California Secession


December 18, 2018

In her news report about the effort of citizens in California to form their own nation state, Kate Irby begins by quoting the leader of the secessionist movement, who indicated that his task in California is easier than the pathway of independence in Catalonia.

Dave Marin, the director of research and policy for the California Freedom Coalition said, “But there’s more flexibility in the U.S. Constitution for secession than there is in the Spanish one. California has more tools available to it.”

Marin argues that the U. S. Constitution provides the states with a sanctioned path toward secession.

In other words, the socialists in California would like to use the Constitution as a tool to help them leave the Union, even though the socialists despise the Constitution because it sanctioned the sin of slavery.

Marin’s assumption about involving the Federal government implies that citizens in other states may have influence over the ability of California to leave the Union.

Part of the reason that citizens in California want to form their own state is related to their hatred of Donald Trump for obstructing Hillary to her rightful victory.

Dianne Feinstein, the socialist Democrat senator from California said on December 3, 2017,  “The Senate Judiciary Committee has an investigation and it involves obstruction of justice and what I think we are beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice.”

Feinstein cited, as evidence of obstruction, Trump’s continuing stream of tweets about making America great again.

From her socialist perspective of social construction of reality, Trump unjustly obstructed Hillary’s rightful claim to the Presidency.

His effort to make America great again is evidence of obstruction. The last thing Feinstein wants to see is a great sovereign nation, which is her justification for Trump’s removal from office.

Before the election of Trump, Irby reported that only 20% of the voters in California favored leaving the Union.

After the election of Trump, 32% of the California voters favored leaving.

Nearly 1/3 of the voters support the mentally-deranged perspective that Trump is guilty, and natural rights conservatives in other states should actively support and encourage California  citizens to leave, to form their own socialist utopia.

Natural rights conservatives do not hold any shared cultural values in common with the socialists.

In other words, there is nothing that binds the socialists in California to obey the rule of law in the nation that they despise.

For socialists, it is the intensity of their hatred of Trump that binds them together in their mentally-deranged collectivism.

When Jefferson wrote that “we hold these truths to be self-evident,” he intended to state a shared truth among patriots that all citizens were endowed by God with certain inalienable rights.

The truth of Jefferson’s proposition is not based in the intensity of the colonist’s beliefs about natural rights, they are based in the ability of citizens to use rational thought to see and imagine, for themselves, that the proposition was true, and verifiable by their common individual life experiences.

When the colonists voted to form the new nation, they promised each other that the goal of the new government was the protection of God-given natural rights.

The truth of Jefferson’s proposition provided an essential set of conditions for pro-social rule adherence in political and financial exchanges involving the exchange of trust among citizens in the new nation.

The truth of Trump’s guilt is determined by the intensity of allegiance shown by socialists to their religion of social justice.

Feinstein’s job is to appear in public forums to stoke the left’s indignant righteousness that Trump obstructed Hillary.

The truth, for socialists, is that that the nation was founded, as an evil empire, on the bedrock racist principle of slavery. Based upon the intensity of their allegiance, the socialists deeply believe that all 63 million Trump voters, including Trump, are guilty of racism, and must therefore, be punished.

Those socialists, under a natural rights ideology, have an unalienable right to form their own government, because Jefferson stated that citizens have the right to alter or abolish the government, when it becomes destructive of the goals for which it was created.

For socialists, the new nation was guilty of slavery from the get-go, and the nation must be abolished in order to implement a socialist state.

From the ideology of socialism, the purpose of government is an egalitarian outcome in income distribution that the socialists call “social justice.”

When they are engaged in their attempt to subvert the rule of law, they call themselves “social justice warriors.”

Social justice warriors in other states, including all the NFL players who disrespect the Flag, have an unalienable right to leave their states and emigrate to California, after the new socialist utopia has been created.

The 63 million voters who voted for Trump are in the same position as the hunter, who wakes up in the morning, and finds that a wolf is sleeping on his arm.

The hunter’s only solution is to slowly and quietly chew his arm off.

The best solution for natural rights conservatives is to chew the arm of California off, and support them in forming their new state.

The socialists will never obey the American rule of law because they believe that the purpose of government is to alleviate racism and promote social justice.

The Trump voters, who believe in the principles of liberty, can not trust the socialists to follow the American rule of law.

The socialists simply use the rubric of freedom as a platform to undermine and subvert the American rule of law.

In a global, socialist one-world government, there is no form of elected representation.

In socialism, there is no consent of the governed.

In socialism, there is no citizen voluntary allegiance to obey the rule of law.

In socialism, there is only the dictatorship of the proletariat by the socialist elite.

The socialists in California are part of the bigger Deep State effort to destroy the liberty of the 63 million Trump voters.

Victor Davis Hansen describes the Deep State efforts as a quiet, slow-moving coup d’etat by Democrat socialists to overthrow the constitutionally elected government of President Trump.

The Deep State is another term for centralized elite tyranny.

The Deep State consists of thousands of socialist spies that were hired by Obama, and were embedded into FBI and CIA. The spies are not loyal to the President, nor to the Constitution.

The spies take their orders from elite political leaders in the Democrat Party.

The spies and traitors, such as Mueller, inside of government coordinate their work to subvert Trump with the socialist media and globalist elites, outside of government.

The socialist media act as the propaganda machine of the Democrat Party to promote global socialism. That is the reason why Feinstein appeared in public with her insane statement about obstruction.

In his analysis of the left’s attempt to stage a coup, Steve Watson, ( – October 13, 2017), quotes an exchange on CNN between Wolf Blitzer and correspondent Jessica Schneider.

Blitzer turns to Schneider and asks, “Tell our viewers who aren’t familiar with the 25th Amendment, Jessica, precisely what it does.”

“It lays out the path for removal of the president in cases of inability.” Schneider explained.

She continued, “And that’s a term that has never been defined.  So here’s what exactly would need to happen to set the 25th Amendment in motion. A number of Trump’s own cabinet would have to agree that he is “unable” to carry out Presidential duties.”

Blitzer then argues that the justification for Trump’s removal is that Trump is insane, and therefore incapable of holding office.

Trump, according to Blitzer, is guilty, before the facts of the case have been presented, because he is a white, conservative racist.

This is the fantasy case that socialists are making against Trump.

This is a clear example of Blitzer constructing his own socially-constructed reality, that Trump is insane because he beat Hillary.

In Blitzer’s world, Trump must be removed, by any means necessary.

Blitzer’s dialogue demonstrates that the Deep State is actively engaged in implementing this coup, and natural rights conservatives need to be prepared for a violent encounter with the leftists, if Mueller moves forward with his plot to overthrow the Trump government.

Which raises the question: How can Mueller claim to be American citizen, when he knows, in advance, that he is engaged in an act of treason?

Mueller’s hatred of Trump over-rides his allegiance to the nation. Mueller is not worthy of citizenship.

Mueller is a traitor.

Mueller and Feinstein need to be seen, by conservatives, as traitors and enemies of freedom, with the same level of hatred that the socialists hate Trump.

There is absolutely nothing natural rights conservatives can do to change the attitudes of socialists because socialists do not reason by rational logic.

They reason by their intensity of allegiance to their socialist religion.

In other words, in order to impose the socialist theocracy, Mueller must get rid of Trump by taking away Trump’s civil liberties and freedoms, guaranteed to citizens in the U. S. Constitution.

And, then, Mueller must impose his global socialist religion, just like the Muslim terrorists would like to impose the global dictatorship of Sharia law.

The best solution for protecting natural rights is to allow the socialists to leave, and after they are gone, create the new Liberty States of America.

The peaceful resolution of the intractable problem between the ideology of Democrat socialists and natural rights conservatives is to partition the nation into free and socialist slave states, and to allow socialists to emigrate to the  new slave states.

Laurie Thomas Vass is the CEO of The Citizens Liberty Party. Her daily commentary is available at the website. Membership in the new party is also available on the website for an annual fee of $25.

Segment 2 California Secession

Thank you for joining me today for the second segment of our program about California secession.

Our second segment is designed to connect our analysis of what is wrong with the American government to solutions that citizens can implement to restore the rule of law and reclaim the spirit of individual liberty.

In my column today, I explained that the dysfunction in government is caused by a centralized tyranny of globalist elites, who believe that a one-world government would be better than the continued existence of America, as a sovereign nation state.

The elites in the swamp have been successful in their propaganda to convince 50% of the citizens in America that Trump is a racist, hate-filled person.

Part of the reason that citizens in California want to form their own state is related to their hatred of Donald Trump for obstructing Hillary to her rightful victory.

Dianne Feinstein, the socialist Democrat senator from California said on December 3, 2017,  “The Senate Judiciary Committee has an investigation and it involves obstruction of justice and what I think we are beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice.”

The only thing we are seeing from Feinstein is her active role as a traitor to the nation. There is no evidence of obstruction, there is only the will of Democrats to remove Trump, by any means necessary.

Feinstein cited, as evidence of obstruction, Trump’s continuing stream of tweets about making America great again.

Feinstein, like all Democrat socialists, believe that America is a racist nation that must be destroyed.

The issue that I raised in my column for the 63 million voters who voted for Trump is how they should respond to the efforts of citizens in California to leave the nation, and form their own new socialist state.

My advice to natural rights conservatives is to support the socialists in forming  their own state.

The issue of a divided nation can only be solved, non-violently, if the socialists create a new home, where they can take their hatred of America.

After the socialists create their new Socialist State of California, conservatives can start over in creating their own new nation, called the Liberty States of America.

Some states may choose not to join either the new LSA, or the new socialist nation of California, and those states can form their own alliance called the Former United States of America (FUSA).

My analysis of the problem in the national government is that citizens are in the very early stages of a planned coup d’etat to overthrow the Trump government.

Citizens can clearly see that Mueller is laying the foundation of  starting this coup, and is using illegal tactics to obtain evidence against Trump.

Rush Limbaugh reported on December 17, 2017, that one part of the illegal acivity of Mueller was spying on the Trump transition team.

Limbaugh noted, “We learned that the Mueller people got tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition team that had been stored by the General Services Administration, and they’ve had them for a while, and they have been interviewing people on the basis of these emails that no one knew they had. The emails included privileged communications, including lawyer-client communications, and the Mueller team did not have permission from the owners of these emails to get them.”

The emails were not obtained via warrant, violating Trump’s fundamental God-given right against illegal search and seizure by government agents.

Trump voters do not have any political party to defend their rights in the time period before Mueller’s planned coup.

Citizens do not have any type of citizen defense organization to defeat Mueller, after he launches his coup.

After the coup d’etat is launched by Mueller, there will likely be a period of chaos and violence in America.

That period of time can end with one of three different scenarios.

First, Mueller and the Democrat Party socialists may win, and implement their global socialist tyranny.

Second, the natural rights conservatives may defeat the socialists and restore the rule of law.

Or, third, both sides may call a truce and agree to a civil dissolution of the current nation.

The two sides, the socialists and the natural rights conservatives, can not live peacefully together.

In his comments about Mueller’s illegal actitities, Limbaugh noted how the citizens in the nation are evenly divided about Mueller’s planned coup.

Limbnaugh stated, “About the only thing Trump can count on here is a new survey, that 50% of the people in the country think what Mueller’s doing is bogus and are not believing anything about this investigation that they’ve heard, but the other 50% do.

The 50% that support Mueller will also support the planned coup.

A nation divided against itself can not endure.

The intractable problem of centralized tyranny in American government can only be solved by a civil dissolution, where the socialists create their own socialist utopia, and natural rights conservatives start over, by reclaiming the Spirit of citizen liberty, in The Liberty States of America.

Natural Rights Conservatives must join a new political party in America, called the Citizens Liberty Party to lead the national political movement to create the new nation.

The mission of the party is to lead a national political movement that protects natural rights and restores the rule of law, after 8 years of Obama’s lawless regime.

The CLP is founded on the bedrock principle expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration that the purpose of government is to protect the natural rights of citizens and to defend the sovereignty of the nation from external and internal enemies, like Feinstein and Mueller.

When you join the CLP, you will be asked to volunteer to work on one of the local political committees in you home community.

You will also be asked to form a local citizens committee of correspondence to coordinate the external affairs of the Party with other local chapters in other metro regions.

After you join the CLP, you will be asked to upload news articles about events and issues that you think other members of the party would be interested in hearing.

The organizational website for the CLP is at

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party, and I need volunteers to join me in the fight for American freedom.

Thank you for joining me today.