Episode 11. May 9. Understanding the Democrat’s Projection Psychosis.

Episode 11. May 9
CLP Topic Category: Democrat Party Socialism
Title: Understanding the Democrat’s Projection Psychosis.
Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties telling what is real and what is not. Symptoms may include false beliefs and seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear.

Our podcast places the comments of Senator Hirono into the larger context of the left’s projection psychosis of their own hatred of their enemies to the motivations of their enemies.
The Democrats have a collective mental disability in defining what is real and what is fantasy, and they use projection to gain internal coherence between their social justice ideology and the incongruence with external social reality.
Our podcast concludes that the threat to American liberty is not simply limited to the insanity of a single Democrat elite, like Hirono.
The threat to liberty is that all Democrat socialists think alike, and there are 65 million of them willing to act out their fantasy of killing their political opponents, in order to achieve their fantasy of social justice.
I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for May 10, 2019.
Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Democrat Party Socialism, and is titled Understanding the Democrat’s Projection Psychosis.
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Putting Senator Hirono’s Comments Into the Democrat’s Group Identity Collectivism.

In her comments to Attorney General Barr, Hirono was able to smear 3 of her hated groups in one hate-filled projection.
Hirono stated to Barr, “Now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office,”
In her fantasy of group collectivism, Giuliani, Conway and President Trump are all lumped together, as the enemy. As the enemy, they all act and look the same, to Hirono.
In fantasizing about her own moral goodness, Hirono projected onto the White House that it was a “moral dead zone.”
Hirono’s psychosis is that she and the Democrats are a moral dead zone, but she uses projection to ameliorate her mental dissonance.
“Everybody who gets into that dead zone suddenly becomes sycophants. They don’t seem to care about the rule of law, and all they care about is being yes people for the president,” Hirono added.
Her psychosis is that Hirono is aware that Democrats do not have allegiance to the rule of law, but she projects that disloyalty onto her enemies.
Her point is that all of her enemies in the moral dead zone think and act alike. People in the moral dead zone are morally corrupt, and people outside of the moral dead zone, like Democrats, are morally pure.
She explained that her political enemies are all, collectively, white supremacists. She projects onto her enemies the violence that the Democrats incite with their violent rhetoric.
The recent murders of Jews, and the recent school killing in Colorado, are all committed by left-wing Democrats who were incited by the Democrat’s rhetoric of violence.
She stated, “This (violence) is what happens because when you look at white supremacists and all that, this is what’s coming forth in our country. There is a tremendous divisiveness in our country. This is the kind of activism that occurs and people make their own decisions. If they violate the law, then they have to account for that.”
In other words, before a judgment of guilty for violating the law, her enemies in the moral dead zone must account for being racists.
In her psychosis, they are white supremacists, worthy of being killed.
In her projection of hate, Hirono recycles an old British nobility theory of virtual representation. Because Trump looks like something that Hirono associates with white supremacy, he is, therefore, a virtual representative of all white supremacists.
And, the threat to liberty from Hirono is that she is willing to have her enemies account, (read punished) which justifies the Democrat’s advocacy of violence against their enemies.
Her social justice logic is that all white Republicans are guilty of racism, and Trump simply represents the entire social collective grouping of racists.
Hirono’s Social Justice Concept of Truth
At the Kavanaugh hearings, Hirono stated, “that the judge did not deserve the presumption of innocence — innocent until proven guilty — because she disagreed with his judicial philosophy.”
In her fantasy, Hirono had seen something that looked like Kavanaugh before, and Kavanaugh served as a virtual representative of white male sexual aggression.
Hirono argued that to convict Kavanaugh before the fact was not slander.
She stated, “What is the Kavanaugh treatment except to ask very specific questions or to make very specific statements? The defense to slander is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Opinion is not slander.”
Because all white men are morally corrupt rapists, according to Hirono, men should “just shut up” about allegations by oppressed women who have been gang raped.
The truth for Hirono is that Kavanaugh fit the profile of a Republican rapist, and should be punished for the sins committed by all white men.
The truth of a proposition in socialism is determined by the intensity of allegiance shown by socialist elites to the outcome that they desire.
When the Democrats at the Kavanaugh hearings chanted, “I believe her,” the intensity of their belief confirmed the truth of their psychosis.
Hirono’s Fantasy of Punishing Her Enemies
Hirono sees herself as a victim in the social justice group identity collectivism.
Hirono stated, “It’s been a journey for me because not all of us just kind of pop out and start popping off. … You don’t see too many Asian people out there, Asian women.”
As a victim, Hirono feels like she is entitled to special compensation from the collective group that oppresses her.
For example, Hirono believes that the Republicans are guilty of voter suppression of black voters. Hirono projects her hatred of conservatives for the act of voter suppression, as if voter suppression is an empirical fact.
Hirono is aware of the Democrat suppression of votes in their attempt to eliminate the Electoral College and the illegal registration of illegal aliens.

But, she projects her own psychosis onto her enemies.

Her concept of the truth of Republican voter suppression does not require proof.

Hirono states, “What’s going on in our country is voter suppression. Why don’t we get on to investigating the things that raise huge issues about voter suppression, counting every vote, and making sure that our democracy is not interfered with by Russians?”

Without voter suppression, Hirono’s fantasy of social justice could be achieved, because all the suppressed votes would favor the socialists.

Social justice for Hirono means eliminating the free market price system and replacing it with wealth redistribution and income equality.

In other words, the truth for Hirono, is voter suppression, and the investigation is needed to determine which Republicans should be punished.

Ending Free Markets Justifies Ethnic Cleansing of Political Opponents

Susan Rice projected her fantasy of ethnic cleansing onto the Republicans, in order to get rid of them.

Rice stated that Trump voters, all of them, “applaud Mr. Trump’s efforts to rid the country of brown and black people.”

Rice offers no evidence that Trump voters want an ethnic cleansing of their fellow citizens. But, her fantasy and psychosis of punishing conservatives is projected onto Trump voters.

The goal of getting rid of conservatives is to eliminate the free market system so that socialist elites, like Hirono and Rice, can direct wealth distribution.

The American socialist party is unequivocal about their goal. They state,
“In the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism…we want to end our society’s subservience to the market.”

Ocasio Cortez suggests that the national government own and operate a capital market bank, under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Post Office.

Her suggestion is taken from the American socialist party manual that states, “Capital must be publicly owned because there is no real democracy with private ownership of capital Transfer capital to worker or municipal ownership. Corporations must be owned and controlled by workers or directed by state planners or regulators. Finance should be nationalized so that major investment decisions are made by public authorities.”

For Hirono, Rice, and Cortez, the truth is that there is no upward social or occupational mobility in free markets, there is only downward mobility, caused by the functioning of the capitalist exchange system.

The truth in social justice is that the economic pie that exists today is the same size as it will always be. In their psychosis, they believe that the unfair capitalist system can be replaced by a just and fair socialist system.

The model for eliminating capitalism is the same brutality and repression used in Venezuela.

For American socialists, the rich are already guilty, and must be punished by eliminating them. Advocating violence against conservative, for Hirono, is justified because the oppressors are guilty, before the fact.
This is my conclusion.

The Democrats suffer from a mass, collective psychosis, where they cannot tell the difference between reality and their fantasy of social justice.

They believe that all conservatives think and act alike, because all Democrats think and act alike.

Applying socialist logic of group identity to the socialists, when one elected Democrat, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, calls for the assassination of President Trump, then by the logic of group identity, all Democrats are thinking the same idea.

Hirono’s comments about impeaching Barr are interpreted as a part of the Democrat’s on-going effort to overthrow the government.

The danger to liberty is not simply that Hirono or Maxine Waters, calls for violence against Trump. The danger is that there are 65 million registered Democrats who think alike. and are willing to act out their violent fantasies.

When Democrat brain-dead socialists saunter into a synagogue or school, and begin killing their enemies, they are acting out the fantasies of Hirono.

The Jews and non-socialists are already guilty before the fact, according to the Democrat’s mass psychosis, and deserve to be killed.

Our podcast today demonstrates the irreconcilable differences between the police state repressive society of socialists and the individual liberties of a natural rights republic.
The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation into two new nations:
The Socialist States of America
The Democratic Republic of America.
After the new socialist state has been created, Hirono, Cortez and Rice can deploy their massive intellect to implementing an economic system that replaces price signals with central planned Soviet-style material balances.
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