Episode 37. December 6, 2019. CLP topic category: Democrat Police State Socialism. Title: UNC Silent Sam and the Democrat’s Effective Political Use of Violence.

Episode 37. December 6, 2019.

CLP topic category: Democrat Police State Socialism.

Title: UNC Silent Sam and the Democrat’s Effective Political Use of Violence.


Our podcast today re-examines the destruction, in August of 2018, of the UNC Confederate monument, known as Silent Sam,

Our podcast places the criminal act of destroying the monument into the larger historical context of the Democrat’s effective use of violence to obtain their goal of a one-party political regime.

Our podcast argues that there is an unbroken historical continuity, from 1898 to 2019, in the violence of the Democrat Party, using the cover of “white supremacy” as the justification of the violence to obtain political goals.

The argument made in this podcast is that there never was a “New South.”

As both W. J. Cash and C. Wright Mills correctly describe, the history of North Carolina is an unbroken continuity of the lawyers, bankers and merchant power elites in the Democrat Party using violence to obtain political goals

In the era of Julian Carr, the Democrats used the war cry “Negro Rule,” to erect the racial apartheid system that lasted 80 years. The violence of the Democrats created a one-party, totalitarian white supremacist society,

In the modern era, the Democrat Party uses the war cry, “white supremacy,” to justify their acts of violence to eliminate opposition. In their telling of history, the Republicans are a racist party, and Trump is a white supremacist.

In other words, the term “white supremacist,” is a useful political term, that has no legitimate meaning, other than as a propaganda tool for the Democrats to legitimize their violence.

Our podcast argues that the destruction of Silent Sam was a carefully coordinated attack, led by Carol Folt, a Democrat, whose text messages on August 20, 2018, show her collaboration with antifa and the police to “stand down,” four minutes before the statute came down.

The main conclusion of the podcast is that violence works as an effective tactic for Democrats, and that the destruction of Silent Sam was a huge political success for the Democrats.

But, the victory over Silent Sam will never be enough for Democrats.

The Democrat’s goal is to use violence to create a totalitarian society, where only politically correct socialist ideas are allowed, under the penalty of death.

Totalitarian History

James Leloudis, a socialist professor of history at UNC, provides a socialist interpretation about the violence of destroying Silent Sam to make his point about racism in America.

Leloudis wrote,

“The “moral truth” of white supremacy, venerated by the UDC and other keepers of Confederate memory, was a lie that produced ruthless brutality. It inspired the acts of terror that were the Klan’s answer to black emancipation; it gave legitimacy to murderous white supremacy campaigns, including the Wilmington riot and coup in 1898; and from the 1880s through the 1960s, it aroused the anger of white vigilantes who, in acts of true mob violence, lynched thousands of black men and women.”

Leloudis writes,

“In every instance, the perpetrators justified their crimes in the name of law and order.”

The logic of Leloudis’ argument is that racism and white supremacy justifies the Democrat’s violence of removing Silent Sam.

The version of the truth that Leloudis fails to discuss is that the perpetrators of brutality and violence were the leaders of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party acted as the administrative and management organization to implement racial apartheid, in 1898.

It was not law and order that inspired the Democrats, in 1898, it was the implementation of totalitarian one-party rule.

Carr was a Democrat leader, who owned the News and Observer, and installed the racist editor, Josephus Daniels, to whip up white violence against black people.

The governor, in 1913, when Silent Sam was erected, was Locke Craig, a Democrat, who campaigned on the issue of white supremacy. Prior to being elected governor, Craig wrote the constitutional amendment that disenfranchised black voters.

The governor in 1933, when the North Carolina sterilization program began, called the “negro project,” was John Ehringhaus, the namesake of the dormitory.

As a result of the election of 1896, the Democrats vowed to never again be ruled by white Republicans and black people.

Furnifold Simmons, Chairman of the State Democratic Party, and a long time U. S. Senator from North Carolina, said in 1898,

“North Carolina is a White Man’s State, and White Men will rule it, and they will crush the party of Negro domination beneath a majority so overwhelming that no other party will ever dare to establish Negro rule here.”

Paul Escott noted, in Many Excellent People, that in North Carolina,

“The Democratic Party resorted to fraud and force to safeguard its power and then designed a final, undemocratic political and social solution. This solution – segregation and disfranchisement – eviscerated the coalition of poorer whites and blacks and insured that established interests would not be threatened in the future.”

The violence of the Democrats in North Carolina in imposing one-party rule included the nation’s only violent coup d’etat to overthrow the black city council of Wilmington.

The Democrats brought a howitzer, from Raleigh, to the coup to kill unarmed blacks.

The Democrats also brought a Gatling gun, manned by William Kenan, Sr., a prominent Democrat, and benefactor of Kenan Stadium.

The coup in Wilmington was not an ad hoc, random act of violence.  It was carefully managed and executed by the Democrat Party leaders, just like the violence against Silent Sam.

H. Leon Prather, in We Have Taken A City: The Wilmington Racial Massacre and Coup of 1898, wrote that “the Cape Fear River was swollen with the carcasses of blacks,” killed by the Democrats.

Beginning in 1929, the Democrats began a systematic forced sterilization of black people who were considered by the Democrats to be too insane to vote, or to have children.

The insanity of black people, according to the Democrats, was demonstrated by their coalition of voting with white Republicans, in the election of 1896.

The Democrat’s language for insane blacks was “uppity blacks,” the same language used by Lyndon Johnson, when he implemented his violence against black people, that led to the race riots of the late 1960’s.

The forced sterilization of black people by the Democrats of North Carolina finally ended in the mid-1970s, after 35,000 black people had been sterilized.

The official “sanitized” data on sterilization in North Carolina, is that between 1929 and 1974, 7,600 people were sterilized. The correct figure is 35,000, based upon an eyewitness examination of the files held in the basement of the North Carolina Department of Health, in 1979.

The 1933 law remained in effect until 1973, when the last recorded sterilizations were performed. The legislation permitting involuntary sterilization of black people remained on the books, in North Carolina, until 2003.

Sterilization, as an official state policy, was an unbroken history of Democrat violence, which lasted 105 years.

One of the living survivors of sterilization, M. Riddick, was described by the N. C. Eugenics Board, as “promiscuous” and “feebleminded black woman,” when they ordered her to be sterilized.

According to Riddick,

“They cut me open like I was a hog… at the same time they gave me a cesarean birth and took my child and when they did that – they sterilized me. What do you think I’m worth?”

When the North Carolina plan was launched, in 1933, there were just three sterilization clinics in the state. By the end of 1938, the North Carolina General Assembly had funded 56 clinics.

By mid-1939 the number of sterilization clinics in North Carolina had risen to 62, second only to New York.

Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, the Democrat leader of the eugenics program, called his plan, the “Negro Project.” Gamble’s plan included placing black community leaders in positions where it would appear that they were in charge of ordering forced sterilization.

In 1947, Gamble called for the expansion of North Carolina’s sterilization program saying that for every feeble minded black person sterilized, 40 more were polluting and degrading the bloodlines of future generation with their defective genes.

Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes agreed with the opinion of Gamble, in his ruling in Buck v. Bell case on sterilization when he wrote,

“Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

As a political strategy, the Democrat’s forced sterilization of uppity blacks, combined with voter disenfranchisement, was a huge political success for the Democrats, in implementing one-party rule.

With the DNA genetics of uppity Blacks purged from society, blacks in North Carolina now vote almost 100% for the Democrats.

In addition to sterilization, the one-party Democrats took the simple step of having the all-powerful state legislature remove elected Republicans, at the county and city level, and replacing them with Democrat appointments made from the central Democrat party headquarters in Raleigh.

The Democrats imposed poll taxes, which required individuals to hold on to receipts for a year, or literacy tests, in which Democrat officials determined who was literate enough to vote.

The Democrats controlled voter registration, the voting booths and counted the votes for each election, for almost 100 years, with no outside oversight.

Oddly, this history of the violent racism of the Democrat Party is not told by Leloudis, who would rather focus his attention on the racist Republicans, and the white supremacist President Trump.

Historical Continuity of the Democrat’s  Use of the Term “White Supremacy.”

One of the Democrats who was charged with destroying Silent Sam described that the violence against the statute was aimed at white supremacy.

Raul Arce Jimenez told the crowd, one year after the night of the attack,

“We celebrate not only the toppling of a symbol but the toppling of white supremacy. What used to be here doesn’t need to be here, So today we celebrate, as we did last year when it came down, the absence of a symbol of white supremacy.”

The victory of tearing down the statute was coordinated by Chancellor Folt, a socialist Democrat, who collaborated with the antifa ground troops, and the police, when she gave her order for the police to stand down.

In the report about the violence in August 2018, the UNC Trustees wrote,

“There was obvious evidence of preplanning and tactics that were designed to instigate violence between protest groups or draw an overreaction from law enforcement. Objects such as smoke bombs, poles, frozen water bottles, paint balloons and metal objects were used by demonstrators as weapons.”

The Board of Governors were reported to be “visibly outraged at the conduct of campus police, who took orders to stand down and allowed protesters to topple the statue without resistance.”

The preplanning included Folt’s stationing one of her observers at the scene, with whom she coordinated the attack.

The statute came down at 9:15 pm. Her text messages at 9:01 show her making sure that the antifa ground troops were in place. She sent a message to her observer,

“Are the masked people at statue?”

Her observer responded that the masked rioters were, “Pulling but statute is not budging.”

At 9:11 pm, Folt ordered the police to “stand down.” Observers at the monument reported that as soon as the police got Folt’s order, the police all moved back in unison.

Four minutes later, the statute came down.

Seven minutes later, after giving her order to stand down, Folt would text another staffer: “Statue pulled down.”

Four months later, in January 2019, just before she left UNC, Folt ordered that the pedestal be removed by front end loaders, in the middle of the night.

The UNC Board of Governors stated that they were not aware of Folt’s decision to remove the pedestal.

BOG Chairman Harry Smith issued a statement saying the board was not privy to Folt’s announcement before it was made public.

“We are incredibly disappointed at this intentional action, It lacks transparency and it undermines and insults the Board’s goal to operate with class and dignity. We strive to ensure that the appropriate stakeholders are always involved and that we are always working in a healthy and professional manner.”

The BOG was also not privy to the collaboration between Folt and the  antifa ground troops in the weeks prior to the violence, in August 2018. The antifa ground troops act as the Democrat Party’s violence vigilante army.

Folt’s lead antifa contact, in coordinating the violence, was UNC Anthropology Professor Dwayne Dixon. Dixon had participated in the antifa violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. His antifa headquarters is in Durham.

Three of the other antifa ground troops from the Durham camp that assisted Dixon in Chapel Hill had also taken part in the Charlottesville riot.

Folt had collaborated on the preliminary strategy of antifa by agreeing to let the antifa rioters cloak the monument so that no one could see them attaching the ropes.

One of the cloaks was a gray banner that said, “For a world without white supremacy.”

Oddly, Professor Leloudis fails to mention that his colleague, Dixon, is a member of antifa, or Folt’s coordination of the violence with Dixon.

The Democrat’s Continuing Use of the Threat of Violence For Political Purposes.

The threat of violence is used by Democrats to get their way, prior to enacting violent riots.

In August 22, 2017, Margaret Spellings, a prominent Democrat and leader of the UNC BOG, sent to Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, a message explaining the threat of violence surrounding Silent Sam was the justification for removing the memorial.

Her message to Cooper was co-signed by Folt.

In their assessment of the violence surrounding Silent Sam, the Public Safety Panel Report stated that the threat of violence over returning Silent Sam to campus was too great a risk, and that the campus police would be incompetent to control the violence.

The Report stated,

“UNC-CH faces a high risk of violence, civil disorder and property damage when the Silent Sam monument is restored on campus. The Panel determined that the overall risk to public safety on the UNC-CH campus during demonstrations focused on the Monument is very high while the capability of the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Police Department (“UNC PD”) to prevent civil disorder and violence is very limited.”

In other words, it was the mere unsubstantiated threat of violence that obtained the political outcome that prohibited Silent Sam from being restored on campus. The report did not cite antifa as the perpetrator of the violence.

Sue Riseling, a member of the Panel cited outside forces for the violence. She stated,

“What’s different is when a group comes with all of the baggage and all of the edginess and all of the willingness to use violence to further their political goal… the threat of violence is from extremist elements imbedded inside protest and counter-protest groups. Threats and calls for violent action on social media sites on all sides have increased dramatically.”

Riseling is incorrect.

The violence against Silent Sam was an inside job. The antifa violence was led by an antifa UNC professor of Anthropology, and coordinated by the UNC Chancellor. 

The Enduring Utility Of “White Supremacy” to Justify Democrat Violence.

The utility of racism and white supremacy, as a political tool, will never end for the Democrats. In their social construction of reality, the white supremacy of 1898 is exactly the same as the white supremacy of 2019.

For socialists, the Civil War never happened, and blacks are still slaves. For socialists, the Civil Rights Act never happened and blacks are still slaves.

For socialists, the first Republican governor elected, in 1973,,since 1896, Jim Holshouser, did not end the forced sterilization started by the Democrats.

In their social construction of history, the Republicans are racists. And Leloudis could not possibly tell the truth that a white supremacist Republican ended the Negro Program.

In their social construction of history, the socialist believe that Republicans are fascists, and that a Democrat anti-fascist paramilitary force is justified in attacking the Republicans.

Cortland Gilliam, a PhD student in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of Education, described the enduring utility of white supremacy, when he stated after Silent Sam was destroyed,

“But racism isn’t going away and neither are we. The students and the UNC community are going to continue battling white supremacy in its many manifestations on the campus and in the culture.”

In their justification of the violence of  destroying Silent Sam, the UNC Public Policy Department wrote, on November 2, 2018,

“We write this letter to affirm UNC Public Policy faculty. We believe that symbols of white supremacy and oppression have no place on a campus of higher learning, and certainly not in a place of such prominence.”

UNC history professor William Sturkey, who teaches a socialist history propaganda class at UNC stated,

“The UNC BOT is not interested in exploring the University’s history. What they’re actually interested in doing is protecting these commemorative sites that were established by white supremacists who ruled the campus before federal law ended segregation. That means they’re not only validating a white supremacist interpretation of the past but also helping to rebrand a new version for the future…What we’re dealing with is basically is a campus that was created and curated to help celebrate and promote white supremacy.”

Chris Suggs, the leader of the UNC Black Student Movement, said,

“By returning this monument that glorifies the Confederacy and white supremacy to our campus, our University’s leaders are reaffirming the racist beliefs and ideals that led to its erection in 1913.”

UNC history professor Malinda Lowery described the enduring utility of the tool of white supremacy, when she wrote,

“Removing the statue will not, by itself, erase attitudes of white supremacy, eliminate racial violence in our society, provide equal protection to immigrants who enter lawfully, or redress the other injustices that are standing in the way of our nation’s progress.”

As a political tool to implement a one-party, socialist totalitarian regime, the branding of their enemies as racists and white supremacists will never end.

The socialist bedrock ideological belief is that America is a racist nation, founded on the sin of slavery, and that Republicans perpetuate white supremacy.

For Leloudis, Sturkey, Suggs, and all the other sanctimonious, morally smug socialists at UNC, the only way to rectify the sin of slavery is to destroy America, just like Silent Sam was destroyed, and replace it with a socialist nation.

This is my Conclusion.

The main conclusion of the podcast is that violence works as an effective tactic for Democrats, and that the destruction of Silent Sam was a huge political success for the Democrats.

But, the victory over Silent Sam will never be enough for Democrats.

The Democrat’s goal is to use violence to create a totalitarian society, where only politically correct socialist ideas are allowed, under the penalty of death.

The hatred of President Trump and the antifa violence against Republicans is not the primary factor. It is secondary to the real mission of creating a global socialist nation.

The Republicans, in 2019, are simply an impediment to the one-party socialist rule, just like black people were an impediment to the Democrats, in 1898.

The violence of the Democrats will intensify, until the Democrats are successful in eradicating Republicans.

There is no reconciliation with the Democrats. The ideological divisions between natural rights conservatives and socialists are irreconcilable.

In his analysis of modern times and the Civil War, Victor Davis Hanson wrote,

“Americans did not avoid Civil War in 1860. We didn’t avoid it in 1860 because of the issue of slavery. It was an evil that could not be negotiated. It couldn’t be reconciled. We’ve got these two different cultures, and they don’t like each other.”

Hanson cites the smug moral arrogance of Democrats that their view of society is the only correct view. He writes,

“The common denominator in all this frenzy is hatred. To modern progressives, no narrative can exist other than the claim that powerful groups oppress less powerful groups, which supports the moral, legal, and political implications that history’s victims deserve restitution. Progressive historians denigrate the founding principles of the nation and work to remove alternative views from the public discourse. Look no further for an explanation of what is happening to statues deemed offensive and guilty of some past injustice.”

The incongruity between the socialist vision and the natural rights vision is demonstrated by the comments of Maya Little, the UNC student who poured red paint on Silent Sam.

Little said,

“It’s time to build monuments to honor those who have been murdered by white supremacy. It’s time to tear down Silent Sam. It’s time to tear down UNC’s institutional white supremacy.”

In describing Little’s most recent arrest in 2019, ChapelBoro.com described Little as,

“Little is an anti-hate and anti-racism activist, has previously been arrested by UNC Police. In early 2018, she was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of defacing a public monument after she poured a mixture of ink and blood on Confederate statue Silent Sam. Little was also arrested in December 2018 and charged with two misdemeanors during a protest: inciting a riot and assault on a law enforcement officer.”

Little is filled with hatred towards America. Her hatred is the product of the teaching of Leloudis, Sturkey, Suggs and the antifa professor, Dwayne Dixon.

Leloudis and Sturkey, et.al., have used their tax paid teaching positions to teach hatred and socialist propaganda to infect thousands of students, who do not know the authentic American history of the violence of the Democrat Party.

In their teaching, violence, under the guise of white supremacy, is justified by a socialist, like Little.

To paraphrase Victor Davis Hanson,

“Like slavery in 1860, socialism today is an evil that can not be negotiated. It can not be reconciled. We’ve got these two different cultures, and they don’t like each other and provoke the other.”

The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to undermine a legitimate constitutional government, in order to implement a totalitarian socialist, centralized regime.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America. The ideological differences are permanent and irreconcilable.

Today, nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission. The socialists will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.

If the sin of slavery can never be overcome, then the use of violence for the Democrats will never end.

The two cultural value orientations are mutually incompatible and exclusive. Socialists do not have a moral allegiance to obey the rule of law, and they have no concept of God-given natural individual rights, because they have no concept of God.

The socialists are ideologically committed to imposing their brand of totalitarian global socialism on the conservatives, but they do not have any moral authority to end the natural rights of 63 million Trump voters.

Conservatives must find an alternative moral principle to deal with the irreconcilable differences with Democrat socialists.

That moral principle for dealing with the irreconcilable ideological differences is a civil dissolution of the nation.

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