Episode 22 July 31 CLP Topic Irreconcilable Differences Title: The Democrat’s White Working Class Economic Hoax


Our podcast today explores a gigantic Democrat hoax behind the Democrat’s attempt to take credit for Trump’s economic success.

Our podcast places the economic hoax into the bigger Democrat political strategy of implementing a socialist state by undermining the Constitution with their use of race hatred and class warfare.

Their ultimate goal is not to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed classes, but to implement a socialist regime in America that centralizes all power into the hands of the Democrat political elites.

The hoax was revealed several weeks ago, on Sean Hannity’s radio program. Hannity had a guest Democrat propagandist who explained that Trump’s economic success was caused by the policies of Obama.

The propagandist went on to explain that white workers were better off under Obama than under Trump.

As preposterous as the lie appears, it is a very useful strategy for bringing white workers back to the Democrat Party to correct Obama’s mistake, in 2010, of jettisoning white, working class voters from the Democrat election strategy.

The Democrat hoax is essential for Democrats to win white votes in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota by placing the blame for globalism on wealthy Republicans.

Subsequent to the Hannity program, the Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee of Congress issued a report that expanded and perpetuated the hoax.

There are two parts to the hoax. First, Democrats are trying to convince  white voters that they were better off 4 years ago, under Obama, than they are now, under Trump.

Second, they must convince white workers that all of Trump’s economic success is due to the programs initiated by Obama, and that if Trump is defeated, the workers can return to the glory days of Obama’s policies.

Their hoax may work to bring white workers back to the Democrat fold because it is based upon the fact that working class whites are mad at the crony capitalist system that destroyed middle class jobs.

The Republican crony capitalists were so clever in hiding their work that white voters do not know which party to hold accountable for their economic misery.

The Democrats have a political advantage with the white workers because the workers still maintain an allegiance to the myth that the Democrats are the party that looks out for the little guy.

Our podcast concludes that the political party that finds a way to tap into that white working class anger about globalism has the best chance of gaining the white vote in 2020.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for July 31, 2019.

Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Irreconcilable Differences and is titled, The Democrat’s White Working Class Economic Hoax.

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Snorting the Democrat’s Economic Cocaine

In her statement in the 2019 Joint Economic Committee report, Representative Carolyn Maloney, of New York, stated the essence of the hoax:

“The economy experienced higher growth rates during the Obama Administration than over the last year. The Trump Administration fails to mention these facts when falsely claiming that they have ushered in a new era of growth. President Trump, claims full credit for economic conditions that he mostly inherited from his predecessor. The president implausibly has claimed that he has achieved an economic turnaround, a claim that has been refuted by the facts.”

Maloney’s statement contains both parts of the Democrat’s mantra of race hate and class war.

For class war, she states,

“A year after the tax cuts passed, corporate profits grew 14.3 percent while wages increased only 3.4 percent. Moreover, the tax law is expected to worsen economic inequality, with more than 99 percent of the benefits going to the top 5 percent in 2027.”

For the race hate part of the Democrat mantra, she states,

“While the benefits of the Republican tax legislation are targeted at the fortunate few, the costs are substantial and will be widely shared. More than half a century since the civil rights movement, racial economic disparities in the United States persist. The median black worker earned 80 cents for every dollar earned by the median white worker in 1979, with that figure falling to just 71 cents on the dollar in 2017.”

Maloney states that the Trump tax cuts did not produce economic growth, and cites a Democrat propagandist to back up her claim,

Former Treasury Secretary and Harvard professor Lawrence Summers said,

“There is no peer-reviewed support for Trump’s central claim that cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent would raise wages by $4,000 per worker… Trump’s claim is absurd on its face.”

In order to have political success with her hoax, Maloney must convince white workers that wage increases after Trump was elected are better than wage growth in Obama’s last four years.

Diagram #1 shows the wage growth rates, from 2013 to 2016. Under Obama, wage growth was about 1.7%. Under Trump, the wage growth was about 2.5%.

The Democrat hoax depends on convincing white voters that 1.7% wage growth is better than 2.5%, and that all of the 2.5% under Trump is due to Obama.

Diagram 1.


In order to pull off her hoax, Maloney must convince white workers that the manufacturing mass layoffs under Obama were better than the mass layoffs under Trump.

Under Obama, the monthly average mass layoffs in manufacturing were about 110,000. Under Trump, the mass layoffs in manufacturing were about 90,000.

Maloney’s task is to convince white voters that 110,000 monthly layoffs, under Obama, is better than 90,000 monthly layoffs, under Trump.

Diagram 2 describes the data on mass layoffs in manufacturing.

In order for Maloney to convince white workers that they were better off under Obama, she must convince them that the average growth rate of disposable personal income in Obama’s last 4 years was better than under Trump.

Under Obama’s last 4 years, the rate of growth in disposable personal income was 3.2%. Under Trump, the growth rate of disposable personal income was 4.65%.

White working class workers must be convinced that 3.2% is better than 4.6%, and that all of the 4.6% under Trump is due to Obama.

Diagram 3 describes the annual personal income growth rates.

In order for the Democrat hoax to work, Maloney must convince white workers that Larry Summer’s statement that Trump’s claim about the effect of the tax cuts is, “absurd.”

Under Obama’s last 4 years, business capital investment averaged about $75 billion, per year. After the Trump tax cuts, average monthly business investment was $85 billion.

Diagram 4 describes monthly business capital investment, from 2007 to 2018.

In order for the Democrat hoax to work, Maloney must convince white workers that average hourly wages in manufacturing were better under Obama’s last 4 years, than under Trump.

Under Obama, the average hourly manufacturing wage was about $19.50.Under Trump, the average hourly manufacturing wage is about $21.70.

Maloney’s task is to convince white workers that $19.50 is better than $21.70, and that all of Trump’s $21.70 is due to Obama.

Diagram 5 compares the average hourly manufacturing wages between the Obama and Trump time periods.

Obama Average Hourly Manufacturing Wage. $19.50

Trump Hourly Manufacturing Wage. $21.70





Obama’s economic performance on manufacturing plant closings was so bad, that he eventually terminated the statistical gathering operations at the U. S. Department of Labor that described plant closings.

Obama ordered the discontinuation of the “Mass Layoffs Data” collection program on March 1, 2013.

The data in Diagram 6, gathered from 2009 to 2013, when he killed the program, shows why Obama wanted to stop gathering the data.

Diagram 6.

In Obama’s first 4 years, a total of 32,000 manufacturing plants in America closed, nearly 6 million workers lost their jobs, and 6 million workers went on unemployment insurance.

Obama’s nonchalant response to the economic chaos was to state that those manufacturing plants, and those 6 million jobs were never coming back.

Obama chose to deal with the plant closings with massive centralized government spending.  He spent $224 billion in extended unemployment benefits, education, and health care. Obama spent an additional $275 billion in federal contracts, grants, and loans.

Since 2008, under Obama, income welfare payments increased from 35% of total government expenditures to 55%.

Maloney’s task is to convince white workers that Obama’s government spending policies were more effective than Trump’s tax cuts and private sector growth policies.

Tapping Into White Voter Anger

The success of the Democrat hoax that white workers were better off under Obama depends on convincing white workers that Republican economic policies give tax breaks to the rich, and that the trade policies were implemented by globalist Republicans.

White workers are angry because someone, or something, caused 30 years of economic failure for them.

The workers are not certain who to blame, so the party that does the best job explaining who to hold responsible for the globalist policies has the best chance of winning the white worker vote.

While the white workers are not certain who to blame for globalism, they can see the economic results every day in the increasing dominance and political power of big corporations.

By the end of 2014, there were more than 3,790 U.S. parent companies with more than 32,000 foreign affiliates, as indicated in Table 3.

Table 3.

In 2007, U.S. MNCs accounted for about 21% of total U.S. manufacturing activity. These MNC parent companies now account for about 41% of total U.S. manufacturing activity, most of which now occurs in foreign locations.

The statistical sleight of hand employed by crony capitalist Republicans is that the foreign activity shows up in the statistics as domestic activity because the parent companies are domiciled in the U. S.

As U.S. MNC parent companies were transferring operations from the U. S., their cumulative amount of direct investment abroad doubled. Figure 3 describes the dramatic increase in foreign direct investment, especially in 2006, the last years of the Bush administration.

Figure 3.

Most of the U. S. MNC foreign direct investment went to two regions in the world, Latin America and Asia. Table 2 describes the location of the direct foreign investment by U. S. corporations.

Table 2.

The 3700 large multi national corporations domiciled in the U. S. are becoming much more dominant within the national Republican Party.

Those large corporations are the power behind the global trade policies, and it is that political influence that the Democrats hope to establish in their economic hoax.

Diagram 7 describes the shifting of jobs by U. S. MNCs to foreign operations. This shift in jobs was the gigantic “whoosing” sound described by the late Ross Perot.

White American workers in the heartland can see and experience the whoosing sound, but are not certain who to hold accountable. The statistical gathering functions at the U. S. Department of Commerce, The U. S. Department of Labor, and the Federal Reserve Bank have been disabled so that common workers cannot see the data to make the connection.

Thus, the potential effectiveness of the Democrat economic hoax.

Diagram 7.

Credit. Wall Street Journal, Big U.S. Firms Shift Hiring Abroad

This is my Conclusion

The ultimate goal of the Democrat hoax is not to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed classes, but to implement a socialist regime in America that centralizes all power into the hands of the Democrat political elites.

The hoax is one part truth and one part fantasy. The truth is that Republicans are the party responsible for implementing the trade policies.

The fantasy is that Obama is the party responsible for Trump’s economic success.

If the Democrats are successful in using the hoax to make white workers believe that Republicans are responsible for their economic misery caused by global trade, the workers will return to the Democrat Party.

The Republican ideology of corporate globalism is vulnerable to the Democratic economic hoax, because the Republicans are the party responsible for the trade policies.

MAGA is less vulnerable to the hoax because white workers do not hold Trump liable for implementing the global trade policies.

Trump is running under the Republican banner, but Trump is not a globalist crony capitalist Republican. He is a nationalist conservative.

MAGA is not an ideology, it is a pragmatic set of economic policies, based upon defining a national sovereign economic interest.

Trump’s dilemma is to place the pragmatics of MAGA within the ideology of individual freedom, in order to counter-attack the socialist ideology that America is a flawed, racist nation.

In order to counter-attack the hoax, he must distance his policies from the national Republican Party, which ultimately requires Trump to create a new political ideology in America that overtly defends individual freedom from socialist tyranny.

The Democrat socialists have a God-given natural right to create their own new nation and live under the slavery of state socialism.

The Democrats do not have a moral authority to impose their slavery on natural rights conservatives.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation into two new nations:

The Socialist States of America

The Democratic Republic of America.

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