The Socialist Threat to American Individual Liberty

Excerpt from Chapter 11 of forthcoming book, After the Collapse of the American Representative Republic: The Democratic Republic of America.

Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Libertt Party.

The threat to individual liberty today arises from a dedicated ideological, left-wing political movement that seeks to undermine a legitimate constitutional government, in order to implement a totalitarian socialist, centralized regime.

Like the Federalists, the socialists believe that they possess a moral quality that would allow them to make better decisions about society, in a modern form of “virtual representation.”

The 65 million voters who voted for Hillary will continue to vote the socialist ticket because the Democrat Party has made those voters financially dependent on government welfare.

This outcome was clearly foreseen by the natural rights patriots at Madisons’ Convention.

When 3 of the Massachusetts delegates to the Convention left Philadelphia, in disgust, they returned to their state to write out their objections to the document.

Malachi Maynard, Consider Arms, and Samuel Field, wrote that Madison’s Constitution directly contradicted the natural rights of citizens guaranteed by their state constitution.

“What would keep common citizens from being enslaved by a constitution that rejected the principles of the revolution?” they asked.

They explained that while Madison’s constitution guaranteed a republican form of government, it was a slavery-based representative republic.

The slaveocracy obtained 60% more representation in the House of Representatives than northern states, and the slave owners obtained constitutional protection in their property by forcing other states to return their runaway slaves.

The slaveocracy’s numerical power in the House of Representatives, plus rules on import and export taxes on the products made by slaves, gave the southern states control over taxation and the nation’s economic policies.

Madison wove slavery into the fabric of government, and his rules could easily be transfigured to incorporate a new form of socialist slavery today. Rather than being owned by a plantation elite, under Democrat socialism, common citizens would be owned by the government.

The natural rights conservatives are in the same position, today, as the colonists in 1765.

They are, as Franklin noted, “subjects of subjects.”

As correctly analyzed, in 1764, by Rhode Island Governor Stephen Hopkins, the colonists, as subjects of the Crown, were just like slaves.

Hopkins wrote, “Britain’s glorious constitution guaranteed that no one ever be deprived of his property without his consent. On the contrary those who are governed by the will of another or of others, and whose property may be taken from them by taxes, or otherwise without their consent and against their will are in the same miserable condition of slaves.”

Twelve years later, the colonists fought the King for their liberty.

Twelve years after that, Madison implemented a coup that embedded irrevocable, permanent institutional rules that empowered the slaveocracy, and opened the possibility that socialists would use the instrumental powers to impose a socialist tyranny.

In Madison’s system of checks and balances, constitutional laws provide the institutional framework for a permanent advantage of the natural aristocracy.

The permanent advantage of the natural aristocracy can easily be converted to a permanent advantage of the Democrat socialists.

Since 2016, the socialist political strategy has been based entirely on the politics of hate. During the mid-term elections of 2018, the socialists did not adopt a traditional party platform that championed the financial interests of common citizens.

Rather, their entire strategy was to vilify their enemies.

The socialists are engaged in a vicious, violent campaign of hate against President Trump, and the common citizens who voted for Trump.

The Democrats have no sense of patriotism and allegiance to the nation.

Their intent is to replace individual liberty, itself, in order to substitute left-wing totalitarian collectivism. In their world-view individuals only exist as a member of an aggrieved group.

In other words, the left’s target is the concept of individual liberty, and in order to destroy liberty, they must first destroy the existing Representative Republic.

One, or the other, legal philosophy, must be vanquished from the field of battle.

Natural Rights Conservatives need to come to grips with the new political reality of America.

As explained by Thomas Paine, the new American government must be built on the truth, moral truth, not on power relationships that existed in the mixed British class system that Madison palmed off on America in 1787.

For Paine, as for Jefferson, the truth was that God had granted citizens certain inalienable rights, commonly called “natural rights.”

The new government, said Paine, “is derived solely from a sovereign people…mutually and reciprocally maintained principles of nature in society.”

In crossing the Rubicon to create the Democratic Republic of America, natural rights conservatives must restore the principles in the Declaration of Independence that the “consent of the governed” is the glue that binds citizens together to obey the constitutional rules that they give to themselves.

It is imperative that the natural rights conservatives vanquish the Democrat socialists from the field of battle.


About Laurie Thomas Vass.

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She was a professional money manager, and was cited by Peter Tanous, in The Wealth Equation, as one of the top 100 private managers in the nation.

She is the inventor and holder of a research method patent on selecting technology stocks for investment accounts.

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