Global Climate Change and the Murder of Justice Scalia

Rush Limbaugh has been describing how much more he knows today about the deep state’s protection of Obama’s criminal activity, than he knew in February of 2017.

Limbaugh suggested that after one year of additional insight, he believes that the FBI was covering up Obama’s crimes, in order to protect Obama and Hillary. (New FBI Texts Implicate Obama, The Grassley Memo Bombshells).

In his program on February 7, 2018, Limbaugh made a connection between the FBI’s cover up and Hillary and Obama’s effort to subvert the Trump government.

“The real reason Hillary had to win,” said Limbaugh, “was to make sure nobody learned any of what we’re learning! And particularly the involvement of Obama. But Atkinson is making the point that this is by no means the first time that law enforcement has lied or used shady practices to get a warrant to spy on people, that it may in fact be routine for 10 years or so, and that everybody’s in on it and we can’t afford to have it exposed.”

Limbaugh fails to explain what motivates the FBI and agents of the deep state to engage in cover-ups of socialist’s crimes.

It is fairly easy to understand the behavior of socialist Democrats in perverting the American rule of law, but why would the FBI be motivated to protect Obama and Hillary?

The explanation is that deep state agents deeply believe that the world would be better off if they and socialists elites ruled the world, without the benefit of citizen participation.

In other words, the agents of the deep state owe their loyalty and allegiance to protecting and preserving a one-world totalitarian government. They are not loyal citizens of the United States, they are first and foremost, citizens of the world.

There is a far more serious FBI cover up than the coup attempt, that has become more evident in the past year, since Justice Scalia was found dead on February 13, 2016.

Scalia’s murder can be used as an example to describe the depth of  Obama’s moral depravity for killing Scalia, and the FBI’s motive in covering up the crime.

Examining the Scalia murder answers Victor Davis Hansons’ recent question: Where is this all going?

Global Climate Change

On February 9, 2016, Justice Scalia and four other conservatives, on the United States Supreme Court ordered the EPA to halt enforcement of Obama’s Clean Energy Plan until a lower court ruled on the plans.

The 5–4 vote, split along ideological lines, was the first time, in 240 years, that the Supreme Court had ever stayed a government regulation before a judgment by the lower Court of Appeals.

Justice Scalia was instrumental in leading his fellow conservatives to the 5 – 4 ruling.

Four days later, Justice Scalia was found dead, in bed with a pillow over his face, and probably died of asphyxiation.

Justice Scalia was probably murdered.

The fact pattern of his death, the motivation for his murder, and the FBI cover up of the murder can best be understood by placing Obama’s two primary goals in the context of the murder: Climate change and globalism.

Obama deeply believed in America’s responsibility for climate change.

Obama was using the EPA as a weapon to place American sovereignty under a global government, in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Paris Climate Agreement allowed Obama to place American sovereignty under the jurisdiction of the U. N, and under the tutelage of the Chinese communists, which is why Obama went to China to sign the Paris Agreement.

The argument I am making today is not who killed Justice Scalia.

The deep state’s cover up of his murder was too professional, too thorough, for that killer to ever be identified. The evidence, including Scalia’s body, was immediately destroyed by the deep state agents.

My more important question is to compare the level of moral depravity that would enable Obama to commit treason in the Mueller coup, with the level of moral depravity required to kill Justice Scalia.

And, by implication, given Maxine Water’s continued calls to assassinate Trump, is that the same level of moral depravity required for the Democrats to kill President Trump?

Because, to answer Hanson, this is where this moral depravity of the left leads.

My argument begins with the importance of climate change to Obama and the socialist Democrats, in subordinating the United States to the United Nations  global government..

Climate change is so important to Obama and the Democrats, that any and all criminal acts, would be justified to implement global laws in order to “control” climate change.

Obama announced his Clean Power Plan on August 3, 2015. Obama said his plan was “the single most important step that America has ever made in the fight against global climate change.”

Obama said that he, and the Nation, had a “a moral obligation” to control climate change with the rules.”

The issue of climate change was primordial for Obama.

Four days before he was killed, Justice Scalia wrote the decision against the Obama Clean Power Rules, being used by Obama to enable the  EPA to cripple national energy production.

Obama’s motivation for having Scalia killed, and the FBI’s collusion in covering up the murder is that Scalia’s 5 – 4 Supreme Court ruling against Obama derailed Obama’s vision of a one-world global socialist state.

The Clean Power Plan, had been developed by the EPA, under the Clean Air Act, an act of Congress that requires the EPA to take steps to reduce air pollution.

The Union of Concerned Scientists called The Clean Power Plan: “A Climate Game Changer. It is a historic opportunity to reduce carbon pollution from the single largest source of U.S. global warming emissions.”

Writing five days after Scalia’s death, Jonathan Adler stated, “The CPP is arguably the Obama administration’s signature environmental initiative, representing the EPA’s most ambitious effort to control greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.”

In terms of crippling the U. S. economy, Adler noted that the EPA had extracted “nearly $10 billion in one year” in compliance fees from power plants before the Supreme Court could even review the rules.

Adler added that the lower court rulings on the Clean Power Plan had been used “successfully to mandate compliance to keep the rules in place, even after lower Courts had declared that the agency had violated the law.”

As noted by John Upton, writing two days after Scalia’s death, “Because of its direct effects on America’s polluting electricity sector, and its indirect effects on other nations, the Clean Power Plan case could possibly shape the future of the planet, its weather and its shorelines.”

Writing two days after Scalia’s death, Eric Holthaus, of Slate, stated, “in dying, Scalia may have done more to support global climate action than most people will do in their lifetimes.”

Holthaus noted that, “Scalia’s death comes just days after the Supreme Court issued an unprecedented stay that temporarily blocked the implementation of the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s centerpiece climate legislation.”

Holthaus continued, with “The Supreme Court stay is still in place, the climate law experts I talked to say Scalia’s death greatly boosts the eventual survival chances of the Clean Power Plan. A 4-4 court would guarantee that the lower court ruling would stand—and the D.C. Circuit Court is expected to approve the plan.”

Writing one day after Scalia’s death, Joshua Roberts, of Reuters, stated, “Ultimately, the opening of a new slot on the Supreme Court makes the Clean Power Plan’s survival much more likely.”

Maddie Stone, of Gizmodo, two days after the killing wrote “Scalia voted to put a stay on Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a signature set of environmental rules for combatting carbon pollution and transitioning the US to a clean energy economy. With his death, the odds of that plan surviving—along with the Paris climate agreement and, inevitably, humanity—just got a lot better.”

Richard Revesz, a professor at New York University School of Law, was quoted in the New Yorker, stating, “It was totally unprecedented for the Supreme Court to step in and grant a stay when the D.C. Circuit had denied the stay and was still looking at the merits of the case. Scalia’s ruling reflected an attitude of hostility toward the Obama Administration.”

Revesz continued, “It was probably the most important environmental regulation in history, since power plants account for about half of the carbon-dioxide emissions in the country,”

The New Yorker article stated, breathlessly, “For the first time in decades, there is now a realistic chance, after Scalia’s death, that the Supreme Court will become an engine of progressive change rather than an obstacle to it.”

Valerie Volcovici, writing on October 4, 2017, stated that the Clean Power Plan  was “ the Obama administration’s centerpiece regulation to fight climate change. It was seen by Obama,  as the main tool for the United States to meet emissions cuts it promised in the Paris Climate Agreement, a global pact to fight climate change.”

It is important to note that Obama’s greenhouse gas regulations were not an act of Congress, and were not favored by a majority of U. S. citizens.

The rules were not scientifically verified by empirical research.

The rules were imposed by Obama’s executive orders.

Volcovici explained that the rules, “were based on the broad scientific consensus that carbon dioxide and other emissions from burning fossil fuels are driving global climate change, triggering flooding and droughts while making powerful storms more frequent.”

With Scalia killed, the Court would be split 4 – 4, and given the rules on split decisions at the Supreme Court, the lower court rulings in the Clean Power Rules would be affirmed.

The reason socialists refer to the issue as “global warming” is because it will take a global government to control climate change, and that leads to the Paris climate agreement.

No other left-wing issue, not abortion, not gay rights, not illegal immigration, is more important to Democrat socialists than climate change. The motivation for the murder of Justice Scalia was to remove, by death, a hated opponent of Obama’s climate change mission.

When the body of Justice Scalia returned to Washington, Obama refused to attend the funeral of his hated political enemy.

Motivation for the Murder: Protect and Enforce the Paris Climate Agreement

The climate change agreement was reached in Paris on December 12, 2015, by 195 nations.

As reported by the New York Times, “And on Sunday night when he arrives in Paris, Obama hopes to make climate policy the signature environmental achievement of his, and perhaps any, presidency.”

The Times quoted Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, who stated, “He comes to Paris with a moral authority that no other president has had on the issue of climate change. Mr. Obama’s domestic climate efforts already stand alone in American history. No other president has had a climate change policy. It makes him unique.”

Brinkley added, “climate change will become the heart and soul of his presidency.”

The White House press release of December 12, 2015, on the Paris Agreement, emphasized the absolute moral imperative of  the U. S. abiding by the global agreement.

The release stated, “This new global framework lays the foundation for countries to work together to put the world on a path to keeping global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius and sets an ambitious vision to go even farther than that.”

The press release continued, “The Agreement moves beyond dividing the world into outdated categories of developed and developing countries and instead directs all parties to prepare, communicate and maintain successive and ambitious climate targets.”

Obama stated at the time, “This agreement represents the best chance we have to save the only planet that we’ve got. Together we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one.”

French President Francois Hollande told delegates they had the future of the planet in their hands. “It is rare to have an opportunity to change the world. You have it and you must grasp it.”

On September 5, 2016, Obama went to China to sign the agreement.

As reported, dreamily, by the New York Times, “At a ceremony in this picturesque lakefront city, the two leaders hailed the adoption of the Paris agreement as critical to bringing it into force worldwide. Though widely expected as the next step in the legal process, the move could provide a boost to those who want to build momentum for further climate talks by bringing the December accord into effect as soon as possible.”

The next step that the Times is referring to is implementing the U. N. global governance apparatus to enforce the agreement.

The issue of climate change, and the global government apparatus of the Paris Agreement, were too important to Obama to be jeopardized by Justice Scalia.

Maddie Stone, of Gizmodo, two days after Scalia’s murder, quoted Navroz K. Dubash, a senior fellow at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi, who stated,. “If the United States jumped ship now, that would be nothing short of catastrophic for global climate action, said The United States potentially backing out would be the proverbial string which causes Paris to unravel.”

With Scalia out of the way, Obama could get his 4 – 4 split on the Supreme Court to uphold the climate rules and preserve the Paris Agreement.

The Crime of Scalia’s Death

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s head was under a pillow when he was found dead at a Texas ranch, according to the ranch owner who found his body.

“We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bedclothes were unwrinkled,” Texas millionaire John Poindexter told the San Antonio Express-News Sunday, describing how he found the 79-year-old jurist.

In his excellent, detailed reporting on Scalia’s murder,  Jon Rappoport begins by explaining, “Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body, and without ordering an autopsy.”

Guevara was out of town at the time of the murder, but agreed to conduct the death inquiry by phone.

After her report, she refused an AP open records request and did not respond to the reporter’s request to be interviewed.

Judge Guevara is a local Democrat Party activist. She was the successful candidate in the Democratic primary on March 4, 2014, receiving 60 percent of the vote. She won without opposition in the general election on November 4, 2014.

Presidio County District Attorney Rod Ponton, another local Democrat activist,  told the Associated Press there was nothing suspicious about Scalia’s death.

Ponton stated, “Scalia’s sheets and pillows were still in the creased position from that day’s room service, indicating that there was no struggle involved. The top pillowcase “appeared to have shifted at some point in the night due to the weight of his pillow, causing the pillow case to slide down and cover his eyes.”

Ponton’s description of the death scene is different than John Poindexter’s account because Ponton did not see the body or the murder scene.

Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, another local Democrat activist, arrived at the crime scene, and did not quarantine the room and did not conduct an interrogation of any of the 36 people present at the scene.

Texas law requires a legitimate medical inquest, which the local Democrat activists did not conduct in Scalia’s murder.

According to the article about the murder and cover up, by Wayne Madsen, of InfoWars, “The funeral director who embalmed Scalia said it is standard procedure to flush bodily fluids, including blood and urine, into the municipal sewage system.”

The Democrat activists removed the body 60 miles from the scene of the crime, where the evidence was safely flushed down the sewage system.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has declined to release a copy of the death certificate.

Rappoport concludes his article by stating, “The official narrative is: old man, long-time public servant, dies peacefully in his sleep of natural causes.”

Like the socialist media narrative about Mueller’s coup, this story fits their agenda of advancing global socialism, and it was all that the FBI needed to refuse to investigate the murder.

The FBI Coverup of the Murder

The leaders of the FBI are globalist socialists. They deeply believe in the religious ideology of socialism. They are capable of committing the perfect crime. They are capable of covering up the perfect crime.

Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and Wray have consistently covered up the crimes of Clinton and Obama, since at least 2001, beginning with the cover up of the Clinton Foundation’s foreign money laundering.

The pattern of FBI protection of Hillary explains why Hillary has never been charged by the FBI with a crime.

This same set of FBI actors covered up Hillary and Obama’s criminal acts in the Uranium deal, in 2010.

This same set of actors used an illegal warrant in order to engage in the treason of espionage in 2016.

This same set of actors is actively engaged in Mueller’s treason of overthrowing the Trump government.

The FBI declined to investigate Scalia’s death when local Democrat Party activists told the FBI that Scalia had “died from natural causes.”

Obama had Justice Scalia killed, and then had Bill Clinton offer the open position to Loretta Lynch in their meeting of the tarmac. The offer to Lynch was in exchange for Lynch’s agreement not to have the FBI prosecute Hillary.

The FBI is covering up that RICO criminal act of pay-to-play.

QAnon offers the following timeline for explaining the murder and subsequent Clinton offer to Lynch:

  • Feb. 2, 2016: Podesta email re: Scalia “Wet-works for Scalia,” slang for   “murder”
  •   Feb. 13, 2016: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is killed.
  •    Feb. 13, 2016: Podesta email regarding Scalia replacement
  •     June 27, 2016: Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch
  •     July 1, 2016: Loretta Lynch announces she will accept FBI findings to exonerate  Hillary.
  •     July 2, 2016: FBI interviews Hillary Clinton.
  •     July 5, 2016: James Comey dismisses Clinton email investigation.

A few hours after Scalia’s body was found, John Podesta received an email from Chris Stone of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation recommending a replacement for Scalia.

This is My Conclusion: Consequences of the Democrat’s Moral Depravity

The question I am addressing is whether the level of moral depravity that would allow Obama to commit treason in the Mueller coup is the same as the level of moral depravity required to kill Justice Scalia?

And, by implication, given Maxine Water’s continued calls to assassinate Trump, is that the same level of moral depravity required for the Democrats to kill President Trump?

In other words to answer Victor Davis Hanson on where this is going, is murder of political opponents going to become a routine feature of the Democrat Party?

The Democrats and anti-Trump elites who are currently engaged in the Mueller coup do not see the assassination of Trump as a crime.

They see the murder of Scalia and Trump as promoting social justice.

The left is telling natural rights conservatives exactly what they intend to do to Trump.

In Rush Limbaugh’s February 5, 2018, interview of  Congressman Devin Nunes, Rush asked Nunes about a CIA officer’s warning about the FBI killing Trump.

Rush stated, “It’s a former CIA counterintelligence muckety-muck guy named Phillip Mudd, and there have been two other people like him over the weekend saying to President Trump, “You know what? If you’re gonna pick a fight with the FBI, you don’t want to make those guys mad.”

Rush continued with his question to Nunes, “The same thing has been said by Chuck Schumer to President Trump about the CIA, the intelligence community. I’m sure you’re getting the same kind of insults. Now, with people saying, “You better not make the FBI mad! They could really come out and do you damage or come after you,” doesn’t that kind of validate what’s already going on, if we have people advocating that the FBI be used as a weapon against political opponents?”

In his article, Scandal, Corruption, Lawbreaking — And So What?

Victor Davis Hanson explained what he thought the value of the Mueller investigation was to the Democrat socialist agenda.

Hanson explained, “Yet Mueller’s appointment makes resolution of FISA-gate and its associated scandals more difficult to resolve. His value for the Left is not in what he will find but that his mere presence will become an argument ipso facto for never again appointing anyone like him.”

No, Mr. Hanson, the value of Mueller and the FBI to the global one-world government agenda is killing their political opponents, and then covering up their murders.

This is where the moral depravity of the socialist Democrats leads.

The differences between natural rights conservatives and socialists are irreconcilable.

The only peaceful resolution of the differences is a civil dissolution of the nation, and that divorce needs to happen soon, before they kill again.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party, and this has been a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.