Audio Introduction to the Citizens Liberty News Network

Welcome to the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Our mission is to prepare conservatives to form a new nation, called the Democratic Republic of America.

The Democratic Republic of America, would be based upon the principles of a federalist, state sovereignty constitutional framework, outlined in the Articles of Confederation, adopted by all 13 states in 1781.

The new constitution would be overtly nationalist, not globalist, and overtly free competitive market capitalist, based upon individual liberty. The new constitution would establish a system of justice of the equal application of justice to all citizens.

The political party which manages this transition to the Democratic Republic of America is the New Conservative Party.©

Each week, this website prepares the text and audio of a podcast that argues why the transition to a new nation is unavoidable. The most recent text and audio is available for free, for one week. The entire archive of all podcasts is available for a subscription of $30 per year.

You can make a donation to support the CLP News Network at our donation page. A donation of $25 or more will allow you to receive a signed copy of the proposed constitution of the Democratic Republic of America.

The website is owned and managed by a North Carolina constitutional economist, Laurie Thomas Vass. You can learn more about her at her publishing website, gabby


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