Tyranny Slips Quietly Into the Tar Heel State

Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party News Network

Upon first glance, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Democrat, does not appear to have the face of a tyrant.



Cooper issued an Executive Order on Covid-19 that both violates the Constitution’s separation of powers, and violates provisions of General Statute 166-A, the Emergency Procedures Act.

Cooper’s Stay-At-Home Order can be viewed in one of two ways.

If you are a Democrat, Cooper is a kindly old gentleman, trying to keep the citizens of the state safe by locking them down, and destroying the economy, for an indefinite period of time.

Or, of you are a Republican, Cooper’s order is part of the Democrat’s relentless attack on Republicans, using the Covid virus as a front to damage President Trump, for political gain.

We believe that Cooper’s order is part of a much larger Democrat political strategy that includes the Russian collusion hoax, the Mueller inquisition, the Ukraine Hoax, or the impeachment façade.

As a Democrat, Cooper is influenced by the left-wing media that eagerly reports on every single new case of Covid, and eagerly trumpets each new death. The Democrats have weaponized the panic about Covid to advance their socialist agenda.

There are about 2000 deaths in America that may be related to Covid, and about 23,000, this year for the regular winter flu, but 23,000 flu deaths does not promote the socialist single-payer agenda.

Cooper’s order raises the Hate-Trump strategy to the next level because it falls into the same category as the Army’s “Broken Arrow” strategy of bombing your own troops.

Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, in 1965, while leading his men through the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam, called in an airstrike on his own men, killing many of the U. S. soldiers, while not effectively deterring the enemy.

Cooper’s order destroys the North Carolina economy, and the lives of citizens, with the same brazen tyranny as Kim Jong Un, who shoots citizens suspected of having the virus.

Cooper is killing his citizens, economically, who he only “suspects” may catch the virus. His Order is not based upon facts or scientific evidence of who actually has the virus.

It is worthwhile to investigate Cooper’s justification and his abandonment of constitutional principles in issuing his bogus order, in order to make the allegation that his order is a Democrat strategy, based upon tyranny.

Tyranny is an act of one person, who assumes unilateral power to command the society, by imposing a law not delegated from the elected representatives, or the citizens themselves.

Tyranny is the opposite of constitutional separation of power.

Sec. 6.  Separation of powers.

The legislative, executive, and supreme judicial powers of the State government shall be forever separate and distinct from each other.

Cooper’s order is a law, and has the police power of the State to impose criminal sanctions, in the absence of the writ of habeas corpus.

Cooper’s order usurps the power of the Representatives to constrain his act to real, not imagined, emergencies.

Sec. 7.  Suspending laws.

All power of suspending laws or the execution of laws by any authority, without the consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights and shall not be exercised.

Cooper is one of nine elected executive officers of the State, and he is required to seek the authorization of the Council of State, in invoking his Order. He failed to obtain the Council of State authorization.

“During a gubernatorially or legislatively declared state of emergency, with the concurrence of the Council of State, the Governor has the following powers:”

Cooper justifies his Order by claiming that North Carolina does not have enough hospital beds to deal with the massive influx of potentially sick citizens.

North Carolina currently has over 23,000 fully staffed hospital beds, with the capability to add 16,000 additional beds, overnight.

At his press conference on March 27, 2020, Cooper’s Health Secretary, Mindy Cooper said,

“I’ve heard from many hospitals, physicians and other clinicians concerned about that surge in demand and how it could overwhelm them and cause suffering and harm. Both the North Carolina Medical Society, the North Carolina Healthcare Association, which represents doctors and hospitals across the state, have warned about potential shortages of supplies and equipment and hospital beds.”

Cooper’s Order states that there are only 763 documented cases of Covid-19 in a state of over 10,000,000 in population.

“Whereas on March 27, 2020, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has documented 763 cases of COVID-19 across 60 counties, and has identified the occurrence of widespread community transmission of the virus.”

Cooper and his Health Secretary cite the pressure from two Democrat political activist groups as part of the justification for the state-wide lockdown.

His Order states,

“Whereas hospital administrators and health care providers have expressed concerns that unless the spread of COVID-19 is limited, existing health care facilities may be insuffiecient to care for those who become sick.”

An expression of concern is not a statement of fact, and the two Democrat  activist groups, the North Carolina Medical Society, the North Carolina Healthcare Association, are not credible sources to provide evidence of a potential emergency.

Cooper’s Health Secretary raises the threat of tyranny in the use of the police power to arrest citizens who do not follow the Order. She states,

“If people continually and flagrantly violate this order, then law enforcement and local district attorneys have the discretion under the law to charge that person and prosecute that person. We hope it doesn’t come to that,”

She continues with her embrace of tyranny,

“We do not have the luxury of time. We must act quickly based on what we do know to slow the spread of the virus. If we do not act preemptively to slow the virus right now, many people will get sick at the same time, which could overwhelm our medical system and compromise their ability to provide care.”

Cooper cites the provisions of General Statute166-A, but does not mention that G. S. 166-A requires that Cooper must provide,

“Making of such studies and surveys of the resources in this State as may be necessary to ascertain the capabilities of the State for emergency management, maintaining data on these resources, and planning for the most efficient use thereof.”

Cooper relies on anecdotal evidence and biased hearsay from Democrat activists to issue his order, not studies and surveys.

The essence of tyranny in Cooper’s Order is found in this chilling statement from the Order, that Cooper, and Cooper alone, has the power to determine what is an essential and non-essential business:

“WHEREAS, to mitigate community spread of COVID-19 and to reduce the burden on the state’s health care providers and facilities, it is necessary to limit unnecessary person-to-person contact in workplaces and communities; and

WHEREAS, such limitations on person-to-person contact are reasonably necessary to address the public health risk posed by COVID-19;”

In other words, this kindly old gentleman, with a kindly old face, deems himself the only person in North Carolina with the power and authority to lock the citizens, and the economy down, and determine the criteria of an essential business.

Cooper and his Democrat cronies are tyrants, and Cooper’s entire Order is a gigantic Democrat hoax to damage President Trump, in order to advance the Big Government political agenda.

There are only two pathways out of this tyranny:

  1. The Honorable Representative Tim Moore, Speaker of the N. C. House and The Honorable Senator Phil Berger, N.C. Senate President Pro Tempore, may regain their courage to confront tyranny and call a session of the General Assembly to rescind Cooper’s order and open up North Carolina for business on April 12. After that action, they should eliminate the political discretion of Democrat towns and counties to promote the socialist agenda by using G. S. 166-A in bogus emergency declarations.
  2. Citing the Supremacy Clause of the U. S. Constitution, President Trump should issue an executive order that overrides Cooper’s order, and opens up North Carolina for business, on April 12, 2020.

Citizens in North Carolina find themselves in the same predicament as described by Thomas Paine, in 1775,

“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.”

Our painful truth is that North Carolina, and the nation, are irrevocably split over ideological differences. In North Carolina, if you are a Democrat you deeply believe in the righteousness of Cooper’s order, and swallow every lie of the propaganda media.

If you are a conservative, you realize that every statement out of the mouth of a Democrat is a lie, and that they will weaponize Covid to advance their left-wing agenda in North Carolina

Cooper is a Democrat tyrant, who is willing to bomb his own citizens to advance the Democrat socialist agenda.

After this crisis is over, the citizens must move forward on the civil dissolution of the nation, and allow the socialists to form their own new nation.

Conservatives must either fight for our liberties, or we become sheep to the Democrat socialist Big-Government agenda.

Laurie Thomas Vass is the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network, at CLPnewsnetwork.com. She advocates the creation of a new Constitution, based upon the framework of state sovereignty found in the Articles of Confederation.