Episode 10 May 1, 2019. Hate Is All It Takes For Democrats to Collapse America.

Our podcast today examines the Democrat’s political strategy of using hate in terms of their goal of implementing social justice socialism.

The left’s strategy of hating conforms to Aristotle’s use of the term of eliminating opposition. In order to implement socialism, the Democrats must eliminate all political opposition.

This podcast argues that hate is all it takes to collapse Madison’s constitution and replace it with a totalitarian all-powerful government.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for May 1, 2019.

Our podcast today is under the CLP topic category Irreconcilable Differences and is titled, “Hate Is All It Takes For Democrats to Collapse America.”

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Is Hatred Enough to Dismantle America?

Karin McQuillan warns that, “The Democrats are into the dismantling of America for the long haul. The Democrats don’t believe in our two-party system anymore. Democrats see themselves as the only morally valid people in the country. They need hatred of Trump to unify their disparate voting blocks and whip up the frenzy necessary to cover over their unpopular, radical policies.”

McQuillan is correct about the use of hate to dismantle America, and the Democrats have found a weak link in Madison’s constitution that they are exploiting to dismantle America’s natural rights and civil liberties.

Madison’s two flaws are that he insulated the government from popular democratic influence, and he failed to state that the purpose of government was to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The two flaws mean that citizens have no way of altering or abolishing a centralized tyranny, and that socialism is just a valid pubic purpose as individual liberty.

Madison’s flaws open a pathway for an incipient socialist regime to gain permanent control over the government.

As early as 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville saw Madison’s flaw, and suggested that Madison’s representative republic would collapse because his form of democracy allowed a majority of voters to vote themselves free stuff.

Free stuff is important for socialists, but free stuff, by itself, fits within the framework of Madison’s two party political system. It was called “the spoils system.”

The spoils system does not function today because the Democrats do not want to compete, they want to destroy their opposition, by making their followers hate the opposition.

Hating Jews

In his analysis of the synagogue killings in Poway and Pittsburgh, Roger Simon gets the story wrong.

Simon writes, “the prominent trait among the two killers is unremitting hatred of Donald Trump. .. People like this are pathetic copy cats of each other, but not a lot more. The United States is not, at heart, an anti-Semitic country, nor is it a racist country, despite what Maxine Waters et al. may want to drill into us at every opportunity. We are a nation of mostly pretty decent people.”

The killing of Jews in California occurred on April 27, 2019.

Two days before the killing, the Democrat socialist paper of record printed a cartoon that evoked the Democrat’s united hatred of Jews.

Simon’s analysis would have been more accurate to place the New York Times in with the killers. All the Democrats hate Jews because Democrats love an enemy of America called Islam, which is committed to destroying America.

In contrast to Simon’s analysis, the nation is not made up of pretty decent people.

Half the nation is made up of socialists who get their daily hate talking points from the New York Times.

The left’s hate of Jews spurs the violence and the violence collapses America.

Hating Babies

One day before the killing of Jews in California, 6 socialist judges on the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that babies can be killed, whenever the Mom decides it is inconvenient to have a baby.

“This sends a strong signal to our legislators that they can no longer use politically motivated and medically unnecessary restrictions to block women from the health care they need and deserve,” said Rachel Sweet, Planned Parenthood’s regional director of public policy and organizing.

The Kansas decision stemmed from a 2015 law banning dilation and evacuation, a common procedure in second-trimester abortions that involves using surgical tools to suck the fetus out of the uterus.(read live baby).

The Democrat abortionist Gosnell used a quicker procedure of using scissors to snip the baby’s spinal cord after he got the baby out of the Mom’s uterus.

Democrats hate babies, but they love abortion because they love a solid voting block of feminists.

Without the tool of hatred being directed at the hated Republican legislators who “block women from health care,” the Democrats can not rely on a solid voting block of oppressed women.

Hate is all the Democrats need to collapse America, and replace it with a socialist state, where Moms can kill their babies with wanton abandon.

Hatred of Republican Voters

Stacy Abrams is just like Hillary in her refusal to accept the results of an election where Republican voters elected a Republican candidate.

According to Abrams, the results of the election were due to race hatred of whites against blacks.

Abrams stated, “My election wasn’t made manifest because of his (Kemp’s) structural racism and how he diminished people’s ability to vote.

Abrams stated, “The white population is still largely Republican, and the communities of color are largely Democratic-leaning. That means you have a divided politics.”

Abrams continued, “But voter suppression is endemic, and it’s having a corrosive effect. I feel comfortable now saying, “I won.”

Abrams admits that she has no evidence of voter suppression. “I have no empirical evidence that I would have achieved a higher number of votes. However, I have sufficient and I think legally sufficient doubt about the process to say that it was not a fair election.”

She cites the Republican initiative to remove illegal voters in Georgia.

“But what I call attention to are the 1.4 million-plus who were purged and the 53,000 who weren’t processed and the thousands who were given provisional ballots,” she stated.

Again, she cites no evidence that the purged voters were not illegal, or that all of the illegal voters would have voted for her. But, the use of hate as  tool does not require proof to show that the purged voters were illegal voters.

The use of the term “structural racism” is the left’s dog whistle to her socialist followers that America is a racist nation whose elections are rigged by the racists.

Her hatred of the racist Republicans, and her refusal to accept the peaceful transition of power is the Democrat blueprint for the collapse of America.

Irreconcilable Ideological Differences and What Comes After the Collapse of America

The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to undermine a legitimate constitutional government, in order to implement a totalitarian socialist, centralized regime.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America as a racist, evil empire.

The ideological differences between socialists and conservatives are permanent and irreconcilable.

Nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission. There is no “reaching across the aisle,” or bipartisan policy since the Democrats adopted hate as a strategy to eliminate opposition.

The threat to individual liberty is not the government itself, or even the size of government.

The threat to liberty arises from the consequences of the socialists obtaining unchecked power in government, under Madison’s rules.

In the hands of Obama, the power leads to a coup d’etat to remove Trump from office.

In the hands of Schiff and Nadler, the power leads to fake impeachment proceedings to remove a duly elected President.

In the hands of Abrams, the power leads to race baiting to keep the image of slavery alive, in order to prepare her followers for a violent overthrow of America.

The socialists are a vicious, violent, hate-filled political movement that deploys hate to undermine Madison’s constitutional representative republic.

Fixing Madison’s flawed constitution does not change the behavior of socialists. They are ideologically committed to the collapse of America and are willing to use hate and murder of their enemies to get to their goal.

The moral principle for dealing with the irreconcilable ideological differences is a civil dissolution of the nation.

The Socialist States of America

The Democratic Republic of America.

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