    any remaining potential for           human symbiosis with the physical environment.”

John Nichols, writing in The Nation that “FDR Got Everything that Trump Does Not About Thanksgiving,” celebrates FDR’s disdain of capitalism and his embrace of a new global socialist economic order.

Nichols writes,

“FDR used his Thanksgiving addresses to express the values of the           New Deal and the internationalist struggle against fascism. He           expressed gratitude for the new spirit of dependence one on another;    for the closer unity of all parts of our wide land; for the greater        friendship between employers and those who toil.”

Alex Morris in her Rolling Stone article, How to live in a house united by a pandemic but divided by an election, asks if she is complicit in celebrating American racism if she celebrates Thanksgiving.

Morris writes,

“Am I inadvertently sanctioning the systemic inequalities in our system? Am I failing to adequately demonstrate my commitment to         the belief that an unequal society damages everyone in it? I want my      children to grow up with a social safety net, with justice rather than        unearned privilege.”

The common theme about Thanksgiving of the Marxist writers is a seething hatred of America, and the American culture of individual freedom, first expressed in the Mayflower Compact.

The Covid propaganda public relations strategy to cancel Thanksgiving is one small step in controlling Trump voters to prepare them for total government control.

Socialism is based upon rule by the elite, and the common refrain of all socialist writers in canceling Thanksgiving is that citizens must obey the experts.

The underlying propaganda to undermine democratic self-government is that the elites know better than the citizens themselves, what is in the citizen’s best interest.

For example, in their letter to the NYT urging citizens to stay home at Thanksgiving, seven governors used the phrase “obey the elites” multiple times.

They wrote:

  • To fight this virus, governors across the country have listened to medical experts.
  • we need everyone to continue doing his or her part to protect one another from covid-19.
  • stay smart and follow recommendations from medical experts
  • Let’s continue to listen to medical experts and do our part to protect the brave men and women on the front lines of this crisis. We will get through this together.

The “obey the elites” message is coupled with guilt tripping citizens about the dire consequences of celebrating Thanksgiving.

For example, James Hamblin and Katherine Wells, in their Atlantic article,  How to Cancel Thanksgiving, write,

Hamblin: Oh gosh. You know, if people have Thanksgiving in           traditional ways on anywhere near the scale that Americans normally           do, it’s going to be a nightmare around Christmas… any negotiation           about how to handle the December holidays is going to be much           worse if we are overloaded from people having gotten together on           Thanksgiving… Don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in anything resembling           he modern American way—with multigenerational gatherings that           involve travel and prolonged conversations over an indoor meal.

Salon writer Julia Conley, suggests that if people gather for Thanksgiving, it may turn out to be their last Thanksgiving. She writes that Trump welcomes killing loved ones with COVID as this may be “their final Thanksgiving”

She states,

“Eat, drink, and be merry, because tomorrow Trump’s policies may           kill you.”

Bess Levin writes in The Atlantic,

“There’s the matter of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is getting           worse and not better, and will needlessly kill an untold number of           Americans because Donald Trump is a sociopath who can’t say the           words “I lost.”..the president’s refusal to accept reality will very likely           prolong the pandemic and result in more deaths, as Trump is not just           waging pointless legal battles but is blocking customary transition           work necessary to allow the next administration to hit the ground           running on January 21, 2021.”

Caroline Mimbs Nyce, writing in The Atlantic, Lock Yourself Down, states,

“The picture is grim as is. Please consider canceling your holiday           plans.”

Governor Pritzker suggests that since citizens are not following his orders, that he will be forced to lock down the state again.

He states,

“With many community leaders choosing not to listen to the doctors,   we are left with not many tools left in our toolbox to fight this. If     things don’t take a turn in the coming days, we will quickly reach the   point when some form of a mandatory stay-at-home order is all that   will be left.”

Rebecca Onion, in her Slate article, The “War on Christmas” Is About to Make the Pandemic Exponentially Worse, writes,

“This holiday season, partisan posturing about who hates “family” is    the best accelerant the coronavirus could hope for…. Indoor gatherings are killing people… Today, apparently, public health     recommendations to help your great-aunt remain uninfected by a        deadly novel coronavirus have joined the list.”

And, Hamblin, in the Atlantic, reveals what all this Marxist propaganda about Thanksgiving is intended to accomplish. He suggests that citizens may become used to not celebrating Thanksgiving, and may give it up.

He writes,

“Next year, may be like a Super Thanksgiving. Or maybe this new           way of doing it will work so well, you’ll never want to go back.”

Madeline Ducharme, writing in Slate, echoes the leftist propaganda that celebrating Thanksgiving is a “super spreader event.” She writes,

“New coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are surging at           unprecedented and devastating rates all over the country. But the fact           that traditional holiday gathers are potential super-spreader events.”

All of this left-wing propaganda is designed to empower government elites to control citizens in order to destroy an American cultural tradition of self-government  and implement a Socialist tyranny.

Cancelling Thanksgiving is just collateral damage in a cultural war that the Marxists are winning.

There is no evidence that masks, or lockdowns or curfews have any effect on the Covid virus. The goal of the propaganda on Covid is stated by Hamblin, “you will never want to go back”to celebrating Thanksgiving.

Writing in Vox, Dylan Scott raises the issue that no evidence exists that curfews have any effect on Covid.


He writes,

The trend of imposing curfews has left public health experts perplexed.

“Tara Smith, a public health professor at Kent State University states,           “I’ve not seen a single public health person recommend [curfews] as    an intervention. I’m mystified at their popularity.It seems like it’s    spreading all over, but I’ve seen no evidence it helps anything, I’ve      not seen a single public health person recommend this as an    intervention. I’m mystified at their popularity.”

What the Covid curfews do is use illegitimate authority to control citizens.

Scott continues,

“But for now, curfews are in vogue. Last week, New York ordered           businesses with liquor licenses to close at 10 pm. Ohio Gov. Mike           DeWine has imposed a three-week 10 pm-to-5 am curfew for all of     his state’s residents. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said this week           that he was considering a curfew of his own. All across the United        States — from San Antonio to Newark, in Minnesota and Virginia —      these mandatory closures are taking effect.”

The Covid public relations panic was effective for Marxists Democrats as a political scam to implement massive voter fraud, with mail-in ballots.

Many observers thought that the Covid panic would end on November 4, 2020. Those observers underestimated the venality of the Marxists and their end goal.

The Covid public relations panic is continuing to provide strategic propaganda to destroy the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

In the future, the celebrations will be smaller and smaller, private affairs, not a national celebration of the Mayflower Compact.

Conclusion: The Last National Celebration of Thanksgiving.

We extended Codevilla’s analysis about the last free election to claim that 2020 will be the last national celebration of American Thanksgiving.

The intent of the Marxists is to cancel the traditions of Thanksgiving because those traditions celebrate the beginning of American self-government, under the Mayflower Compact.

The goal of the Marxist Democrats is to eradicate American individualism, and replace it with a social structure that mirrors the Chinese communist society.

Codevilla asks: What may be done about this is another story.

We have written that Trump voters have a moral justification to engage in a second American revolution. (The Moral Justification for the Second American Revolution. https://bit.ly/3kLpOxq)

Our article about revolution is aimed at persuading those Trump voters who must make a personal, moral decision, that a second revolution is justified, and to persuade them to join the revolution to restore American freedom.

We argue that when the socialists subverted the election in 2020, and subverted the right of self-government, that they broke the original American social contract.

The socialists deny that legitimate power must conform to the laws of nature, and contend that law enforcement must conform to their concept of the morality of social justice, as they interpret justice, as the legitimate exercise of authority.

The socialists deny the human individuality of citizens, and replace the concept of individuality with the concept of group identity collectivism.

We believe that the differences between Marxist Democrats and Trump voters are irreconcilable and unsolvable, under the current Constitution.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the Democrats socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America.

Today, nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission. The socialists will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.

We conclude that the only peaceful, non-violent solution to the two alien, warring factions in America is a civil dissolution, which allows the socialists to have their own socialist nation, and provides a pathway for Trump voters to restore the American cultural values of individual liberty and self-government.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for November 25, 2020.