Obama’s Marxist Adaptation of Marbury.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of forthcoming book, After the Collapse: The Democratic Republic of America, by Laurie Thomas Vass.

Socialism, by definition consists of the centralized direction of the economy, with government control over  the means of production.

The centralized decisions of a socialist political elite determine both what will be produced and how the production will be distributed to citizens.

The Marxist ideology is based upon mental fantasies that the left constructs about the goodness of social justice and fairness.

In their social construction of reality, they create an economic image called, “forces of production.” The “forces of production” produce goods and services, not individuals.

According to Marx, in the capitalist economy, the forces of production exploit the value of production produced by the collectivist entity group, “workers.”

In all of history, and for all of time, in their mental fantasy, there are only two collectivist groups, the workers and the capitalists.

In socialism, the entire dynamic of economic history is the exploitation of workers by the capitalist class.

Marx preached the overthrow of the intricate economy of capitalism because it violated his moral values of fairness.

While Marx acknowledged that the capitalist system is the most productive economic system in history, he advocated a fundamental transformation of society that would place all of government decision making about production in the hands of a scientific elite, whose goal was social justice in the distribution of the production.

Obama believes exactly the same thing as Marx about the unfairness of the “capitalist” system.

Obama adds the moral principle that America is an evil empire because Madison’s Constitution sanctioned slavery.

According to Obama, and the Democrat Party socialists, America can never overcome its original sin of slavery.

The goal for Obama, just like Marx, is the overthrow of the American capitalist economy, which is based upon private property, to a centralized economy, based upon government control of the means of production.

Consequently, the first step in overthrowing the economic system is gaining control of the American legal system that protects private property.

Obama’s strategy for his attack is based upon a mental fantasy called “critical legal philosophy.”

According to critical legal philosophy, America is so evil that it must be put under the yoke of a global economic system, and must not be allowed to continue as an independent sovereign nation.

There is nothing in Madison’s judicial framework, or the power of Marshall’s judicial review, that prohibits a socialist, like Obama, from deploying the centralized machinery of government to implement his locus of global sovereignty.

The end goal of the American judicial system, under Obama, is to replace national sovereignty with allegiance to international legal agencies. American legal and political agencies would enforce multilateral agreements and international law.

There is nothing philosophically incompatible between Madison’s two social classes, the natural aristocracy and common citizens, and Marx’s two social classes, the capitalist class and the workers.

There is nothing incompatible about global socialism between Obama’s vision of globalism, and the goals of the modern day natural aristocracy of global corporations and global bankers, who manage the operations of “the swamp.”

Under Madison’s Constitution, sovereignty was relocated from the consent of the governed to the financial welfare of the natural aristocracy.

Under Obama, sovereignty is relocated from Madison’s capitalist class to a global socialist elite, who manage global economic production and distribution.

Madison’s amoral judicial machinery is functional under Obama’s socialism because Marshall’s decision in Marbury establishes a judicial elite tyranny that is not accountable to the consent of the governed.

Obama’s two selections of socialist judges on the Supreme Court, continue the Democrat Party’s precedent of substituting racial hatred for the equal application of the law.

Justice Sotomayor wrote, in the Michigan Affirmative Action case:

“The effect of this ruling is that a white graduate of a public Michigan university who whishes to pass his historical privilege on to his children may freely lobby the board of that university in favor of an expanded legacy admissions policy, whereas a black Michagander who was denied the opportunity to attend that very university cannot lobby the board in favor of a policy that might give his children a chance that he never had and that they might never have absent that policy.”

There is nothing in the text of Madison’s Constitution about historical white privilege. But, Sotomayor’s rulings, based upon her critical legal interpretation of America’s racist past, are legitimate opinions, under Marshall’s judicial review.

Sotomayor can make up the constitution as she goes along because Sotomayor is the Constitution, and the Constitution is whatever she says it is.

Because of Marshall’s ruling, all the Democrats lack for implementing their socially constructed reality of centralized economic planning is the appointment of a socialist majority on the Supreme Court.