Obama’s Promise of Social Justice and The Florida School Murders

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I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the Citizens Liberty Party News Network for March 12, 2018.

In contrast to Madison’s equal justice under the law, in Obama’s socialism, Marxian class war, socialist ideology, and white privilege within the capitalist legal system, constitute the context for the application of Obama’s socialist rule of law.

Mueller and Obama are unrestrained by Madison’s concept of the American rule of law.

They are empowered by their own concept of the socialist rule of law. They have absolute moral certainty that their concept of justice is better than the natural rights concept of justice, and that moral certainty empowers them to impose their views on the 63 million Trump voters.

The consequences of elected democrats following their own socialist rule of law were recently described by Garrett Epps, a socialist writer, from Baltimore.Epps described a scenario where a rogue President used the time period between the election and inauguration to subvert the rule of law.

“An interregnum president may issue controversial or corrupt pardons. In either case, the voters have no means of holding their leader accountable,” Epps wrote.

According to Epps, the rogue President would, “govern with a fine disdain for democratic and legal norms—stonewalling congressional oversight; detaining foreigners and U.S. citizens on his “inherent authority”; using the Justice Department as a political cudgel; ordering officials to ignore statutes and treaties that he found inconvenient.”

Epps continued, “The most egregious case arises when a president’s policy and leadership have been repudiated by the voters, either by a defeat for reelection or by a sweeping rejection of his congressional allies in a midterm election.”

Epps pointed out that the U. S. Constitution “should not have permitted a repudiated president to commit his successor to an international conflict that neither the new president nor Congress had approved.”

The most dangerous constitutional malfunction, wrote Epps, was called the “runaway presidency.”

Epps described that Madison’s constitution did not contain rules by which a rogue president could be reined in, especially during the time of transition from the election in November to the swearing in of the new president, in January.

Epps explained that, “runaway presidents have at times committed the country to courses of action that the voters never approved…or uses the office to further a surprising, obscure, or discredited political agenda. Under these circumstances, what poses as bold leadership is in fact usurpation.”

Epps views his job as a socialist propagandist to promote the philosophy of Democrat Party global socialism. His article about a rogue President was about George Bush, not Obama, and was written in 2009.

His article, and his propaganda, provides an excellent example of the twisted logic of the left’s social construction of reality. In their twisted logic, they create an imaginary fantasy about their enemies, as if the fantasy is reality, and then project their own concept of evil onto their hated enemies, in this case, George Bush.

Their socially constructed reality contains a psychological illness that projects their own behavior onto the behavior of the fantasy enemies that they have created.

Epps is a dishonest and untrustworthy citizen because he can not describe Obama for the tyrant that he is.  But, he is perfect in his job as a propagandist because he projects his concept of social justice truth onto George Bush.

The Democrat Party logic of social construction of reality leads to chaos and violence in American society. Their concept of truth is based upon the intensity of their allegiance to the fantasies that they create.

My argument today is that Obama’s social construction of reality is the direct cause of the murder of the 17 children in Florida.

But, beyond perpetrating mass murder, the policies of Obama and the Democrats attack the foundation of individual freedom and natural rights, in favor of European socialist collectivism.

The reason that FBI background checks on the killer in Florida did not work, and will never work, is that the Democrat’s version of reality prohibits the FBI from the data collection on the Democrat’s favored identity politics voting constituencies.

The reality of mass murder in America, since 2008, is that they are committed either by Democrat activists or democrat special interest collectivities, like the illegal migrants, or Islamic terrorists, coddled by Obama as a cultural equivalent to the cultural values of American society.

The reason that the public does not know the identity of the Las Vegas killer is that the news would not promote the socialist concept of social justice.

The killer in Las Vegas is most likely a democrat activist, and that identity would not fit into their social construction of reality.

How Obama’s Promise Program Enabled the Florida Mass Killing

Obama’s twisted logic about America’s inherent racism is the proximate cause of the killings in Florida.

Rush Limbaugh has detailed the origins of Obama’s Promise program that led to the mass killing.

Rush described how Obama constructed his fantasy, that led to the creation of the Promise program. “The program originated from the premise that the Democrats hold that the prison population is disproportionately minority and African-American because of injustice in America,” Limbaugh stated.

“Obama saw a black population of 20%, but that the prison population of minorities is 60%. Ergo the justice system must be tainted. This is what Holder and Obama believe. So they believe that bigotry and racism is resulting in charges and convictions against innocent minority perps, Limbaugh added.”

Obama’s fantasy is that students of color are ‘disproportionately impacted’ by suspensions and expulsions, a situation that leads to a ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ that discriminates against minority and low-income students.

Rush stated, “So, they began a program called the PROMISE Program which promised money to local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain crimes, mostly misdemeanors, but not contained to misdemeanors. And for all of these crimes ignored, there would thus be no charges. And thus no convictions. And thus there wouldn’t be any sentencing because nobody’d be going to jail.”

Ergo, if there is not a criminal record, there is no data in the FBI files, and FBI background gun checks do not pick up the perp’s propensity for mass murder.

The killer in Florida had a long criminal record, but was able to escape the attention of law enforcement, pass a background check and purchase the weapon he used to slaughter three staff members and 14 fellow students because of Obama’s efforts to make school discipline more lenient for minorities.

As a part of the Democrat’ psychological illness, they projected their fantasy onto their hated enemies, in this case, the NRA.

Erika Soto Lamb, spokeswoman for Democrats for Education Reform, said, “Like the Parkland High School students did, it’s time to call ‘BS’ on attempts to lay blame on anything other than the culture of gun violence in America and the system of weak laws that makes it too easy for dangerous people to get guns.”

To summarize, the socialists begin their logic with their bedrock assertion that America is a racist and unjust nation. The racism causes social injustice against black people that can not be overcome in the democratic republic.

So, the socialists construct their fantasies about the injustice in America, create policies that cause violence, and then attribute the violent outcomes to their enemies.

The socialist Democrat goal is to convert, or “transform” America into a component of a one-world socialist government. Their model of government is European socialism.

The philosophical end goal of the rule of law for socialists, is a political and legal system of social justice, whose goals can vary, arbitrarily, from time to time, because the socialists do not reason with moral right and wrong rationality, but with their allegiance to their religion of social justice.

The deployment of the FBI to force obedience to the rule of law in socialism, in strict adherence to what the elites in the vanguard socialist political party determine it to be, at any moment in time.

Mueller can best be understood as a global socialist performing his duty to the socialist religion. He is engaged in a coup against Trump, and he is absolutely certain that he is doing the work of his socialist god.

The Logic of the Socialist Religion

Socialists do not believe in individual rationality because their starting assumption denies the reality of an “individual.” In socialist ideology, individuals only exist as a part of their membership in an oppressed collectivist group.

Part of the socialist collective group think is that all members of an aggrieved identity group think and act alike, and that all of them suffer from oppression of the white, ruling, capitalist class.

Citizens accused of crimes by the agents of the FBI are not innocent until proven guilty, but guilty before the fact because of their gender, color of their skin or political party affiliation.

Guilt or innocence is not an objective fact, to be determined on a case by case basis.

Rather, according to Mueller, Trump is judged guilty because of his gender and the color of his skin.

The end goal of their form of logic is not truth, but demonstrating allegiance to their religion.

It does not matter if the topic is the assumed prior guilt of the Duke lacrosse players, or the presumed guilt of Trump in committing an impeachable offense.

Truth for them is showing extreme allegiance to their religion, and the more intensely they demonstrate allegiance, the more “truth” of the proposition.

Rationality is defined as a collectivist religious belief in the values of the commune, or social group. Their religion begins with a shared collective belief that America is an evil empire, primarily because of the sin of slavery.

Mueller is absolutely certain that his deployment of the FBI against Trump serves the public purpose because the agents are attacking the racist forces of evil. In Mueller’s concept of the rule of law, Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election from Hillary.

Mueller’s collusion fantasy is just like Obama’s Promise program fantasy because for both of them, the public purpose is served because both of them are attacking the racist forces of evil.


This is my conclusion

The argument I am making is not simply that the Obama policy caused the death of the children in Florida.

My argument is about the logic of how Democrats think and reason because how they think will not change in the future.

The argument I am making is that in the big picture of the war between socialists and patriots about the future of America can not be obtained through negotiations with the socialists.

In their logic, the socialists, like Obama, are absolutely certain that their policies lead to greater social welfare benefits and social justice, than the individualistic logic of the natural rights republic.

Many more children will be killed in mass killings because of the socialist logic.

But, if the socialists win the war, then all of western civilization’s progress on individual freedom will be lost because the socialists will control the secret police to maintain order.

The two ideologies do not share any values in common because there is no “public thing” in America.

Prior to the election of Obama, American citizens shared a widely-held common definition about truth, reality, and the history of America. The common definition of truth and objectivity was rooted in Western Civilization traditions of scientific realism and empirical observation.

After the election of Obama, the shared cultural values that served to bind American citizens together in a common national identity were replaced by

Marxian class war, socialist ideology, and white privilege within the capitalist legal system.

The socialists live in a false reality that they create. They are quite willing to sacrifice the lives of children in mass murder to promote their glorious revolution.

Obama and Mueller are vicious, violent, hate-filled socialists, who operate with absolute moral certainty that the death of innocent American children is well worth their end state of global socialism.

The 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary believe in the Obama fantasy, that resulted in the murder of the children.

There is no negotiation, or “reaching across the aisle” with the socialists. The socialists must be vanquished to California.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this video is a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

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Segment 2 March 12 Obama’s Promise of Social Justice

Thank you for joining us for the second segment of our program today.

Our second segment is designed to connect our analysis of what is wrong with the American government to solutions that citizens can implement to restore the rule of law and reclaim the spirit of individual liberty that motivated the signers of the American Declaration of Independence.

In the first segment, I explained that the dysfunction in government is caused by a centralized tyranny of globalists, who believe that a one-world socialist government would be better than the continued existence of America, as a sovereign nation state.

I explained how the socialists create their own fantasies, and project their hatred of America onto their phantom enemies.

I ended my column with the idea that the best solution for the 63 million voters who voted for Trump is to vanquish the Democrats to their own socialist nation of California.

I have searched for other solutions offered by other conservative thinkers about how to deal with the Democrat’s hatred of America.

While other writers can describe the coming coup d’etat, none of them offer suggestions to citizens on what citizens should do to protect and preserve civil liberties and natural rights.

Most of the talk radio conservatives can rile their listeners up about the leftist threat to individual freedom.

But, when it comes to new ideas to deal with the leftists, most of the conservative commentators suggest voting for Republicans.

The Republicans are worthless as a political party, and they did nothing to confront Obama’s socialist transformation of the nation.

Most of the Republican Party, at the national level, is comprised of Vichy collaborators who support the agenda of a one-world socialist government.

Continuing to vote for Republicans is not a solution.

There are only two sides in this war between freedom and slavery. The socialists, in collaboration with the Republicans, and the 63 million Trump voters.

The two sides, the Democrat socialists and the natural rights conservatives, can not live peacefully together.

A nation divided against itself can not endure. The Republic has died.

On its current trajectory, the nation will end up in a bloody civil war.

The 63 million Trump voters need to move on from the current dysfunction in America, caused by the collaboration of the two political parties, and admit that this nation has reached the end.

The intractable problem of centralized tyranny in American government can only be solved by a civil dissolution, where the socialists create their own socialist utopia, and natural rights conservatives start over, by reclaiming the Spirit of citizen liberty, proclaimed by patriots, in 1776.

Natural Rights Conservatives must join a new political party in America, called the Citizens Liberty Party.

The mission of the party is to lead a national political movement that protects natural rights and restores the rule of law, after 8 years of Obama’s lawless regime.

The CLP is founded on the bedrock principle expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration that the purpose of government is to protect the natural rights of citizens and to defend the sovereignty of the nation from external and internal enemies, like the socialists.

The first goal of the CLP is to help the citizens in California form their new state, and help the new state to secede from the current United States.

The second goal is to jettison Madison’s flawed constitution and restore the elements of the states rights constitution of the Articles of Confederation.

If other conservative writers have a better idea, they need to state it in public. Otherwise, they need to advocate that their readers and listeners prepare for civil war.

The organizational website for the CLP is at www.citizenslibertyparty.com.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party, and I need volunteers to join me in the fight for American freedom.