Episode 47 April 24, 2020 CLP Topic Category: Democrat Police State Socialism. Shutting Up The Democrat Socialists Shut Down Nazis.

Episode 47 April 24, 2020

CLP Topic Category: Democrat Police State Socialism.

Shutting Up The Democrat Socialists Shut Down Nazis.


Our podcast today is titled, Shutting Up the Democrat Socialists Shut Down Nazis. We begin with a recent quote from a shut down Nazi named Susanne Donahue Gray, telling a small business to shut down:

Susannne Patricia Donahue-Gray, on LinkedIn

“I am sorry but I have to tell you. You guys need to close. You are not           an essential business and you are passing germs with the virus. Do           you want us all to die? Close the fuck down, Mother Fuckers.!!!

Our podcast takes issue with the premise of Glenn Beck’s recent book, Arguing With Socialists. Beck begins his book with his premise that “all Americans agree on goals.”

Beck writes,

“All Americans want to send their children to high-quality schools. We all want a lower-cost health care system that works. We all want an increased standard of living and better job opportunities. And we all want to live in peaceful, stable communities. don’t forget that in most cases, Americans agree on the problems we face, it’s the proposed solutions to the problems that divide us. We all agree that America has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. On that point, we all stand firmly on common ground.”

We disagree with the premise that socialists agree with conservatives about the mission of the Nation. The attitude of Shut Down Nazis is captured by the quote above, “Close the Fuck Down, Mother Fuckers.”

Instead, we believe that the ideological differences between shut down socialists and conservatives are irreconcilable and that conservatives must prepare for what comes after the conservatives realize that arguing with socialists is useless.

We use the case of the Democrat shut down rhetoric to make our case about the futility of arguing with the socialists.

The ultimate outcome of arguing with socialists can be seen in what happened to both the Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

Both denominations let socialists begin preaching the social gospel, and not  the gospel of Jesus.

After 20 years of arguing with the socialists about the meaning of Jesus, both denominations finally concluded that nothing changes the behavior of socialists because the socialists are intransigent and intolerant of any opinion, other than their own.

In other words, the shut down Nazis are totalitarians. They are the fifth column of the political forces in America that are intent on imposing global socialism on conservatives.

One of the worst parts about any dialogue with socialists is that they are smarmy arrogant people and have a unshakable moral arrogance that they are always right.

This arrogance makes them act out in rage when they do not get their way.

Both churches split into two parts, a traditional part that follows the gospel of Jesus, and the socialist part that preaches the social gospel of global socialism.

We argue that the divorce in both churches provides a model for the divorce between the socialist shut down Nazis and natural rights conservatives.

Beck’s argument is weak because Beck offers no political resolution to the irreconcilable differences between socialists and natural rights patriots, other than continuing to argue with them..

Beck fails to acknowledge that Madison’s constitution has a fundamental logical flaw that leads to endless do-loops about the mission of the nation.

Some days, Madison’s more perfect union means that Black slaves could not be considered citizens and that Congress could not prohibit slavery in the territories of the United States.

Some days, a more perfect union means that racial segregation, and the ensuing 70 years of racial apartheid, was constitutional, as long as the segregated facilities for Blacks were equal in quality to those of Whites.

Determining what is “More perfect” depends on who sits on the Supreme Court.

Michael Schulson, in his article, “The Peril of State Power Amid COVID-19 Pandemic,” points out the Supreme Court can as easily use the government police power to both compel obedience to a vaccine, as to compel involuntary sterilization of Black people.

Schulson cites the case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which addressed the constitutional issue of how democratic societies respond to the profound threat of highly virulent pathogens, like Covid, while staying democratic.

In that case, Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote for the majority.

“On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to     its members. There are manifold restraints to which every person is           necessarily subject for the common good.”

This would be the argument today of the shut down Nazis.

Several years later, the Supreme Court cited their decision in Jacobson as precedent for their decision in Buck v. Bell, in 1927, that upheld a Virginia eugenics law permitting the forced sterilization of Black people thought to have intellectual disabilities.

Writing for the majority, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes cited Jacobson in stating,

“Society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing           their kind (uppity Blacks)…The principle that sustains compulsory           vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes.”

In North Carolina, the decision in Buck granted the state Democrats the power to sterilize 50,000 blacks, against their will. The forced sterilization in North Carolina ended in the 1970s.

The term used by white Democrats in North Carolina to describe insane blacks, scheduled for sterilization, was uppity.

This is the same logic used today by the Democrat shut down Nazis, that the re-open protestors are insane and selfish because they want to infect other people.

In Jacobsson, Buck and Covid Nazis today, their logic is that Constitutional rights can be overridden by emergency orders in the interest of public safety.

Which brings us back to the argument that Constitutional rights mean whatever the Court say they mean.

As Kenneth Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem explains, Madison’s Preamble did not connect the mission of the Constitution to the principles of government declared in the Declaration of Independence.

The recursive proposition in Madison’s logical flaw is that a “more perfect union” can mean anything, at any time, depending on what the majority of the Supreme Court decides that more “perfect union” means at that time.

The danger to liberty that results from Madison’s logical flaw means that socialists do not ever have to agree with conservatives about the mission of the nation.

The socialist interpretation of a more perfect union is as equally valid as the natural rights interpretation. Sterilizing uppity Blacks is as equally valid as the lock down rules.

In the absence of a national goal in the Preamble, it is impossible to resolve the conflicts under Madison’s representative republic. (Who Is It In America That Is Responsible For Implementing the Trade Agreements With China?)

Voters have no method of choosing nationalism over globalism under Madison’s two party, first-past-the-post political system. The nation will continue to recursively fluctuate in a system that leads to chaos.

All the socialist have to do is promote mail-in ballots, and win total control over the lives of conservatives, as the two globalist health experts did in promoting the Covid shut down.

“Do you want all of us to die?” asks Donahue-Gray, a shut down Nazi, intent on imposing her views on conservatives. “Then, stay the fuck at home.”

Or, in response to William Bennett and Seth Leibsohn’s article “Coronavirus Lessons: Fact and Reason vs. Paranoia and Fear,” another shut down Nazi claims that the “The fools who wrote this should be tried for attempted homicide by disinformation.”

The statements by shut down Nazis about Covid underscores the fundamental differences about the mission of the nation and belies Beck’s idea that arguing with the shut down Nazis will change their behavior.

We argue that conservatives are in a constitutional crisis with shut down Nazis over individual freedom, and that Madison’s flawed representative republic does not provide conservatives with a method to modify or abolish the contract.

We begin our argument with the observation that in the last week of March 2020, there were two possible government responses to Covid.

If the agents in government viewed citizens in their capacity as individual rational beings, the correct response of the CDC and Surgeon General would have been to issue warnings to citizens to wash their hands and avoid crowded areas.

If the officials in government viewed citizens in a collectivist group identity perspective, they would issue orders to lock the citizens down, because the central tenet of global collectivism is that the “experts” know better than the citizens themselves how to pursue the public purpose.

The lock down Nazis won a significant victory in their silent coup to convert the nation from an individualistic society to a communal collectivist society, without ever firing a shot.

The lock down Nazis promote the public relations panic about Covid death rates, and believe themselves morally superior to tell other citizens not to disobey agents of government. (“Close the Fuck Down. Mother Fuckers.”)

There is overlap between the fifth column of lock down Nazis and the Democrat voters that favors mail-in ballots, and oppose voter ID.

The correct title of this group is anti-democratic totalitarians.

In totalitarian societies, there is only one official version of the truth, and all other opinions must be eradicated. The lock down Nazis, also known as Karen, are the foot soldiers in imposing the official globalist version of the truth.

When Zuckerberg, and FaceBook, shut down Reopen protest groups because of “misinformation,” he was enacting 1984 doublespeak. It was not “misinformation” that Zuck disliked, it was content that did not support his totalitarian views of globalism.

The lock down Nazis are everywhere, including my tiny home community of Sunset Beach, N. C., where they have been successful in closing access and parking to the beach, and unleashing the police to enforce the emergency rules.

Jacqueline Trovato is the lead shut down Nazi and has her own FaceBook page with 370 members. In response to the Reopen NC protest in Raleigh, she wrote,

“Can you understand now why we don’t want people from Raleigh           here? This is so disturbing. The good people who are staying home           and safe in Raleigh are going to be infected now when they go the           stores. Activities like this will only prolong the suffering. The protest   is allowed as long as protestors follow social distancing rule. They           aren’t.

Her husband, Jim Thomas, an attorney, added,

“They do not have the right to protest in violation of distancing rules!           When did everyone start ignoring the law???”

Jim’s logic is easy to understand, an executive order, for him, has the same force as a law passed by the General Assembly, or a provision of the Constitution.

Except that North Carolina and Sunset Beach are governed by a system of separation of power and checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches, not a police state regime.

The Governor of North Carolina used the Covid extended duration of time to seize power, that is different than the shorter duration of a hurricane or civil riot.

The Governor’s order is an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power to the Governor, who both makes the law, as he goes along in an extended period of time, and enforces the law that he makes.

Sunset Beach, N. C. has a total population of 4000 citizens and 19 police officers, for a ratio of one officer per 210 citizens. The national average ratio for towns less than 25,000, is 1 officer per 600 citizens.

In collaboration with the Governor’s unconstitutional seizure of power, the overbearing police state presence in Sunset Beach bolsters the shut down Nazis in their desire to lock down the citizens.

Our podcast uses the arguments of the lock down Nazis to provide three perspectives of American citizens in the Covid battle, all of which support our conclusion that conservatives must divorce the socialists.

The first perspective of citizens is the global leftist perspective of conservatives, which is based upon group identity politics and the pursuit of social justice.

In their minds, the re-open patriots are terrorists for showing up at protests with guns.

We argue that unless conservatives understand how lefties view them that the full realization of how dangerous they are will not be gained.

Our second perspective is how the left’s perspective of conservatives affects the self-perspective of natural rights conservatives. Conservatives have been co-opted by the language and tactics of socialists.

We argue that unless, and until, the conservative movement breaks free of the leftist mindset that they will become useful idiots in the coming socialist slavery.

Finally, we argue that the correct perspective for viewing the Nation’s mission begins with a restoration of the principles of Locke and Jefferson about the function of government in a natural rights republic.

We conclude that the advice given to conservatives in our book A Civil Dissolution: Solving America’s Intractable Problem of Socialism provides a better way to deal with the lock down Nazis than the banal advice of Beck about continuing to arguing with them.

Madison’s Constitution is not doing its job, and the natural rights of citizens are being destroyed by the consolidated, centralized, tyrannical power of political elites in Washington, aided and abetted by the lock down Nazis.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive view of America, based upon communal, socialist values.

We explain that socialists do not have a moral allegiance to the constitutional rule of law, and that they have no concept of God-given natural individual rights, because they have no concept of God.

We conclude that a civil dissolution of the nation into socialist slave states and liberty free states is the best possible strategy to avoid future bloodshed.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a copyrighted production of the CLP News Network.

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The other sections in the longer article are:

Section 1. The Perspective of the Lock Down Nazis about Conservatives.

Section 2. The Perspective of Conservatives About Themselves In the Covid Lockdown Debate.

Section 3. How the American Constitution Sets the Terms and Conditions About How Citizens Make Collective Decisions.

Conclusion: The Two American Political Factions Hate Each Other.

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Section 1. The Perspective of the Lock Down Nazis about Conservatives.

In the movie, Patriots, starring Mel Gibson, there is a scene that explains the modern day context of how the shut down Nazis view non-Nazis.

In the movie, the poor, disorganized, patriots are running back and forth across a field, while being systematically slaughtered by the Red Coats.

The Red Coats had been aided about the location and movement of the patriots by South Carolina loyalists, who were loyal to King George.

In the historical analogy, the loyalists were the fifth column of King George, just like today, where the shut down Nazis are the fifth column of the global elites, and Democrat state governors.

The lock down Nazis, today snitch to the police on the where-abouts of non-Nazis, and appear in social media networks to promote the validity of the Covid models.

In our historical analogy, the poor disorganized patriots, today, play the role of the patriots in the movie.  In the confrontation with the well-organized police, the patriots are anything but a well-regulated militia, and will easily be slaughtered.

In the Raleigh Reopen march, the police showed overwhelming police force strength, with a fully armed officer every 75 yards along the 2-mile march route.

They were not there to defend and protect the rights of protestors, they were there because the police consider protesting a non-essential activity, and deem the protestors guilty before the fact.

The domestic law enforcement agencies who are “just doing their job” of enforcing the lock down rules, like arresting the mom who had taken her kids to the park, play the role of the Red Coats, who were here in the colonies, just doing their job of enforcing the law of King George.

From the perspective of the loyalists, in 1775, we argue that non-socialists today, are seen as traitors by the lock down Nazis. In other words, from their perspective, people who oppose the lock down are traitors and terrorists.

Joy Behar, a media propagandist said,

“These people are being egged on by right-wing media and people like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh…Those are terrorists who bring guns to things, to rallies,”

That socialist mental predisposition about conservatives is not going to change.

For a shut down Nazi to tell non-Nazis to “shut their business the fuck down,” requires a mental predisposition about her enemies, and a certain type of psychological predisposition to totalitarianism.

An accurate representation of the mental predisposition of the lock down Nazis is seen in the comments of the writer for the Miami paper, who wished that the re-open patriots would die of Covid.

She wrote,

“That Florida residents packing beaches should work nicely to thin the           ranks of supporters of President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron           DeSantis.”

Understanding the socialist mental image of conservatives is essential for conservatives to move forward to what comes next.

Betsy Pearl, et.al., in their article, “The Enforcement of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders,” describes how cops in Democrat controlled cities have used the lock down as an excuse to implement police state totalitarianism.

The cops view the protestors as criminals. Their response has been to let authentic criminals out of prison, in order to make room for the real criminals who disobey social distancing and stay-at-home rules.

Pearl cites the following examples of the police state mentality:

The Kansas City, Missouri’s stay-at-home order states that a violation of any of its provisions “constitutes an imminent threat, creates an immediate menace to public health, and shall be considered a violation of Section 50-155 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.” This can include “fines, orders to suspend business operations, and other penalties.”

The Indiana executive order to discontinue in-person dining, which can result in the “suspension or closure.” As Governor, under Indiana’s Emergency Management and Disaster Law, Ind. Code Ch. 10-14-3, I have authority to employ any measure and give any direction to the state department of health and give any direction to state and local law enforcement officers and agencies as may be reasonable and necessary for securing compliance with any orders made under this emergency law.

The cops in Indiana proceeded to arrest a citizen for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated was also charged with violating the statewide stay-at-home order—a Class B misdemeanor under Indiana law, carrying a fine of up to $1,000 or 180 days in jail.

In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina’s joint proclamation declares that any person who violates any of its prohibitions or restrictions shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Wisconsin’s emergency order specifies that a “[v]iolation or obstruction of this Order is punishable by up to 30 days imprisonment, or up to $250 fine, or both.”

In Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s stay-at-home order, states that violations of the order would be subject to an arrest and incarceration.

The cops and governors condemn the citizens as guilty before trial because the Executive orders are outside the constitutional rule of law, and are not subject to the constitutional rights of habeas corpus.

As explained by Maura Calsyn, in her article, Social Distancing To Fight Coronavirus: A Strategy That Is Working and Must Continue,” the police power is justified, because it is based upon the Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson and Buck.

She writes,

“State and local governments must continue to lead in this crisis;           measures that may seem overly disruptive remain essential to protect           people’s health.”

Part of the socialist strategy for promoting totalitarian police power is to redefine the term “democracy” to fit their communal, social justice vision of society.

Matt Leighninger, a socialist propagandist, in his article “Faced With a Pandemic, Good Public Health Requires Stronger Democracy, states the left’s redefinition of democracy.

“I don’t mean voting, political parties, and the other electoral features we associate with democracy: I mean the extent to which our political        system helps people to act collectively, support each other, share information, and collaborate with experts and public officials. Strong          democracies are good at these things.Strengthening democracy, at all        the levels of government, can help us achieve the kind of trust we         need to deal with Covid-19 — so that people trust in the information      they get from doctors and medical authorities like the Centers for   Disease Control, so that doctors and public health officials trust that c          itizens will wash their hands and avoid contact with each other, so that    people in different parts of the country will trust that we’re all in this      together.”

 Leighninger is Vice President for Public Engagement and Director of the Yankelovich Center at Public Agenda. He is the author of The Next Form of Democracy, which describes how socialist elites can make better collective decisions than the citizens.


Emily Gee, et.al., raises the lock down Nazi issue that unless vote by mail is enacted that citizens may become attracted to totalitarian regimes,

“If citizens lose faith in the legitimacy of democracy as the best form    of government—if their institutions cannot function effectively during     a crisis, and especially if a view takes hold that authoritarian regimes       are managing the crisis more “decisively”—many democracies will be    at grave risk of voters forced to risk infection by waiting in lines,    without proper distancing…People should be excused from the       obligation of going out on Election Day to a polling place where they may face long lines, shared surfaces on which the virus may diffuse”

Part of her re-definition of democracy includes the promotion of a one-world globalist government.

She states,

“The country must not allow its domestic trials to blind it to the need    for international action and vigilance in the face of authoritarian       ambition and disinformation.The best hope for controlling and    reversing the pandemic lies in deep, multifaceted cooperation among       countries.”

Former Michigan governor Granholm, now a CNN contributor, summed up the shut down Nazi perspective of non socialist Nazis.



Granholm stated,

“Their selfishness must stop. They were putting people at risk They           have freedom, but other people have freedom to live or should. And           they shouldn’t be inflicting or putting others at risk.”

In response to Granholm’s assertion, a shut down Nazi commenter on the internet stated,

GreenPopsicle. “What these snarling old WHITE deplorable racists      are really trying to say is that they will risk death to help their Dear   Leader get elected. Unless they actually get the virus, that is. Trump   gave them permission to be frightened racist deplorables. It is          EVERYTHING they have ever wanted.”

Another socialist commenter stated,

“But it’s going to be so much fun in November when there aren’t           enough Republican old White guys left to save Trump.  Because           they’ll be dead. You would think Trump would want all of his base to           stay safe, but no.  I think he’s figured out he is going to lose and wants           to take as many people with him as possible, like some spectacular           mass suicide.”

Finally, another socialist commentator added the bottom line for the socialist view of conservatives,

“Apparently, right-wing ideologues would rather risk illness and death           than admit that “socialism” is the only solution to the COVID           pandemic.”

Taking the socialist perspective of non-socialists at face value means that they see the shut down as a political ploy to implement a communal socialist society.



Section 2. The Perspective of Conservatives About Themselves In the Covid Lockdown Debate.

Conservatives allow the Nazi lock down crowd to set the terms and conditions about the correct response to the Covid lock down.

The correct response of conservatives would be to argue about what comes next, in an effort to re-store the values and principles of the natural rights constitution.

Conservatives have a debilitating psychological defect regarding the extension of civility to their enemies. The socialists understand this defect and use it to their advantage to mute the conservative response to socialism.

We rely on the user back-and-forth comments to National Review articles about Covid to make our argument about how conservatives allow themselves to be co-opted by the socialists.

Molly Olmstead, a socialist lock down Nazi, provides the framework for the coptation of the conservative debate.

She writes,

“If you go on some of the Facebook groups organizing these protests,           you will find that many of them are breeding grounds for           misinformation and right-wing spin. Posts with misleading statistics           (comparing the virus to the flu and other diseases, comparing the           current number of cases with worst-case scenario estimates) are shared along with genuine conspiracy theories often implying that         certain institutions have lied about the virus to gain power. There will    be no way to know how many people actually died of corona virus       because of the unknowable aspect of someone with underlying      conditions

Which is exactly what conservatives on the comments section of National Review articles do.

They argue about Covid models and health statistics, which is what the lock down Nazis want them to do.

  • But this is primarily because of the New Orleans area. I struggle to understand why my area, which is 300 miles from New Orleans, is under the same restrictions. Not saying that there should not be precautions, but just not as stringent as high risk areas.
  • I don’t know what data Rich is using to justify his argument. I’ve been looking diligently and I can’t find anything that justifies this blanket lockdown.
  • Bennett et al were arguing that the data didn’t exist either way. And they were right.
  • It may turn out that the lockdown was the most prudent course of action but let’s be realistic and not assume this is fact based on our current information. The most prudent but not the most constitutional.
  • all relevant officials are all trying to do the right thing with the information they have (see a, immediately above); and (d) as you eloquently point out, two things seemingly at odds can be true at once, i.e., (1) no quarantine would likely have meant many more deaths; (2) the quarantine has cost the country a great deal insofar as it’s crippled the economy.
  • I have counterpoints to each of your points. But, I don’t think that type of approach will get us very far. We’ll just keep going back and forth and spend a lot of time doing so. Does the following “big picture” approach do anything for you?

The conservative mental image of themselves in the Covid debate immediately cedes power to the socialist lock down Nazis because the language is framed in terms of the left’s image of the conservatives.

The lockdown Nazis have a clear political intent of overthrowing the individualist, free competitive market, and we argue that they achieved a stunning victory in their intent on converting American society into a communal, collectivist society, with their lock down.

The clear and present danger to liberty is the intent of the socialists, and arguing about Covid models and data does not confront that threat, any more than Beck’s idea to just continue arguing with them.

Section 3. How the American Constitution Sets the Terms and Conditions About How To Make Collective Decisions.

In the last weekend of March, 2020, the socialist Democrats finally obtained success in their 4 year silent coup against Trump, and transformed the nation from an individualistic, natural rights society, into a socialist society governed by non-elected experts.

Two so-called health experts, closely aligned politically, with Bill Gates’ one-world globalism, presented President Trump with an impossible moral choice about Covid.

In our assessment, Trump’s decision  on his Executive Order provided the opening for Democrat governors and teeny tyrants in Sunset Beach to exceed their authority to close the economy down.

Prior to the last weekend in March, 2020, the Nation was governed by the idea of a written constitution as fundamental law.

Written constitutions would capture and guide liberty-promoting subsidiary principles, such as the separation of powers, bicameralism, federalism, judicial review, bills of rights, and various limitations on executive, legislative, and judicial power.

The fundamental purpose of Madison’s representative republic was to furnish a system of administration of justice, and then leave all the business and interests of society to themselves, to free competition and association—in a word, to the voluntary allegiance to obey the rule of law.

As C. Bradley Thompson has written, in Americanism and the Spirit of American Liberty,

“The radical individualism associated with the natural-rights           philosophy armed the Americans with an entirely new morality that           would provide the foundation for an unprecedented political, social,           and economic system.

Prior to the last weekend in March 2020, however frayed and tattered that principle of individualism may have been, it provided the unifying cultural value of 50% of the American society.

John Taylor of Caroline, noted that the alternative philosophy of government was that all sovereign power rested in the agencies of government.



He wrote,

“the natural right of self-government was never plainly asserted, nor           practically enforced; nor was it previously discovered, that a           sovereign power in any government was inconsistent with this right,           and destructive of its value.”

Thompson writes,

“After the Revolution, “the natural right of self-government” was           made “superior to any political sovereignty.” The Americans now           believed, said Tocqueville, “that at birth each has received the ability    to govern himself.” In this new world, the individual replaced the government as the primary unit of moral and political value. This   meant sovereign power began with self-governing         individuals and      extended outward in concentric circles of voluntary association,    but never beyond the reach of a man’s control.”

The lock down Nazis believe none of this philosophy of individualism, and after the last weekend of March 2020, Fauci and Birx were able to convince President Trump to jettison individualism in favor of socialist government communalism.

In contrast to the principles of the Revolution, to subordinate society and government to this fundamental moral law of individual sovereignty, the globalists were successful in turning the principles of America upside down to subordinate individuals to the power of socialist elites and unelected experts.

After the last weekend of March 2020, the citizens were not protected from the force and coercion and that defines a sphere of liberty.

The cops at the re-open protests who swore an allegiance to the Constitution to protect and defend the rights of individuals blithely traded in their oaths in order to protect and defend their salaries and pensions.

Their oath of allegiance meant nothing to them, and they stated a great antipathy to the protestors. The cops will never recover the trust and allegiance of the citizens for their betrayal of their oath of allegiance.

“What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun?” asked Jefferson. His answer was clear: “The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body.”

In the governor’s emergency orders, we see the combination of executive power with legislative power, backed by the whims and vagaries of a judicial branch riven by partisan passion.

Prior to the last weekend in March 2020,  the nation asked only three things of its citizens:

  • first, that they not violate each other’s rights;
  • second, that they live self-starting, self-reliant, self-governing lives by practicing certain uniquely American virtues and character traits (e.g., independence, initiative, industriousness, frugality, enterprise, creativity, adventurousness, courage, and optimism); and
  • third, that they deal with each other by means of persuasion and voluntary trade. In return, the free society made certain promises to those who lived by the American creed: it promised to protect all citizens’ freedom and rights from domestic and foreign criminals; it promised to govern by the rule of law; and it promised a sphere of unfettered opportunity that made possible their pursuit of material and spiritual values undreamed of in other societies.

After the last weekend in March 2020, the constitutional contract was irreparable damaged.

Victor Davis Hansen asks,

“Who decided that Safeway was a winner and the small florist was a           loser? The governors are ruling by proclamation, with the legislatures           not meeting or in recess with full deference by the courts. There’s a           difference between the success of a policy versus  the government’s           authority to impose it. If I ask you whether the state has the authority   to impose this lockdown, and you answer me with statistics on how           successful the lockdown has been, you’ve fundamentally missed          the question. The logic of this lockdown is that the state sets its own          limit, which           means it isn’t limited by anyone or anything else. That       means it isn’t a limit in the first      place.”

To answer Hansen, the powerful coalition of Democrat socialists and crony capitalists made the decision, in collaboration with 65 million lock down Nazis, who act as the fifth column in sustaining the left wing ideology.

This is the same set of characters who collaborated with China on the one world government.

Matthew Rooney, Managing Director of the George W. Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative writes that Trump’s policies against of free trade, mass immigration, and globalization must be embraced after the crisis is over.

“Economic nationalism,” Rooney writes, “must be rejected”

Rooney could have added that in addition to economic nationalism, that individualism must also be rejected.

Conclusion: The Two American Political Factions Hate Each Other.

At the conclusion of his book, Thompson writes,

“It is not an exaggeration to suggest that liberal and conservative           Americans hate each other. There are now two Americas and the           division is not between “haves” and “have nots” or between whites           and blacks. The coastal, blue state, Ivy-educated ruling class has           contempt for flyover, red state, trailer park deplorable and vice versa.”

The socialists see conservatives as fascists and Nazis. Jason Stanley, a philosophy professor at Yale, writes,

“In fascist ideology, international organizations are mere masks for a           duplicitous enemy.Trump seems to be basing his reelection campaign on a nationalist propaganda war against China. . . Because of his     worldview, he is unable to seethe WHO as anything but a mask to           conceal his chosen national foe.”

Corey Hill, another socialist wrtes,

“Trump and his allies within the GOP ecosystem are hostile to           democracy. Their response to the COVID-19 outbreak clarifies existing authoritarian trends within the regime and the broader      Republican Party.”

Harvard political scientists Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt provide a checklist of authoritarian behavior which weaken and eventually destroy democracies. They include: Undermining the legitimacy of elections; denying the legitimacy of political opponents; tolerating or encouraging violence and attempts to curtail civil liberties, including or especially the freedom of the press. The Trump administration checks every box.

Shutting up the democrat socialists shut down Nazis means coming to the conclusion that Madison’s representative republic ended in failure, and must be replaced.

We agree with Thompson that the two sides hate each other.

Today, nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission. The socialists will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.

We argue that the divorce in both churches provides a model for the divorce between the shut down Nazis and natural rights conservatives.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation.

We advocate the creation of a new constitution, based upon on the state sovereignty framework of the Articles of Confederation, which changes the representative republic to a democratic republic.

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