Episode  6. April 11, 2019. Booker’s Reparations: Economic Justice as Socialist Fairness

Episode  6. April 11, 2019

CLP Topic Category: Irreconcilable Differences

Booker’s Reparations: Economic Justice as Socialist Fairness

Our podcast today places the issue of slavery reparations into the bigger framework of the irreconcilable differences between socialists and natural rights conservatives.

Rather than dwelling on the practical issues of how to implement reparations or how to pay the reparations, our podcast explains that the issue of reparations acts as a strategy for the socialists to replace free market capitalism with a European socialist society.

The distinction between the individualism of free markets and the group identify politics of the left is about economic fairness, and that distinction is irreconcilable.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for April 11, 2019.

Our podcast today is under the topic category Irreconcilable Differences, and is titled, Booker’s Reparations: Economic Justice as Socialist Fairness.

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Booker’s Reparations Bill

Senator Cory Booker introduced a bill that would create a government commission to study how to implement reparations for descendants of slaves.

Booker said that, “this bill is a way of addressing head-on the persistence of racism, white supremacy, and implicit racial bias in our country. It will bring together the best minds to study the issue and propose solutions that will finally begin to right the economic scales of past harms and make sure we are a country where all dignity and humanity is affirmed.”

Booker added, “Since slavery in this country, we have had overt policies fueled by white supremacy and racism that have oppressed African-Americans economically for generations.”

Booker’s  logic for reparations is explained in a 2014 article titled “The Case for Reparations,” by Professor Coates.

All of the prior efforts by socialists to enact reparations follow the formula outlined by Coates.

The first part of the formula is to slur over the time period for which reparations are due.

Coates states, “Having been enslaved for 250 years, black people were not left to their own devices. They were terrorized. In the Deep South, after the Civil War, a second slavery ruled.”

Coates notes, “Yet America was built on the preferential treatment of white people—395 years of it… White America built its wealth on those generations of legal and physical violence — a fact most white people today would rather not dwell on.”

Second, the reparations formula targets the U. S. government as the guilty party that should be required to pay the reparations.

Eric J. Miller, a professor at Loyola Law School, stated, “The U.S. government is the responsible party because of the entire legal apparatus that supported both slavery and, subsequently, Jim Crow and continues to permit ongoing discrimination.”

Third, the reparations formula conflates the slavery of 1860, with enduring racism today, in order to enhance the imagery of grievance.

The code language for the conflation is “white supremacy.”

Coates states, “To ignore the fact that one of the oldest republics in the world was erected on a foundation of white supremacy is to cover the sin of national plunder with the sin of national lying.”

By conflating the issue of slavery with the ongoing effects of racism, the socialist are able to introduce their main hidden target of reparations, which is to replace free market productivity theory with the Marxian definition of labor market capitalist exploitation, which Marx conveniently called “slave labor.”

The last part of the formula is the call for a “study commission,” of the  “best minds” to study how economic justice could be achieved.

Coates cites the example of  Yale Law professor Boris Bittker, who wrote, “The Case for Black Reparations,” that a rough price tag for reparations could be determined by multiplying the number of African Americans in the population by the difference in white and black per capita income,today. That number was $34 billion in 1973, when Bittker wrote his book.

Marxist Labor Theory of Value

Booker concludes his statement on his reparations bill by stating that Amerca’s legacy of racism has, “lead to disparate outcomes for all black Americans.”

His emphasis on “outcomes” reveals the socialist intent to use the issue of reparations to eliminate the free market system because the economic outcomes of free markets are not fair to black people.

The repeated assertion by black Democrat socialists that America was built on the backs of unpaid slaves is based upon their ideology of Marxian labor theory.

The theory’s basic claim is simple: the value of a commodity can be objectively measured by the average number of labor hours required to produce that commodity.

Since the slaves were not paid for their labor, every item they produced was expropriated value by the white slaveowners.

According to leftist ideology, because slaves were not paid, the American capitalist class exploited their labor as profits.

In order to overcome capitalist exploitation, justice as fairness demands some other method of determining the fair value of workers, including slaves.

Booker’s reparations committee gets at the issue of economic justice by socialist fairness by proposing that a very smart set of leftist government elites would determine what “fair” reparations would be.

A government commission is required because justice as fairness cannot be determined in the free market because the outcomes for black people are not fair.

The left’s concept of justice as fairness in all economic transactions requires government intervention to make the outcomes fair, which is the socialist blueprint for the future socialist society.

Miller, the professor from Chicago explained, “Unless institutions (fairness committees) exist that are controlled by and accountable to the community, (socialist elites), then the community will always be dominated, or prone to domination, by the capitalists.”

Irreconcilable Ideological Differences

The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to undermine a legitimate constitutional government, in order to implement a totalitarian socialist, centralized regime.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America.

The ideological differences with regard to reparations are permanent and irreconcilable.

On every single part of Coase’s formula for reparations, Booker lies about the intent of his legislation.

It is not 250 years of slavery, under the U. S. Government, it is 76 years, from 1789 to 1865.

The nation was not founded, in 1775, on white supremacy, it was founded on all men created equal.

Booker’s ideology of group identity collectivism plays into his anti-American hatred of the individualism of free markets.

But, the single biggest irreconcilable difference between Booker’s anti-American socialism and natural rights conservatives is the belief in God.

In the natural rights republic, God grants American citizens natural rights.

In the socialist tyranny, government commissions determine fairness and group rights.

The socialists will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.

The two cultural value orientations are mutually incompatible and exclusive.

Socialists do not have a moral allegiance to obey the rule of law, and they have no concept of God-given natural individual rights, because they have no concept of God and no concept of the individual.

The socialists are ideologically committed to imposing their brand of totalitarian global socialism on the conservatives, but they do not have any moral authority to end the natural rights of a majority of citizens.

This is my conclusion:

Reparations cannot be paid to blacks because they have already been paid in the blood of 750,000 soldiers and 250,000 civilians who perished in the Civil War.

Their sacrifice will never be enough for Booker and Democrat socialists.

An ungrateful wretch, like Booker, will never be satisfied with reparations. His intent is to use the issue of reparations to get at his bigger target of free market capitalism.

The irreconcilable differences between the police state repressive society of socialists and the individual liberties of a natural rights republic can never be eliminated.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the nation’s conflict is to dissolve the nation into two new nations:

The Socialist States of America

The Democratic Republic of America.

After the socialists create the new Socialist States of America, Booker will be unhindered in his quest to have free blacks today pay the black descendants of slaves their fair share of the wealth generated by a socialist economy.

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