Episode 15. June 10, 2019. Title: Obama Did It

Episode 15. June 10, 2019
CLP Topic Category: Democrat Police State Socialism

Title: Obama Did It
Our podcast today takes issue with Rush Limbaugh’s analysis that Hillary is the person responsible for the attempted coup of President Trump’s administration.
While we agree with Limbaugh on the venality of Hillary, we believe that the brains and authority behind the coup is Obama.
Our podcast places the attempted coup into the bigger context of the political elites disregard for the American rule of law by suggesting that the political class does not have the virtue and courage to hold Obama accountable.
Hillary, Comey, Brennan, and all the other lesser traitors may eventually be brought to justice, but until the kingpin is indicted and tried for treason, the judicial system in America will be considered by common citizens as a two-class joke.
The politically privileged class evades the rule of law, while common citizens are subject to the rules made by the elites.
The logical question the common citizens are asking themselves is: Why should I obey the rule of law if it is not applied to the elites?
The loyalty of the common citizens to obey the American rule of law will be destroyed unless, and until, Obama is brought to justice for subverting the American government.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for June 10, 2019.
Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Democrat Police State Socialism, and is titled: Obama Did It.
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Limbaugh’s Analysis of Hillary
In his recent analysis, “Hillary Clinton: Architect of the Coup’” (June 4, 2019), Limbaugh argues that Hillary pulled the coup off. He states,
“I actually think that the architect of all of this is Hillary Clinton, that Hillary Clinton is responsible for this coup — and then people like Comey and others in the Obama administration… It’s hard to separate Obama and Hillary. But this was a Hillary bought-and-paid-for, led-by operation. And it incorporated the Obama DOJ. But they were all doing what they were doing for her! The first thing they had to do was exonerate her from doing something illegal with her email server and trafficking in classified data and then the Uranium One thing… I think the focus really needs to be on her.”
The logic of Limbaugh’s argument is that Hillary, and the DNC, paid for the Steele dossier, and then gave the dossier to Comey.
The question of who paid for the dossier is a dangerous place for Limbaugh to pin the blame on Hillary.
Initially, a wealthy Republican, Paul Singer, the owner of a media outlet called The Free Beacon, retained Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on President Trump.
One month before Singer terminated his contract with Funsion GPS, the DNC retained Fusion GPS to continue digging up dirt on Trump. The payments for the dirt were shifted from Singer to Hillary and the DNC.
Long before the election, and any payments to Fusion were paid, Obama was engaged in espionage against Trump.
After the election, Obama, worked in collaboration with another Republican, David Cramer, a staffer for John McCain, to initiate the coup to prevent the transition of power, between November 6, 2016 and January 20, 2017.
In other words, there are two separate acts of treason conducted by Obama. Before the election, he engaged in the treason of espionage, and after the election, he engaged in the treason of overthrowing the government.
Hillary’s Guilt
As detailed by John Solomon, in his article, “Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion IOU,” Hillary gave the Steel dossier to the FBI.
Solomon writes,
“Clinton’s campaign, in concert with the Democratic Party and through their shared law firm, funded Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier which, it turns out, falsely portrayed Republican Donald Trump as a treasonous asset colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin to hijack the U.S. election.”
Solomon notes that,
“the FBI used the Clinton-funded, foreign-created research to get a total of four warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, transition and presidency from October 2016 through the following autumn.”
The only person with the authority to obtain warrants to spy on Trump is Obama, not Hillary.
While Limbaugh accurately describes Obama’s actions to subvert Trump as a coup. he has, thus far, failed to connect his use of the term “coup” to the logical criminal act of treason.
If it was a coup, then it was treason.
Limbaugh states,
“this coup, all happened when Obama was president — and that’s exactly right…We don’t have any doubt that Obama’s is in on this and aware of it and some of you may in fact believe that Obama was behind it, the energy and the impetus behind it.”
After the election, Obama was trying to stop the transfer of power on January 20, 2017, by any means available, including the treason of espionage.
After he failed to stop the transfer of power, Obama shifted his strategy to overt treason to overthrow the Trump government, by appointing Mueller to find a crime, in order to remove Trump.
Obama’s treason consists of both the treason of espionage, before the election, and the treason of disloyalty to the nation, after the election.
Obama’s Treason of Espionage Before the Election.
“Espionage” is defined as the act of spying or using spies for obtaining illegal secret information and using that illegal information to undermine the American rule of law. Espionage is an act where a person or an individual obtains information that is considered to be confidential or secret.
An act of espionage can be treason when it is a violation of a person’s allegiance to one’s sovereign nation.
Before the election, Obama was using the secret police to spy on his American political enemies.
Sharyl Atkinson, in her report, “Obama-era Surveillance Timeline,” describes over 80 cases of Obama using the national secret police to spy on Americans during his 8 year lawless regime.
• 2010: The IRS secretly begins “targeting” conservative groups that are seeking nonprofit tax-exempt status, by singling out ones that have “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names.
• 2010: Obama Attorney General Eric Holder renews a Bush-era subpoena of New York Times reporter James Risen in a leak investigation.
• 2010: Obama administration pursues espionage charges against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake. The judge called the government’s conduct in the case “unconscionable.”
• May 28, 2010: The Obama government secretly applies for a warrant to obtain Google email information of Fox News reporter James Rosen in a leak investigation, without telling Rosen.
Obama’s Treason After Trump Won the Nomination.
After Trump won the nomination, Atkinson notes an increase in the intensity of Obama’s and Rice’s espionage, and this is where Obama’s criminal activity of spying changes into Obama’s acts of treason.
Atkinson notes,
“According to later news reports, after Trump’s nomination, internal White House logs show Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice begins to show increased interest in National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence material that included “unmasked” Americans’ identities.”
Atkinson details the acts of espionage and treason in that time period before the election:
• Summer 2016: The FBI obtains a secret FISA court order to monitor communications of Trump adviser Carter Page, convincing a judge there’s probable cause to believe Page is acting as a Russian agent.
• the Obama Justice Department wiretapped Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort before the 2016 election over Russia ties, and continued it through the early part of 2017.
• September 26, 2016: the Obama government makes a proposal to the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) court to allow the National Counter Terrorism Center to access “unmasked” intel on Americans acquired by the FBI and NSA.
• October 26, 2016: At a closed-door hearing before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Obama administration disclosed that it had been violating surveillance laws. It disclosed that more than 5 percent of its searches of the NSA’s database violated the law.
Obama’s Treason to Stop the Transition of Power.
Atkinson writes,
• November 2016-January 2017: Rice’s interest in the NSA materials accelerates after President Trump’s election through his January inauguration. Surveillance reportedly included Trump transition figures and foreign officials discussing a Trump administration.
• December 2016: FBI secretly monitors and records communications between the Russian ambassador, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. After Trump’s election, Obama officials take steps to ensure certain intelligence gathered regarding Trump associates is “spread across the government.” One Obama official would later say it’s because they were afraid once Trump officials “found out how we knew what we knew,” the intelligence would be destroyed.”
• December 15, 2016: National Security Adviser Susan Rice acknowledged that the Obama administration spied on Trump officials in Trump Tower, but claimed it was incidental to the administration’s spying on the foreign leader, the UAE crown prince. Rice admitted to “unmasking” the names of the Trump officials who met with the crown prince, saying it was important to know who they were, although the identities of Americans are supposed to be strictly protected.
• January 10, 2017: Susan Rice releases media reports on the veracity of the Trump “dossier” as authentic.
• January 12, 2017: The Obama administration finalizes new rules allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to spread certain intelligence to 16 other U.S. intel agencies without the normal privacy protections.

Obama’s Treason to Overthrow the Trump Government After January 20, 2017.
Atkinson reports,
• February 2, 2017: the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Schiff, obtains illegal data from criminal activity of five information technology (IT) computer professionals employed by Democrats in the House of Representatives, who accessed House IT systems without lawmakers’ knowledge.” Schiff uses the criminal data to make his allegations against Trump.
• February 9, 2017: the FBI begins criminal recordings of Lt. Gen. Flynn speaking with Russia’s ambassador is leaked to the press. The New York Times and the Washington Post report that Flynn’s dialogue was captured on illegal wiretaps.
• March 20, 2017: At a hearing, lead House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff places Trump adviser Carter Page at the center of a theoretical alleged collusion with Russia. Schiff’s statement is an attempt to establish public justification for the Obama administration surveillance of the Trump adviser during the 2016 political campaign
Comey orchestrated the formation of the Mueller coup from May 2017 to March 2019. Since July 2016, Comey and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been covertly investigating activities by Russian operatives and by members of the Trump presidential campaign, under the code name “Crossfire Hurricane”.
The FBI coordinated Mueller’s attempted coup with the House Democrats and Democrat propaganda media outlets.
This is my conclusion.
Before January 20, 2017, Obama was engaged in illegal acts of treason to obtain illegal data from the Trump transition team, in order to derail the transfer of power from Obama to Trump.
All of Obama’s unmasking from November 7, 2016 to January 20, 2017, were acts of treason against the 63 million citizens who voted for Trump.
Obama did not have enough time to hatch his plot before January 20, 2017, and Mueller’s job was to complete the coup by coming up with evidence for getting rid of Trump.
Mueller’s planned coup was empowered by the lawless regime of Obama, who had the power to direct his secret police to engage in treason.
In contrast to Limbaugh’s assertion that Hillary is the responsible party for the coup, because she funded the Steele dossier, the only person with the power to implement the coup was Obama.
Until the kingpin is indicted and tried for treason, the judicial system in America will be considered by common citizens as a two-class joke.
The politically privileged class will be seen to evade the rule of law, while common citizens will see themselves subject to the rules made by the elites.
The logical question the common citizens are asking is: Why should I obey the rule of law if it is not applied to the elites?
Limbaugh’s allegation about Hillary diverts attention away from Obama and delays the judgment about the integrity of the American rule of law.
The judgment about America is whether the American political class has the moral integrity to indict and prosecute Obama.
If Obama escapes justice, then the Democrat socialists will win, and implement their global socialist tyranny. America will then function like the nation of Venezuela, and will look like the streets of San Francisco.
If Obama escapes justice, the elites in Washington will hold onto the status quo, and turn America into a global corporate crony capitalist nation, devoid of any shred of democratic self government.
If Obama escapes justice, the American soldiers who died on the beaches of Normandy will have died in vain.
Our podcast today demonstrates the irreconcilable differences between the police state repressive society of socialists and the individual liberties of a natural rights republic.
Obama, and the Democrat Party socialists, will do anything, say anything, and be anything to subvert the American rule of law.
Their entire argument rests on their false assertion that socialism provides better outcomes than competitive markets.
Limbaugh would do a greater service to his listeners by re-focusing the attention on indicting Obama for treason and explaining that the entire American rule of law hangs by a thread until Obama is brought to justice,

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