Sensible Restrictions on a Democrat’s Right to Vote

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I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this is the The Citizens Liberty Party News Network for February 27, 2018.

In his article advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment, Bret Stephens, a socialist Democrat, advocated that Democrat candidates “Go Big,” on repealing the second amendment.

Using the school children murders in Florida as a political prop, Stephens suggested that elected Democrats repeal the second amendment and then send out the secret police to take away guns from non-guilty, gun-owning citizens.

Stephens wrote, “There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment. Take the guns—or at least the presumptive right to them—away.”

Bill Scher, a socialist Democrat writer for Politico, used the same language as Stephens, in advocating “going big.”

Scher wrote in his October 4, 2017, article, “These incrementalist moves leave space for a Democrat to go truly big: mandate registration, licensing and safety courses; ban online sales; limit purchases to one gun a month; cap the size of magazines and ratify a constitutional amendment that would supersede the Second to allow broader handgun bans.”

Like Stephens, Scher placed the issue of repealing the second amendment within the political context of attracting “white, working-class Democrats” to the cause of repealing the amendment.

He suggested that Democrats could use the school violence to “expand the parameters of the debate and position relatively modest ideas as centrist compromises, without damaging the Democratic brand among the white working-class … at least, not much more than it already has been damaged.”

For Democrats, the strategy of holding children defenseless makes sense as a strategy for their goal of repealing the second amendment.

Since Columbine, the Democrats have opposed the arming of schools to protect children because they need children to continue to be killed to drive home their anti-gun, pro-socialist, agenda.

The Democrats never argue about how best  to protect children. Rather, as the socialist Joy Reid, the tv hostess identified by the magazine Law and Crime, as the single most important media tool of the Russian collusion story, placed the issue of protecting children in the context of a civilized society.

If guns were allowed in schools to protect the lives of children, Reid argued, “it would mean society was less civilized… this issue is about whether you’re going to live in a civilized society or a society surrounded by people with more weapons,” Reid stated.

David Brooks, a Vichy collaborator with the socialist agenda of eliminating the second amendment placed the issue of school murders in the context of the “student-teacher relationship.”

Having guns in the schools to protect the lives of children is a truly demented idea, Brooks argued. “It’s a demented idea. I mean, aside from everything else, the dangers of it, just think of how it changes the student-teacher relationship to see them packing a gun. I mean, it’s truly demented.”

For Brooks, and all Democrats, leaving the children defenseless makes sense.

Their goal is to take away the constitutional rights of the 63 million Trump voters. Allowing the continued carnage of children is a morally deranged political strategy that fits their global socialist goal.

The Democrat’s advocacy of keeping schools “gun free” is the moral depravity of holding children as political hostages in “gun free” zones to allow killers to continue to enter the soft spots to murder children.

The continued mass murder of children is simply a prop for the socialists to “Go Big.”

Using children as political props is the same level of moral depravity the Democrats used for killing Justice Scalia, because he derailed Obama’s global climate change ambitions.

What is the form of the mental derangement that binds all of the socialist Democrats into using a strategy that holds children defenseless in “gun-free” zones?

In other words, what binds Mueller, Obama, Hillary, Brooks, Scher and Stephens into a coherent political movement?

The answer is deceptively simple: The same ideological commitment that Islamic terrorists have to Islam, the socialists in America have to global socialism.

Global socialism is their religion. Their allegiance binds all socialists together, just like allegiance to the Declaration of Independence binds patriotic Americans to the nation.

Global socialism is why the FBI and Mueller are engaged in the coup against Trump.

Global socialism is why CNN and the cable news media spews hatred against conservatives.

Global socialism is why the Broward County sheriff allowed the children to be murdered.

The solution to socialism is much harder, but Justice Thomas hints at the pathway to take against the socialist attempt to take away citizens gun rights.

In his recent opinion on a gun control case, Justice Thomas offered Trump voters the legal logic of taking away the voting rights of Hillary voters.

Thomas stated, “nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

The Democrats, to borrow the text from Thomas, are “mentally ill,” and morally depraved, in using children as props in their political strategy.

Hillary offered a useful analogy for the logic of placing sensible restrictions on the Democrat’s right to vote.

“If owning a gun is a constitutional right,” Clinton said, in August of 2016, “then like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation.”

Voting is not a constitutional right because Madison’s flawed document failed to offer voting as a defined constitutional right.

But, as Hillary suggests, if gun ownership of patriotic Trump voters should be subject to reasonable regulation, then the rights of non-patriotic Democrats should be subject to reasonable regulation.

To continue with Hillary’s analogy, she suggests the creation of new categories of people who are legally disqualified from owning firearms.

Conservatives should create new categories of requirements for Democrats to be able to vote.

Hillary suggests new FBI federal background checks for all gun transfers and purchases.

Conservatives should create new background checks of registered Democrat voters, including the simple questions:

Are you a socialist?

Did you vote for Obama?

This is my conclusion:

Obama committed treason in his espionage of Trump voters

The argument I am making is that Democrats, as traitors, have abrogated their right to vote, and should have sensible restrictions placed upon them at the voting booth.

In the same way that Mueller holds Trump guilty of collaboration with the Russians, I hold that any one who voted for Obama or Hillary, is a traitor, guilty of collaboration with Obama in treason.

Hillary promised voters to “work tirelessly with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms.”

The 63 million Trump voters need to work tirelessly to take away the Democrat’s right to vote, just like Hillary works tirelessly to take away Trump voter’s rights.

Conservatives need to go on the offensive against all Democrats and take away their ability to vote.

While law abiding Trump voters are not guilty of any crime, the socialist mentality is to presume gun owners as guilty, and punish them by taking away rights, just like felons have their right to vote revoked.

Unlike innocent gun owners, who have done nothing criminal to have their rights taken away, the Democrats are guilty of rebellion in their attempt to subvert the Trump government.

Their language for rebellion is “resistance.”

Democrats are not patriotic citizens. They are anti-Americans.

Democrats despise the founding principles of this nation, and they hate conservatives.

Democrats are traitors to America, and their advocacy of repealing constitutional rights, in the absence of a crime, is an example of their social justice mental derangement of guilty, until proven innocent

Conservatives should apply sensible restrictions on any Democrat’s privilege to vote because they are mentally deranged in their allegiance to socialism, and  engaged in rebellion to subvert the Trump government.

The ideological differences between natural rights conservatives and socialists, like Obama, are irreconcilable.

Voting restrictions of Democrats is a part of the conservative “Go Big,” transitional strategy of banishing socialists to their new socialist state of California.

Any state legislature that desires to become a state in the new Liberty States of America, should begin their transition by banning Democrats from voting on joining the new nation.

The only peaceful, non-violent solution is civil dissolution, and the emigration of Democrats to California, where they are unhindered in setting up “gun-free” schools so that their children can be killed in wanton, mindless, mass murder.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass. This has been a production of the Citizen Liberty News Network.

Please stay tuned, after a brief word from our sponsor, for segment two, where I discuss more about actions Trump voters can take to vanquish socialist Democrats.


Segment Two of Sensible Restrictions on a Democrat’s Right to Vote

Thank you for joining us for the second segment of our program today.

Our second segment is designed to connect our analysis of what is wrong with the American government to solutions that Trump can implement to restore the rule of law and reclaim the spirit of individual liberty that motivated the signers of the American Declaration of Independence.

In segment one, I explained that the dysfunction in American government is caused by mentally deranged Democrats whose religion worships the God of a centralized globalist state, ruled by totalitarian socialist elites.

As a part of their religious beliefs, Democrats believe that a one-world government would be better than the continued existence of America, as a sovereign nation state.

As a part of their religious beliefs, Democrats believe that the elites make better decisions than the citizens themselves, just like in communist Russia, or communist China.

Part of their religion to impose their socialist dictatorship involves taking guns away from citizens, so that ordinary citizens will not shoot the socialists, right between the eyes, when the secret police come to take away their guns.

The issue that I raised in my column for the 63 million voters who voted for Trump is how they should respond to the new political reality of the Democrat’s hatred of America, and their attempt to take away gun rights from Trump voters.

I used the example of how Democrats use the continued slaughter of defenseless children as a prop to eliminate the second amendment.

I used several examples from Democrats, like Joy Reid, to explain that for them, the issue is not about how to best protect the lives of children.

The issue for them is getting to their religious belief in a one-world socialist government, and if the murder of children can be used to move them towards their goal, then keeping children defenseless makes sense.

I explained that Mueller is a socialist, just like Obama.

My analysis of the problem is that Trump voters are in the very early stages of a planned coup d’etat to overthrow the Trump government.

Citizens can clearly see that Mueller is laying the foundation for starting this coup. Part of his bogus Russian collusion hoax is to dig up the pretense of evidence for having Trump impeached, if the Democrats can win the 2018 election.

Trump voters do not have a political party to lead a national political movement to reclaim individual liberty and restore the rule of law.

Citizens do not have an organizational framework to defend their natural rights and defeat the socialists, after Mueller launches his coup.

After the coup d’etat is launched by the elites in the swamp, there will likely be a period of chaos and violence in America.

The moral depravity of Democrats would allow them to kill their enemies, without remorse, just like they have no remorse for the killing of innocent children, or the murder of Justice Scalia.

That period of violence can end with one of three different scenarios.

First, the socialists may win, and implement their global socialist tyranny.

Second, the natural rights conservatives may defeat the socialists and restore the rule of law.

Or, third, both sides may call a truce and agree to a civil dissolution of the current nation.

The two sides, the socialists and the natural rights conservatives, can not live peacefully together.

A nation divided against itself can not endure.

The intractable problem of centralized tyranny in American government can only be solved by a civil dissolution, where the socialists create their own socialist utopia, and natural rights conservatives start over, by reclaiming the Spirit of citizen liberty, proclaimed by patriots, in 1776.

Natural Rights Conservatives must join a new political party in America, called the Citizens Liberty Party.

The mission of the party is to lead a national political movement that protects natural rights and restores the rule of law, after 8 years of Obama’s lawless regime.

The CLP is founded on the bedrock principle expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration that the purpose of government is to protect the natural rights of citizens and to defend the sovereignty of the nation from external and internal enemies, like the socialists.

There is nothing left, of value, in the current constitution. The socialists have been successful in destroying every institution that they touched.

A new national government, called the Liberty States of America, must be created, using the constitutional framework of the nation’s first constitution, The Articles of Confederation.

When you join the CLP, you will be asked to volunteer to work on one of the local political committees in you home community.

You will also be asked to form a local citizens committee of correspondence to coordinate the external affairs of the Party with other local chapters in other metro regions, to defend citizens against the violence perpetrated by the socialist secret police, when they launch their coup.

After you join the CLP, you will be asked to upload news articles about events and issues that you think other members of the party would be interested in hearing.

The organizational website for the CLP is at

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party, and I need volunteers to join me in the fight for American freedom.

Thank you for joining me today on the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.