Episode 16 June 17, 2019. Top 10 Rules for Dealing With Democrat Socialists


Our podcast today develops rules for conservatives to follow when they encounter Democrat Party radicals.
The 10 rules are designed to accommodate the changed political reality in America from the more civil engagements of the mid-1980’s, to the more vicious and violent encounters with Democrat socialists today.
American political reality changed in 2010, when Obama converted the Democrat Party to an overtly global socialist political movement.
Obama changed the 200-year political history of the Democrats, from a political party that represented common, working class interests, to a virulent, ideologically-turgid European confrontational style of politics.
Conservatives have not adapted to the change, and are still treating Democrats as if the engagements with Democrats are over partisan policy disputes, not about a life and death struggle between individual freedom and totalitarian socialism.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for June 17, 2019.
Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Democrat Party Socialism, and is titled, Top 10 Rules for Dealing With Democrat Socialists
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Rule #1. Do not watch, listen, or respond to any socialist propaganda media.
In the case of the 63 million Trump voters, the daily onslaught of left-wing fake news is designed to convince Trump voters that there is no alternative to the inevitability of the socialist state.
In the case of the 65 million voters who voted for Hillary, the daily barrage of propaganda conditions Democrat voters to accept violence against Republicans as an acceptable form of behavior to achieve the end-goal of socialism.
The goal of the socialist media propaganda is to replace the citizen’s voluntary allegiance to the rule of law with enforced obedience to the unchallenged authority of socialist elites in a totalitarian regime.
The socialist media functions as an advisor of the national Democrat socialist party on how to implement a socialist state.
In his November 24, 2017 news article, about collusion between the media and socialist Democrats, John Nolte described a secret meeting where Washington Post reporter Janelle Ross offered strategic advice to top ranked Democrat elected representatives.
“The secret gathering,” wrote Nolte, “was organized by the Democrat Alliance, and Ross’s panel reportedly dealt directly with how Democrats should respond to their 2016 loss.”
Rule #1 is to totally disengage from any media outlet that is part of the Democrat socialist media propaganda machine.
Rule #2. Do not engage in conversation or dialogue with Democrats.
Socialists are not your friends. They are not your good drinking or golfing buddies. They are working every day to destroy your freedom and liberty.
Every statement made by a conservative to a socialist is viewed by the socialist as an opportunity to proselytize the person. Nothing that comes out of the mouth, or from the pen, of a socialist is true or based in reason.
Socialists engage in conversation by rote obedience to the daily talking points that they get from the New York Times and Washington Post.
As soon as you discover that your neighbor or bridge partner is a socialist, stop engaging them in any manner because their civil rules of engagement are not the same as yours, and when push-comes-to shove, the socialists will undermine your relationship, in the cause of their religion.
Rule #3. Do not go to a Christian church where the minister preaches the gospel of social justice, and not the gospel of Jesus.
The institutional Christian church acts as a political unit of the Democrat socialist party. The Christian churches have been taken over by socialists, and they all preach the social justice gospel, based upon a bastardization of the gospel of Jesus.
Do not give a Protestant or Catholic socialist church money. They will use the money to promote socialism.
Do not attend church functions. The functions of the church are political social organizing activities for promoting socialism.
Do not engage in conversation with members of the socialist congregation, because everything you say or do will be turned against you by the socialists.
Rule #4. Do not contribute or participate in liberal non-profit groups.
The non-profit agencies perform the same political organizing function as socialist churches.

They use their organizational administrations to promote socialism by propagandizing the hatred against evil Republicans.
The non-profit scam is a gigantic tax-funded money laundering scheme.
The non-profits obtain grants from state, local and federal governments. The non-profits pay their executives and staff exorbitant salaries, often $250,000 per year.
The executives and staff of the non-profit use a part of their tax-funded salaries to contribute to left-wing causes and candidates.
Making any contribution or providing any support to a left-wing non-profit is detrimental to the cause of liberty.
Create a journal of contact data of all local left-wing non-profits and keep a record of what activities they fund and the projects that they undertake.
Take a special interest in confirming the identity of the participants in local Democrat left-wing protests, and cross tabulate the participants in the protest and the leadership staff in the local non-profits.
Rule #5. Do not buy goods and services from socialist firms at the local or national corporate level.
Buying goods and services from the socialist firm contributes to the organizational effectiveness of the socialist agenda to convert America into a socialist state.
As soon as you determine that a local merchant or firm is run by a Democrat socialist, stop doing business with the business establishment.
The salaries that the executives in the local firms pay themselves in their company support their time away from the office doing the volunteer work of the Democrat political machine.
The executives and owners of those firms serve a double-duty as staff and executives for the local Democrat Party organization.
In many cases, the local owner will transition from being a Democrat party volunteer to a candidate for office at the local county commission and school board.
They use their elected authority to direct tax fund resources to the Democrat party machine.
The same thing true for transactions with global corporations.
Do not do business with the global corporations that are funding global left-wing groups.
Take special note of firms that withdraw advertising from conservative media outlets, and never do business with these corporations.

Doing business with these types of corporations lends support to the American socialist ideology, whose ultimate goal is to socialize human beings into submission to the socialist state.
Rule #6. Take notes and records of the leadership of local teacher unions and the National Education Association.
The teacher unions do two immoral acts in promoting socialism.
First, they are responsible for teaching children the lies and propaganda that America is an evil empire, and that socialism is a better system than capitalism.
Second, at the local level, members of the teacher unions run as Democrat candidates for local elections on city councils and school boards.
As elected representatives, they use tax dollars to fund left-wing activities.
As soon as a teacher files to run for elected office, use your notes and records to publicize the teacher’s affiliations.
Your job is to alert voters of the left-wing identity of the teachers.
Rule #7. Take notes and keep records on left-wing professors at the local universities.
As in the case of public school teachers who engage in socialist political propaganda, professors in local universities brain wash students on the virtues of socialism.
The professors are paid exorbitant tax-funded salaries, and use part of their salaries to fund left-wing groups.
It is very difficult for natural rights conservatives to tell the difference in appearance between a socialist and a non-socialist.
All the socialists look and act like non-socialists, and the socialist professors are very deceptive about disclosing who they are or what they believe.
When you identify a socialist professor, make notes on the contact data, and give that data to the local committee of correspondence.
Rule #8. Form a local natural rights committee of correspondence to share information and to support each other.
According to Richard Brown, in his book, Revolutionary Politics in Massachusetts, about 7,000 to 8,000 natural rights patriots served on these committees at the local level and comprised most of the leadership in their communities.
Brown notes:
“They set up espionage networks to identify disloyal elements, displaced the royal officials, and helped topple the entire Imperial system in each colony. In late 1774 and early 1775, they supervised the elections of provincial conventions, which took over the actual operation of colonial government.”
The local New England committees kept contact information and records and published the names of colonial merchants who attempted to defy the boycott of British goods.
One important reason for forming committees of correspondence it to have a neighborhood community social support system of friends and patriots that share common natural rights ethics and values.
The members of today’s committees can use the organization to discuss a new constitution and restore civil order, after the socialists launch their revolution.
Rule #9. Do not vote for, or support, the Vichy (pronounced like fishee) Republican Party.
The national Republican Party is unworthy and unreliable as an ally in the conflict with socialists.
It is senseless for conservatives to continue to believe that the Republicans will ever defend freedom.
Serving on a local Republican committee, or going to Republican Party events, means participating in the National Republican Party collaboration with socialists.
The mission of the national Republicans is to implement a seamless global market so that they can trade with each other, unburdened by government regulations.
Rule #10. Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst, in a violent exchange with socialists.
The best, non-violent outcome of the irreconcilable differences between natural rights conservatives and socialists is a peaceful, voluntary civil dissolution of the nation.
In that best case scenario, natural rights conservatives would cooperate with the socialists to assist them in creating their own new socialist state in California, and the other states that have joined the national direct vote compact.
In the worst case, the socialists will ramp up the violence and engage in a guerilla civil war to remove Trump, and impose their totalitarian regime on 63 million non-socialists.
The moral command for conservatives is to treat the socialists exactly as they treat conservatives.
In either the case of a non-violent dissolution, or a violent civil war, what comes next for natural rights conservatives is creating a new nation, founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

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