Episode 12. May 22, 2019. Understanding NC Senator Burr’s Betrayal of Trump

Title: Understanding NC Senator Burr’s Betrayal of Trump

Episode 12. May 22, 2019.

CLP Topic Category: Replacing the Vichy Republican Collaborators

Our podcast today places the actions of NC Senator Richard Burr’s subpoena of Trump Jr., into the larger context of the great Republican Party hoax of collaboration with Democrats.

The description of Burr’s action as a RINO is inaccurate, as the term implies that there is no difference between a Republican in name only and Democrat socialism.

The great Republican hoax is that they are not ideologically committed to individual freedom, but have a distinct ideology called crony capitalism.

Burr is a Vichy Republican collaborator with Democrats to keep the crony capitalist gravy train on track.

Burr’s collaboration with Democrats has been financially lucrative for Burr. He arrived in Washington with the net worth of a pauper, and he will leave his 18 year public service as a prince, with a net worth over $5 million.

Burr’s subpoena of Trump Jr., is part of him making good on his political contract with Democrats to keep the Russian hoax alive.

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Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Replacing the Vichy Republican Collaborators and is titled Understanding NC Senator Burr’s Betrayal of Trump.

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Burr’s Betrayal  of Trump.


President Trump trusted Burr by appointing Burr to the 2016 Trump campaign as a national security advisor.

Prior to Trump’s appointment, beginning in January 2015, Burr had been a member of the Gang of Eight, a group that consisted of the majority and minority leaders of the Senate and House and top Republicans and Democrats on the Senate and House intelligence committees.

In the summer of 2015, the FBI informed Burr that the Russians were attempting to hack the DNC computers.

In the Fall of 2015, the CIA/FBI collusion story changed from an attack on the DNC computers to Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

Burr was fully aware of the FBI’s changed story, but failed to inform President Trump that he was the target of the FBI investigation, when Trump appointed him to the campaign.

In other words, one year before Burr’s appointment as a Trump advisor, Burr was aware of the Democrat’s attempt to destroy the Trump campaign.

Weeks before Burr joined the Trump campaign, the CIA director had told Burr that the Russian interference was designed to support Trump, and that the CIA was preparing documents to support this allegation against Trump.

On the same day, in the Fall of 2016, that Burr joined the Trump campaign, the FBI released a statement that the Kremlin was trying to interfere in the election.

In addition to failing to disclose the coup attempt to Trump, as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Burr issued a fake news release on October 3, 2016, that Trump was not the target of the FBI coup attempt.

Burr stated, “I have yet to see anything that would lead me to believe” Russia was interfering to benefit Trump.”

Burr knew at the time he made the statement that it was a lie because the CIA had told him that Trump as the target of the Trump/collusion hoax.

Former C.I.A. Director John Brennan testified before Congress, in 2018, that he had kept Burr and the others in the Gang of Eight fully informed of the Russian collusion hoax.

In February 2016, the FBI hired Steele to manufacture the evidence of Trump collusion. The Steele dossier was ready by July 2016, when the double agent Downer met with Papadopoulos to lay the trap to get the evidence for the FISA warrants to spy on Trump.

Both the Republicans and Democrats on the gang of eight had been kept fully informed of the origins of the Steele dossier, and, for two years, Burr failed to disclose the bogus Mueller coup.

In other words, for over two years of the Mueller coup attempt, Burr and the other Republicans on the gang of eight knew that the coup was a hoax, but allowed the coup attempt to go forward.

Burr’s Senate committee interviewed Trump, Jr., for over 20 hours during the 2 years of Mueller’s coup, trying to assist Mueller in coming up with evidence to impeach Trump.

Issuing the subpoena to Trump, Jr., after the Mueller coup ended, is Burr’s way of continuing his collusion with the FBI and Democrats to keep the hoax alive.

Burr’s Betrayal of North Carolina Conservatives

Crony capitalism is an insidious system in which global corporations obtin government benefits based on a close relationship with government agents and elected representatives, and specifically with the people in power who dispense favors, subsidies, bailouts, and other forms of special treatment.

When Burr first ran for office, he promised voters that he would be a conservative elected representative.


His initial campaign promises included:

  • Balancing the Budget
  • Ending the Current Budget Deficit.
  • Cutting Taxes and Stimulating the Economy

However, when Burr had chances to act like a conservative, he colluded with Democrats to raise taxes and not cut spending.


In 2018, CNN reported,

“Last week’s failure of a $15 billion package of rescissions (i.e., spending cuts) that the administration had proposed partly reflected the narrow Republican majority in the Senate. With Republicans’ one-vote margin, objections by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Richard Burr (R-NC) sank the measure in a 48-50 vote.”

In attempting to explain Burr’s behavior of colluding with Democrats, Charlie Kirk cited Burr’s desire to be liked by the media and Washington elites.

Kirk wrote, “So why has Senator Burr decided to stand against his colleagues and subpoena Don Jr.? Senator Burr wants to be liked. He wants to feel accepted by the very people with whom he feigns to fight over policy on the Senate floor. Senator Burr calculates that if he gives the appearance of going after the First Family then he might be liked by the “virtuous people.”

Kirk’s analysis of Burr, and the Republican Party, is distorted.

Burr does not to be liked, he wants to be rich, and colluding with Democrats is how he increased his net worth to $5 million.

As a crony capitalist, Burr has no guiding philosophical values. The welfare he seeks to maximize is his own.

For 18 years, Burr has been a hired gun to do the bidding of the 1500 biggest global corporations, who reward him financially with lucrative speaking fees and advisory relationships.

At the current moment in history, the global corporations want a one-world seamless trading system, managed by global financial elites.

This one-world global trading system is entirely compatible with the Democrat Socialist one world global government.

The large corporations do not want to make America great, they want to make America disappear.

In other words, the crony capitalists who control the national Republican Committee want to get rid of Trump, by any means necessary.

Burr’s issuing a subpoena to Trump, Jr., is both colluding with socialist Democrats, and also doing the crony capitalist bidding of his corporate masters.


The Great Republican Party Hoax

In Kirk’s analysis of Burr, Kirk asked,

“Why do Republicans do things that contradict their own belief system and alienate their own party members and voters?”

The most accurate answer is that Republicans are not conservative defenders of liberty, because their belief system is to use government agencies to enrich themselves.

Andrew Surabian got part of his analysis correct when he called Burr’s  subpoena “authoritarian.”

But, Surabian could not bring himself to break with Republican Party orthodoxy to lay bear the great Republican hoax.

Surabian perpetuates the hoax by fantasizing that Burr is a RINO, not that the Republicans collaborate with Democrats to keep the crony capitalist system working.

Surabian stated,

“Republicans don’t like seeing their Senate Intel chair mimicking Adam Schiff. Richard Burr should put a D next to his name and drop this whole charade that he’s a Republican.”

Surabian misses the point of the Republican hoax. If Burr put a D after his name, his financial rewards from crony capitalists would not be as great.

The great Republican hoax is not that Burr is a socialist Democrat. The hoax is that Republicans are not conservative.

The Republicans are not a party in competition with Democrats, they are a party in collaboration with the Democrats.

This is my conclusion

During Burr’s 2016 campaign against an overt Democrat socialist, Deborah Ross, Burr disclosed that he would not run again in 2022.

Cole Leiter, a spokesman for the Ross campaign said Burr likely won’t stay in Washington until 2022.

Leiter stated, “Since he was first elected to Congress, Senator Burr has become a millionaire, voted to raise his own pay, and voted against tax cuts for the middle class. He doesn’t need to pledge to retire – voters will do it for him this fall.”

Leiter got part of the story about Burr right and part of it wrong. The voters of North Carolina did not retire Burr, but he probably will not stay in Washington until 2022.

For 18 years, Burr has performed a valuable service to the global corporations, and made good on keeping the Democrat impeachment hoax alive, with his subpoena of Trump, Jr.

The most opportune time for him to resign and retire in order to gain maximum financial rewards, is now, when he is at the apex of his Vichy Republican career.


Replacing the Republican Vichy Collaborators

Burr’s Senate committee, and the national Republican Party, did not issue a response to the information of a Democrat coup d’etat because the Republican Party would not object to President Trump’s removal.

The Republican collaboration with Democrat socialists looks just like the French Vichy collaboration with the Nazis in 1942.

The French Vichy collaborated with Hitler to maintain their positions of social privilege in France, just like the anti-Trump Republicans collaborate with the socialists today to keep the crony capitalist system on track.

The political elites in the Republican Party collaborate with the socialist elites in the Democrat Party to implement a one-world government.


The Republicans are unworthy allies in the defense of liberty and must be replaced by an authentic conservative political party dedicated to protecting natural rights from a centralized tyranny.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation into two new nations:


The Socialist States of America

The Democratic Republic of America.


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