Episode 14. June 4, 2019. The Democrat’s Electoral College Nullification Strategy.

Title: The Democrat’s Electoral College Nullification Strategy.

Episode 14.  June 4, 2019


CLP Topic Category: Social Justice and the Rule of Law

Our podcast today places the Democrat initiative to eradicate the electoral college into their bigger strategy to implement a socialist government in America.

The correct description of the Democrat’s bigger strategy is nullification, in order to eliminate Madison’s checks and balances, in favor of a unified, centralized totalitarian government, ruled by a small cadre of socialist elites.

Under the philosophy of social justice, citizens in Colorado and Illinois are not competent to make the right decisions about fairness, and their electoral votes must be combined with voters, who live in California and New York, who are much smarter than common citizens in smaller, less populated states.

The sinister part of the Democrat socialist nullification of the electoral college is that it disenfranchises citizens in non-socialist states who lose their political power of their state’s electoral college votes to citizens in California and New York.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for June 5, 2019.

Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Irreconcilable Differences and is titled, The Democrat’s Popular Vote Nullification Strategy.

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Madison’s Representative Republic Checks and Balances

Madison created an intricate political system of checks and balances to avoid a centralized tyranny in the national government.

Part of his system involved balancing the power of the big states to avoid them from dominating the small states.

Part of his system involved balancing the authority of the 3 branches of government against each other to avoid a single branch from dominating the other branches.

All of his political machinery was designed to avoid having the majority of common citizens oppress the minority financial interests of the natural aristocracy.

Madison’s constitution created a representative republic.

In Federalist #10, Madison discussed the differences between a democratic republic and a representative republic.

Among the differences is that the functioning of the government in a representative republic is insulated from the direct vote of citizens on public policy issues.

In a representative republic, citizens delegate authority to the elected representatives, whereas in a democracy, the citizens themselves vote directly on public policy issues like taxes and the judiciary.

The election of representatives was required in Madison’s system because they act as a check and a restraint on unruly passions and appetites of common citizens.

Madison falsely assumed that the natural aristocracy possessed the moral quality of virtue, that would allow the elite to make better decisions than the common citizens.

In Federalist #51, Madison wrote,

In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and the next place oblige it to control itself.

Madison stated in Federalist #51, the essential role played by the electoral college in breaking the nation into states for election of representatives:

The (geographical) extent of the country and number of people comprehended under the same government so that the society itself will be broken into so many parts interests and classes of citizens that the rights of the individuals or of the minority will be in little danger from interested combinations or the majority.

Madison’s system of controlling the government is very complicated, and delicate. The equilibrium of the system depends on each component working in tandem with the other components.

As is the case with the entire structure of the rule of law in America, the functioning of Madison’s system depends on voluntary allegiance to follow the rules.

The rule of law is only as effective as the public’s trust in it.

The issue raised by Madison, of how to control the agents of government, is the same one raised today by Democrats who want to nullify the electoral college, in order to implement a socialist government.

The problem for the rest of the citizens is that the Democrats cannot nullify one part of the system of checks and balances, without destroying the other components of the Constitution.

By voting to join the Interstate Compact, the Democrats are taking the first step towards a civil dissolution of America.

According to Rasmussen, “Sixty-three percent (63%) of Democrats favor eliminating the Electoral College, while just as many Republicans (63%) are opposed.

With the citizens equally split between socialists and conservatives, the socialists must find some extra-legal method of implementing socialism. Getting rid of the electoral college is one way, but not the only way, the Democrats can rig the system to gain control of the government.

The History of State Nullification

The history of nullification begins in the nation’s first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, and revolves around the issue of whether the nation is comprised of 13 individual states, or is a unified nation of “We, the people.”

Thomas Burke, the author of the Articles, wrote that:

the authority of the congress rested on the prior acts of the several states, to which the states gave their voluntary consent, and until those obligations were fulfilled, neither nullification of the authority of congress, exercising its due powers, nor secession from the compact itself was consistent with the terms of their original pledges.

In other words, Burke, and the 13 states, believed that their new nation was a confederation of 13 independent states that were prohibited from either nullifying acts of Congress, or seceding from the compact.

When Madison usurped the Articles, he changed the basis of the nation from 13 sovereign states to “We, the people.”

Madison sought to check and balance commercial and financial interests from forming unified coalitions inside of the institutions of government because that unified power would eventually devolve into tyranny.

The logic of Madison’s political system for national elections derives from his famous 3/5 compromise of June 11, 1787.

The 3/5 clause empowered southern slave states with greater representation in the Electoral College, based upon the logic that slaves counted for 3/5 the vote of non-slaves.

The alternative to the 3/5 compromise was not counting slaves at all in the electoral college.

On the very last days of the Constitutional Convention, in September, 1787, Madison inserted a clause to the Constitution that tempered the power of the Slaveocracy by requiring that states adopt a Republican form of government.

From Madison’s notes,

Alterations having been made in the Resolution, making it read, “that a Republican constitution, and its existing laws, ought to be guaranteed to each State by the United States,” the whole was agreed to, nem. con.

While Madison’s constitution guarantees a republican form of government, he did not resolve the issue of state nullification, or secession.

Marshall’s ruling on Marbury implemented the sovereignty of the Supreme Court to interpret the division of powers between states and the Federal government.

Marshall’s supremacy ruling was later used to overturn the effort by South Carolina to nullify parts of the Constitution that South Carolina did not like.

Madison’s constitution, according to South Carolina, was created by 13 concurrent state majorities, and each state retained a negative on the acts of the majority.

In 1832, the South Carolina legislature passed the Ordinance of Nullification, which stated that if the federal government used military force to enforce the tariff, South Carolina would secede.

In response to South Carolina, Daniel Webster switched sides from his earlier advocacy of northern secession and stated that the Constitution was the creation of the whole people, “We, the people,” and not individual states.

In other words, the issue of nullification was linked to the issue of secession, and up until 1859, the Southern States continued to believe that the nation was comprised of 13 sovereign states, which had the right of secession.

The current dispute over the Democrat’s nullification of the electoral college is still linked to both the issue of nullification and secession. Nullification of the electoral college is the first step towards secession of the states who vote to join the Interstate Compact.

While Madison’s constitution grants each state the authority to select the delegates to the Electoral College, both the Supremacy Clause and the Republican form of government clause, prohibit the intent of Democrats to nullify the electoral college.

In Madison’s constitution, the method of selecting state electors is not connected to binding that state to throwing away that state’s votes by combining those votes with California and New York.

The Popular Vote Interstate Compact is simply a socialist ruse to nullify the Constitution, in order for the Democrats to obtain a permanent political monopoly over natural rights conservatives.

Social Justice and The Democrat’s Destruction of the Rule of Law

Madison assumed that political competition between commercial factions of the natural aristocracy and common citizens would be the force that prohibited the creation of a centralized tyranny.

Madison did not anticipate that the socialist ideology would unite socialists across all branches of government and in all geographic territories.

As summarized by Victor Davis Hansen, the Democrats are engaged on multiple fronts, in a united effort to remove Trump. Hansen states that those efforts include:

a coup d’etat, suits to overturn the voting in three states, the attempted subversion of the Electoral College voting, the efforts to invoke the Emoluments Clause, the Logan Act, and the 25th Amendment, the early impeachment vote, the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Mueller investigation, and the brouhaha over Stormy Daniels, the Trump tax returns, Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti.

The social justice dogma of the Democrats is immune to empirical, rational challenges because, by definition, the postulates of socialism are untestable.

In place of rationality, the socialists substitute their religious fervor that socialism is better than free competitive markets, and that the socialist elite is better than common citizens in making political decisions.

For left-wing Federal District socialist judges, justice as fairness in legal proceedings is more important than the pursuit of individual liberty or the “equal application of the law.”

The left-wing judges are engaged in their own form of nullification of Madison’s constitution.

Federal District judges have issued 37 nationwide injunctions against Trump, to block the will of the citizens who elected him.

During the 100 years of the 20th century, Federal District Judges issued only 27 national injunctions. In other words, in two years of the Trump administration, the judges issued 10 more national injunctions than in the previous 100 years.

Those socialist judges are united, across the nation, in their allegiance to socialism, not to the rule of law. According to critical legal philosophy, all white people must bear the responsibility for acts of oppression committed by their white ancestors.

Left-wing legal ideology is based upon the concepts of skin color, gender, and class privilege. The socialists believe that certain types of people who are white, and upper class capitalists, are guilty before the fact.

Their judicial decisions are based upon a Federal judge’s social construction of a reality that is rooted in a hatred of America, as a racist nation, and their hatred of Donald Trump, because he obstructed Hillary from becoming the President.

The socialist Democrat goal is to use both the Federal courts and nullification of the electoral college, to convert, or “transform” America into a one-world socialist government.

In other words, the left’s target is the concept of individual liberty, and in order to destroy liberty, they must first destroy the existing Representative Republic by nullifying the electoral college.

This is my conclusion.

The most sinister aspect of the Democrat’s direct vote compact is that it disenfranchises voters of other states.

One half of the citizens in America want nothing to do with socialism, yet the Democrats are engaged in a coup to implement socialism.

Our podcast today demonstrates the irreconcilable differences between the police state repressive society of socialists and the individual liberties of a natural rights republic.

The socialists believe that the other citizens will passively accept the yoke of socialist slavery.

The socialists are dead wrong about what conservatives will do, if the socialists continue in the destruction of America’s rule of law.

The Democrat legislatures in Colorado and New Jersey have taken the first vote on civil dissolution of the nation.

The Democrat socialists in each state have a God-given natural right to create their own new nation and live under the slavery of state socialism.

The Democrats do not have a moral authority to impose their slavery on natural rights conservatives by nullifying Madison’s system of checks and balances.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation into two new nations:

The Socialist States of America.

The Democratic Republic of America.

The alternative to a civil dissolution is a civil war, where Democrats will learn a hard lesson about how conservatives react to the socialist threat to individual liberty.

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