The Tyranny of Republican Global Corporatism

In his excellent article titled, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution,” Angelo M. Codevilla explains how the elites in the swamp operate their tyranny, outside the rule of law.

Codevilla used the example of how the elites used tax money to bail themselves out of the global financial crisis in the Fall of 2008.

Codevilla wrote, “the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, agreed that spending $700 billion to buy the investors’ “toxic assets” was the only alternative to the U.S. economy’s “systemic collapse.” In this, President George W. Bush and his would-be Republican successor John McCain agreed with the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.”

The decisions by the elites were reached in secret. The decisions primarily benefited three large investment banks, who are the main movers and shakers of the unelected, political elites in the swamp.

Codevilla’s description explains that the Vichy Republicans collaborated with Obama’s socialist Democrat Party.

As he notes, “No prominent Republican challenged the ruling class’s continued claim of superior insight, nor its denigration of the American people as irritable children who must learn their place. The Republican Party did not disparage the ruling class, because most of its officials are or would like to be part of it.”

As good as his descriptive analysis is of the American ruling political class, Codevilla fails to explain what motivation the elites in the swamp have for managing their global tyranny.

In other words, why do the elites operate their secret, anti-American cabal, which aims currently  at overthrowing the Trump Government?

The answer goes way beyond the borders of the U. S. It is called managed global corporatism, and the money trail leads directly to the Chinese Communists in Beijing.

The Vichy Republicans do not simply collaborate with American socialists to undermine the sovereignty of American workers, they are also in cahoots with the Chinese communists to eliminate the United States as a sovereign nation.

In his article, “Chinese Communists Vow to ‘Promote Globalization’ in Latin America,” Frances Martel describes how the Chinese impose their ideology of globalism.

Martel noted, “the Chinese Ambassador to Argentina warned Latin American nations to increase trade ties to China, in order to promote Beijing’s “One Belt One Road” project and warned Argentina that the Chinese Communist Party will soon begin a “greater push” to conquer trade in the hemisphere.”

As is the case in Latin America, the American elites in the swamp collaborated with the Chinese on globalism, beginning in the late 1980s, selling out the domestic American economic and financial interests in ordert to gain their own selfish financial interests.

The governing model of fascism in China is attractive to the elites who live in the swamp as a strategy for managing their global totalitarian one-world tyranny.

Just like the Chinese model of fascism benefits the top rulers in each Chinese metro region, the global corporate managed economy in America benefits less than 15% of the American population that are directly connected to the international financial and monetary flows.

Beyond those 15% who work for the large corporations, and the three main investment banks, the primary beneficiaries of managed global corporatism are the government staffers and bureaucrats who manage the daily operations of the swamp.

The metro region of DC has the nation’s highest per capita incomes, and the staffers who manage trade relationships with the Chinese are in control of their own government incomes, that they pay to themselves.

In explaining the totalitarianism of managed global corporatism, it is important to begin by explaining that globalism functions primarily in the financial world of international banks, not primarily in industrial of commercial sectors of the economy.

The strangle-hold that the 3 New York investment banks have on capital flows is not about the left’s fascination with income inequality, or the absurd focus of academics on the Keynesian policy issue of under-consumption, that results from inadequate macro economic demand.

The strangle-hold of the elites in the swamp is on the rates of capital investment in the U. S. domestic economy. The elite’s totalitarian control is achieved by controlling when and where capital investment occurs.

In the absence of capital investment, the U. S. economy stagnated for 8 years, under Obama’s lawless regime.

The economic term for this 8-year stagnation is “Nash Equilibrium” where the macro economic growth rate adjusts to a very low level, and rotates around a low equilibrium level, in this case for 8 for years.

Globalization, in other words, should be seen in the bigger context of the rule of law and the evisceration of the American system of checks and balances.

Totalitarian globalization of financial flows, in the hands of the elites, reduces the need for the elites to seek any form of the consent of the governed to exert total control over the economy.

The elites in the swamp, under Madison’s flawed constitution, did not need to capture political control in all 250 metro regions, they just needed to get unchecked political control of Washington, in order to collude and rig the global economic system in their own interests.

The strangle-hold on capital investment allows the bankers to manage the global economy in order to reward themselves. The reason that the elites in the swamp operate their cabal is to direct the world’s economic and financial benefits to themselves.

The corporate and political elites in Washington are disconnected from the consent of the governed, and the correct description of this political arrangement is called “tyranny.”

The global operation of the managed global economy is correctly called “totalitarianism.”

Like the Chinese ideology that provides a “total” vision of the correct way to think, as a Chinese communist, totalitarian globalism in the U. S., under the direction of the socialist Democrat Party, offers a total vision of how Democrat voters should think.

Hyman Minsky, in “Schumpeter: Finance and Evolution,” updates Schumpeter’s analysis about how commercial bankers control the economy by controlling the rate of investment by favoring the status quo arrangement of political power.

Minsky adds that the instability of financial markets is the result of global managed corporate capitalism.

Minsky states that under the conditions of managed corporate capitalism, the big pension funds, mutual funds, trust funds, otherwise known as institutional money, require stable cash flow in the near term to support repayment of debt on the asset liability structures that they have securitized.

For example, in 2008, the bankers had securitized their mortgage debt with junk bonds, whose values collapsed in the Summer of 2008.

The investment banker’s emphasis on short term cash flow is somewhat at odds with the longer term investment horizons of the executives of global corporations, who are dealing with uncertain future global markets.

In the case of the priority of institutional money for short-term cash flow, the global corporations formed a political alliance with the financial institutions to favor managed global corporatism, which caused collateral damage to the rate of regional technical change in America.

The financial damage is caused because of the banker’s short-term liquidity, and the longer-term financial interests of national governments, who buy the debt issued by the bankers.

This political alliance between the global bankers and national governments is what the term “the swamp” means. The elites in the swamp will never do anything to harm the financial interests of the Chinese communists, who own the U. S. debt.

Managed global corporate capitalism is what happens every year in Davos, and every day at the IMF.

In Davos, the global banking and financial system is coordinated with the needs of the global corporations to smooth out the uncertainty in global markets. The IMF implements the daily directives of the Davos agreements.

The managed corporate global economy is wildly unstable and is based upon asset speculation, not productive capital investments in the U. S. domestic economy.  The housing market collapse in 2008 is just one example of this global economic instability.

In addition to being economically unstable, the global managed economy also generates global wealth inequality, which is one reason why American socialists are promoting the benefits of a one-world socialist government, which would re-distribute global profits and income to the poor countries.

The main economic outcome for the American economy is that open global capital markets, coupled with open national borders, did not result in increased economic efficiency in production.

Rather, trade liberalization moved American workers from low-productivity jobs to permanent unemployment.

American workers never recovered from the sell-out of their interests to the Chinese and the workers will never recover as long as the U. S. system of democratic representative government is disabled.

Rather than increased domestic economic growth, the economic effect of globalism in America, and the world, is increased poverty.

But, the elites in the swamp are growing richer by the second.

In the South, we used to call this type of economic outcome “Pellagra for the crew and mint juleps for the few.”

The elites in the swamp owe their allegience to the World Trade Organization, the IMF, the World Bank, and not to the sovereignty of the United States.

Donald Trump’s MAGA is a direct threat to the elite’s privileged position, which is why Mueller has been tasked, by the elites, with the job of getting rid of Trump.

President Trump was absolutely accurate when he said that Americans got a raw deal in the trade negotiations, but fails to add that the American negotiators got exactly the outcome they sought.

The trade deals were written by the elites in the swamp for large multinational companies, at the expense of workers and ordinary citizens in America.

To paraphrase James Buchanan about the venality of the global elites, the welfare function that they maximized in the trade agreements was their own.

In the process, the elites gave away America’s initial factor endowment of economic ingenuity by making technology innovation in America just like technology innovation in Europe.

(Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Economic and Political Consequences of European-Style Innovation Policy, The Private Capital Market Working Paper No. 2008-04-04, SSRN).

Rush Limbaugh has the wrong analysis of the anti-Trump political movement when he states, “90% of the conservative intellectual Never Trumper movement cannot accept the notion that the things they believe in are in the hands of somebody so incompetent and rude and barbarian as Donald Trump.”

Rush cites Jim Geraghty, of the National Review, who said “Stuck with a president that they didn’t vote for and cannot stand, a vocal chunk of Trump’s critics insist he must be removed from office.”

The part about removing Trump from office is true.

The part Rush got wrong is that the anti-Trumper’s incomes and privileges depend on the existence and extension of the anti-democratic, anti-American, globalist one-world economy.

The socialists are telegraphing to natural rights conservatives exactly what they intend to do after they remove Trump from office.

The socialists reason by a process called “the social construction of reality.”

In their 1966 book, Berger and Luckmann, describe how socialists create mental representations of each other’s actions, and that these mental images eventually become habituated into reciprocal roles played by the actors in relation to each other.

When these roles are widely-shared by other members of the socialist Democrat Party, the socialists can play out their mental fantasies, as if they are real.

The intensity of allegiance shown by members of the Democrat Party to their mental fantasies constitutes their form of the “truth” of the proposition.

The way socialists intend to remove Trump is by creating the socially constructed fantasy that Trump is insane.

As an example, left-wing Yale psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy X. Lee met with Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill, in early December, to state that Trump’s insanity made him “unfit” to be president.

A dozen Democrat lawmakers from the House and Senate have asked that Lee speak with additional lawmakers, who are “worried” about Trump’s mental state.

In their socially constructed reality, Trump is insane because he beat Hillary.

Trump is currently obstructing “social justice” because Hillary was justly entitled to be President.

The left intends to replace the American form of the representative republic with a profoundly globalist, anti-democratic fascism.

In his book, “Critical Theory,” the socialist thinker, James Bohman, describes that the new globalism means that, “existing forms of democracy within the nation-state must be transformed and that institutions ought to be established that solve problems that transcend national boundaries. Globalization is thus taken as a constraint on democracy as it is realized in existing liberal representative systems.”

In other words, Bohman is telling conservatives that the democratic form of government must be replaced with solutions that “transcend” national boundaries.

President Trump is in a very weak, vulnerable position, to defend himself from Mueller’s attack  because he does not have a political party that provides  him support.

Angelo Codevilla wrote about President Trump’s weak position in his article.

He said, “American politics will consist of confrontation between what we might call the Country Party (aka the 63 million Trump voters), and the ruling class. The Democratic Party having transformed itself into a unit with near-European discipline, is the chosen political party of the elites in the swamp.”

Codevilla wrote, “Challenging the ruling elites would seem to require empowering a rival party at least as disciplined as the Democrats. Codevilla continued, “Certainly the country class lacks its own political vehicle — and perhaps the coherence to establish one. In the short term at least, the country class has no alternative but to channel its political efforts through the Republican Party, which is eager for its support. But the Republican Party does not live to represent the country class.”

In other words, the 63 million Trump voters need to create their own political party, and that new political party is called The Citizens Liberty Party.

The Citizens Liberty Party will defend citizen liberty from the two forms of virulent totalitarian globalist movements in operation in the world today.

One form of globalist totalitarianism is the Chinese variety that draws its sustenance from the elites in the swamp.

The other form of global totalitarianism is Islamic Sharia.

In his book, Deconstructing Marxist Critical Theory, E.M. Cadwaladr compares these two forms of globalist threats.

“When Muslims say they would like our Western laws and traditions replaced with sharia,” he said.“I see no reason not to take them at their word.”

Cadwaldr continued, “When an (American) Marxist says something similar, we should take him at face value, too.”

Both religious ideologies are enemies of freedom and both are founded upon an anti-American hatred of individual natural rights. Both of them see the 63 million Trump voters as their hated “enemies.”

Draining the swamp will not be sufficient recourse, by itself, to vanquish the American, home-grown variety of totalitarianism, that lives in the swamp.

The problem for natural rights conservatives in defeating the globalists in the swamp is the same as it is for defeating the muslim terrorists.

In the case of muslims, it is impossible to know in advance, the ones who are “radicalized” from the ones who are those fun-loving, peaceful muslims, until they start firing their bullets.

The Democrat socialists are impossible to tell apart from natural rights conservatives. The globalist elites in the swamp look, and act, just like ordinary patriotic Americans.

Both forms of totalitarianism have declared war on America.

As Cadwaldr suggests, we need to take them at their word, and treat them exactly as they treat natural rights conservatives.

This is the primary mission of The Citizens Liberty Party.

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party. Thank you for joining me today on the CLP News Network.