Understanding Adam Schiff’s Concept of Truth

by Laurie Thomas Vass, The Citizens Liberty Party.


Part of the socialist religion begins with the bedrock belief that America is a racist nation that must be destroyed to usher in the era of social justice.

Left-wing ideology is based upon the concepts of skin color, gender, and class privilege.

The socialists believe that certain types of people who are white, and upper class capitalists, are guilty before the fact.

According to critical legal philosophy, all white people must bear the responsibility for acts of oppression committed by their white ancestors.

Left-wing logic is based upon their social construction of reality. Socialists do not believe in absolute truth. Truth, for socialists, and for socialist critical legal scholars, is relative, and socially-constructed, and is not based upon observable facts.

In the simplified world view of socialism, the two economic classes (capital and labor), exist in perpetuity, and the socialists construct a reality that the economic system of unfair capitalist exchange also exists, as a pre-existing social state of reality.

The socially constructed reality of the term “labor” is expanded to include all the collective identity social groups, identified by the socialist elites, as “disadvantaged” by the operation of the capitalist exchange system.

In socialist ideology, proletariat individuals only exist as a part of their membership in an oppressed collectivist group.

In socialist ideology, a citizen is born into poverty, as a member of a disadvantaged group, and the person is trapped forever, in the social group, like a serf or a slave, by the accident of their birth.

In the multi-cultural socialist application, an individual is born into their group community, and the individual owes her first allegiance and loyalty to that group.

A person is not defined by their own self definition of who they are. They are first, and foremost, an African-American, or a Muslim American, and once identified as a member of a disadvantaged group, they never escape from the identity of that particular “community.”

In the socialist Marxist concept of law, all laws are created by elected representatives who are from the capitalist class natural aristocracy, and that the laws that are passed serve those elite financial interests.

The mission of the socialist lawyers and judges is not to seek justice, but to use the judicial system to overturn the unjust and unfair laws, on behalf of their oppressed identity groups.

For socialists, there is no reality other than the total political reality of their socialist ideology, and for them, every act they perform is in the cause of promoting their socialist utopia.

This explains part of their intolerance of any right of free speech that is contrary to their socialist ideology. The political correct intolerance is the first stage of political repression that only the official state-sanctioned version of the truth is tolerated.

For socialists, the end goal of converting America into a global socialist state justifies lying, under all conditions.

Truth, for socialists, means allegiance to their socially-constructed reality. When other socialists affirm the lies and propaganda, the intensity of their belief in their truth increases.

In contrast, the truth content of a statement, for conservatives, is the correspondence of the statement with the facts. Correspondence with facts means that another person “sees” the observable facts, and verifies the validity of the correspondence with the facts.

For example, Representative Adam Schiff has said that the Nunes Republican memo is false, because the Nunes memo denies that Trump collaborated with Russia to deny Hillary the Presidency.

The differences about the truth content of the Nunes memo versus the Schiff Democrat memo are irreconcilable.

The truth content of the dossier, for Schiff, depends on whether it is consistent with the Democrat’s socially constructed reality that Trump stole the election from the rightful winner.

To Schiff, the Nunes memo is false and the dossier is truth because the premises of the dossier confirms his prior conviction.

The truth content of the dossier acts as the logical confirmation of Trump’s guilt. The contents of the dossier act as the evidence for the Democrat’s conclusion that Trump is an illegitimate President, and must be removed from office.

For Schiff, the truth content of the dossier is not a mistaken conclusion, it is an article of their religious ideology of socialism. For them, the dossier is the truth.

The truth of Schiff’s reality rests in how the dossier promotes his concept of social justice. His truth is confirmed by how many other socialists demonstrate extreme allegiance to their socialist religion.

When Schiff makes his statements about the truth of the dossier, 65 million Democrat voters confirm the “truth” content of Schiff’s assertion.

When Feinstein claims that Kavanaugh is a rapist, 65 million Democrat voters affirm the truth of her allegation.

Nothing will change Schiff’s mind because his belief system requires him to embrace the socially-constructed truth that America is a flawed and racist nation.

In Schiff’s belief system, only a socialist elite, like Schiff, is capable of correcting the original sin of slavery by imposing their brand of a totalitarian state.

Unless, and until, conservatives cross their mental Rubicon, the insane behavior of Schiff is exactly what conservatives can expect from Democrats.

In the process of adjusting their mental image of Democrats, natural rights conservatives must jettison the idea that socialist Democrats share the American moral belief in the rule of law.

Prior to the election of Obama, American citizens shared a widely-held common definition about truth, reality, and rationality.

The common definition of truth and objectivity was rooted in Western Civilization traditions of scientific realism and empirical observation.

Prior to Obama, obedience to the rule of law was based upon shared cultural values of individual freedom and liberty.

After Obama was elected, obedience to the rule of law was based upon allegiance to the enduring socialist cultural values of class and race conflict.

For example, before Obama, if a common citizen shared her email server with foreign agents, as Hillary did, then predicable results would mean that the common citizen would bear the same application of justice, as Hillary.

Conversely, if Hillary escapes justice, then there is no rationale for common citizens to obey the rule of law.

In the corrupt centralized tyranny, the elites hold themselves above the law. The agents of the deep state in the FBI, and Department of Justice protect the elites from the equal application of the law.

The social and cultural values of the Democrat socialists do not connect at any point with the cultural and social values of natural rights conservatives.

On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive, view of America.

In the absence of voluntary allegiance to obey the rule of law, conservatives must find an alternative moral principle to deal with socialists during the period of civil dissolution.

The replacement moral value is to apply the ancient religious code of behavior:

“In all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

The moral command of natural rights conservatives is to treat socialists exactly as the socialists treat conservatives:

Do unto others, as you would have them do to you.

Do unto others as they do unto you.

Moral behavior, in the treatment of socialists, means crossing the mental Rubicon to understand that the American representative republic is over.

Conservatives must confront the socialist Democrats as the enemies to liberty that they are.

And, treat them as Caesar treated the corrupt tyranny in Rome, after he crossed the Rubicon.