Episode 4. April 5, 2019. Adam Schiff’s Resistance To the 2016 Election is Sedition

Episode 4. April 5, 2019.

CLP Topic Category: Irreconcilable Differences

Title: Adam Schiff’s Resistance To the 2016 Election is Sedition

Our podcast today uses the example of Adam Schiff’s resistance to the peaceful transition of power to explain the difference between the American tradition of peaceful transition and the European socialist tactic of resistance.

My argument today is that Schiff’s resistance is a strategy of the Democrat socialist party to remove a constitutionally elected President.

The differences between the ideology of socialism is irreconcilable with the ideology of individual freedom.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the copyrighted Citizen Liberty Party News Network podcast for April 5, 2019.

Our podcast today is under the CLPtopic category Irreconcilable Differences and is titled, “Adam Schiff’s  Resistance To the 2016 Election is Sedition.”

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Democrat Party Resistance and Sedition

The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to overturn a legitimate constitutional election, in order to implement a totalitarian socialist, centralized regime.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America. The ideological differences are permanent and irreconcilable.

There are no common cultural values that unite the socialists in a common national mission with natural rights conservatives.

In the American political tradition, beginning with Jefferson’s inauguration, in 1801, the peaceful transition of power required the different political parties to unite behind the newly-elected President to promote the national public purpose.

Three years after the 2016 election, Adam Schiff continues to subvert and undermine the peaceful transition of power.

His resistance is not an act of patriotism over legitimate public policy differences with President Trump. His resistance is an act of sedition to overthrow the election.

After the release of the Mueller report, Representative Adam Schiff stated, “that the president is not clear of all wrong-doing and there has already been significant evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign team and Russian officials to sway the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.”

Schiff indicated that the remedy for Trump’s collusion was impeachment.

Schiff advocates impeachment without presenting the high crime or misdemeanor that would rise to the level of an impeachable crime.

The Democrats continue to look for any means possible to remove President Trump from office.

Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler confirmed Sunday that Democrats will continue to investigate President Trump regardless of the conclusions reached by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nadler stated, “We know there was collusion. The Democrats are in charge — we have the responsibility of protecting the rule of law, of looking at obstructions of justice, abuses of power, at corruption, in order to protect the rule of law so that our democratic institutions are not greatly damaged by this president.”

In response to Schiff and Nadler, former House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz said, “Adam Schiff has lied to the American people time and time again… under the guise he has evidence of collusion in classified information.”

Chaffez continued, “The Democrats promised that they were going to fully accept the conclusions of Mueller, over and over again, and now there aren’t.”

Not accepting the conclusions of the Mueller report, and attempting to overturn the 2016 election, is best understood as anti-American resistance.

Before the election, the sedition of the Democrats was espionage against a domestic opponent in an attempt to rig the election in favor of Clinton.

After the election, when the treason of espionage failed, the Democrats engaged in the conspiracy of sedition to overthrow a duly elected president.

The Democrat’s Version of European Socialist Resistance

In their continuing attempt to remove President Trump, Schiff and Nadler have adopted the European socialist resistance strategy to overthrow capitalism.

The European resistance to capitalism is a ploy to eliminate the individualistic philosophy that supports private property and the rule of law.

In the European resistance movement, anti-capitalism means the same thing as anti-individualism.

The socialists would substitute group identity collectivism for individualism. Their goal is a one-world, globalism, managed by non-elected elites of the communist party.

In the Democrat Party today, the ongoing, anti-capitalist resistance to an election is the same thing as the treason of sedition.

Democrat Resistance is Fueled by the Politics of Race Hate

After the Mueller report was released, Joe Scarborough, a socialist media propagandist told Beto, “I guarantee you the guy that you want to run against in 2020 is a white supremacist, and he doesn’t apologize for that, so you don’t have to apologize for putting out a self-deprecating joke about your wife.”

Al Sharpton, a Democrat race-monger said, “It is very clear that this president is comfortable with attacking everybody and everything, even Sen. John McCain who died almost seven months ago, but will not call a racist and a bigot a racist and a bigot.”

In a statement to The Associated Press, Democrat Amy Klobuchar directly called Trump a racist.

Klobuchar said, “His policies on issues like voting rights and his rhetoric, including his remarks about Charlottesville, were decidedly racist,”

California Democrat Kamala Harris, said, “you can not reach any other conclusion than labeling Trump a racist.”

The Democrat’s use of race hatred is anti-american, and a part of their strategy of undermining the American society by dividing blacks against whites.

Part of the irreconcilable differences between socialists and conservatives is over the founding principles found in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.

For example, in contrast to “all people created equal,” Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat senator from Massachusetts, said that America was founded on slave labor.

According to Warren, the original sin of slavery can never be overcome, unless the nation pays cash reparations to black people.

Warren said, “I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations in this country.”

Blacks are a key voting bloc for Democrats and their support is seen as essential to the candidate running against Trump next year.

Fifty-two percent of the African-Americans surveyed in a 2015 CNN poll supported cash payments to the descendants of slaves.

But 89 percent of the white Americans polled opposed the idea.

It is this racial split between blacks and whites that the Democrats seek to exploit by calling Trump a racist.

Irreconcilable Ideological Differences

Schiff’s continuing sedition defines one of the irreconcilable differences between Democrat socialists and conservatives.

In the American tradition of peaceful transition, the political, economic and social life of the nation is not disrupted.

In one-party socialism, when the socialists lose, the transfer of power is violent, bloody, and unstable.

As is the case with Schiff’s resistance to the peaceful transition of power, on every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America.

The ideological differences are permanent and irreconcilable.

Today, nothing binds the two factions together in a common national mission.

This is my conclusion.

The socialists, like Schiff, will never voluntarily obey the unwritten American rule of law because they will never share the cultural belief that all persons, institutions, and entities are subject to the equal application of the law.

According to the Democrats, America can never overcome its original sin of slavery. If the sin of slavery can never be overcome, then the use of racism for the Democrats will never end.

The socialists are ideologically committed to imposing their brand of totalitarian global socialism on the conservatives, but they do not have any moral authority to end the natural rights of a majority of citizens.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution to the irreconcilable ideological differences is a civil dissolution of the nation into two new nations:

The Socialist States of America

The Democratic Republic of America.

After the civil dissolution of the nation, Schiff and Nadler will be free to impose their totalitarian ideology on the 65 million voters who want to live as slaves to the socialist state.

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