The Democrat’s Rhetoric of Violence and the Collapse of the American Representative Republic.

Excerpt from Chapter 10 of forthcoming book, After the Collapse: The Democratic Republic of America. by Laurie Thomas Vass.

The use of the rhetoric of hate by the Democrats creates a social climate of violence. The climate of violence will eventually create a civil war, unless the natural rights conservatives adopt a strategy for ending the violence.

The socialists intend to create violence because the chaos and turmoil facilitates their transformation of America into a global socialist state.

According to the strategy of Marx and Lenin, in order to overthrow the capitalist system, the capitalist class must be killed in a violent revolution that “sanctifies” the new socialist state.

The intent of the socialist Democrats is to precipitate violence to overthrow the constitutionally-elected government of President Trump.

The first stages of the violent overthrow is the Democrat’s use of intimidation of conservatives in public venues. The use of their violent foot soldiers in Anti-Fa is a ratchet up from intimidation.

As an example of the Democrat’s use of hate, in Obama’s last year in office, 140 police were slaughtered in America, under Obama’s approving gaze.

The killing of police is consistent with the rhetoric of violence used by Democrats to heighten the sense of grievance by oppressed Democrat voters that cops prey upon black people.

Another example is the beating and torture on FaceBook by the four blacks in Chicago on the disabled white victim. Those four black people stated, during their video, that they hate all white people.

The continual invocation of the rhetoric of hate was used by Obama to condition those four blacks to perpetrate violence against white people.

Those four black people are representative of all Democrats.They will indiscriminately kill white people, simply and solely, because the Democrats conditioned them to hate all white people.

Obama, and the Democrats, are able to turn on and off the violence, whenever Soros tells them to. This pattern of violence is a very effective tool of social control because the violence creates the conditions of civil chaos that socialists require to implement their revolution.

The only viable, non-violent, strategy for dealing with the Democrats is to facilitate voluntary dissolution of the Nation.

One important political goal during the transition period is to help citizens in California create their own new socialist state, and then help socialists in other states move to California.

Democrat socialists have a natural right to renounce their citizenship, and move to the new Socialist States of America.