Episode 17 June 21, 2019 CLP Topic Democrat Party Socialism 2020: Free Markets vs. Globalism

Episode 17 June 21, 2019

CLP Topic Democrat Party Socialism

2020: Free Markets vs. Globalism

Our podcast today extends Rush Limbaugh’s analysis that the 2020 election boils down to a choice between individual freedom and collective socialist authoritarianism.

Limbaugh noted that the 2020 election will be a binary election, meaning that there are only two ideological choices available to voters.

Limbaugh stated,

“It will be socialism versus capitalism, capitalism versus communism-socialism.”

Limbaugh points out that prominent Republicans do not defend free market capitalism from the left’s relentless attacks.

He states,

“I mean, you want to put Romney in there as the capitalist champ? He could do it, but would he stand up for it? John Kasich? No, don’t think so.”

Trumps is alone in defending free markets, because neither of the two parties embraces an agenda of free market capitalism.

Democrats support global socialism, and Republicans  promote open borders corporate globalism.

This podcast makes the argument that Trump needs the support of political party that competes with the Democrats, and the RINO Republicans.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for June 21, 2019. Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Democrat Party Socialism and is titled, 2020: Free Markets vs. Globalism

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Undermining Free Market Capitalism.

In his recent NewsMax article about the ideological divisions in America between the principles of liberty and socialism, Jason Devany noted that:

  • 64 percent of citizens said the political system in the U.S. is dysfunctional.
  • 71 percent said problems with the American political system have reached a dangerous low point.

At the same time of  Devany’s article, Walter E. Williams, in his article, “Undermining America,” noted how strange it seems that so few commentators explain why the socialists are  intent on undermining the American free market economy.

Williams stated,

“What goes unappreciated is just why America’s leftists’ are motivated to attack the Founders. The reason is that if they can delegitimize the Founders themselves, it goes a long way toward their agenda of delegitimizing the founding principles of our nation. If the leftists can convince citizens that men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were good-for-nothing slave-owning racists, then their ideas can be more easily trashed.”

In other words, the Democrat’s target in undermining the founding principles of America is the concept of individual liberty.

In order to destroy liberty, they must first undermine the credibility of the competitive free market capitalist economy, which creates an individualistic society.

Which raises the question: what political party defends free market liberty in America against socialism and global corporatism?

Why Democrat Socialism is Unchallenged by the National Republicans.

The left’s attack on the founding principles can be interpreted from the perspective that they claim that the cultural values of socialism are as credible and legitimate as Jefferson’s goal of protecting individual liberty.

When Obama makes the claim that Democrat socialist policies are the legitimate values of the nation, he is re-interpreting his understanding of the founding principles.

In the hands of Obama, a more perfect union means the implementation of social welfare justice, as defined by the vanguard socialist party, at any moment in time.

As described by Robert Horwitz, in his book, The Moral Foundations of the American Republic, Madison thought that there were only two economic classes, each of which would have its own political party.

Madison assumed that if the working class could develop a class consciousness, represented by their own political party, they would not devolve into a dangerous “faction.”

For 200 years, the Democrats fulfilled Madison’s original intent of a two party system.

In 2010, when Obama converted the Democrat Party from a party that represented working class citizens to a global socialist party, the American working class lost their political party protections for their economic class interests.

While 64% of the citizens know that Obama’s system is dysfunctional, and 63 million voters elected a conservative President, the socialists continue in their unrelenting attack to subvert the free market capitalism, and overthrow a constitutionally elected government.

Trump does not have a political party to lead a national political movement to reclaim individual liberty and restore the rule of law.

The only political resource that Trump voters have is Trump, by himself, out there trying to make America great.

Confronting Globalism.

The twin threats to free market individualism are global socialism and global corporatism.

In his recent article in Breitbart News, John Binder quoted Steve Bannon on the collusion between Democrats and Republicans to subvert the American domestic economy.

“The multinational globalist corporations want cheap labor, and the progressive Left wants cheap votes,” said Bannon.

Bannon called the globalist collusion the “American De-growth Movement,” between global socialists and global corporate Republicans.

“They both aim to destroy our industries, including, oil, steel and rubber,” he added.

The reason that the Republican national committee did not confront Obama, in his 8 year quest to transform the nation, is that the Republicans cooperate with Democrats

The Republicans never confronted Obama because Republicans do not champion free markets and shared prosperity; they champion the cause of global corporate cronyism.

There is nothing incompatible between Democrat global socialism and RINO Republican global corporatism.

Republican Economic Damage.

Beginning in the late 1980’s, RINO Republican global corporatism was responsible for destroying the American middle class when they colluded with global Democrats to enact the so-called “free trade” policies.

Republican global corporatism causes two types of economic damage for American middle class citizens.

The first form of economic damage is lost wages from open borders.

Binder cited work by Harvard economist George Borjas that illegal immigration reduces the wages of American citizens by an estimated $118 billion a year, but the global economy generates a net increase in profit for global corporation of $128 billion a year.

The $118 billion of lost wages is only one part of the economic damage inflicted on U. S. workers by the Republican global corporatists.

The second part of the economic damage inflicted by the Republicans is global outsourcing of profits and investments by

  1. S. global corporations.


The availability of future career opportunities requires a high rate of private investment to create a high rate of economic growth, which creates a high rate of opportunities for upward occupational mobility.

When global corporations do not repatriate their profits by investing in the American domestic economy, future economic growth is permanently retarded.

Since 1992, global outsourcing has had a devastating economic effect on the U. S. domestic economy in the regional intermediate demand supply chains in 250 U. S. metro regions.

Before 1992, those industrial value chains generated the capital investment opportunities in technology innovation, in each metro region.

The benefits of economic growth were diffused to all citizens, through the income and multiplier effects of the regional supply chains.

As a result of collusion and fraud between Democrat socialists and Vichy Republicans, the income and employment multiplier effects no longer occur in the domestic America economy, because the regional value chains were outsourced, and now are located in regions like Bangalore.

In other words, in the Republican trade policies did permanent structural damage to the national economy.

In the absence of income and employment multiplier linkages, there is no longer an economic force that fairly distributes the benefits of economic growth to common citizens.

And, as a consequence, there are no internal career paths of upward occupational mobility for the American middle class.

The Republican free trade policies and open borders succeeded in creating the “American gig economy,” that features no internal career paths and few health and welfare benefits obtained from steady employment.

Only Free Markets Create Shared Prosperity

Trump knows that obtaining national prosperity depends on voluntary allegiance, of all Americans, to obey the rule of law.

Trump deeply believes that obedience to the rule of law depends on a shared cultural value that every citizen has an equal opportunity for individual happiness and prosperity.

Trump assumed that all Americans shared this cultural value.

However, Trump discovered that only Trump voters shared the cultural value of personal gain from using their own labor, and their own private property, to create their own future economic prosperity.

The two-party system devised by Madison only works well when the American economy is growing. The reason that Trump boasts of his economic policies is that he knows that economic growth is creating national prosperity.

In conditions of economic growth, citizens have a chance at achieving upward occupational mobility.

Upward occupational mobility and shared prosperity does not come from open borders, or from socialist wealth redistribution.

In the absence of economic growth (increasing the size of the pie), the rule of law does not function in America. There is a set of rules that common citizens must obey, and an entirely different set of laws for the political and financial elites.

Undermining the American Middle Class.

Obama’s job, as he saw it, was to redistribute the income that existed from the globalist economy to correct his idea of the unfair distribution of wealth, caused by the Republican gig economy.

The gig economy causes greater dependence on government welfare because the gig economy does not generate decent jobs.

Obama’s support of global corporatism was compatible with the advancement of global socialism in America because it provided Obama with a source of tax revenue for implementing the socialist visions of his father.

The source of collusion between socialists and crony capitalist Republicans lies in this symbiotic relationship between wealth redistribution of the socialists and taxation of global corporations.

To re-phrase Bannon’s insight, Democrat socialists need the tax revenues of global corporations, and the Vichy Republicans need the Democrat’s policy of open global borders to conduct their business in a seamless global economy.

The part of this collusion story that Bannon got right is that the collusion to undermine the American middle class is a deliberate act by the corporate and political elites who live in the swamp.

As Bannon stated,

“This is an act of commission. The elites in this country, the economic, political, and the media elites allow this to happen because they want it to happen.”

The part that Bannon got wrong is his political strategy that common citizens should continue to vote for Republicans.

Bannon’s recommended political strategy is the same one advocated by Rush Limbaugh.

Both of them encourage the middle class to continue to vote Republican.

But, the idea of electing crony capitalist RINO Republicans, like Mitt Romney, is not a long-term solution to the threat of socialism.

Trump could possibly win the 2020 election, but the collusion between Vichy Republicans and Democrat socialists will not be defeated by Trump’s election victory.

The election in 2020 is a historical replay of the election of 1896, when the Republican robber barons spent millions to buy their own President, William McKinley.

McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan, a nationalist populist, who promised to make the political system more fair for farmers and factory workers.

Bryan was a populist, not a Democrat, and he would have won the election by jettisoning the flakey, racist Democrats, and running under the banner of the Agrarian Populist Party.

The Agrarian Populist Party was created by Leonidas LaFayette Polk, of North Carolina, who ran for President in 1892. Polk created a political movement of black voters and white farmers, called “fusion” by historians.

The Populists, in 1892, won 5 states and garnered 22 electoral votes.

After the election of 1896, the populists were wiped out by the virulent, racist strategy, implemented by the Democrats and robber baron Republicans.

The Democrat’s term for fusion was “Nigger Rule,” and they promised that never again would there be Nigger Rule if the middle class voted for Democrats.

Trump is a nationalist populist, not a Republican crony capitalist, but Trump has no political party.

After he wins in 2020, the socialists and crony capitalists will continue their quest to undermine the American middle class.

A better long-term solution for middle class voters than to continue to vote for RINO Republicans is to create a new political party that promotes free market individual freedom.

The creation of that new political movement would require that die-hard Republicans, like Limbaugh, finally admit that there are no longer any shared moral values that bind citizens together in a common national mission.

Ultimately, the realization that socialists and Republicans do not share free market values will lead to the conclusion that the only solution to deal with the collusion between Democrats and Republicans is a civil dissolution into two new nations:

The Socialist States of America.

And the Democratic Republic of America

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