Episode 48. May 4, 2020 CLP Topic: The Destruction of America. Obama’s Motive For Framing General Flynn.

Obama’s Motive For Framing General Flynn.


We begin our podcast today by honoring the kids who were killed at Kent State, 50 years ago, by agents of the government for protesting a hopelessly immoral war and the corrupt Nixon kelptocracy.

Fifty years ago, Nixon’s kleptocracy was composed primarily of the single force of the military-industrial complex that profited from the death of 58,000 more kids, in Viet Nam, than the four who were killed in Ohio.

Our podcast makes a historical analogy that the ruling class kleptocracy that killed the kids at Kent State has expanded and is a more dangerous ruling class elite today, united by their moral arrogance that globalism is a superior social institution than the sovereignty of the representative republic.

The three components of the expanded kleptocracy, today, are the crony corporate capitalist members of the Business Roundtable, who stuck citizens with the China trade deals, the globalist socialist Democrat Party of Obama, who attempted to overthrow the Trump Presidency, and the agents of the deep state who attempted to financially assassinate General Flynn in order to destroy President Trump.

Obama’s motive to destroy Flynn is a part of Obama’s promotion of the ruling class global kleptocracy.

The American kleptocracy is characterized by a sophisticated global network whose members include world leaders and powerful business people.  The American kleptocrats use their position as the world’s reserve currency to send money around the world and launder it through the global network of central bankers.


In a kleptocracy, the elites authorize the agents of government to promote corruption, such as framing General Flynn, and we argue that the FBI acted upon the orders from Obama to continue the Russia hoax, as a part of Obama’s strategy of overthrowing the American government.

The motivation to destroy and kill to promote corruption is the same in each of the three components of the new and expanded ruling class.

We argue that the conservative media’s exclusive focus on the injustice to General Flynn, perpetrated by the CIA and FBI, obscures the deeper corruption of Obama and the entire national institutional kleptocracy.

We conclude that the historical lesson of Kent State is that the kleptocracy has gotten worse, and the underlying use of hate to stigmatize political enemies is more sophisticated today because the socialist media has become an ally to promote Obama’s globalism.

People who love liberty must come to grips with the new reality that the ruling class has destroyed the Nation, and that there is nothing of value left remaining in the smoldering ruins of the Constitution.

The Constitution of the former United States has been replaced by a corrupt, centralized tyranny that is entirely disconnected from the consent of the governed, and operates outside of, and beyond, the justice system.

We conclude that people who love liberty must prepare for what comes next, which is a civil dissolution of the nation into two new nations, a Socialist States of America, and the Democratic Republic of America.

This is the introduction of a much longer podcast titled Obama’s Motive For Framing General Flynn. This introduction is available at podbean.

The other sections of the longer article include:

  • Section 1. Using FISA to Frame General Flynn Was Simply a Tool of the Deep State Agents.
  • Section 2. Using Hate as A Political Weapon to Promote Globalism.
  • Section 3. Fingering Obama as A Person of Interest in the Crossfire Hurricane Coup.
  • Section 4. Conclusion: After the Republic.

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Section 1. Using FISA to Frame General Flynn Was Simply a Tool of the Deep State Agents.

We begin with a slight disagreement with Angelo Codevilla about the significance of the FISA law in Obama’s framing of General Flynn.

In his recent analysis of FISA, he suggests that the citizens simply get rid of FISA, and return to the status quo ante.

In his April article, “I Helped Write FISA. Let’s Destroy It,” Codevilla describes the agents of the deep state as one component of the ruling class kleptocracy.

Codevilla writes,

“The attempt to frame Flynn was the product of a homogeneous           mixture of persons official and officious, including John Brennan and           James Comey, directors of the CIA and FBI, respectively, James           Clapper, director of National Intelligence, along with some of the           highest officials of these agencies, of the Department of Justice and of           State. These people are related to one another socially, politically,           financially, professionally, maritally and extra-maritally. They served           Democratic President Barack Obama while furthering the election of    his chosen Democrat successor, Hillary Clinton.”

The unifying globalist ideology of the deep state agents is that they know better, than the citizens themselves, what serves the national public purpose. In order to promote globalism, the agents of the deep state attempted to extend the Bill of Rights to foreign citizens.

Codevilla writes,

“The left had another agenda as well: to extend to foreigners some           semblance of Fourth Amendment procedural protection, rejecting my           argument that writing rules that apply equally to Americans and           foreigners would result instead in treating Americans as if they were           foreigners.”

The flaw in Codevilla’s analysis about getting rid of FISA is that eliminating FISA would not change the motivation and behavior of this part of the deep state kleptocracy.

As he notes,

“Even were a statutory “fix” to mandate jail terms for violation of           FISA terms or guidelines, the effects would not be the same as they           would have been 40 years ago because the people in charge nowadays           are of           very different character from those of the last century.”

In other words, since the time of Kent State, the ruling class kleptocracy has become more powerful and operates beyond the law. In 1970, Nixon had been successful in using hatred of anti-war protestors to perpetuate the killing of the students.

In 2020, the same mental predisposition of the kleptocracy to hate Trump and hate conservatives is a more virulent and potent form of hate.

As he notes,

“And yet to this date none of the dozens of people involved (in using           FISA to frame Flynn) have been jailed, or even indicted.”

We argue that Barr, and Durham, and Wray, of the FBI, will never indict the members of the kelptocracy because all of them benefit financially from the operation of the centralized tyranny of the ruling class.

In order for Barr to prosecute the left for the coup of Crossfire Hurricane, he would be forced to indict the entire Democrat Party establishment, including Obama, Holder, and Rice, all of whom possess an iron-clad insurance policy against prosecution.

Or, to paraphrase Codevilla, Trump and Barr would be required to “Replace the current ruling class,” of corporate crony capitalists, global socialists, and deep state agents.

Section 2. Using Hate as A Political Weapon to Promote Globalism.

General Flynn was framed by the Obama agents, and charged by Special Counsel Mueller’s team with lying to the agents, months after the FBI had reportedly closed the case upon concluding that he had not lied.

One possible explanation of this behavior is that McCabe hated Flynn.

The IG report says that Andrew McCabe, who served under Comey as the FBI’s deputy director, “acknowledged that it was possible that he was part of a conversation about whether SSA 1 should handle the briefing to frame Flynn because of his involvement with Crossfire Hurricane, but said he could not recall any such conversation.”

SSA 1 refers to the unnamed senior member of the Crossfire Hurricane team who conducted the sneaky briefing to set up the perjury trap.

McCabe said at a senior-attended FBI meeting during Trump’s transition in January 2017,

“First we fuck Flynn, then we fuck Trump,”

Daniel John Sobieski, suggests in his analysis, “Flynn’s Entrapment was McCabe’s Revenge,” by placing the entrapment in the context that it was just personal hatred among Washington elites.

Sobieski writes,

“And is all this just the result of  McCabe’s lust for personal revenge?           The Flynn investigation was a setup motivated in large part by    Andrew McCabe’s desire for retaliation for Flynn’s drumbeat of    criticism of   the foreign policy of an Obama administration he once           served… Connect those dots: We have a former Deputy FBI     Director, Andrew McCabe, campaigning for his Democrat wife who       receives huge sums of money from the Democratic Party of   Clinton political ally Terry McAuliffe. After Clinton blames         Russia for her election loss, Flynn becomes a target of an FBI           probe           in which his identity is illegally unmasked. He was a character      witness on behalf of one of McCabe’s accusers. Was Mrs.           McCabe’s largess a quid for a future quo?”

Sobieski has the use of hate, as a political tool, correct, but Obama’s framing of General Flynn must be placed in a much broader context of promoting global socialism.

The broader context of Obama’s motive for framing General Flynn is provided by Angelo Codevilla,

“The formula for achieving such mastery has not changed in           millennia: stoke any fear, turn the fear to hate of whomever and           whatever you accuse of standing in the way of safety, and make           yourself the agent of that hate.”

Obama hates Trump with a deep, unabiding passion, just like McCabe hates Flynn, and just like all socialist Democrats hate conservatives, because Trump defeated Hillary, and derailed Obama’s march to global socialism.

Part of the socialist personality is that become enraged when they do not get their way.

In his analysis of Obama and Hillary, after her defeat, Lee Smith, in The Plot Against the President, explained how they used hate to unleash a terrible virus into the American society.

Smith cited Hillary’s statement about Trump voters,

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of           Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?           The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you           name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has           lifted them up … they are irredeemable.”

Smith stated,

“I think that the real lasting damage that has been done here to the           nation is that Hillary placed an incurable sickness into the American           society. Hillary paid for a conspiracy theory, and the sickness she           placed into American society permanently divides the citizens.”

Smith is correct: Hillary’s sickness of hatred permanently divides America, and nothing will change the behavior of Obama and Hillary, or the 50% of Americans who support them.

America, as a nation of citizens with shared cultural values, is over. Conservatives must come to grips with the reality that Hillary’s sickness is incurable because it is based upon the enduring emotion of hate.

Sidney Powell, the lawyer for Flynn describes where the former nation is today:

“The FBI pre-planned a deliberate attack on General Flynn and willfully chose to ignore mention of Section 1001 in the interview despite full knowledge of that practice,” The FBI planned it as a         perjury trap. What is especially terrifying is that without the integrity       of Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney Jensen, we still          would not have this clear exculpatory information as Mr. Van Grack    and the prosecutors have opposed every request we have made,”

Powell’s notes from the FBI show them questioning themselves about their goals in trapping Flynn.

“What is our goal? Truth/ Admission or to get him to lie so we can           prosecute him or get him fired.”

The FBI did not act without Obama’s grant of authority. Obama provided the goal for Crossfire, which was to keep the investigation open so that Mueller could come up with the smoking gun to remove Trump.

Their goal, and Obama’s motivation to entrap Flynn, was the promotion of Obama’s quest for global socialism. Global socialism is the permanent entrenchment of the ruling class, not encumbered by the Constitution.

The ideological differences between Obama socialists and conservatives are irreconcilable, and there is nothing left of value in the Constitution, in attempting to reconcile the differences.

And, waiting for Barr to prosecute Obama for treason is not an option for a hoped-for national reconciliation because he is never going to prosecute Hillary, Obama, or the rest of the ruling class.

Section 3. Fingering Obama as A Person of Interest in the Crossfire Hurricane Coup.

We argue that the Crossfire Hurricane coup did not happen in a leadership vacuum. The coup happened because Obama ordered it to happen in order to remove Trump, and install Hillary as President.

We disagree with Codevilla’s 2015 analysis of how ordinary citizens can eliminate the ruling class, and return the Nation to its founding principles.

Codevilla writes,

“For the members of the public to transcend their isolation enough to           threaten the ruling class’s hold on the commanding heights of           American society would require a nationwide movement with which           disparate individuals could identify, and which could encourage them to join together and speak up. Retaking control of our lives requires us    to reason with one another and to decide for ourselves what is good          and bad, better and worse, true and false. This is how it was when we      were free.”

We argue that the time for reasoning with Democrats is over. Obama has been successful in destroying the Nation, and there is nothing left to reason about.

According to Andrew McCarthy’s analysis, “Criminalizing Politics: The Investigation of General Flynn,” Obama sent his agents to trap Flynn in February, 2017.


McCarty writes,

“they (FBI) were doing so in consultation with “Obama advisers,” as           The New York Times gently described them. The Times elaborated:           Obama officials asked the FBI if a quid pro quo had been discussed     on the call, and the answer came back no, according to one of the   officials, who like others asked not to be named discussing delicate        communications. The topic of sanctions came up, they were told, but        there was no deal.”

McCarthy continues,

“In the meantime, the Obama administration took the position that           Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak could be a criminal offense.   Deputy Attorney General Yates was theorizing that it might be      possible to prosecute Flynn under the 1797 Logan Act… It turned out     that the Obama administration had not only been surveilling Flynn’s         communications with Kislyak; it had also been monitoring the Trump       transition team’s political commentary.”

We argue that Yates and McCabe do not act as independent agents on their own volition. They operated under orders from Obama.

Obama ordered a change in the rules of disclosure in December, 2016, in order to unmask Flynn to other agencies, so that the other agencies could continue the coup.

As a result of Obama’s rule change, in December, the minutes of the Flynn set up, in February, 2017, was added to Mueller’s Crossfire Hurricane case file probing the Trump campaign over charges of Russian collusion.

This means that Obama’s coup attempt, after Trump had been inaugurated, continued for 3 years. The FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane coup not only directly interfaced with Trump and Flynn, before the inauguration,  without telling them but also recorded their comments in the official case file, so that the coup could continue while Trump was President.

The common name for this behavior to overthrow the American government is treason.

Mueller subsequently used the Crossfire documents to charge Flynn with perjury, as a way to promote Obama’s attempt to overthrow the U. S. Government.

Obama began his attempt to subvert the transfer of power in October, 2016, when it became apparent to Obama that Trump was going to beat Hillary.

According to Mark Levin’s analysis, Obama used the FISA warrant to monitor Trump’s transition team.

Levin writes, that in October, 2016,

“The Obama administration submited a new, narrow request to the           FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower           suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found — but the           wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons. The   Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential         campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal      intelligence services.”

We argue that the subsequent order to keep Crossfire Hurricane going, on January 4, 2017, after the FBI had concluded that,

“the [Crossfire Hurricane] team determined that [Flynn] was no longer a viable candidate as part of the larger CROSSFIRE HURRICANE umbrella case. A review of logical [redacted] databases         did not yield any information on which to predicate further      investigative efforts,”

is a part of Obama’s on-going coup to give Mueller data that could possibly make Flynn sing.

We agree with Victor Davis Hansen, in his analysis, “Hillary’s ‘Sure’ Victory Explains Most Everything,” that Obama’s effort to overthrow the American government was based upon his assumption that Hillary would win.

Hansen writes,

“And Barack Obama? We now know that he himself used an alias to           communicate at least 20 times with Hillary on her private, non-secure           gmail account. But Obama lied on national TV, saying he learned of           Hillary’s illegal server only when the rest of the nation did, by reading           the news. Would he have dared to lie so publicly if he’d assumed that           Trump’s presidency was imminent? Would he ever have allowed his           subordinates to use the dossier to obtain FISA warrants and pass           around and unmask the resulting surveillance transcripts if he’d seen           Trump as the likely winner and a potentially angered president with           powers to reinvestigate all these illegal acts?

As Hansen correctly notes, Obama’s on-going treason is based upon his desire to extend the global kleptocracy that has endowed Michelle and Barack with millions and millions of dollars of wealth.

Obama’s motive for framing General Flynn is part of the gigantic ruling class strategy to replace the sovereignty of the representative republic with the global keptocracy.

Section 4. Conclusion: After the Republic.

We conclude with a slight disagreement with Angelo Codevilla about what comes after the American Republic.

As early as September, 2016, Codevilla was predicting that the Republic was over. In his article, After the Republic, Codevilla notes that, “Regardless of the election’s outcome, the republic established by the founders is gone.”

Codevilla explains,

“In today’s America, a network of executive, judicial, bureaucratic,           and social kinship channels bypasses the sovereignty of citizens. Our           imperial regime, already in force, works on a simple principle: the           president and the cronies who populate these channels may do   whatever they like so long as the bureaucracy obeys and one third plus      one of the Senate protects him from impeachment.”

He admits that he cannot discern what comes next, noting that, “there is the hazy possibility of something else.”

He identifies the two, of the three, components of the ruling class working together to overthrow Trump.

He states,

“The Intelligence agencies were the key element of the ruling class’s           support of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. Its senior officers, regarding themselves as guardians of their class’s right to           rule, waged war on Trump’s candidacy… But in 2016, when Obama   used the full power of the FBI and CIA to surveil and defeat the      opposition candidate and then to de-legitimize the election’s winner,      they were confident knowing they had acted with the FISA Court’s      imprimatur, and that the bureaucratic machine—Inspectors General,   etc.—would agree that that their request to the Court had been      properly “predicated.” They turned out to be correct.”

Subsequently, in March 2020, Codevilla correctly notes that the Covid public relations panic, unleashed by agents of the global deep state, was successful in damaging the small business sector of the economy, but not the third component of the kleptocracy, the crony capitalist global sector.

He writes,

“Big businesses, like big government, will be largely unaffected by      the Covid lockdown. But       for much of the rest of Americans, the           shutdown is sure to be a disaster that no one has begun to think about           undoing…At best, if those who suffer receive from the government as           much money as they lost from forgone labor, they will merely have           traded independence for dependence. Few will be happy about that—          except those in charge of managing the dependence.”

Creating a global socialist state, where formerly independent citizens become dependent on government provides the bigger political context of why Obama framed Flynn.

Obama’s motivation for framing Flynn is a small piece of the much larger strategy of destroying individual liberty in America. And people who love liberty must recognize that Obama has been successful.

The memory of the kids killed at Kent State reminds us that what comes next can either be violence or a peaceful transition.

What comes next, in contrast to Codevilla’s hazy crystal ball, is a divorce between the deep state ruling class, and people who love liberty.

And, what comes next is the replacement of Madison’s representative republic, which ended in failure, and a new constitution of the Democratic Republic of America, which empowers citizens to protect their own natural rights and liberties.

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